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From the Top Shelf - A Love our Lurkers Story

Inspired by our latest Love our Lurkers celebration, my good friend Boru has written a short story with that as his theme. It is set in a game reserve somewhere in Africa in the present day.

We have had very quiet time for the last few months, as the Covid-19 regulations meant that we were closed up until very recently. Pat and I, as well as our two operations managers, Lakshmi and Dave had been the sole occupants of our camp for several months, having opted to stay on instead of returning to their homes. They said they consider this place home now and we had become closer than a family in our forced isolation in the bush. Especially since the first day we had closed to visitors and sent the staff home, when Pat spontaneously stripped off and dived in the pool, calling us all to join her.

That little lark triggered a very different change in our dynamic, as I threatened to spank her, only for her to reply “promises, promises!” with a huge grin.

“Come on you two,” she went on, “get Mac’s kit off him, I know you both have a huge crush on him and, if you’re lucky, he’ll spank you too!”

Lakshmi (Lucky) and Dave (Camp David, because he is) attacked me together and had me stripped quickly, whilst I in turn had Lucky’s skirt and Dave’s shorts down and pulled their knickers down. Dave doesn’t actually wear girls’ knickers, but qualify as knickers, as they are definitely as camp as he is. They both went over Pat’s desk in turn for a quick spanking, screaming and laughing at the same time as we all then jumped in the pool.

It is, of course, impossible to spank underwater, as Pat found out quickly as she swam away laughing. I grabbed her ankle and pulled her to me as Lucky grabbed my other arm. We all ended up grabbing and groping wherever we could reach and it turned into quite an orgy of erotic pleasurable nonsense, which left us quite exhausted. I was left in no doubt that I now had a small tribe of very close friends.

We climbed out of the pool and Dave went off to get some beers for us, whilst I sent Pat off to fetch her strap to keep my promise.

“Right Pat, over here beside the lounger, feet apart and bend over with your hands flat on the lounger bed. Stick your tummy out to bring your bum up to the spanking position.”

Whack!  Whack!  Whack!   Pat screeched at each one.

“Up you get,” as she jumped up clutching her bum and making a show of pouting.

I saw Lucky and Dave looking on avidly; they were enjoying the show immensely.

“Right, next!” caused them to start, but Dave recovered quickly and was in position, not with alacrity, but certainly without any kind of delay. Whack!  Whack!  Whack! Dave yelled at each one.

Again, “up you get” and Dave was rubbing his bum with a grin.

“Next!” and Lucky was there almost as I said it. Whack!   Whack!   Whack!  Lucky yelped at each one.

“Up you get,” and Lucky rubbed her bum, but had a huge grin on her face and I gave her a hug. Pat said “Oi!” and handed me my beer. But also hugged me and then, well, let’s just say it was a very satisfying afternoon together.

More recently, we again opened, as we were allowed local guests. Now, international visitors will be back again soon. In the meantime, we had a lot of fun times with just the four of us, a well stocked freezer and fridge, a pool, a strap and, occasionally, when we had a spare few minutes the Internet. Even now, we still were not busy, so had the occasional few days alone.
Now I noticed it was Love our Lurkers day and we were sitting by the pool with a beer, after a swim, in our usual lack of attire.

“Right,” I said, “who has been lurking on spanking websites over the last few months?” They all held a hand up, smiling. “Who has posted anything on any site, a thank you, or a response to a comments section?”

Nothing, not a peep, was the firm reply from the silent motionless tribe. “Don’t you think that’s a bit mean ” I asked, “all the work that goes into those sites and you don’t even give them a wave?”

“No,” they all said, a bit sheepishly “do you really think we are obliged to? Most people don’t.”

“Maybe we can change that and send in a post, just for LOL day, let’s give them a spanking story just for all the lurkers to comment on for this day. You’re all suitably unattired for the occasion already.”

Groans and grins followed, but they didn’t exactly reject the idea, so I sent Lucky off to fetch the strap and told Pat to get in position by the lounger bent over, bum up.

I took the strap off Lucky and proceeded to whack Pat. Whack! Whack! with the usual screeches.

“Come over here Lucky,” as I handed her the strap and said “now you give her two, same as I did, you’ve seen how.”  

Wide eyed, Lucky stepped forward and showed she did indeed observe and learn well! Whack!    Whack!  with the usual screeches again from Pat, with a surprised look over her shoulder.

“Now you give her a couple Dave,” as he stepped forward with a grin and he, too, showed his powers of observation as Whack!  Whack!  with more screeches and a look of dismay.

“Right, up you get, Pat,” which she did quickly, rubbing her bum and giving me an old-fashioned look.

“Bend over Lucky, your turn!”

“Eek!” and she took her place. Whack!  Whack!  with the usual yelps

“Now you give her a couple, Dave.” Whack!  Whack! with more yelps

“OK Pat, now give as you received.” Whack!  Whack!  with even more yelps.

“Up you get, Lucky” as I rubbed her bum, getting a whack from Pat for my trouble. Pat just looked innocent and content, as I glowered at her.

“Dave, your turn” as I retrieved the strap from my cheeky brat, watching Dave getting in position, hands on the lounger and bum sticking up. Whack!  Whack!  with the yells that only Dave can do.

“Now Pat, you can satisfy all the readers, lurkers or not, who like to see a woman giving a whacking to a young man’s bum." Whack! Whack!  with more yells, louder this time, as Pat really laid them on with relish.

"Lucky, now you can show what a young lady can do.” Whack! Whack! Dave yelled loudly, but I think more for effect, although his bum was red enough from Pat’s efforts still.

“Now up you get and everyone gather on either side of me.”

“We love our lurkers” we sang out in unison and the tickling started and…

What fun! Thank you, Boru.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, November 23, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 22

This week we discussed aftercare products for that sore bottom.

Jack: My wife never allows me anything to ease the pain, I must face the wall, no rubbing, she states why ease the pain and take away from the punishment. 

Wendel: Sometimes I will put a cold wet hand towel on the Misses' sore bottom. 

Alan: After a punishment spanking she usually put some arnica lotion on my bum and reassures me of her love, praises my acceptance of punishment and generally reconnects physically (but absolutely no sex). Before she started using arnica the bruising would last 3 days to a week but the lotion cuts that about in half. She dispenses with the lotion if she is still angry or not pleased with how I cooperated during the spanking. Most of the time she is happy. So rubbing the arnica on is usually closure for us.

KDPierre: No intentional aftercare here, however, as a blogger, a bit of hand lotion does bring out the color for photos I will later use in a post. But that's only if a picture is to be taken. No picture? No lotion. Interestingly, Nickki (my friend with spanking authority) will apply the lotion herself. Rosa usually just leaves it up to me.

Fred: Until quite recently I didn't do any post spanking aftercare. But time has crept up on me and my elderly skin does not heal like it did a few decades ago. Now I use a cold pack to reduce swelling and it helps with the bruising and speeds up the healing process. 

Prefectdt: If the spanker at the time offers some moisturising lotion I am glad to go along with that but the serious after care usually starts once I get home. Then I will wash the effected area and then spread alcohol based gel over the skin to deal with any potential infections of micro lesions. Then I will moisturise 3 or 4 times a day for 2 or 3 days, depending on how hard the play was. After that it is back to the once a day moisturising, that I do everyday anyway, play or no play. I use an everyday body moisturiser, nothing special or expensive.

Bonnie: Randy often applies Neutrogena moisturizing lotion to my spanked bottom. This always feels good and frequently leads to a different form of aftercare.

Wallace: Intercourse!

Barrel: We don’t use any lotions or creams. It is helpful to learn what others use to speed recovery as I seem to have a doctor appointment or massage we need to navigate around. But we always reconnect through intimacy.

QBuzz: My girlfriend often has me over her lap rubbing lotion into my bottom after a spanking... though I'm not sure if it's the lotion that helps or just the rubbing and attention!

Rosco: Cunnilingus then intercourse.

Irene will then take a shower then go downstairs and start dinner. I’ll lay around for a few minutes, then make myself a cocktail - citrus with tequila or vodka. Dominatrix time is over for a bit, I guess.

Roz: Very occasionally Rick has applied either a moisturizing cream or arnica post spanking. I too have applied arnica on occasion, usually the following day.

Hermione: If there is to be no followup intimacy, Ron will spritz my bottom with water to signal the end of the spanking. I usually rub some moisturizer on my bottom every morning after a shower to keep the skin soft and supple.

Thank you all for sharing your aftercare skin routines. Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #358

Before we begin our discussion, I want to send a big thank you to all those who participated in or fifteenth Love our Lurkers celebration. I met many readers who had never commented before. Now that the ice is broken, I hope you will feel free to comment more often. Or why not join in today's brunch?

After a spirited spanking, do you have any special aftercare treatments, like lotions or creams?  If so, can you describe the products you use and their effect on recovery.

Please leave your response as a comment. Once I have put away the LoL decorations and swept up the confetti, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, November 21, 2020

We Love our Lurkers

It's day one of our annual Love our Lurkers celebration. I can't believe we have been doing this for 15 years.

If you are a silent reader who has never dared to leave a comment, now is your chance. I know you're out there, so don't be shy! You are among friends here. You may remain anonymous if you wish, or use a pen name. What should you say? That's entirely up to you.  "Hello" is fine. I would love to know what your favourite spanking position is.

If you're a blogger and want to jump in and take part, please leave a comment below so I can link your blog too. It's never too late to join us.

Scroll down to see the alphabetical list of blogs participating in this year's Love our Lurkers festivities. These bloggers all want to hear from you, so please pay them a visit.

Who Loves our Lurkers?

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The Continued Journey

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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Calling all Bloggers

The day is almost here. What day, you ask? Why, the day we celebrate our silent readers. In fact, we extend this celebration over two days to give everyone a chance to participate.

Are you ready? If you will be joining in LoL days, then please let me know by comment or email, so I can add your blog to my LoL post.

The details are:

What is it? Lurkers, anonymous readers, call them what you will. They are the people who read our blogs on a regular or occasional basis, but never leave a comment. On LoL days, we bloggers encourage those people to be brave and leave a comment. Most blogs allow commenters to remain anonymous, so they never have to reveal their real identity.

Where is it? It's everywhere, but right here on this blog, I will put up a post and record the links to all bloggers who are participating in LoL Days. If you want to see who has joined in the fun, drop by here and you will see the list. 

When is it?  Friday November 20 and Saturday, November 21.

Who can join? All bloggers are invited to participate. You may put up one post or two (one for each day). It's up to you. If you are joining in, please leave a comment here so that I can include you.

What do I have to do?
If you are a blogger, publish a post on November 20, encouraging your silent readers to leave a comment. "Love our Lurkers" in the title will be helpful but not compulsory.

What do I say? Some bloggers ask questions for their lurkers to answer. Others have competitions, with a spank for every comment left. Still others only want all their readers to say hello. The important thing is to be friendly and encouraging to readers who might be apprehensive about leaving a comment. Please remember to allow anonymous comments, even if only for a day or two.

Our good friend Enzo at Everyday Spankings has provided these two images that you are welcome to use on your LoL post, if you choose.

Let's make this year's celebration one to remember!

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, November 16, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 15

Do you ever have spankings for no reason?

Yorkie: All my spankings are “Just because” I want one. Simple as that. 

Rosco: We pretend. Long ago we agreed it was only a fun thing, and Irene would never spank me if she was really angry with me. That said, she says she does like to make it hurt.

But we don’t just do it. We make something up, usually a role play thing. I play myself, but she’ll play herself, or “Laura” (her middle name), or a sorority girl or a senorita or a southern belle or a fraulein etc. Usually I’ve been caught peeking up girls' dresses or into the locker room or stealing panties. For that I am punished on and off for an hour or two, then we have intense cunnlingus followed by intercourse.

Anon: Absolutely! Both directions. 

Wendel: Yes. There are times when I just feel like spanking the Misses. She always looks shocked when I tell her to drop her pants as I take off my belt. After a good whipping she will just lay quietly with her sore bottom exposed for a while. The favor is returned often. I acted surprised but I am actually thrilled to be getting a sore bottom.

Joe: I get spanked just because I want it, a reason is made up sometimes just for fun. 

Roz: When we had an active dynamic spanking was a mixture of discipline, role affirmation and just for fun. There doesn't necessarily have to be a reason. Nowadays any spanking is purely for fun.

Simon: Whether giving or receiving spankings I'm always doing it for the enjoyment of myself and the person I am spanking and that's the only reason.

Jack: My wife has spanked me when I've done nothing wrong. A reminder to be good would be her reason.

Prefectdt: The only reason that I need to get a spanking is that I really, really want to get a spanking.

And the vast majority of my spankings have either been "Just Because" or for a non real reason, thought up to fit into a pleasantly painful roleplay situation. 

sub hub in phx: Yes. It is not uncommon for Mistress K. to spontaneously decide on the spot to give me a spanking. Usually they are playful and sting a little. Sometimes they are really playful and sting a lot.

Baxter: I get spanked because I want to be spanked. My wife plays along and her only rule is the number of spanks has to be a prime number. 

Alan: Yes there has to be a reason although she makes that call. We have only used disciplinary spanking, so “funishments” and other erotic games are not a part. But fairness is her north star so she decides the reason a spanking must happen through that prism of fairness. Whether I agree that it is “fair" or not is not relevant to whether it happens. Although she encourages discussing afterward if we are not on the same page, we usually are.

Ronnie: Yes, P spanks just because. Always fun.

Bonnie: Randy doesn't need a reason to spank me beyond just because, but it's more fun when there is a reason. Even a flimsy reason (Tuesday) or a contrived reason (attractive leggings) makes spankings more effective and meaningful.

Barrel: We don’t need a reason, but I usually provide one. It is often my need to feel submissive, so I ask for one. However, my most common reason is stress relief, when a good thrashing provides the appropriate cure.

Hermione: I must answer "no" to that one, because there is always a reason. We we both enjoy them, and they are our main form of foreplay; those are two very good reasons!

Stay safe, everyone!
From Hermione's Heart