Friday, April 29, 2022

A cheap shopping trip

We all know that the price of everything is going up. Grocery items cost a lot more now than a year ago, or even a few months ago. That's why I had a pleasant surprise when I did our weekly shop. 

The supermarket I went to has a loyalty program. The more you spend, the more points you get. Then you can spend the points to get free groceries. Their associated drugstore also has the same program, and in addition, on certain days you get 20 times the regular points for spending a certain amount. Added to that is the credit card I have, which gives me 45 points for every dollar I spend at the two stores.

So I shopped, and there were certain items on my list -- striploin steak, bacon, trout and cheese -- that were quite pricey. When I got to the checkout, I found that I had spent enough to qualify for an additional points bonus, plus more points for certain items like the cheese. In all, my bill was $210.17.

"I'd like to use points," I told the checkout person.  She deducted the number of points I could use from the total, and much to my delight, the whole order only cost me 17 cents. We both laughed as I tapped my credit card to pay the total.

Sometimes you see strange things in supermarkets. Here are a few of them.

Glory to Ukraine

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Garden Adventures

We bought a new greenhouse, and last week I had fun assembling it in our spare room. It was too wet to work outside, and there were too many small parts that would get lost if I tried to work on the grass. So I put it together in two halves, then we carried it outside and finished the assembly there.

Up until this year we started our seedlings in a coldframe like this one.

But it's difficult to work on the plants at ground level, and hard to adjust the water. Either I miss some with the watering can, or the trays flood when it rains. So our new greenhouse is quite an improvement.

Ron put some stakes in the corners to anchor it and zip-tied the shelves in place, and I added Velcro to the ties that hold the door open when rolled up, because the ties are so short and untying tiny knots isn't easy! It's nice and roomy inside, but too small a space for any spanking. The plants love it, though.

Coldframes and greenhouses are very useful, but here are a few inventions that aren't.


Glory to Ukraine

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Monday, April 25, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 24

Tell us about your outdoor adventures.

Roz: Great question! We have had several outdoor spankings over the years including the odd one in the car in secluded spots. Most of these have happened in secluded areas around our harbour. From secluded benches to holding onto trees.

The adrenaline always pumping with the thought of being caught, especially in the less quite secluded spots. It was close once or twice!

Doug: Outdoor spankings are not a realistic possibility: my wife is physically unstable, requiring her to use a cane. So, she prefers to paddle me with me laying prone on a bed, with her placing her left hand in the middle of my back to steady herself. This works well. Typically, I receive about 120 welcome but painful spanks. 

Simon: I am fortunate enough to have been spanked in a very lovely and secluded garden on a number of occasions. The most memorable was in a hot tub with two ladies who allowed me to spank them and then spanked me. This fulfilled several of the items on my spanking wish list. Firstly 2 ladies, yippee, secondly an outdoor spanking and finally giving and receiving spankings on a wet bottom. Sadly this was five years ago and a similar situation has not arisen since.

Jack: On a camping trip my wife reminded me that she will spank me if I need one, so best be on my best behavior. A week camping was great, I was having so much fun that with the creek nearby I decided to enjoy the water, naked. Well I did not know others were also using the creek and soon a middle-age woman saw me, about the same time my wife saw me. She told the woman it would be addressed, and sure enough, I was bent at the waist and my wet bottom feeling the sting of her hand. The woman smiled, never thought of that, my wife said this is not his first and will not be his last. 

Spanky53: I love this topic. So there were actually two that stand out. But the most fun was with my ex-wife. Next to the apartment complex we lived in there was a baseball field complex as well as a hiking trail. One night we decided to take advantage and have some spanking fun. The first place I spanked her was on the pitchers mound, then we did the full cycle of all the bases starting out fully clothed and progressing down to a full bare bottom spanking in the dugout.

We were having so much fun we moved onto the hiking trail where the spanking became increasingly more "enthusiastic". I had her completely bare bottom she was being pretty vocal when I noticed a couple approaching and they were within maybe 20 yards from us. It was obvious they no doubt knew what they were seeing and hearing. We both laughed and decided there wasn't much sense in stopping and feigning surprise. They kept walking until they were in front of us. The woman smiled and remarked my wife must have been very naughty. I smiled and nodded. The two of them both laughed and kept going. And we continued our fun. It was a great night of spanking fun. 

Rosco: The most memorable outdoor encounter would have been in a raft at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, somewhere a day or two downstream of Crystal Rapid. We allowed ourselves to drift into slower water so the other rafts in our group had floated well ahead and around the bend. It was late in the day so we hoped no parties would come after us.

Canyon sounds echo, but there was enough noise of the river not to worry. The large tubes of the raft provide good support and angles for a spankee as well as subsequent activities.

The next day another couple in our group also allowed themselves to drift behind, but I wouldn’t know if their encounter included anything kinky,

River rafting is also conducive to playful swats. On a hot day people will jump in the river for a swim, then be helped back in the boat by being pulled over the large tube by someone still in the boat. It’s easy and common to leave the swimmer bottom up over the tube and often, before they pull themselves the rest of the way in, someone will give them a few slaps. And even if no one spanked anyone, the momentary viewing of the swimmers bottom can be fun.

Mary: Every year we do a spring cleanup. We live on a dead end road in the country and my wife has extensive gardens that need to be cleaned up. Her gardens and she is the leader (as per usual). One year, to spice things up, she has me dress up in one of her skirts - an ankle length skirt she made out of old jeans. Actually, I had a full outfit - western shirt bra and panties and a pair of her open backed clogs. I was to be a dutiful wife and do what I was told. She wore regular jeans with a belt that we both knew was to be used on my bottom for whatever reason she made up.

Late afternoon, she turned to me and told me that I was a lazy girl and she was going to teach me a lesson. So I was skirt up and panties down,  thensquealing and promising to be good as she reddened my bottom with her belt. Just our very straight neighbors pulled up in their pickup. We were on the wrong side of the driveway and I could not make it to the house. My wife told me to go to the barn while she met the neighbors.

My wife knew how to make me squirm. She invited them in for coffee and they stayed for a half hour or so. I hid in the barn.

Wendel: The most memorable was in Ireland. One night we took a midnight hike to the top of Lough Gur Ireland. There was a nice rock formation that made a great seat. I sat down and made the Misses pull her pants down. She went across my lap and I spanked her bottom until it glowed. There were no trees or bushes blocking the view but the dark and being on the top of the hill made us feel safe from people stumbling across us. The adrenaline rush was incredible. Before the Misses could pull her pants back up I made her turn and bend over. I took her from behind. It was quite the rush.
I paid dearly when we got home. The whipping I received left my bottom sore for two days. 

Prefectdt: My main outdoor spanking fantasy is being somewhere very secluded and isolated, on a long walk along a stream, following it up hill until it forms a pool under a small waterfall. There is no one else around for miles. It is a hot day and both of us strip off to cool down in the pool. Then the Chamois Flogger, that I made some years ago, comes out of a backpack. This flogger has to be soaked in water to be usable, after it is softened enough, I am positioned on the edge of the pool with my legs still in the pool. I will leave the rest to your imaginations. :)

Bonnie: We've had some outdoor spanking adventures. Most were in the forest or at the beach, but there was one real outlier many years ago. We were driving through a volcanic area in the high desert, south of Bend, Oregon. There was a sign for a turnout ahead for a lava tube. Sure, we decided, we'll go check out a lava tube. Ours was the only car in the parking lot, so we both had the same idea.

Randy gave me a good long hand spanking down in that underground lava tube. The echoes were impressive. It was definitely an unexpected positive experience and we didn't get caught!

Barrel: Have not been there yet. But it is in the planning. I bought a large rope…we have a tree in the back yard…we have a small ankle restraint that will stop any steps…now to figure out when the neighbors are gone…then a strapping and caning. Been in the works for several months…

Hermione: We haven't done any outdoor spanking, but we recently installed a new greenhouse. I think we need to christen it with a bamboo-stake caning.

Let's all go outside and play!

Glory to Ukraine

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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #432

Our good friend and great outdoorsman Wendel Jones suggested this week's topic.

Tell us about your most memorable outdoor spanking. What made it so memorable? Was it successful and satisfying, or did something go wrong? If you have never experienced one, describe your fantasy outdoor spanking. 

As always, please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.


Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Whipping Tom

Look what our friend Boru discovered! In the 1600s a man dubbed Whipping Tom took delight in surprising women on the street and administering a sound spanking.

Picture the scene: You’re a lone woman walking the streets of London in 1681, perhaps doing a spot of shopping or going to see a friend. Out of nowhere a man leaps out and strikes you sharply across the buttocks and before you can glimpse his face, disappears with a cry of “Spanko!”

It sounds like something out of a Monty Python-style sketch show, but this attack is not fictionalised. In 1681 there really was a mysterious buttock beater roaming the streets of London. This attacker was so prolific that he earned the nickname ‘Whipping Tom.’

Mainly operating in the small courtyards between Strand, Fleet Street and Holborn, he was known to wait for his victims in dimly lit alleys. His prey were always lone women, and he would leap out, lift their skirt and slap their behind repeatedly, either with his own hand or a rod. The phrase “Spanko!” would often accompany these attacks; then he would vanish so quickly some began to wonder if the Whipping Tom was a supernatural being.

At the time the attacks were taken very seriously, not only did they prompt women to start carrying weapons like penknives and scissors, but they also caused the effectiveness of London’s policing into question. In an effort to capture the mysterious attacker, some men would don women’s clothes and lurk around the areas he was known to operate.

A man and an accomplice were eventually arrested for the attacks, but sadly the trial records have been lost and we can only speculate on the justice that was handed out to this eccentric attacker. (From

A fuller account appears here. Thank you, Boru. It's nice to know that spanking is an activity that never goes out of fashion.

Glory to Ukraine

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Monday, April 18, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 17

Is adult spanking inherently sexual?

Jack: I would say yes/no, I get an erection once I know I'm getting a spanking. Never fails, and worse if someone is present. Doesn't take long for it to go limp once the spankings begins. So sexual, in my case I needed a Wife/Mommy, it is the Mommy who does the spanking, not the Wife. Being seen by others, Mommy baring my bottom or telling me to take all off, others present I enjoy it to a certain extent. Being spanked, kicking, squirming, pleading, can't help it but wish no one would see it. Facing the wall, red bottom on display, comments made, not fun. When told to come to my Mommy, say I'm sorry, hands at side, all on display, I sometimes not always think it is sexual.

Dan: I suspect there is almost always a sexual or erotic component to it, though I do think motivations and reactions can vary a lot. Most of the people I've "met" through various spanking blogs say they had a very strong interest in spanking from an early age. That wasn't true for me. I didn't discover and try adult spanking until I was well into my 30s, and I didn't have much interest in purely erotic spankings. It was only when I kind of stumbled on upon adult disciplinary spankings that something clicked very strongly within me. I definitely had a sexual reaction to it, but I don't think the reaction was to spankings per se but rather to some mix of accountability and authority. If you take out those two elements, spanking isn't really arousing to me. For me, spanking carries with it a lot of erotic energy, but it's kind of indirect. So, if by "inherent" you mean something like "inseparable" or "inextricable," then for me the answer is mostly "no." I think spanking can be separated from the sexual elements, though I don't deny it's a very complicated mix.

Roz: Spanking is sexual for me. Not necessarily during, but definitely the build-up and afterwards.

Spanky53: For me more sensual than sexual. I've never used it for foreplay and I can think of only a handful of times that spanking led to sex. I'm a dedicated sensual sadist spanko. Sex has never been the end game for me. 

Baxter: Yes it is. It is a part of our having sex. I get erect when thinking about getting spanked and my wife does a good job of the spanking, just enough to keep me erect and not go limp. We get into the sex and she always has the riding crop ready and throughout sex, she spanks me with the crop, again just enough to keep me erect and she will also tell me how naughty I am, while I am performing. My wife acquiesced to the spanking of me probably 20 years ago after saying early in our marriage it was perverted. Good topic.

Rosco: For me and for Irene, absolutely. Occasionally a spanking may not directly lead to sex, but it’s still sexual.

Rich Person: Yes. Spanking (to me) means hitting a fleshy area of the body with your hand. As a general term, it means hitting the buttocks. It can also mean hitting the thighs or the breasts, which are all intimate areas.

Spanking someone's bottom stimulates the nerves that serve their genitals. That makes spanking inherently sexually stimulating.

There's also the presentation of private parts during the spanking, which is sexually stimulating as a rule.

Plus, it is intimate, so that in any relationship it also serves to reinforce the intimacy of the relationship, and therefore the sexual relationship.

That doesn't mean it can't be other things. It can certainly be a punishment even if it is also sexual. It can reinforce submission, even where that isn't sexual.

I think spanking can be more sexual or less sexual, but just as a matter of degree. However, I know there are people who perform spankings and claim not to have any sexual component. That can come from it having an association purely with some kind of non-sexual dominance or the infliction of punishment to correct behavior.

But I think in that case, the people involved are working around the sexual stimulation of the spanking itself.

Mary: When getting spanked was just a fantasy, it was completely erotic.

When my wife finally agreed to assert control of our marriage and take me over her knee, it became a lot less simple. She decided that she would give me a monthly maintenance paddling on the first Friday of the month. A ritual spanking. Over her knee, time in the corner and then a lecture and back over her knee. The second spanking is long or short based on whether or not I have been a 'good girl'. There is absolutely nothing sexual about the spanking itself.

But the period before and after is incredibly erotic. She refers to it as my time of the month. The days leading up to that Friday, I make every effort to please her. I am convinced that the happier she is, the milder the spanking.

The days afterwards my wife is incredibly sexual. She takes me whenever and however.

Jean Marie: I LOVE this topic!

YES, spanking is extremely sexual for me. Spanking is the BEST foreplay, and aftercare is best expressed for me with sex. If left up to my druthers, I'd get a moderate, loving (not TOO harsh) spanking every morning upon waking, followed by a quickie (but super satisfying) coupling, maybe in the shower together if we were pressed for time. Then, after a day filled with opportunities to earn a real punishment, I'd get my just desserts, followed by more involved (lengthy, creative, dirty) sex. I agree whole-heartedly with Roz in that I don't find the actual spanking sexy, but the before & after are the EPITOME of sexuality for me.

Now just to find someone who feels the way that I do (and meets other criteria) to complete this aspect of my life.

Barrel: We find spanking a sexual interface and connection. We almost always have sex after a spanking. Occasionally small, short spankings without intimacy will be part of the build up for a longer and more intense session. But for us, they are definitely connected.
Nice topic.

Bonnie: Yes, for us, it is absolutely always sexual. This might not be my first thought at the moment of impact, but if not, it's certainly the second.

Prefectdt: For me, simple answer, spanking is not usually part of a sexual encounter. Although I do not mind if it is, but like many male spankees, spanking makes Mr Stiffy go away. So on the occasions that it has happened, there has to be a lot of alternative foreplay between the spanking and any act of penetration. This is great, but you have to have a lot of time available.

Red: A yes and no answer. Many of my spankings are sexual, in that they lead to sex shortly afterwards, but some only two or three days later. Some are because Cindy is really upset about something I did, and they are simply punishment, as our outlet of not staying mad for days, or at one time not even talking to each other. However, the sex, whenever it occurs, is also wonderful after one of these spankings. Short small spankings usually do not even eliminate an on-the-spot erection.

Graham: Absolutely! I can't remember when I was ever spanked and didn't give my wife an orgasm almost immediately thereafter. Mine is sometimes delayed for a while but is always connected.

This is clearly a "to each his/her own" topic.

Windy: What a great idea to support Ukraine in spirit!

I am learning that it's okay for spanking to be whatever a person/couple wants it to be and it's okay to say it. I recently have been trying to get over the hurdle of spanking being a punishment and a reward. For me, it cannot do that at the same time. But a spanking punishment hurts and is not fun, but later, almost always turns sexual. It's the dynamic at work that is the reward for both of us. So for us, yes, spanking is inherently sexual.

Great question! Happy Easter, Hermione!

Hermione: I'll also say yes and no. Thinking or reading about spanking always turns me on, and it's the only thing that does. While being spanked, though, I do not feel aroused. Afterwards, oh yes! Spanking is foreplay for us, and always precedes sexual pleasure.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #431

Yesterday I made a Ukrainian paska or Easter cake. I'd never made one before but our local paper published the recipe and it seemed only right to make it as a small tribute to the Ukrainan people at this time. I hope you like it.

Our good friend Bonnie suggested this week's topic.

Do you think that adult spanking is inherently sexual?

I know my answer to this one, but what is your opinion? Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our conversation when the cake plate is empty.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, April 15, 2022

Two and a Half Spanks More

Regular reader and contributor A.J. found this funny clip from Two and a Half Men (that I thought I had already posted) for me to share with you. There's an off-screen spanking that's quite a shock to the new receptionist.


 Sorry for the delay, A.J. but better late than never!

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Two and a Half Spanks

Regular reader and enthusiastic bruncher A.J. has sent me some clips about spanking in the comedy, "Two and a Half Men." I fully intended to publish the first clip with you but now I can't find that post.  Either Blogger ate it or I never did publish it. Well, A.J. has found more clips.  Here's the dialogue from a few of them.

The Pilot, S1:E1

Charlie is in his bedroom with a cute girlfriend, when...

    Charlie's answering machine:  Hey.  It's Charlie.  Do your thing when you hear the beep.

    (Voice message):  Listen, you lousy S.O.B., I will not be treated like this.  Either you call me or you are gonna be very, very sorry.  I love you, Monkey Man.

    Charlie's cute girlfriend:  Charlie...?  Who was that?

    Charlie:  Damn telemarketers.

    Cute girlfriend:  A telemarketer who calls you 'Monkey Man'?

    Charlie:  I'm on some weird list.  Okay, it's a woman I went out with once and she got a little clingy.

    Cute girlfriend:  You are a bad, bad boy.

    Charlie:  And yet, you're always the one getting spanked!

That was in the pilot!!  The very first episode!  How did we miss that?

"Last Chance To See Those Tattoos"

Berta:  I can make the Road Runner do jumping jacks.

Charlie:  That was a fun apology.

Berta:  Yeah, I really thought I was the one who deserved a spanking.


 "A Jock Strap in Hell"

Actress Alice Witt gives Allan a lap dance while Charlie watches.  If by "dance,'  you mean "otk spanking."

"The Price of Healthy Gums Is Eternal Vigilance"

    Rose:  Hey, Charlie.

    Charlie:  Hey, Rose.

    Rose:  Looks like somebody needs a shoulder to cry on.

    Charlie:  No, thank you.

    Rose:  Wanna just make out then?

    Charlie:  Rose...!

    Rose:  You're right.  That was out of line.  I deserve a spanking.


"A Bottle of Wine and a Jackhammer" S8:E2

Alan is sleeping, Charlie knocks on Alan's bedroom door and comes into the room.

Alan:  Mmmmm. Oh, hi.  What's up?

Charlie:  I need a favor.

Alan:  Okay, sure. What is it?

Charlie:  I got this girl upstairs, and I need you to take care of her bird.

Alan:  Okay, when you say "bird," what exactly is it you're referring to?

Charlie:  Get your mind out of the gutter.  Her bird.  Here.  Guess what his name is.

Alan:   Mothra?

Charlie:  Larry.  Larry Bird?  Get it?  This chick's from Boston.  Anyway, I'd put him in the living room, but Larry didn't like to be alone.

Alan:   Okay, I guess.

Charlie:  Good night.

(Charlie leaves Alan's bedroom.  Alan is alone with "Larry" sitting on his perch when...)

LARRY:  Caw!  Spank me.

Alan (startled, sits up):   What?

LARRY:  I'm a bad girl.  Spank me.

Alan:   Oh, for God's sake.

LARRY:  Too big, too big.

Alan:   All right. All right, Larry.  Go to sleep.

LARRY:  That's it, baby. Oh, yeah. You're the best.

Alan:   Damn it.


"He Smelled the Ham," S6:E10

Alan has Mr. Sharipa on his chiropractic exam table.

Alan:   All right, Mr. Sharipa.  How's it feel right here?

Mr. Sharipa:  A little tender.

Alan:   Yeah, yeah, you've got a spasm right here.

Mr. Sharipa:  It's my own fault.  I was trying to do it in the shower with Mrs. Sharipa last night.  The woman is no ballerina.

Alan:   Well, sex in the shower is really a young man's game.

Mr. Sharipa:  Or a middle-aged man with a skinny wife.

Alan:   Sure.

Mr. Sharipa:  What can I say?  I like a little junk-in-the-trunk.

Alan:   I, I think that says it.

Mr. Sharipa:  Slap her on the ass at Christmas, it doesn't stop shaking till New Year's Eve!
Just between you and me, she enjoys a little spanking from Santa.

Alan:   Who doesn't?

Mr. Sharipa:  I check the list twice: always naughty.


"Putting Swim Fins on a Cat,"  S5:E5

(Alan is having money problems and goes to his mother's home for help.  Standing at her front door looking into Evelyn's security camera..)

Evelyn:  Hello, Alan.

Alan:  Got a minute?

Evelyn:  Sure.

Alan:  I mean, could you come to the door?

Evelyn:  No!

Alan:  Please, Mom, it's important.  I'm having a real crisis here.

Evelyn:  Oh, darling, I'm so sorry.  Well, good luck with that.

Alan:  Mom, please.

Evelyn:  I'm such a pushover.

Alan:  The money isn't just for me. It's for Charlie and your only grandson.

Evelyn (to someone off screen):  I'll just be a minute, Teddy.

Evelyn comes to the front door, dressed as a....

Evelyn:  What can I do for you, Alan?

Alan:  Nothing. Never mind. (Alan leaves.)

Evelyn:  What?  I'm not entitled to a love life?

(Alan leaves. Evelyn turns to go back inside her home...

Evelyn:  "I'm ready for my punishment, headmaster."


And there it is.  I think, while spanking is often humorous and sexy, someone on the writing staff for this program was into spanking for the fun of it.  He (They?) - is one of us!!!

Thank you A.J. and please keep them coming. I'll publish that first clip soon.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, April 11, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 10

Where in the world are you?

Wendel: Home is in the mountains of North Dakota. We also have a small home in Ireland just outside of Limerick.

Lurker48: Rural SE Georgia, USA.

PK: Western NC

Bonnie: We're in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, of course it's raining.

Fred Bloggs: I am in London, United Kingdom. It's cold and raining.

Barrel: Arizona. Phoenix in the winter and blessed to be in Flagstaff for the summer…and it’s not cold or raining…sunny and 91 F today in Phoenix.

Baxter: Chicagoland

Morningstar: Love this topic!! How often I wonder where folks are from but hate to ask.

We're living in Eastern Ontario now - but I'm originally from Montreal Quebec 

Norse Cavalier: The northwestern part of Norway.

Roz: We are in the north island of New Zealand. Great topic Hermione. It's great to learn where bloggers come from.

Rich Person: We are in the Portland Oregon area. And yes, it's raining.

Boru: I am in sunny South Africa, where it also raining, a lot ! 15mm at my place so far this morning. I live in Rivonia, which is a suburb in the North of Johannesburg. Winter is coming, which is also the dry season. We are about a mile above sea level, so am in the mile high club, in the comfort of my own bedrooms.

Alice: I'm in Yorkshire, UK and the sun is actually shining at the moment!

Anon 1: Near Riverside, CA and plenty warm here. 

Jack: Eastern Oregon, small town, distance from neighbors. 

Anon 2: We're lurkers, in our late 20's and fairly new to the site. Wife started spanking me in college. At the moment we are living in rural Central Ohio with her strict parents, and they are the ones tanning both of our backsides, per move-in agreement. 

Will Lurker: We spank in Bruxelles and Paris

Anon 3: A small little hamlet in Southern California where a large rusting Queen sits in the harbor.

Anon 4: Long time lurker from Toronto

Anon 5: I live in the Northbay, California

Red: The Greater Toronto area

Bernie: New Mexico

Rosco: Berkeley California USA

Ronnie: Were in The West Midlands, UK.

Anon 6: Sunny NE Florida.

Anon 7: New York City. F/M

Mark: I'm in the South Island of New Zealand 

Themiketones: South Bend, IN, where it is sunny and 60 degrees F.

Prefectdt: Near the border with France, West Flanders, Belgium.

Anon 8: Can't believe I'll be the second to report from Sunny South Bend Indiana

Jean Marie: I didn't intend to reply, but am impressed with the response, so will chime-in!
I'm in the Eastern time zone of the United States.

Hermione: I'm in Ontario, Canada, but like Morningstar, I'm originally from Quebec. It snowed this morning.

Wow! Thank you for such a great response. Spanking is truly international!

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #430

The world is in turmoil, but this is a safe place to meet and enjoy each other's company. Our good friend Barrel suggested this week's topic, and I think it is very timely.

Let’s see how geographically diverse we share this weekly get together.  Regulars and lurkers alike, let us know from where you join our weekly brunch.  You can be as specific as you want, whether it is a continent, country, state or city, but let’s see how far around the world we reach.

As always, please leave your response as a comment. You may remain anonymous if you wish. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

From the Top Shelf - Farewell, Dear Friend

Last Friday the blogging world lost a great man. Devlin O'Neill left us, and the blogosphere is a poorer place because of it. Devlin, or Uncle Dev as he liked to be called, was a brilliant writer. He generously gave me some of his books, and I was delighted to find some of his works in the adult section of my favourite bookstore.

I have chose a selection from Dev's Little Red Riding Drawers to share with you as a tribute to him. Deepa, a headstrong teenager, has ridden her horse into a forbidden part of her uncle's estate and has been out all night on an adventure.  The next day, nothing is said, and she enjoys herself at a lunch party. But when the guest leave, it's another matter.

There was light laughter, then everyone rose and made their way out of the dining room. Her uncle led the way to the great room, and Deepa took advantage of the hubbub to sneak out the kitchen door. She was intercepted, however, by Hives, who bowed and smiled a bit coldly.

“Good afternoon, miss. Sir Cyril asks if you would attend him in his study.”

“What, now?”

“Yes, miss.”

“But what about the guests?”

“He asks that you wait for him there until they have gone.”

“Oh. Um, yeah. Sure.” This did not sound good at all, and Deepa bit her lip, following Hives slowly through a back hallway toward her uncle’s inner sanctum.

“Any idea what this is about, Hives?”

“No, miss.”

“Not even a clue?”

“No, miss.” The responses were typical Hives. Of course he knew exactly what was going on, but she never had found a way to breach his steely, majordomo armor and get round him as she had with the other servants. He opened the wide door to her uncle’s study, allowed her to enter, and shut it behind her. She waited for a key to click and lock her in, but that never came, though she was effectively imprisoned, in any case, by her obligation and responsibility to Sir Cyril.

She puffed a breath and wandered to the wide window that overlooked the back lawn.  Absently, she spun the big globe that sat by the window, then rubbed the fat tummy of a bronze Buddha on a pedestal as she ambled toward her uncle’s desk. With a whimper, she picked up and read the note purportedly from her. It really did look like her handwriting, and the message was short and succinct, as she might herself have written it. Next to the note was spread a plat map of the estate, square, three feet on a side, and she traced her favorite riding routes with a fingertip.

An errant sunbeam through the window sparkled on cut crystal and caught her eye, and she went to the table next to Uncle’s favorite chair and poured a whisky. She sipped the heady malt and ambled about the room, glancing at the familiar pictures of dogs, and horses, and men with guns. But ever was she drawn back to the desk, and the note.

She picked it up once more, though she did not read it. Putting it down, she shifted the plat map to peer at it, and her heart nearly stopped. Covered by the edge of the map was a familiar leather strap. It was the one that usually hung by the hole in its worn wooden handle from a hook on the wall in Hives’ office. All the servants respected the majordomo, and none had reason to fear him because he was a fair and reasonable man. He took the strap down from its hook only in cases of gross disobedience or insolence, and even then after a prior warning or two. At that point, the issue became whether the servant wanted to be dismissed or take the strapping. Deepa was certain of only one instance where the punishment had been administered, her maid Grendella, but there were rumors of others, and Mrs. Greengage sometimes threatened to have Hives “fetch his strap” in order to smarten up one of her kitchen helpers.

But Uncle Cyril was not one to make idle threats, or threats of any sort, come to that. If the strap was there, he meant to use it, and Deepa sobbed. Could he know where she had been? Did he not believe the note? If he believed she had been somewhere other than at Nanny’s, would he not have sent out search parties long before she arrived home? And anyway, how could he beat her like a disobedient servant? It was not right, and she would tell him so.

She drained the whisky and went back to the decanter, but decided against another and set down the empty glass. For a long moment, she stared at his chair. There he had sat, patiently listening, the few times that Nanny, as a last resort, had brought her much more youthful and wayward self to see him on a matter of discipline. Deepa was not wild or unmanageable, but she did test limits and she had a temper. On those rare occasions when she pushed Nanny’s patience too far, Nanny would go and speak to Sir Cyril before marching the girl to his study.

Cyril was not a frightening presence in the least, not to Deepa at any rate, but his looks of disappointment alone were sometimes enough to make Deepa cry. So when he gave Nanny permission to inflict a spanking, tears would form in Deepa’s eyes even before Nanny had got the girl properly across her lap. The ignominy of having her bottom bared and the sting of Nanny’s hard hand slaps seemed secondary to Deepa, at least in retrospect, to the pain and shame she felt looking at the disappointment in her uncle’s soft, blue eyes.

Unfortunately, it took several iterations of this lesson, five, as it happened, before Deepa truly got the message. She did have the consolation of his forgiveness, and even a rare, for Sir Cyril, hug while sitting on his lap, once she had repented and said sorry. Her last such session had taken place almost six years before, though she well recalled the event and absently rubbed the back of her skirt.

She sat in his chair, but could not remain still for long, and soon she was up and pacing once more. Finally, the door opened and Hives ushered her uncle into the room. For a moment, Deepa feared that Hives would stay, and breathed in relief when he retreated and shut the door once Sir Cyril entered.

“Good afternoon, Deepa.”

“Good afternoon, Uncle,” she said as cheerily as possible. “I see you got my note.”

“Yes, indeed, and thank you for that. Its coming eased my mind on at least one point last night.”

 “You’re very welcome.” His comment did nothing to reassure her, but she kept the smile on.

“I didn’t want you to worry on my account.”

“Very commendable, yes.” He put a hand on her arm, and she walked with him to the desk.

“You know this chart, of course.”

 “Yes, of course.”

“Would you please show me the boundaries of the estate?”

Her heart sank and she nodded, then traced, with fingers that trembled more than she would have liked, the fence lines she knew so very well. He held up a hand when she reached the point at which she had jumped the day before.

“So you do know that this is the boundary, and that beyond it is, as we say, out of bounds. Is that right?”

“Yes, Uncle,” she said weakly.

“And yet you saw fit to cross that boundary yesterday, didn’t you?”

“I, I only wanted to cool off in the trees for a bit, Uncle, just to ride along the edge of the wood where it was shady, that’s all. Foxtail had got quite warm already, and I was concerned for him. Sir.”

He shook his head. “If you or he were overheated, you might have stopped under one of our trees, mightn’t you?”

 “Yes, sir, only I didn’t think of it at the time.” Her head dropped and she could not meet his eyes.

“Who ’peached on me?”

“That hardly matters, does it? All the servants know the bounds and know to keep within them. They also know to mention it when someone they care about does not, and puts herself into danger as a result.”

“But, Uncle, I never …”

 “Sh!” He held up a warning finger. “I have told you repeatedly, as have others, that those woods are not part of your playground, and I am quite disappointed that you disobeyed me on that score.”

She sniffled and nodded. “I … it was wrong of me to go out of bounds and I am heartily sorry, Uncle. It won’t happen again.”

“I very much hope not, Deepa. I would be devastated should anything unfortunate happen to you, and I intend to guarantee that this behavior will not be repeated.”

 “Sir?” She croaked the word, her heart racing fiercely.

“When you were little, Nanny was here to sort you out when you acted impulsively and recklessly. As she is no longer able to do so, that lot has fallen to me.”

Her lips moved but no sound emerged when he removed the map from the desktop and laid it, still open, on a table. Suddenly visible, like a serpent beneath an upturned stone, the strap filled her heart with fear.

“Uncle, no!” she squealed. “You can’t b--‐beat me like a servant! Please!”

“I will not beat you like a servant, Deepa, but I will spank you like the naughty and wayward girl you acted yesterday, so that you realize how very earnest I am about keeping you safe.”

 “But I do know, Uncle Cyril, I do! You, you don’t need to suh, spuh … to punish me further! I already am so, so sorry for what I have done, and, and I never, ever will do it again!”

But it made no difference to Sir Cyril in any case. He merely shook his head and picked up the strap.

“Bend over the desk, Deepa. I do not like doing this, but it’s for your own good.”

 “No, it isn’t! How can you say that?”

“Go on,” he said calmly. “Don’t make me call Hives.”

 “Uncle!” Fear and anger heated her face, and she banged the desktop with both fists as she leaned forward. “It’s not fair!”

“It is not fair to make those who love you worry for your safety, and now I will remind you just how seriously I take that matter.”

“But I didn’t mean to!” She sobbed into her fists, then squealed when he lifted her flouncy skirt. “Uncle, no!”

“Hush that and stop telling me no, young lady. You will learn your lesson, I am determined, so resign yourself to it.”

“But Uncle, you can see my …”

“I said enough, Deepa.” Embarrassment added fuel to the fiery blush of anger in her face as she felt his eyes on her nearly bare behind. In her haste to dress, she had grabbed a pair of the diaphanous undies she wore beneath her riding breeches instead of the modest knickers she usually put on under a skirt. The seamless silk concealed nothing at all, and her legs ached from holding them tightly together.

Uncle Cyril put his left hand on her back and pushed down, bending her even farther, and she whimpered in an agony of shame and fear.

When the first stroke landed, it was almost a relief. The awful leather stung, but, to her surprise, not much more than Nanny’s hand had done. After an initial squeal of shock, she kept her mouth shut and took deep breaths while her heart pounded.

She wriggled and squirmed, though she did not try to escape, choosing instead to atone for her transgression. As the heat and sting grew in her backside, the fear diminished along with the anger, and suddenly her eyes opened. Her ankles twisted as she lifted one foot after the other, staring straight ahead in wonderment while a tingly ache grew between her thighs. She squealed once more.

At last, her uncle ceased the punishment, though Deepa remained in place for quite some moments after he had stopped. He removed his hand from her back and returned her skirt to its proper position. Gently, he took her arm, and she stood upright and turned to him.

“Are you very sorry you disobeyed me, Deepa?” She sniffled and nodded, afraid to speak for a moment lest her voice betray the unwonted joy she felt in her heart. He wrapped her in his arms, and she wept on his chest, feeling the security she had known as a child after a spanking, though tempered with another, wholly unknown sensation, as if other arms than her uncle’s held her.

“I hate having to be strict with you, my dear, but I cannot bear the thought of your being in danger.”

Finally, she found words. “I am sorry, Uncle, truly, and I will be good, I promise. I know you suh, spuh … punished me only because you love me. And I love you.”

He smiled and lifted her chin so as to see her eyes. “Then everything is all right, isn’t it?”

 “Yes, Uncle, quite all right.” She reached back and winced when she lightly rubbed her behind. “Well, more or less.”

“Oh my. Well, that will pass.” He kissed her forehead. “Go along then. All is forgiven. Perhaps you’ll like to have a warm bath now.”

“Perhaps.” She wiped away tears with her fingers and stood on tiptoe to kiss his cheek.

“Thank you for looking after me.”
“I cannot imagine doing otherwise.”

Somehow she managed not to skip to the door, but once out of the room she raced upstairs to her room and removed her clothes. Grinning uncontrollably, she peered over her shoulder at her bare bottom’s reflection in the mirror. It was quite pink and warm still, with a few light stripes where the strap’s edge had bitten hard, but the sting had faded to a rather delightful, tingly heat, and she moaned as she caressed the tender flesh.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, April 4, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 3

Describe your dream spanking room.

Jean Marie:  GREAT topic! I love to home-decorate, and doing it for this purpose would be the ultimate! I thought that most things about the "Fifty Shades" series were dreadful, but that red room of pain was nicely equipped!
In my specially designed spanking room, I'd want a multi-level spanking bench, where I could choose how high my bottom would be elevated. This would differ from the block, where my bottom would be elevated and exposed to an obscene degree and where I would be restrained with padded cuffs for wrists, ankles, and my waist. Then I'd want a wooden cross where I could stand to have my entire backside exposed to whipping.
I'd love to have a vast array of implements on display on hooks on the walls. Maybe this could be organized by type of implement, wooden paddles and canes on one wall, leather straps and tawses and paddles on another, crops, braided whips and floggers on a different wall. Then, on the 4th wall, what if we had a window? When my lovers wanted to humiliate me most, they'd open the curtains to let passers-by see what my naked body was being subjected to within.
I actually had a boyfriend who had a special room similar to this, but it was decorated his way; it'd be a dream come true to have one that I outfitted to my taste!

Roz: Great question Hermione! I'm not quite sure, the idea of a play room would daunt me I think as we have never used 'equipment' as such and the variety of implements probably limited.

Well, it would have to be a red room wouldn't it? LoL. Actually, for some reason I am thinking purple. I like the idea of a multi-level bench and cross and the walls adorned with an array of implements.

Jack: I asked my wife, she said we have such a room already, the bedroom. The best place in the house for giving a spanking. What she needs is already there, it is private, if I'm heard then that is just part of the spanking. 

Rosco: Most of our toys are locked in a box, just in case we have curious visitors. It would be easier to have everything out and available.

Further, I love to be tied up but comfortably so. I’d like a spanking bench that leaves me helpless and vulnerable with a massage table type cradle to rest my head and neck so I could be there a long time.

A triple full length mirror would be fun.

And I’ve often thought about designing a pussy licking bench. Irene is always on top. She would be able to easily shift to support her weight on her feet, knees, hands and of course my face. And it would be on rockers.

We used to have access to a tack room at private stables, with an array of vintage riding crops on the wall. Had a lot of fun in that room plus a little nervous adventure that someone would happen by - almost caught once.

Wendel: The walls would be a light grey with recessed color changing lights. Hooks on the wall for the paddle and strap. The only furniture would be a spanking bench and a kitchen chair. We would have 2 small mirrors position in line with the chair and bench so that the spankee can see themselves as they receive the spanking. 

Bonnie: My perfect spanking room…

Let’s start with a big space, say 15 feet square with an eight-foot ceiling to allow the spanker plenty of swinging room. Let’s have a spanking bench bolted to the floor near the center. It should be well padded and equipped with padded, adjustable restraint cuffs. There should also be a couch and a straight wooden chair for OTK, post-spanking interviews, and other adult adventures. Let’s pad the walls with a sound muffling material and install acoustic baffles overhead because corporal punishment can get noisy.

Space on the four walls should be dedicated to hanging leather implements (belts, crops, straps), wooden implements (paddles, brushes, canes), sex toys (vibrators, dildos, plugs, lubricant, lotions), and restraints (cuffs, cords, blindfolds, spreaders, scarves). The floor should be carpeted with thick padding underneath in case someone ends up down there. We will also want a first aid kit just in case. One corner should be left plain for the conspicuous display of the spanker’s handiwork.

There should be a digital audio theater sound system, a combination of fixed and movable digital cameras with microphones, a video display, a streaming media library system, configurable studio lights, and a remote control to manage it all. Proper HVAC will also be essential to maintain optimal temperature and humidity. Aromatherapy might be a nice addition.

It would be helpful add a closet for storing removed clothing, costumes, cushions, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, and extra implements. While I’m wishing, I’d like a small refrigerator for drinks and yummy treats. And a little bathroom with a mirror, toilet, and sink.

Finally, I would connect the spanking room entrance to the rest of the house with a secret passage, locked and hidden behind a bookcase or wall panel.

Barrel: Well, I’m not sure how to add on to Bonnie’s post, but I’d make the room warm and soft cream colors…soothing since the recipient will be at the other end of the spectrum. As for music, I’d play the theme that I first heard on DWC (wish I could find that somewhere). A hook in the ceiling with a hoist would allow for stand up whippings.

I have designed and am building a spanking bench that can be easily dismantled and hidden under a bed or in a closet. It will also travel in the trunk when we migrate. It will add variety when restraint is necessary.

I would organize the implements by material: leather; wood; delrin; plastic; rubber; bamboo. I would add a cabinet for thin sharp spikey things and sounding devices. The first aid cabinet should include post session topicals that will increase and prolong the discomfort. Also some heated lube that when used, warms from the inside.

If only…

A.J.: I wouldn't have one.

The most simple and common room is, to me, the best. An everyday room/home office with a simple strait-backed chair you would find in almost every home in the hemisphere. A room with spanking horses, whips and paddles on the wall, padded cuffs, restraints, cross-bars, etc.; what you are describing is a dungeon.

And problems come with all of that.

A fire in the house and firemen see that room?
Time to sell? - explain that room?
How do you get rid of all the "tools" in there?
Cleaning lady wants to know if she should clean that room...No? Oh. Why...?
Friends visit:
How do you explain the locks on that ONE room?
Forget to lock it? Adult kids/grandkids see it? Oh, what fun...

And the mental anguish on your part, "Did I lock that door...?"

It's just not worth it.

Prefectdt: It would be based on an Edwardian era, Head Teacher's study. With a leather topped desk, normal traditional furnishings and a large fireplace, with a mantle and a mirror. There is a large, head height, dark wood cupboard, large enough to house all the toys and restraints. A door to a storage room, is noticeable. That room would not be huge, but large enough to house some special, fold away, specialist spanking benches and furniture, for when the need arose.

Loki_Darksong: Having a space devoted to spanking / BDSM scenes is part of the motivation for my wife and I to actually own our own house hopefully in the near future.

What I like is to have a basement area that is waterproof and properly climate controlled so there will be a comfortable temperature for all stages of undress.

Half of course have proper lighting because you got to see what you're doing. But not have overwhelming lighting.

Furniture of course would depend on the size of this space. Although two or three pieces of furniture would be a personal need. A spanking bench or horse, a Saint Andrews cross and a whipping post, although this last piece is optional depending on once again the size of the space so loud safe and proper swing room for all types of implements.

A small sofa will complete the set because you need to have some place to relax afterwards. Perhaps a futon in case a bed is required as well.

I also want to have a den but that may be actually wishful thinking.

Hermione: I love all your ideas. For a real fantasy room, I'd have an old-fashioned schoolroom with pupils' desks and a teacher's desk on a raised platform. A ruler would be on the desk, and canes and paddles hang on the wall nearby. 

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #429

Welcome to our weekly spanko brunch. Our dear friend Bonnie suggested the topic for this week. 

If you could add a room to your home solely for spanking sessions, how would you equip and decorate it?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart