Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is This Normal?

Interspersed among the many commercials on one of the Canadian television networks is a feature called "A Canadian Minute". It's a short re-enactment of some little-known Canadian historical event or achievement, and it's usually quite interesting.

This little vignette about Agnes Macphail - the first woman to be elected as a member of Parliament in Canada - airs from time to time in the regular rotation. One of her many achievements was prison reform. In the early decades of the last century, there is no doubt that living conditions in prisons were deplorable and the treatment of prisoners was brutal by today's standards.
Nevertheless, how would you answer the question at the end of the clip?

I'm willing to bet that some readers own a reasonably accurate copy of the Canadian prison strap. I saw a real one in a museum once, and it's very frightening. (Click here for more details on Corporal punishment in Canadian prisons.)

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Watch Out for Splinters

I'm not a sports fan by any means, although I do glance through that section of the paper in case the Jays spanked the Senators, or the Leafs whipped the Colts. Those kinky headlines do it for me every time!

Although I'm breaking one of my main blogging rules -- no sports -- I did want to share with you an item I heard on the radio. The subject was baseball bats. Apparently bats made of maple are considered dangerous and have been outlawed. Why? Because when the batter hits the ball too hard, they splinter. Bats made of ash given the same treatment will simply split.

Now I'm worried. Will my beautiful maple paddle give me a backside full of splinters if Ron applies it too energetically? Do they make ash paddles?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Who's Vanilla?

Twisted? Yes. Vanilla? No.

So what's twisted vanilla? Sort of kinky, but not right up there? Maybe hand spanking, but no implements?

What flavour is your kink? French vanilla? Tutti frutti? Neapolitan? Chocolate fudge ripple?

A big thank you goes out to Jim, a regular reader, for sending in this great picture. (Click on it to make it bigger.)

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Red Reward

For my birthday spanking I had made up my mind that I was going to ask for something a little bit special. We still have implements that didn't get used during New Implement Month and I had plans. I even asked Ron if I could choose what he used and what position I would assume when he used it.

"Sure you can."

But that weekend Ron was under the weather and no spanking happened. He promised to reschedule it for the following day.

"Come home early and we'll make the four o'clock deadline," he joked. But the next day there was no mention of it, and I could tell he still wasn't feeling on top of his form.

The day after that, I debated whether I should just wait and see, or be proactive. I decided to act, and sent Ron an email that said:

Am I going to get a spanking tonight?

His reply was ambiguous:

I'm not sure. If not tonight, tomorrow for certain.

So that had to satisfy me. When I got home, Ron explained that although he was feeling much better, he'd take care of my bottom the next day. To prove it, he rubbed it, squeezed it, patted it and even swatted it from time to time throughout the evening. I enjoyed it immensely and my anticipation soared.

The next morning I wasn't so excited. Apprehension had taken over. I don't know why, but that usually happens when a spanking is close to happening. It was hard to concentrate at work that day; I kept imagining what we would be doing in just a few short hours. I was excited, aroused and fearful in turn. Did I really want a spanking? I wasn't sure.

Finally the day was over and I drove home. After I had come in and hung up my coat, Ron said, "We'll have a drink and you can read your mail. Then I'll give you your spanking." My tummy lurched pleasantly. While I sifted through the junk mail, we watched a comedy show on TV. When it ended, we exchanged looks, got up and headed for the bedroom.

After the day of mood swings, I was no longer concerned with making it a special spanking, so after we had both undressed I was surprised that Ron remembered my request from a few days before.

"Did you choose the implement you want?"

"Oh, right" I scurried out of the bedroom and across the hall to what Ron calls "the implement room" where I chose the red leather slapper. It was one of the Terrible Trio but now my secret is out. We had never used it.

Ron laughed when he saw it, and said it was kind of small. I handed it to him, stretched out over some pillows on the bed, and waited. It was small, because it was designed to be used OTK, but I had used up all my courage and would postpone asking him to put me across his lap for another time.

SMACK! SMACK! What an enormous sound from such a small paddle! It was louder than the dogging bat, which is designed to make noise too. I waited for the sting, but it didn't come. That red slapper simply didn't hurt much. I did my best but couldn't suppress my laughter; It just made so darned much racket!

Ron turned it into a beautifully erotic spanking by giving my bottom a lot of gentle rubbing and caressing in between sets of spanks, so I was very happy with the way things turned out after all. It was an extra-long and very pleasurable spanking, and I enjoyed the lovemaking that followed even more.

The following day I was in a pleasant haze, and was surprised to find that sitting down actually hurt. That evening I told Ron how much I had enjoyed having a tingling bottom in the middle of the week.

"I'm surprised I'm sore, because that slapper didn't hurt very much."

"I thought so. It was too small."

"So why didn't you spank me harder?"

"Too much effort for too little gain."

"Even so, I felt relaxed all day. When I need a spanking, I get so tense. And I really needed that. Thank you."

We'll try the slapper again, and next time I will be OTK. You're my witnesses.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Swat This

Recently I attended a work-related seminar. The subject wasn't particularly interesting, but the presenter did manage to catch and hold my attention for a while. He was talking about a business course he had taught, and a key concept that was contained within the acronym S.W.A.T. He told us what the letters stood for, but I was so startled I forgot to write it down. For the next few minutes I was totally entranced as he came out with phrases like:
Solve all problems with a SWAT
Everyone learns how to SWAT
At graduation everyone knows how to do a SWAT
Use a SWAT for everything
SWAT is the perfect tool
The world according to SWAT

He had me convinced. I already knew that a good SWAT was a great way to solve a problem.

I gave this guy lots of praise on the evaluation form I filled out at the conclusion of the day. 

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Alter Ego

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, April 20, 2009

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for April 19

This week's brunch topic was about pornography and how it relates to your blog or the blogs you read. Here's the lively discussion that resulted:

A.S.S. - I'm pretty open minded about what consenting adults do with each other, most especially when it comes to spanking. Nudity and sex don't bother me either. So I'm not very easy to offend when it comes to spanking blogs. I personally enjoy sexy spanking images and stories. I like straight discipline too, but for me, there is a place for the sexual and erotic stuff too.

Not that I don't find sites and pictures I don't like. I bump into more than a few hard core things that I simply have no interest in seeing or even hearing about (usually on sites that are about far more than just spanking).

When that happens, I don't think "pornography" because to me that feels like I'm calling something wrong or depraved just because *I* don't like it. I instead prefer to just say it's not my thing and move on. And like I said, when it comes to spanking, I'm not easily offended.

Zero interest in anything to do with childhood spankings, and I won't link to anyone that posts pictures of children being spanked. That is wrong, and I'm comfortable feeling that way. Outside of that though - and true non-consent - I don't see anything I'd call pornography on spanking sites.

Of course, my dictionary says porn is "explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal." So I'm pretty much ignoring that definition. But, you did ask for my opinion and not Webster's!

Brambleberry Blush -
I find most spanking blogs are just for a little sexy fun, while the pay-for-view websites seem to be a little more hard core. I will admit that if I click onto a site that has really graphic photos, I will leave quickly. It's just not my thing. I want titillation, not porn. Mostly what I read is erotica, not porn.

Daisychain -
Yes, in some cases, is the quick answer. But who says porn is wrong?

Anything done that is tasteful and sexually arousing and available to consenting adults who know what they are getting into, I have no problem with. Personally, I find the pics or videos that home in on (or "accidentally" show) the woman's private parts as she is being spanked the greatest turnoff! That sort of exposure does nothing for me, though I am sure some find it exciting.

There is a difference between hard core and soft porn; to me, the written word is less potentially offensive, because you have to actively read it and can stop at any time if you feel its not your thing, but when it is images, one click and that's it, it's in your memory - too late to not look!!!!
Spanking blogs in general, although technically (according to the dictionary!) qualify as porn, are very inoffensive.

Great thought provoking question, Hermione! xxx

Prefectdt -
"Do you consider spanking blogs to be pornography?" - No, Even what most people consider as porn within spanking pay sites isn't porn to me, I tend to follow the blogs the way that many blokes on this side of the pond follow football (soccer). Following the model blogs is a chance to interact with the big league professional players (my equivalent of sport stars) and the other blogs (like my own) are like going out and playing on a Sunday morning, with the amateur pub league teams.

"What do you think determines if a blog is pornographic as opposed to erotic or containing adult material?" - As someone who isn't looking for a sexual thrill when looking at blogs, I feel totally unqualified to judge what is pornographic or not.

"If you have a blog, do you think of it as porn?" - LOL (literally there was audible laughter when this was considered) most of the pictures That are posted on my blog are from free galleries, so there are better places for people to go to see them on mass. The posts about my own play are incredibly unpopular (that is not going to stop me posting them, when allowed to by the relevant playmate). I can expect to lose between two and three hundred readers a day. for four or five days, after posting a "MY Play" account and the last time that I did such a post, the stat counter told me that the amount of people spending five seconds or less at the blog (clicking in and then clicking out without reading the post) rose to 88% and from the comments, it looks like the hard core of readers, that actually read these posts, are not finding them a sexual turn on. I doubt very much if anyone is using my blog as a source of pornography.

"Would you consider the blogs you read to be porn? Does the medium (words, photos, videos, drawings) make a difference?" - No definitely not, for me blogs are about interacting on an international level with other kinksters, picking up tips, tricks and ideas and generally sharing information, both incoming and outgoing.

Dr. Ken -
I don't consider spanking blogs as pornographic. Erotic, yes, but not porn. To me, porn would involve showing sex and male and female "naughty bits". And to me, spanking is a act all to itself--it doesn't, and doesn't have to, lead to sex.

And no, I don't think of my blog as porn. Yes, it's about spanking (mostly), and yes, I do have spanking photos as well as photos of some very spankable-looking women and their beautiful bottoms, but that's it. No males with raging erections, no females with legs spread wide while the camera acts as their gynecologist. I try for something more discreet and tasteful.

Most of all, I focus on the idea of "fun", because that's how I think of spanking--it's an activity that should be fun for all involved. If it isn't, you're doing it wrong. Hopefully, I succeed in getting the "fun" aspect across.

PK -
I sure don't think of the blogs I read as porn. I love the blogs that talk about spanking, erotic and discipline as well as their kids, their jobs, their vacation. In other words I like blogs that show everyday normal folks that, like me, enjoy spanking.

I do find things out here that I really don't like. Now I know this is sexist but while I have no problem with tasteful pictures of nude women I do not like frontal male nudity. And when I come across pictures of intercourse I click away as fast as my little fingers will take me. Is it porn? Who knows. I just like a little more subtle approach.

I think that the stories I find most places are wonderful and encourage me to go give my husband a kiss and a meaningful look. That can't be bad.

Karl -
Most of the blogs I read I would not consider pornographic.

For me, pornographic is the sexual equivalent of a tourist town. In a tourist town, things are set up the way the locals think tourists would like to see them. For instance, natives wearing animal skins instead of the T-shirts and jeans they normally wear when they're not dressing up for the tourists. Places like Disney world are for me the ultimate in travel porn.

With porn, you have the feeling of being pandered to. For me, that's not nice. When I read blogs, I'm looking to explore some reality, maybe not a mainstream reality, but I'd like to know what's real and important and erotic for the people who are writing the blog and those who are being written about.

I'm looking for reportage and cultural studies, not fantasy. But maybe that's just me.

PhilK -
I think my response would echo that of Woody Allen when he was asked "Is sex dirty?"

It is if you do it right.

Anonymous -
I'm sorry, but a lot of you guys' answers strike me as pretty pretentious.

We have a certain sexual fetish. If we look up stuff on the internet (stories, pictures, etc) that cater to that fetish, we're looking up porn. You can go on as much as you want about how your particular kink is "cleaner" in some arbitrary and subjective way than someone else's, but that doesn't change what it is.

Guys, EVERYONE looks at porn. Everyone. There's no shame in calling it what it is. I write porn stories for porn sites, I read other people's porn stories on those same sites, and I'm posting right now on a porn blog. And I'm not remotely ashamed.

As for the "dictionary definition of porn" that some of you seem to reject; sorry, but that's what the word means. You can't just redefine the meaning of the word "porn" at will in order to exclude yourself. "Explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal." That's what porn is. Yes, even writing can be porn, and often is.

Prefectdt -
OK the Collins Gem English dictionary that lives next to my computer has the definition -

Pornography n. indecent literature, films, etc.

Pride and Prejudice - I find that to be indecent in all its forms, book, films, TV series, it is so indecent it makes my blood boil. So by the dictionary definition, Pride and Prejudice is porn to me Anonymous :-)

Anonymous -
Hmmm. I think a definition of "indecent" is in order.

I was going off of the Webster definition provided by ASS. Semantics time!

Hermione: I decided to ask this question because Ron believes that my blog is porn. He isn't being judgmental or critical; that's just the way he looks at it. He sometimes teases me about writing porn in my spare time.

Based on the definition Todd provided, my blog isn't porn. My intention is to amuse, entertain, and enlighten my readers with posts about consensual adult spanking. I never write with the specific intention of sexually arousing anyone, although I realize it can and probably does happen.

The blogs I read regularly aren't pornographic either. As PK said, many are about the daily doings of people just like me, and include other things besides spankings. I also agree with Daisy's comment that somehow pictures can be more disturbing than the written word, although writing can also be classed as porn and not erotica.

Lee -
I think it goes deeper than "is it porn?" If we're going by the dictionary definition above, then it would depend on each individual person who visits the site? I could visit a foot-fetish site that does NOTHING for me, and to me it would not be pornographic in this definition. In the same vein, a spanking how-to site would not be pornographic to me, but a story oriented blog might be.

However, that aside, I do not believe you can simply go by the dictionary on this one. Society has turned porn into such a dirty word, one which implies lack of morals, lack of perspective, inability to enjoy human interaction with sexuality, etc. Overzealous lawmakers will have you believe that pornography ruins the lives and relationships of anyone who dares partake in the joys of erotic literature, art, film, etc. We, as readers of spanko blogs, would argue this point. Another dictionary definition is "obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, esp. those having little or no artistic merit." In this vein, I wholeheartedly disagree. Surely no one here would argue that Hermione's or Bonnie's blogs were without merit, or artistic value. Likewise, many of us have seen well-done erotic films, read well-written erotic literature, and well-written and maintained spanking blogs.

By this definition I would argue that no, spanking blogs, nor any other well-done erotic photograph, film novel, etc. is pornographic. I have to agree with Todd and Suzy on this one. Dictionary definitions aside, connotatively porn is bad, and I cannot call any spanking blog (aside from those which harm children, or condone true non-consent) horrible or life ruining.

Welcome, Lee.

Dave -
I‘d have to say no, spanking blogs are not porn by default. While they might meet a bare bones definition of pornography, they are not all that different in most aspects to romantic literature available in thousands of bookstores to people of all ages. Unless those books are going to be relabeled as porn, then simply writing about a topic with the purpose of sexual stimulation is insufficient to be categorized as porn.

Magazines like Cosmopolitan and FHM are loaded with sexually related material but are not called porn while Playboy grabs the label without much dispute. The difference is photographic material. Further complicating the issue are rated R movies which can display nudity and sex and avoid the porn label, but when the depiction of sex crosses a line between what can be called suggestive (ie not showing genitalia and/or penetration) and explicit, the porn label is applied. These are nuances of the way the real world deals with labeling material as porn versus art.

Bottom line, a blog which has picture or video content is not pornographic until it crosses a line between suggestive and explicit. For those who want to stick to the strict definition of pornography, I get it, but I don’t agree. It can’t be both ways. Either all those romance novels, magazines, and movies are porn, or we accept the societal definition that porn is more about the explicit showing and telling than the simple show and tell of sexually stimulating material.

All of this is really subject to each person’s thoughts on morality. When material crosses a line in our morality it becomes porn and for me that line is farther than some and not as far as others. In the end, whatever answer is given, we are all correct.

Glad you joined us, Dave.

John -
No, in my opinion the average spanking blog isn't pornography but I'm well aware there are other people thinking a different way.

And a big welcome to John.

Miss Jules -
I would say that some are. For me, pornography is mainly explicit photos or detailed stories, and since most blogs are a mixture of many different medias and topics, I think that it depends on the percentage of graphic material whether the blog as a whole is pornographic or not. For example, I do post the occasional detailed story or fantasy, but have no intention of showing the world certain parts of my body, so I wouldn't classify my blog as porn.

Thank you, everyone, for participating in this week's brunch. I hope you'll all be back next week at our regular location.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, April 18, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #170

Welcome to another spanko brunch in the Great White North. Actually, the white stuff is all gone and things are looking very green and lush now. You probably saw crocuses and snowdrops on your way here.

Today's topic was inspired by a conversation my husband Ron and I had about my blog.

Do you consider spanking blogs to be pornography? What do you think determines if a blog is pornographic as opposed to erotic or containing adult material? If you have a blog, do you think of it as porn? Would you consider the blogs you read to be porn? Does the medium (words, photos, videos, drawings) make a difference?

I invite you to leave your comment on this topic. When everyone has had a chance to voice their opinions, I will publish an edited summary of the responses.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's finally happened! A chain of "pay for paddling" parlours coming to a mall near you. There will be long lines of naughty people waiting for their services, no doubt. Thursday is two for one day, so come early.

At least, that's one possibility.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Newlyspanked Game

The Newlywed Game was a popular daytime quiz show in the sixties and seventies. Four recently married couples played the game each day. All the men would be asked a series of questions, with the women out of earshot, then the women would come back onstage and have a chance to respond to the same questions. When both partners agreed on the answer they would earn points. The process was then reversed, with the men leaving the set while the women answered another set of questions. The couple with the most points won a prize, while couples who had failed to agree on much were often not speaking to each other by the end of the half-hour show.

Ron and I played our own version of the game with some spanking-related questions I made up. We each replied to the questions independently, then compared answers.

Here's what we came up with. I'd better warn you in advance that Ron has a weird sense of humour. I left his answers unedited because he was so good about playing along with me on this.

1. What is your favourite implement?
H: Dogging bat
R: Weed whacker (that's the dogging bat)

2. What are you most likely to say after a spanking?
H: "Thank you"
R: "You're welcome"

3. If you were to pretend someone else was being spanked, who would it be?
H: A naughty schoolgirl
R: Mother Teresa

4. If you were to pretend someone else was giving the spanking, who would it be?
H: A high school principal
R: Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil

5. When are you most likely to postpone a spanking?
H: Company's coming and I have to tidy the house
R: Shovelled the driveway twice and it's still snowing.

6. What do you like best about spanking?

H: Being close to my lover
R: Hot sex afterward

7. What is the first thing you do after a spanking?

H: Check my bum in the mirror
R: Have a beer

8. How often would you like to engage in spanking?

H: Every second day
R: Once a week

9. What do you do to surprise your partner before or during a spanking?

H: Propose a new or different position
R: Use the buckle end of the belt

10. Which one of you suggested spanking first?
H: Ron
R: Me

There you have it. Please feel free to play this game with your significant other and post the results on your blog.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tiger Revealed

You made some wonderful guesses about what the mystery implement in my previous post might be used for.

Spanking implement (my first guess too)
Cat toy (that was my second guess)
Swab to dry a wind instrument (it looks a bit like one)
Leash for an imaginary dog (very creative!)
Might be expandable (No, but it does do something)
Fly swatter (possibly, if your aim is good)
Pointer to use when giving presentations (that's a great idea)
Backscratcher - BINGO!

Now you can see how the other side looks. On the right, you can probably make out the on/off switch. The batteries go in at the end. The little paw on the left is plastic and has claws, and the tiger pattern is fake fur.

It doesn't do a very good job as a backscratcher. Maybe it will be more successful as a spanking implement. If not, then Crookshanks can swat flies with it.

Thanks, everyone, for playing!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

I first saw this hanging on the wall in Ron's study some months ago. He got it from a relative, tossed it into the closet, and had only recently rediscovered it.
My first thought was of the Blake poem. My second was that it was a strange sort of spanking implement. But when I asked Ron if that's what he was going to use it for, he said no. I then guessed another use--vanilla this time--but I was wrong again. When he told me what it really was, I was sceptical, but was willing to give it a try.

Can you guess what it might be for? In case you can't tell from the picture, it's furry.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, April 10, 2009

Overheard Here and There

Overheard at the office:
"What about maintenance?" Huh? Was the gal in the next office talking to her husband about an upcoming spanking?

No, the telephone conversation I overheard was about software for computers. Besides the initial purchase price, there is usually a yearly maintenance fee that includes upgrades, bug fixes and vendor support.

Overheard everywhere:

Guy #1: "So my kid walked in on us last night..."
Guy #2: "Well, you gave them the talk, why not say you were wrestling or something?"
Guy #1: "Well, I have no way to explain the handcuffs."
Worker explaining new fax machine: "Stand there and just stick it in. Bottom up."

Overheard at home:

After one energetic application of
the dogging bat -- a very noisy implement -- to my bottom.
Hermione: "One of those swats made my ears ring."
Ron: "What? Did you say I made your rear sing?"

Just when I think that spanking is the farthest thing from my husband's mind, he surprises me. We were watching a British house-hunting program on TV, and heard a few terms not commonly used in Canada.

As the clients and agents closed the deal, I said that to celebrate they should all "retire to the reception room and raise a glass."

Without missing a beat, Ron replied, "Then retire to the bedroom and spank an ass."

Quite possibly.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

White is All Right

It snowed last night! I guess that's why they call it the Great White North. But still, enough already! It's spring. We had more snow in December and January than we've had during the whole winter in previous years.

One weekend in particular was especially memorable. The snow started falling on Saturday afternoon, continued throughout the night, and was still coming down on Sunday morning. We wouldn't be going anywhere for several hours at least. Ron did a bit of necessary clearing as soon as he got up. Then after breakfast we bundled up and went to work clearing the driveway, paths and the front walk.

While we worked, a thought buzzed inside my mind. Would Ron be too tired from all the shovelling to spank me? Would I be too tired to care? Sunday is our day for spanking fun, and I had good reason to be concerned this weekend. I had had a rough week at work, full of ups and downs, and Monday morning threatened to bring on a crisis of sorts. I desperately needed some stress relief. And my spanko senses were telling me that the chances weren't good.

We did as much as we could, then went inside to warm up and rest. After making several trips to the front window, the weather channel on TV, and weather websites, Ron announced that we wouldn't be shovelling any more that day. As long as the snow was still falling, we would wait until the next morning before we did any more. My inner spanko child cheered! That was his way of telling me we were on for our regular date.

Then I started to ponder what implement I needed to eradicate my stress and prepare me for the next day. I slipped upstairs and opened the implement drawer. The dogleg brush would do it, I was sure. It has proven its usefulness more than once. But then I noticed the white paddle nearly hidden at the bottom. It produced a very significant sting, and I hadn't felt it for quite a long time. I picked it up and laid it on Ron's bedside table, then hurried out before I changed my mind.

Later, I waited for Ron in the bedroom. He came in and saw the implement I had left for him.

"I see you've chosen your weapon."

"Uh, yeah."

I wanted to remind him to give me a generous warmup. I wanted to tell him to use it to finish, after first spanking me with a kinder implement. But the words wouldn't come out. Something inside me cried out for everything the paddle had to offer.

The first three or four swats were sharp, and I squirmed. Then I held my breath and let the rest come. When Ron paused and put the paddle down to rub my cheeks, I exhaled and struggled to breathe normally again. I actually felt my lungs deflate, and along with air went stress and anxiety. As he picked up the paddle to resume, I inhaled deeply, gripped the metal rails in front of me, and braced myself.

The second series of swats was more endurable because my bottom was warm enough to accept them, although I did my share of wriggling and squeaking. Again came the rest and rubbing, and more tension left my body. After the third paddling--which ended with a flurry of sharp, fast strokes that left me gasping--my bottom was hot and stinging and the rest of me was more than ready for whatever amorous adventure Ron chose to take me on. Trouble at the office was the last thing on my mind right then.

The next morning we shovelled more snow, then I got into the car. I sighed with relief as my tender posterior came in contact with the cold car seat, and drove to work with a light heart. My good mood lasted through the meeting I had been dreading, and--by smiling but otherwise keeping my mouth shut--I was able to get through it remarkably well.

When I got home that evening I told Ron about my day, and ended by saying, "So you really didn't have to spank me that hard after all."

"Oh yes I did."

Yes, he did.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's Co-creator Joe Shuster is a new book about the other published works of Superman's creator. Besides drawing the comic strip that featured the Man of Steel, Canadian-born Schuster also illustrated a series of pulp fiction booklets called Nights of Horror. These little gems were full of M/f and F/m activities that included plenty of corporal punishment along with other assorted BDSM activities.

But Schuster's proclivity for spanking wasn't restricted to these naughty books. Superman was occasionally permitted to administer some OTK discipline in the course fighting for "truth, justice, and the American way".

It seems that kryptonite wasn't Superman's only weakness. Lucky Lois!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hugs for the Heron Clan

If you have been reading the latest posts on The Heron Clan or Herons Transforming, you will know that Raheretic, T and swan have endured some pretty heavy-duty medical issues in the past two weeks.

They are all together at home now, I'm happy to report, and well on the road to recovery. As a gesture of support, I'd like to offer them these spanko band-aids from the medicine cabinet in our
Implement Room

I hope they make you laugh a little, but not enough to hurt.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spankings 'R' Us

This spanking is brought to you by the letter R

Ready: an end to the waiting
Round: the pillow beneath; the bottom above
Reach: for the dogleg brush
Rough: the first strokes are the worst
Rhythm: whack, whack, WHACK
React: gasp, moan, shriek
Repeat: two right, two left, three right, three left
Respite: massage, rub, squeeze
Resume: harder and faster
Rebel: legs kick and thrash
Restrain: hold on tight
Ruminate: sharp sting mixed with heavy thud
Radical: swats on thighs
Rosy: cheeks dark crimson, hot and tender
Relax: it's over
Reward: cuddle, caress, kiss
Roam: fingers probe, tease, penetrate
Release: share the happy ending
Rejoice: in our love and closeness
Rejoin: the outside world
Ready: to do it again
Thank you Ron!

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Through the Keyhole

I don't usually show explicit graphic images on this blog, but just this once, I thought you might like to take a look inside our bedroom and see what we do every night.
Click on the eye peeking through the keyhole above and satisfy your curiosity, but brace yourself. It's pretty bizarre.

April fool!