Wednesday, February 8, 2023

These will make you think

Are you ready for today's grammar lesson? Don't worry, it won't hurt a bit.

Thank you, Ron, for passing these along to me.

Glory to Ukraine

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Monday, February 6, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 5

Cornertime, anyone? 

 Roz: When we had a domestic discipline dynamic corner time was a feature occasionally. Mostly separately to a spanking but very rarely in conjunction with one. I was never usually that happy about it lol.

Dan: We have tried it and, given my personality (I tend to be a little ADD), one would think it might be a very effective punishment. But, I've meditated for many years, and anytime I've found myself facing the wall for corner time, I almost instantly drift into a meditative state. Therefore, for me, it doesn't serve much purpose.

Wendel: I sent the Misses to the corner once after a good spanking. It did not seem to add anything. I did enjoy seeing her bright red bottom every time I entered the room. 

Jean Marie: By far and away, most of the spankings in our household are for funishment. But after those rarer but still-regular punishments, cornertime is a standard feature. I do not like them; they delay the make-up time (sex). I think Wendel has hit upon the one key ingredient; my Top likes seeing my bottom burnished a bright crimson on display. (Perhaps my [unusual] silence is also a sought-after element.)

Rosco: Yes, in various forms. Sometimes standing. Sometimes tied to a chair with a hot bottom in Irene’s closet. Boring but erotic - go figure.

Barrel: Nope. As previously shared, we spank for fun…sometimes harder that seems like fun at the time, but it ends with mutual satisfaction. 

Rich Person: I've always included it after spanking for a couple reasons. One is to give my partner a chance to connect the behavior with the punishment. Another is because there were cases where the severity needed to go up, but I didn't feel comfortable applying that much pain. I could increase the amount of corner time to suit the behavior.

Also, as a dom, it gave me time to prepare things behind the scenes without my submissive partner standing their (or sitting if they could) watching me.

I did have one submissive who found no value in sitting things out, so to speak. In that case, it wasn't useful. It just depends on who I was with.

It's worked pretty well in most cases.

Ronnie: No, corner time has never really been our thing.

Bonnie: Yes, we do. Not every time, but often enough, and always immediately after the last swat falls. At that point, I'm typically woozy and a bit disoriented. I comply because in my freshly spanked state, it doesn't occur to me to do anything else.

We have a designated corner in our bedroom and even a short stool upon which I am sometimes instructed to sit. This places most of my weight on the two spots where I am already plenty sore. Ow!

I've never timed it, but corner time for me seldom lasts more than five to ten minutes. It's just long enough for me to regain my bearings and some semblance of composure. It gives Randy the opportunity to capture lots of photographic evidence of my punished condition. He also cleans up and puts away our toys and implements.

I think the worst part is being cold, not my bottom of course, but everywhere else. By the time he tells me I can get in bed, I am eager to do so. I may not enjoy corner time while it's happening, but I recognize and appreciate the positive effects of a complete punishment experience.

Sore is More: Limerick #6 - Corner time

Corner time is a heavy affair
Sighs, regrets, pouts, hiccups to spare
With red bum on display
It's the price one must pay
For the pleasure of poking the bear

And a snippet about corner time from my story called May I have another, You can read the full story on my blog.

"Too late," he withdraws. The belt buckle hits the floor with a loud clang. "Corner!"

“There are no corners in this room,” I protest. It’s so unfair! That question doesn’t have a right answer, whatever I say, he can turn it against me.

“Have no doubts, I’ll make one for you.” He promptly drags the heavy armchair out of the corner and taps the wall. I pull up my panties and head over. “I do not recall giving you a permission to put your panties back on.”

“Sorry, sir.” He is still there, standing by the corner. He wouldn’t move, and I have to squeeze in to get into my not so solitary destination.

“I'm not done with you, young lady,” he scowls, as he pulls the panties down himself.

Prefectdt: If the other party involved likes to use corner time in a play scene, I will go along with it, but it is not my favourite thing in the world. It is not so bad if I am getting a damn good talking to, whilst there, but I hate just being left in corner time, unattended. There is something about going from being the centre of someone's attention, to being abandoned and feeling alone, that gets to me big time. I have never cried liquid tears during a spanking, but corner time has seen me blubbing like a baby on several occasions.

Bernie: No corner time per se, but many a long wait standing waist-down naked, faced away from from the door to the hallway. I think I'll mention corner time afterwards and see about the reaction.

Happy spankings, all.

A.J.: "Is cornertime a part of your spanking ritual? ...If not, is it something you might consider incorporating?

No; and no.

Not my thing and I don't understand the fascination, nor do I do 'punishment" type of spanking when on either side of the lap. The spanking is both the goal and the reward.

I do love to have her lie on the bed after, her bare bottom up for me to admire, massage and provide TLC!!!

JJ Rose: I use corner time when appropriate, but my problem with it is that I get bored. I mean, the bottom is just standing there, either waiting to be spanked or just having been spanked. What am I supposed to do with myself, as a top?

When I was in long-distance spanking relationships, I used corner time a lot more often, and I had the bottoms do it on video so they had no choice but to stand there, hands on heads, bottom bared, for the required length of time.

KDPierre: We are too active to appreciate it. Instead we employ butt-baring chaps for me while I actually DO something (like make her coffee or breakfast, or whatever). It puts me on display for both her enjoyment and my embarrassment, while allowing me to remain productive so we can keep our day moving.

Hermione: Since our spankings are never for punishment, cornertime isn't an option for us. I would find it boring and an incredible waste of time. I can see how it might be useful as an add-on to punishment.

That was very illuminating :)

Glory to Ukraine

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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #473

Is everyone in the Northeast keeping warm? In a few months we'll be laughing about how cold it was, but until then, welcome, and have some hot chocolate. Here's a topic we haven't discussed in a few years.

Is cornertime a part of your spanking ritual? If so, please tell us about it. If not, is it something you might consider incorporating?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has shared their experience, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

Glory to Ukraine

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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Watch Out

Last year Ron gave me a lovely watch for our anniversary because, as I have told you, I ran out of watches to wear. Together we adjusted the mesh band and I put it on. The clasp seemed a bit difficult to fasten, and the watch slipped off my arm a few times. I thought I hadn't fastened it properly but I thought I would get used to it.

Fast forward to the next day. I had been outside pulling weeds from a flower bed. When I came in, I took off my gardening gloves and realized I had lost the watch somewhere outside. I went back and carefully checked the area I had been weeding, but no luck. I was so sorry I had lost such a thoughtful gift.

The next day, a package arrived from Amazon. It was the same watch, but silver. "In case we find the other one," Ron explained. What a sweetheart he is, to replace the watch I so carelessly lost.

We adjusted the band to fit my wrist - this time with the aid of a video - and again I noticed the clasp was faulty. In the months that followed it fell off numerous times but I always managed to catch it. I never wore it on errands, only around the house.

Until last week. I wore it outside while shovelling snow. I thought it would be safe under my long-sleeved shirt and snug, wrist-high mittens. But no, when I was indoors afterwards, I pulled back my sleeve to check the time, and the watch was gone.

"Oh, no, not again," I wailed. Ron said he would look for it when he went out to finish clearing the snow, and in the meantime I had plenty of other watches now. Yes, I did, but mentally berated myself for wearing the watch outside. We checked the online reviews for the watch and sure enough, there were several complaints about the clasp.

Two days later Ron found my watch while clearing the driveway, so all's well that ends well. I now put a strip of transparent tape over the band and clasp when I wear the watch, and it hasn't fallen off again.

I know what you're all thinking. I should have been spanked for losing two watches.

Glory to Ukraine

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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Creativity I

See what fun we Canadians can have with our excess snow! Thank you to Ron for passing along these photos.


Rabbit! (It's the first of the month.)


More snow pictures (and snow!) coming soon.

Glory to Ukraine

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Monday, January 30, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 29

How would a vanilla friend react to knowing about your love of spanking?

Bonnie: I posed this question based upon a recent real-life experience. A few weeks ago, a close work friend of many years who is now retired joined me for lunch at our house. We did a lot of catching up as you might expect. Along the way, she shared that she and her husband enjoy nudist activities. This was not a major revelation because Sue was always an open-minded sort. She described what they do and how much they like it.

Then the conversation swung around to whether Randy and I had any interesting "hobbies." Since we were sharing, I revealed that I receive regular spankings and have done so since college. She was more surprised than shocked. I think she wanted to tell me, "You don't seem like the type," but she didn't use those words.

"Do you mean real spankings or fun kind during sex? Everyone does that." I assured Sue, it was the real thing. "Like with a paddle?" I then showed her a well-worn wooden paddle that was indisputably real. "And you just bend over and take it?" she asked as she ran her fingers over the surface.

"Yes," I replied, "In fact, I sometimes ask for a spanking." She had many more questions and as I answered them, her tone transitioned from concerned to intrigued. I wouldn't be surprised if Sue and her husband has an interesting conversation later.

For my friend, the second answer applied. She was most surprised that I agree to be spanked.

Roz: A very interesting question. I'm not sure, but the friend I have in mind would probably be more surprised than shocked. Maybe a little of both. 

Dan: Several years ago, I did share our spanking and discipline relationship with a close female friend and former colleague. She was interested in hearing about it but didn't ask enough questions for me to get a feel for whether there was a particular thing she found surprising. It probably would have been that I initiated this aspect of the relationship. She knew me as someone who was pretty intense and in control at work. Kind of the opposite of a submissive. I suspect she would have been puzzled about how the "real spanking" lifestyle I was describing could be squared with the fairly dominant traits she had always known me to display.

KDPierre: The people I've shared this with are more curious about the consent to real discipline aspect since nowadays the more sexy/recreational type of play spanking is fairly accepted, especially among younger folks and even among those who themselves don't engage in it. 

Rosco: We’ve tried to be pretty private, but there have been a few occasions in 40+ years when hints have slipped out. I have no idea if our friends and relatives have mentioned it to each other.

I’m guessing that most realize we still have a pretty active and passionate sex life, and few would be surprised to learn of our proclivities. I’m also guessing they’d know Irene was the top, but I could be wrong.

Rich Person: Sadly, I've lost my understanding of the vanilla mind.

Intellectually, I know there are people who aren't turned on by spanking. But really, what are they thinking? Perhaps they wouldn't believe we did this unless they saw it for themselves. Then, they wouldn't be vanilla any more.

Really, my guess is that they would be too traumatized for me to get a good reading.

Jack: There is a divorced woman in the neighborhood; she and my wife enjoy one anothe's company, have coffee at our home or at hers. After maybe six months of knowing one another, the woman shared why she was divorced and wondered what kept our marriage going. I was not present, but my wife told me that she said she gives punishment spankings. The woman was surprised, and my wife explained further and the woman asked some questions. My wife told me she would never spank, she was not that type of woman.

Prefectdt: My attempts at coming out as a spanko, to friends and family, have only met with rejection of the fact. Apparently, I am not the type. So my answer to the question is neither of the above.

Sore is More: I thought I will sit one out, but just couldn't...

Izzie drops the robe to put on the next wedding dress, and N. notes the particular pink stripes across her butt.
"I see he takes good care of you."
"This morning, to remind me of him while I'm away." Izzie rubs dreamily.
"A belt?" N. scoffs.
"Hey, I left him for the whole weekend!"
"Does he know, you're buying a dress?"
"Of course not."
"You will get another one for that."
"No, I won't. That's not how it works with us. " Izzie gets all defensive.
"How does it work, dear?" N. asks, genuinely worried for her friend.
"I don't know, it just works. Don't jinx it! Maybe I will get one, a happy one."

In real life, I came out as having a spanko blog to my most faithful and thoughtful beta reader (actually an alpha reader, as she was always the first to read) and lost her. I nudged a couple of times but nothing. Maybe I should write some pure vanilla fluff and send it to her as a peace offering.

Jean Marie: I am living vicariously through the people who have commented here that they have opened up to share this spanko secret. What a liberating feeling that must be! I would not dare to dream of doing that in real life, as much as I would fervently love to! I wrote a blank verse poem that I put prominently on the home page of my blog, "Trailblazer with a Blazing Tail" because I cannot come out at present. God bless you if you have.
Another great, thought-provoking topic; made for a delicious brunch! Thanks for having me!

A.J.: If Bonnie does not re-do her response with more details of that conversation - we are all losers!

Yer' on kid!!

Bonnie: A.J. - I think I covered the high points above.

I learned what people do at nudist parties - cook, eat, sing, drink, dance, smoke pot, talk, and play games. I didn't think until later to ask about Naked Twister. It's not our thing, but clearly Sue enjoys it all.

As I mentioned, she asked me a bunch of questions about our spanking relationship. These were questions I've answered many times on my blog: How does it feel? (It hurts) Why do I like it? (It's complicated) Does it really hurt? (Yes!) Do I ever spank Randy? (Never) Do we use other implements besides the paddle? (Yes). An so forth.

I think that's about it. You're not losers!

Mark: I have a close male friend that I have known since school (and I'm over 50).
I'm not sure how it came about (maybe something my wife said at a party years ago), but both he and his wife think that I like to be spanked. It hasn't ever (so far as I am aware) been confirmed, but I am sure that if I ever confirmed that my wife spanks me and that I sometimes ask for it, neither would be surprised.

Hermione: If I told a vanilla work friend, I think they would be surprised that we engage in spanking. I was always considered straight-laced and uptight at work, which I encouraged so no one would guess the truth.

A.J.: Would my friend would be more surprised to learn I and my GF engage in real spankings, or that the spankee willingly accepts those spankings?


That's a delicate conversion. Being a switch I'm extra careful. Not to leave out "appearances must be maintained."

In that vein.... Spent an afternoon with a really vanilla GF some years ago. A late lunch led to drinks in a wonderful ritzy hotel bar. We were the only ones there. (Alcohol was involved.)

For the fun of it I asked her if she ever did something sexually dangerous or kinky. The best should could come up with was that she and her partner made out in a car one dark night; he got to kiss and fondle her C-Cups, and finger her to a big wet and sloppy "O!" (I think he got a BJ.) And that's was it.

Yes. (Yawn...)

Then I got asked the same question. Told her I had trouble with the word "kinky" and didn't think much of anything I ever did fell into that category (one person's kink is another's 'Meh' - as long as you don't scare the dog!!!) but certainly different.

"Oh?" she asked.

Oh, what the hell. Told her before I met her I dated a girl who LOVED to be put OTK and spanked.

"Oh, my God!!!!!!! Noooooo!!!!!

She thought that was sick (NB: I got the message.) And then wanted to know all about it.

Told her that the former GF got off by being spanked. Her orgasms were volcanic. She heard that and... Noooooo!!!!!


Told her some of the details of the when, the how, the stream of the events, etc. And she was fascinated!!! Sat across from me, intently listening to my every word, mouth slightly open. I think she was a bit dry in the mouth hearing all this, trying get the thought that some women might actually get off on fantasies that include spanking.

Anyway, she was fascinated. (And never asked if I had ever been on the other side of the lap. Not sure what I would have said if she asked.)

Can't say for sure, but I'd make a small wager she became a little "moist" hearing all this. Do I think she would let me spank her? Not a chance.

Thank you all for your thoughts on exposing yourselves, although not in the way Bonnie's friend does :)

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #472

It snowed again yesterday, and more is predicted for today and tomorrow. Le sigh! (as dear Morningstar used to say). Never mind. If life hands you snow, make snow cones, right?

To cheer me up, our thoughtful friend Bonnie sent me an interesting question that you will all enjoy.

If you shared your spanking interest with a close vanilla friend, do you think your friend would be more surprised to learn that you and your partner engage in real spankings, or that the spankee willingly accepts those spankings?

I'll be waiting to hear your thoughts, so please leave them in the comments section below. Once everyone has had a chance to think about their answer, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart