Wednesday, October 17, 2018

From the Top Shelf - The Prom, part 2

Last week we met Jane and her three friends, who have all been grounded after trying to sneak into a club with fake IDs provided by Jane's brother. But Jane is going to the prom after all, after receiving a spanking and caning from her Aunt Martha. The other girls think this would be a preferable punishment, so Lynne approaches her mother with the suggestion.

“Mom, I’d like to talk to you about the prom.” Lynne’s mom was making dinner. She quizzically regarded her offspring.

“There’s nothing to talk about. You’re not going.”

“Please hear me out, mom,” pleaded Lynne. The story poured out. Mary Crane listened almost in disbelief to the crazy tale recounted by her daughter.

“So what are you saying? You want to take a…a spanking as punishment so you can go to the prom? No. That’s utterly ridiculous. You’re way too old for that.” But even as she said it, she realized that wasn’t right. The problem was that she was still a child, legally, and that in trying to act fully grown she had committed a crime. Maybe, just maybe, a juvenile treatment like this might be appropriate.

She turned at looked her daughter in the eye. “Ok, Lynne. If you are really serious about this I’ll talk to the other mothers…and Mrs. Hastings-Tyne.”

“Oh, thank you, mom! Yes, talk to them.” For the first time since the whole horrid incident, a ray of hope.

Don’t thank me yet, daughter, she thought to herself. Lynne had never been physically punished, but she had.Mary Crane remembered her mother’s stout hairbrush all too well.

* * *

The conversations with the other moms was eye opening. All three of the friends had told their mothers the same story and when they all got together they tentatively agreed to approach Fiona Hastings-Tyne collectively. Jane had urged her friends to try this and their mothers had apparently agreed.

“Yes,” said Fiona a few days later. They had agreed to meet at the local country club for lunch. “Jane made this request. Harold and I talked it over and we agreed that if Jane would accept this punishment willingly, then we’d allow her to go to the prom. After all, punishment is punishment and one type will work as well as another.” Then she chuckled. “I think after her experience with Aunt Martha she won’t be trying to crash any more night clubs until she’s of age.”

“Who exactly is Aunt Martha?” asked Vicki Terril, Lisa’s mom.

Fiona told them. “Martha Grenly retired here some years ago. She is my oldest sister. For many years she was head mistress at The Crossley School for girls in a small village in Scotland. It was a very private and exclusive school for very wealthy or connected families, but very strict as well. It was a boarding school. There is still this belief among the British upper crust of society that if you’re born into a life of wealth and comfort that you should go through no small amount of hell in the form of boarding school. So Crossley fit the bill. Among other things, corporal punishment was employed there. As head mistress my sister frequently carried it out, so she knows what she is about. When Jane made her request Harold and I both thought, ‘we’ll send her to Aunt Martha’. We certainly had never laid a hand on Jane and wouldn’t know how to begin now. Martha, on the other hand knows all about it.”

It was an animated discussion that followed, but it ultimately led to an overriding question. “Would Aunt Martha be willing to act for all of us, sort of—what do you call that—in loco….parentis, that’s it,” said Terri’s mom, Barbara Boswell.

Fiona said, “I can ask.”

* * *

“So you want me to act in loco parentis for you all? Do I understand that right?” The girls’ mothers were all seated having tea at the home of Fiona Hastings with Martha Grenly. She was a large woman, solidly built, not fat. She was in her fifties with close cropped dark hair showing tints of gray. They’d chatted for a bit and then Mary Crane steered the conversation around to the subject at hand.

“I’ll have to tell you, I was floored when Lynne proposed this, but she had talked to Jane and then the girls talked to each other, and, well, I guess they all want to go to the prom so badly that they are apparently willing to suffer the indignity of a childhood punishment if that means they can go.”

Aunt Martha shook her head. Young girls these days. “In my day we did use corporal punishment as perhaps Fiona told you. I was a matron, then a teacher and finally headmistress at Crossley, and it was certainly the best way to curb girlish shenanigans and foolishness. I never liked to spank the girls but sometimes I thought it was for the best.”

“How exactly did you do it?” asked Barbara.

“There were two levels of punishment. The first could be a simple spanking—this was mainly for the maintenance of discipline in the boarding school— disobedience after lights out, pillow fights that got out of hand, that sort of thing. A more formal punishment was the cane. That was reserved for more serious offenses like insubordination, cheating, leaving school grounds.”

Vicki chimed in. “We understand when Jane was punished she got both.”

“Yes. In my opinion what she did was serious and merited a rather severe punishment—especially one that would allow her to go to all these big social functions. That’s a large bill to pay, given her crime.” she chuckled. “A girl at Crossley might have been expelled for that.”

“What would you propose for our girls, then?” asked Vicki.

Aunt Martha thought for a moment. “It would have to be a rather formal punishment, I should think, given the gravity of the situation. And I think it should be a group event. I’d propose that we all convene right here if Fiona agrees.” Fiona nodded. “The girls would have to cooperate fully. I would take them one at a time and give each a thorough spanking. I’d let them recover from that a bit and then call them in one at a time into a private room or study where each would have to bend and take a good hard six strokes with my school cane. That is what Jane got and I think it appropriate.”

The mothers now were nodding in assent. This was sounding better and better. “How should they be dressed for this, er, little ceremony?”

“I’d recommend proper dresses, not too long, not tight--- to make the adjustment of clothing easiest. Certainly no jeans or other sloppy clothing. This is a formal ritual and should be treated with some measure of decorum.”

“Adjustment of clothing?” asked Barbara.

“Yes. They should be punished on their bare bottoms. Bare always gets the best results,” said Aunt Martha adamantly.

* * *

Now, everything you’ve heard so far was told to me by my sister Jane. We’re twins you know. She tells me everything. I’m Reggie Hastings—hullo. Anyway she was privy to everything the girls said as well as the meeting with Aunt Martha. And when I heard all this, well, you can imagine how my mind was racing. Not to mention some other parts. What a show. I had to see it. These girls were some of the prettiest girls at the high school—real hotties, you know? I knew I didn’t have too much time, but I’m a bit of a tech geek as Jane will tell you.

Where would they do it, that was the question? I figured it had to be the front parlor and the study, nothing else made sense. So with carefully concealed lenses hooked to various recoding devices and remote controls I prepared to film an epic to rival Spielberg.

* * *

Lynne waited expectantly for her mother to return. She knew she had been to a meeting at Jane’s house and she knew why they were meeting. She saw her mother’s car drive up. This is it, she thought. The prom. All her hopes.

“You’d better sit down to hear this, Lynne.” They sat at the kitchen table. Lynne was on the edge of her seat. “First of all, I will tell you that you will be allowed to go to the prom…”

“Yes! Yes! Oh, thank you, thank you!” Lynne was elated.

“Wait,” she said, holding her hand up. “You haven’t heard the rest of it. I was about to say, if….”

“If what?” Lynne was now apprehensive.

“If you cooperate fully and accept your punishment as we have planned.”

“What does that mean? Are you…going to spank me?” Now the reality was beginning to intrude.

“Not me. Aunt Martha. All of us moms have agreed and Jane’s Aunt Martha has agreed to be our, sort of, enforcer.
Just so the punishment is fair and the same for all of you.”

Lynne’s face was a mask of confusion.

“We will all meet at Mrs. Hasting’s house. Each of you will willingly accept a sound spanking from Aunt Martha. After a brief period this will be followed by six strokes with an English school cane. It will be the same punishment as your friend Jane received, so don’t look at me like that. That will wipe the slate clean. But I warn you Lynne, any hesitation, any
faltering, any refusal to cooperate fully and the whole thing is off. You will obey Aunt Martha to the letter. It will be humiliating; it will be painful, no doubt. But it’s now up to you.”

Oh my gosh, thought Lynne. A spanking from a strange woman with her friends and their moms watching and then six strokes with a cane. She’d never seen a cane but Jane said it was like a stout switch. She could imagine what that was going to feel like. But she had to, she just had to.

“Ok, mom. I will accept the punishment.”

“It’s going to hurt, Lynne. You’ll have to be brave.” She smoothed her child’s hair affectionately.

“Yes, mom. I’ll try.”

How brave will Lynne really be once the hairbrush is put into action? I'm aftraid you will have to wait until next week to find out.
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Monday, October 15, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 14

Do you have any nicknames for your implements?

Yorkie: I never thought of that to be honest. I might have to think of some names but I'm sure my wife won't remember them!

Roz: That's a fun question Hermione. Sadly I don't have a fun answer, we haven't named any implements.

Bogey: Most of ours have descriptive names. Nothing clever. Principals, Teachers, Red, Holey, etc.

Jack: If “Mrs Hairbrush” counts that is the only name I know of. My wife states that when I’m going to be getting a spanking. “Mrs Hairbrush” is needed again and I dread those words.

Princessimp: We have a "domestic discipline paddle" from the London Tanners. Does "that big, bad, mean, awful paddle" count as a name? Yikes.

NoraJean: No special names here as yet ... except maybe to note that 'the' belt, although no longer one that Frank wears, is still mentioned as being 'his' belt. Maybe its that personal connection that makes it my dreaded favourite :))

Sir Wendel: The Misses refers to our paddle as the “big boy” once in a while.

Minelle: No names...but I say ‘Ronnie’s spoon, or Blondie's paddle, Sunny’s present, Cat’s gift—or- well you get my point! Lol

Bernie: "Blackie" was the name coined for the Neoprene paddle we got 15 - 20 years ago. The name was usually used in a statement like "Blackie will be paying you a visit when you get home."

Ronnie: There is only one of our implements we have a name for - 'Bogie's paddle' because it was a gift from him.

Hermione: Ron calls our dogging bat the "Weed Whacker". The black leather paddle is "Black Beauty" and the carpet beater is the "Whistler" because of the sound it makes.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #248

Welcome one and all to our spanko brunch. It's been a busy week here, and there's more to be done next week, so let's take time to relax and enjoy each other's company as we discuss this week's topic.

Have you given any of your implements pet names or nicknames? If so, who decided on the names? Are they suitable, descriptive, or just plain silly? Are the names used by both of your or by only one?

Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday FAIL

I find shopping online very convenient, and Ron never shops any other way. We both go to reputable sites to make our purchases, but things can go very wrong if you buy from people you don't know or from companies you've never heard of.

 This cat tree was obviously never meant for real, life-size cats.

 The poor guy ordered the boots at the top, but was sent the orange shoes instead. What's the return policy?

 It looked like a fine TV online in the top picture, but what arrived was a fake.

 Another case of showing an item with no way of knowing its actual size.

 Better to travel to London and buy the real thing there.

Problems with scale, part three.

Enjoy the weekend!
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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

From the Top Shelf - The Prom, part 1

This is the first part of a very creative and titillating story from one of Rollin Hand`s collection of short stories, The Schoolgirl Collection. If schoolgirl spankings aren`t your cup of tea, then please step away; if they are, then enjoy!


Jane Hastings-Tyne was furious. Her boyfriend Nick Logan had actually dumped her for her supposed friend, Lynne Crane. The proof of it was right there in front of her. Not a week after the fateful call (“Jane, I’m sorry, it’s not working for us…”), there he was smooching with Lynne Crane at Tanya Robbins’ party. It was Lynne and her too cute pals Terri and Lisa. They ran in a pack, stealing boyfriends left and right. She’d get them, no matter the cost, she told herself. But how to do it?

Her twin brother supplied part of the answer. A geek techno-whiz and a smooth operator, Reggie had developed a method for producing fake ID’s. Maybe she’d give her friends a little present. I’ll bide my time, she told herself. I’m not causing a scene, no. As someone once said, revenge is a dish best served cold.

* * *

Lynne was so keenly disappointed. How could she tell her boyfriend Nick? She was being grounded. No prom. A senior, eighteen years old and here she was grounded from the biggest event in her life, and all because she and a few of her girlfriends were caught trying to sneak into a nightclub with fake ID’s. She’d been arrested. Damn! How had they known they were fake? Her mom came and got her, mad as hell. She chewed Lynne out up one side and down the other. Then mom had dropped the bomb.

“That’s it. You’re grounded from the prom, Lynne. You are not going. In fact you are not going anywhere between now and graduation.” Lynne’s mom was a more matronly and taller version of herself, a chestnut haired beauty with a thin, very pretty face and a curvy figure.

Lynne had protested, but to no avail. It seemed that since mom and dad had divorced she’d become more strict. Her friends Lisa and Terri were grounded too. There had been four of them in on the caper. But Jane Hastings-Tyne was still going. She’d been in on it. In fact she had supplied the ID’s. But from what Lynne had heard, Jane was still going.

She pulled Jane aside at school to ask her why.

“Because I’ve been punished for that already,” said Jane. They were sitting outside right after lunch. It was a nice day.

“Punished how?” asked Lynne.

Jane blushed. “I say, it’s a trifle embarrassing. But mother and I talked it over and….look, if I tell you, don’t spread it around, ok?” Jane was an English transplant to America. The accent was fascinating to hear.

Lynne was really intrigued now. “I won’t tell. Promise.”

Jane took a breath. “If you must know, mother and my aunt, they…well I got a spanking.” She blurted it in a rush. “And the cane. I got the cane as well, three days later. But it’s done with. I can go to the prom.”

Lynne absorbed this news wild-eyed and with jaw dropping astonishment. “But you’re eighteen like me! A spanking? You mean like a kid?”

“That’s exactly what I mean,” said Jane dryly.

“Wow. Did it hurt? Weren’t you embarrassed?” Lynne fluttered excitedly.

“To both questions, yes. It hurt a little and it was a bit humiliating.” Jane seemed remarkably composed, as if this sort of thing was ordinary. “It was bearable though---really.”

“And…you’re…going…to…the…prom.” Lynne slowly chanted. And that was the bottom line. “Wait, you said you and your mom talked it over.”

“Yes, that’s right,” said Jane, flipping her hair back nonchalantly. “She was going to ground me. I asked her to reconsider. She did.” Lynne sat there thinking. The wheels were turning.

Jane saw her pondering this and added, “I was able to convince her that a brief return to an older mode of discipline would be adequate to correct my girlish indiscretions.” She had this dry understated way of expressing herself. “So she sent me to Aunt Martha.”

“Who is that?” asked Lynne.

“She’s my mother’s big sister. It was Aunt Martha who actually did the honors. She used to be headmistress at an all girls school in England.”

Lynne was amazed. “And they do that over there---or they did?”

“And how,” said Jane. “Yes, she knows how to spank, but she’s a big softie really.”

“A cane? Like you walk with? She hit you with that?” Lynne envisioned Jane being clobbered with a big thick stick.

“No. Very different. It is a very thin, very bendy thing like a switch. It stings a bit, but no lasting harm.”

“E-yow!” Lynne winced trying to imagine.

Still….Lynne had an idea. “Can I tell Lisa and Terri?” They were all good friends, so why not.

“Ok, but that’s as far as it goes,” said Jane. “You have an idea, I can tell.”

“You get to go to the prom, don’t you?” said Lynne.

“Yes, but I did get my ass well and truly smacked,” said Jane.

So Lynne had to think. Could she do it? More importantly should she do it? Then she thought about Nick. He’d be pissed at first when he found out she couldn’t go, then he’d go ask that stuck-up bitch Gloria von Meader or that slut Carly Creamer. That thought was too, too much to bear.

“So what did your mom do?”

Jane sighed. “This is all so…oh, all right. Aunt Martha came over one night after we had come to the agreement. We took supper as usual. It was rather bizarre chatting amiably with my aunt knowing what was to transpire. I cleared the plates. Then I went upstairs and prepared. Father stayed downstairs in his study, but he fully approved, of course. I put on my nightgown and waited for mother and Aunt Martha. She came into the bedroom carrying a large wooden hairbrush. She sat at my vanity while mother stood to the side. I had to lift my nightgown and place myself across her knees. She recounted my fault and asked if I was ready. Then she proceeded to give me a very brisk spanking with the back of that awful brush. It went on for several minutes. I’m afraid I wasn’t very brave. I wiggled a lot and cried out. It burned somewhat, but not bad.”

Lynne stared at her friend transfixed. Jane continued. “So, that was for the fake ID. For the attempt to get into the nightclub with the rest of you, I had to report to Aunt Martha at her flat. This was several days later, and I dreaded it like you can’t know. But the appointed day arrived and I was summoned to her study. She told me to lift my skirt, bend over and touch my toes. She gave me six strokes without even my knickers for protection, and with a whippy school cane.”

“Your what?” Weren’t knickers the funny pants that golfers wore?

“Knickers. Panties, you call them.

Look, what you might do,” said Jane, “is to convince your mothers to send you to Aunt Martha. She’d do it, I know.”

Lynne grimaced. A spanking and then six strokes with a thing like a switch. Ouch! Double ouch. Still she had to try.
Was this all a story and part of Jane`s revenge, or did she really get a spanking and a caning? Stay tuned and find out if Lynne`s mother agrees with the plan.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 7

How does the spanker in your relationship feel about spanking?

Liza: My husband loves it. He was really excited when he found out I was into spanking.

QBuzz: My girlfriend is a switch (as am I) so I think she's pretty happy whichever end of the paddle she's on.

Anon: My wife does the spanking, she may deep down enjoy it, but understands that I need to be spanked.

Roz: We both enjoy spanking too. I think we were both pretty happy when we discovered we were both into spanking (he spanker, me spankee).

Happy Thanksgiving Hermione. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend celebrating.

Joe: I truly enjoy being spanked and look forward to each and every session with my wife spanking me. As for her she spanks me because she knows I get off on it and she enjoys pleasing me but does not want to be spanked at all. Happy Thanksgiving Hermione.

Sir Wendel: We both enjoy spanking and being spanked by each other.

Bogey: Yorkie, if I had to guess, I would say there are more in a situation like you are in. I think that is the case for M/F or F/M. It's regrettable that we don't express our needs before we get married.

Yorkie: I did. Told her everything. Still do.

Jack: Relief, less stress, having someone who loves you, understand what you need and may not want. My wife is such, I have an attitude at times, I tend to want everything my way, and I wanted my wife more than anything. She thought long and hard about marriage, she made it clear, change was going to happen. I recall a Sunday morning after church, I really was not in the mood for church, said a couple of things I should not have said at church. She was mad, driving home, she reminded me of change, and I said I was sorry. I was changing my clothes and was just in my underpants and she looked at, time for a change, and I was told to get over her lap and now. I did so, she quickly pulled the underpants down and for the next several minutes I felt the sting of her hand. When she stopped and I stood up, you best get to the kitchen and I went to pull up my underpants, take them off she said and so I did and naked went to the kitchen. She was making lunch, did not want me to be rubbing and I stood saying nothing. This was the first, and today she has improved on the spankings. She also feels, relief, less stress, and understands a woman's place in a marriage, and reminds me that my place will be over her lap, bare bottom, and learning about change.

Rosco: My wife Irene has been spanking me since 1980. Originally it was because I suggested it. She wasn’t into it at first, but was always open and wanted to please me.

Nowadays she probably likes it more than I. She only stops because she wants me to kiss her between the legs (etc).

Our sex life has been mostly female dominant, but skyrocketed in intensity when the youngest went off to college - even if frequency is down to about once a week.

Bernie: At one time my wife seemed to enjoy spanking me. This has trailed off in the last couple of years. I wish I could rekindle her interest enough to go back to regular spankings, rather than the sporadic ones I'm getting now.

And does anyone have suggestions about how to re-engage? I hope some of you can help. 

NoraJean: My spanker man Frank, loves it! Although we've had impact play in our dynamic for years, the OTK type spanking in and of itself wasn't my thing until it was, with our trip down this ttwd road and now its definitely his thing. I do love an erotic type spanking ... any other kind serves as a reminder that he's the HoH. I do love him for that.

Amy: Doesn't matter what kind of spanking Eric is giving me (reset, discipline, or sexual play), it is a huge turn on for him. The act of being in charge, the physical exertion, and the knowledge that in one way or another he is helping me - all very erotic to him. I find great security in having him take me OTK. He keeps me happy.

Ronnie: I really enjoy being spanked and happy to say P loves to spank me.

Hermione: With us, spanking is not always foreplay. but is just done for its own sake. For that reason, I'm pretty sure that I get more out of it than Ron does, but he happily complies because it pleases me, At times he seems quite enthusiastic and he always takes his responsibility seriously.

Thank you all for responding. Yorkie, I hope that gives you some reassurance.
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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #247

This is a long weekend for Canadians, who celebrate Thanksgiving on Monday. It's a special time for giving thanks for this great country we live in, and all the bounty it produces. And no matter what country we live in, we are all thankful for the joy that spanking brings to our lives.

This leads me to the topic suggested by our good friend Yorkie, who writes: "This question has been at the back of my mind for a while now and I thought I'd finally reach out and ask someone about it.

"I am curious if there are other spankers, like my wife, who don't like it or don't get it, or are more the other end of the spectrum and actually get off on it as much as I, and others like me who enjoy being spanked, do."

How does the spanker in your relationship actually feel about it? Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.
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