Monday, August 8, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 7

Tell us about your least-favourite implement.

Anon 1: I hate belts, everything about them when it comes to spanking.

Jean Marie: The pain of two different paddles gets through to me most intensely.
I hate the Lexan paddle and I hate the big, fraternity-type wood paddles! They rate as worst on my list, especially if they have holes drilled through them!
I hate it when I'm left with those oval, raw spank spots exactly where I sit, and the skin is left ashy and abraded, as well.
Just thinking about getting it with these makes me shiver.

Barrel: I have never been fond of the heavy wooden paddles as they are too thuddy and can bruise my hip and pelvis bones. But I truly fear our Fetish Fantasy rubber paddle. It is hard and delivers the most intense sensation. I can deal with the white hot brand from our canes, but for some reason, the rubber paddle is more extreme. Maybe the surface area it covers is just bigger? I do fear that paddle when directed to bring it to my wife.

Bonnie: I dislike whippy implements that can wrap around my hips and/or break the skin. We tend to avoid those.

Jack: My mother-in-law gave her daughter a bath brush. My wife mentioned that the hairbrush was not getting the results she wanted. My wife within a week was applying it to my bare bottom, I never felt such a sting, it hurt, I was kicking, squirming, pleading. The spanking dance I did afterwards let my wife know the bath brush got my attention. I have begged her not to use it, the hairbrush hurts enough. 

Wendel: We are not fond of the cane or whip. It will sound silly, but they lack the playfulness that paddles and the belt we use offers. Spankings for us need to be fun. 

Roz: I dislike any implement that can wrap around. Canes I also have a love/hate relationship with, depending on how it is being used.

Prefectdt: I am put off by anything metal. Spatulas, swords, metal rods or anything like that. Although I suspect that my aversion to metal is more psychological than anything else. I was, reluctantly, talked into being spanked with a small, shallow frying pan, a few years ago and as soon as I stopped thinking about it being made of metal and started concentrating on the sensation, that it gave, I enjoyed being spanked with it.

sissy terri: I try to avoid belts by just being on my best behavior. It doesn't always work. If She has Her mind set on a belt, then it's going to be the belt. If She's wearing it, then seeing Her go through the motions of taking it off and all that scene entails can be very arousing. The other implement I try to avoid if there are other people who know about our lifestyle around is the wooden spoon. Primarily because after the discipline, She will often make me stand or kneel in the corner to show off my reddened bottom with the spoon's handle stuck between my cheeks. Very humbling!

A.J.: I'm a mild spanker/spankee so I only use/get the hand applied to bare bottom.
If my or her hand starts to hurt, then it is OK to use a small strap or belt, and maybe a SMALL, LIGHT, wood paddle.
The "moment," to me, is what is important, not the damage that can be done.

Many, many years ago I was with a spanking pal in Calif., and after spanking her otk, she took me otk to return the favor. Then:

Her: Have you ever tried the cane?"

Me: "Not interested!! Too brutal and too ritualistic. Why?"

Her: "I love the cane! It hurts with each stroke, but the heat from it after is amazing."

Me: "Yeah; well I love you. But not interested."

Her: "Don't you want to at least try it???"

Me: "Not really."

Her: "Please! For me? Just one stroke; so you can see what it's like. You may like it."

Me: "OK. One stroke. And not too hard. And to keep you honest, after you give me one, I get to give you one!"


I bend over a table, upper half of my body fully on the table top. She approaches. Takes her time.
Waiting...taps...taps...waiting..aims, then (Swish!)"Thwack!""

And I stood up!!! OK! Lesson learned, I didn't like it. At all, after-glow or not.

Her: "But that was just a light-medium stroke!!"

Me: "Yikes!! It was? You convinced me! Now I KNOW I don't like it."

My one and only time with a cane.

Other no-no's:
Belts and light straps are fine - if carefully applied - but NO WHIPS!
Nothing metal.
No Lexan. 

Ronnie: Wood isn’t my favourite and I don’t like anything that can wrap around. 

Mark: For me any heavy wooden paddle applied hard can rapidly get too much. I also don't like the grey spots that appear even if the paddle has been spread around on the bottom.
Never been spanked with metal or lexan... and don't wish to start now :-).

Hermione: Ron likes to make walking sticks from the fallen branches in our garden. He chooses a straight one, trims it, coats it with plastic sealant, and stores it in a basket in the hall, ready for our next walk. Recently he made a variation of the walking stick. It was a very slender branch, about one metre long, that he trimmed, sealed, and added a loop at the top for hanging. He proudly presented the switch to me, then proceeded to thrash me with it. My word, it stings! It goes to the top of my list of least-liked implements, along with the dressage whip. I hate anything thin and whippy. Lucky for me, the switch does not wrap, so that's a plus.

Anon 2: Usually it is always her hand followed by hairbrush and then the leather strap, very uncomfortable and lot’s of pain but my behaviour improves immediately.

If I have been very naughty she gets a twig and boy does that deliver a message.
Bent over the couch I have to lift and present my bottom to her and ask her politely to punish me for being a very naughty boy.
Anything between 6 and 24 strokes will follow and trust me, 12 or higher makes it really impossible for me to sit or sleep on my back for several days!

Very humiliating and painful, but to be honest, it is always well deserved! 

Rosco: I bought a carpet beater once. It felt like iron when Irene whacked me with it.

Wooden spoons don’t provide much of the satisfying thwack that a paddle does, though they can hurt plenty.

We have mostly leather. The (teskey) quirt and the round handled two-tailed tawse are both deliciously wonderful, but initial strokes on a cold bottom can be a bit much. And the quirt is a whippy little thing that’s hard to control and sometimes Irene will inadvertently strike my balls sending waves of pain through my body (measured strokes on my balls with a riding crop are intense but stimulating- go figure).

It’s been more that 40 years. My bottom has taken a lot but always bounced right back. But I’ve tweaked my back, neck and shoulders a few times - far more serious than a bruised bottom.


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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #447

Last week we talked about our favourite implements, and I have to admit I was impressed! This week let's discuss the other end of the spectrum.

What implement do you really, really dislike being used on your bottom, or using on someone else's? What steps, if any, have you taken to avoid it?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to join in, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Out of Order

Did you ever feel the need for a snack or a coffee, but were frustrated by a sign that made it obvious you weren't going to get your much-needed refresment?



Never mind. I'll go home and make a cup of tea instead.

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Monday, August 1, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 31

Tell us about your favourite implement of ass destruction.

Jean Marie: My all-time favorite is the hand. It conveys an intimacy like nothing else.
But I think the question is about other implements beside this. For me, that would be a razor strap made by London Tanners. When used to give me moderate swats, it warms with a radiance like nothing else in this world. It gives a sting that builds but is bearable, but that heat ignites me, consumes me, melts me down. When used to give me hard cracks, it curls my toes, it brings me right to the brink of what I can take. This strap has a metal clip on the end, which has two functions. First, it rattles when swung, so I know to anticipate a lick a second before it lands. Second, I proudly have this favored implement hung up on the wall in a private room. Guests/visitors don't see it, but I know it's there, at the ready.

Bonnie: Our implement preferences shift with the winds. If I get to pick (I don't), my current favorite is a firm, roundish, leather paddle. It's the perfect size for OTK use. This paddle creates a nice warm sting.

Roz: We have never had a large array of implements. My favourite would be our leather paddle.

Mark: I have a homemade leather strap that is about 20" long & 3" wide. It is three layers of thin leather sewn together for a total thickness of 5-6mm. It was sewn with heavy thread on a commercial machine and is beautifully polished.
Being strapped very hard with it is bearable (nice?) and a whole body experience. After a number of strokes it gets nicely harder to take.
I really like the thump, pain, and then blinding white after-pain of a hard cane stroke, but find that I am stiff for a day or two afterwards so don't volunteer for this very often. 

Rosco: Irene uses leather almost exclusively. We have a leather ping pong paddle, a two tailed tawse (importantly with a round handle for her small hand), a riding crop and a quirt. She’ll switch them up so I don’t know what’s coming next.

We haven’t cut any good switches for a few years. We did buy a birch a few years ago which was very fun but it dried out and crumbled eventually.

I think of spanking toys as having unique flavors, and I crave the deliciousness of each when properly applied. Honestly not all blows are equal in satisfaction.

Leather whippy things are most likely to wrap around to the far hipbone, causing decidedly unsexy pain. And once in a while they catch the testicles which can be excruciating. (Though I do enjoy lighter blows on my balls with a riding crop, something I never would have guessed.) But I still like leather, in spite of the occasional errant painful stroke.

Paddles deliver more of a thwack. They’re less like to land wrong but a blow on the tailbone doesn’t go away quickly.

I do love the welts raised by a switch or a birch. They burn deliciously for awhile.

Most important is sufficient duration, intense but not severe.

Rich Person: I like to use the Lexan paddle. It seems to have just the right effect: future obedience. I also like to use a birch switch or a single switch. The birch switch can create a good erotic effect if used without too much force. I would say a hand is a great "implement" because of the physical closeness, especially with the subject OTK.

Generally, I think the term spanking should be reserved for hitting with the hand. So, if there is an actual implement involved, that would be a paddling or a whipping (or caning). I think this helps to convey the level of intensity. So "spanking implement" seems like an oxymoron to me!

Prefectdt: Rattan canes are always my favourite. I think that as a solid implement, that can flex, they can achieve that "even strike across both buttocks" effect, in the most wonderful way. When in the hands of a competent Top or Dom(me) that is. They also come in such a range of sizes and flexibility that gives each one a unique sensation to be experienced.

Ronnie: Rarely do I get to choose an implement, when I do I always go for the leather rose paddle. It covers the bottom nicely and leaves a lovely warm sting.

Jack: I can only respond to this question with what My wife prefers. A gift from her mother, a bath brush, on it, it says, 'Are you Listening?'

Wendy: For general use, I think my favorite is our 1/2” thick cherry wood hairbrush style (but slightly bigger) paddle. It has plenty of sting and a substantial feel without being too much.

Lately, I am also loving a large shiny black acrylic paddle acquired through Etsy, called the “Obsidian.” For being large and thuddy, it also has a nice sting. The after-feel seems to last longer than wood, yet it bruises less.

My husband’s favorite to use on me (which I love to hate) is a plastic pink bath brush. It STINGS!!!

Great question!

A.J.: I'm with Jean Marie - the hand. And for the same reason, it's intimacy with the bare bottom.

I do admit that my personal drawback with the hand is that I/she can wind up with a sore hand and bollix up the moment. (I once spanked a GF who barely reacted to my spanking her, so I kept picking up the pace and intensity! Her? Nothing. Me? My hand hurt so much I had to stop! Told her to get off my lap and find something in her apt. that I could use to spank her.

She did! Came back with a flat wood kitchen tool and a hairbrush from her bathroom! That was on a Tuesday night. By Friday the fleshy part of my hand was black/blue and I made up a story in case someone asked me about it!)

Unlike Jean Marie, not the razor strap but a soft leather belt, whether giving or receiving.

Now, let me change the subject for a moment. I wrote last week's question about wondering what you looked like giving or taking a spanking. I was out for the weekend so I didn't get a chance to respond.

The background is that some years ago I was going through boxes of "stuff" in my house, a couple of them - photographs that went back decades. And in those boxes were nude/topless photos of girls I had dated who let me take them; nothing explicit, just while we were on a deserted beach, skinny dipping, or at home. Fun stuff.*

Years later I was with a switch spanking friend and mentioned those photos, and then thought I didn't have a single photo that included otk spanking; me spanking her or vice versa. And I wondered what I look like while otk and being spanked? Do I wriggle around, kick, twist, take it passively (Ugh...) - what the heck do I look like? On the other side, what did I look like as the spanker. What's my technique? Her reaction? Am I any good? Provide a nice even coverage?

If we were at her place we might have asked her (Wild!) roommate to take a video with my iPhone so I could find out, but she was out. We tried to set up my iPhone where it could record a couple minutes, but could never get the phone to stay in place more than a few seconds. (When I got back to my place it hit me! In my glove compartment was a cell phone holder with a suction cup to be put on the window when using Waze! It would have worked!! Too late, though. So I still do not know what I look like.)**

* Note: I DESTROYED every one of those photos. (I imagined getting hit by a bus and the horror of my family/heirs finding them!) And if I could find those past GF's, I contacted them to let them know they were destroyed. (A couple said thanks; one or two didn't care! Go figure.)

** If we had made a video I would have DELETED IT in a day or two; off my photos file, and off the "Deleted" file, and off the cloud! All THREE places!

Anon: By far, it is my thick, large wooden hairbrush. I love the reactions it brings, the marks it often leaves, the sounds it makes, plus the way it flattens rapidly the area spanked.

I like starting by hand but handing the spankee the brush to keep by her on the floor in eyes' view, and, of course, at the right time, telling her to hand Sir the hairbrush.

Loki_Darksong: My favorite implement is The Cane.

I have always had a fascination with them since reading various scenes in Victorian erotica in my teenage years well as the various caning scenes you would come across in mainstream films.

I love the fact that something so small and flimsy looking is capable of causing the most intense responses in people and leave very beautiful markings afterwards. I still recall the marks I had after caning I got for my 21st birthday!

It is a joy for me to give a good caning and receive one as well for all these reasons.

Anon 2: Wife only has razor strop and it provides plenty of pain with no play.

Hermione: I'll take leather any day, rather than any of the "hard" (wood, lexan, plastic) implements. My favourite is a short, wide leather strap. It has a handle for the spanker's convenience, and a cord attached for hanging it up. The surface is suede, and it's supple but stingy. If I have a choice, I'll pick this one over  any of our leather toys.

Barrel: Certainly my hand made leather strap which I repurposed from a shoulder strap from a carry on suiter. Doubled over itself, added weight in the slapper portion, coaxial cable in the handle, stitched together with heavy thread. My wife can whip both fore and back hand with perfect aim. The leather is starting to split where the handle meets the business end due to extensive use. 

Sub hub: There are two. Both small leather paddles, both the same size and shape. One is a solid leather design, and the other is two fingered.

There you have it! Next week, we'll take this discussion in the opposite direction.

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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #446

We picked our first three cherry tomatoes yesterday, along with some small yellow zucchini. (I only grow the yellow variety now because it's harder for them to hide and grow to the size of footballs.) The rabbits seem to ignore these yummy veggies, but are still snacking on the marigold blossoms, so the garden isn't as colourful as usual.

Now on to today's topic, which is an oldie but a goodie.

What is your favourite spanking implement? What are the characteristics that make it so special?

Please leave your response as a comment. You are welcome to remain anonymous. Once everyone has had an opportunity to join in the discussion, I will publish an edited summary.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Say What?

Sometimes the translation into English doesn't go exactly as planned. But you get the meaning, right? 

 Or maybe not.

I blame Google Translate.

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Monday, July 25, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 24

What do think you look like when spanking/being spanked? Also thoughts about Morningstar's passing.

Bonnie: Oh my. That's really sad news. Events like this always make me reflect.

As for this week's question, my answer is a definitive no. Thanks to Randy's photographs and videos, I know exactly how I look at my worst moments. I scrunch up my face. squeeze my eyes, and grit my teeth as he wails on my other end. It's not pretty. 

Jack: I have the look of a little boy hoping that 'Mommy' will not spank. My wife enjoys that look, but reminds me she he no longer my wife but my Mommy and Mommy knows that look so very well. When I see the bath brush, my look is pleading, facing the wall afterwards my face is a very sorry little boy look.

Jean Marie: Thank you for keeping us all informed, Hermione, even though this time it was sad news. I confess that this news really took the wind out of my sails!

I used to live in a place that had a large sliding mirrored door on the closet. I was made well aware of what both my facial cheeks and my bottom cheeks looked like throughout many punishments. I'm not a fan of having to see myself as I'm spanked, but it hammers home my submission. I can speak from experience that ones' face during ecstasy and during agony are very similar, if not identical.

Take care, everyone! Live each day to the fullest, try to keep a gratitude attitude. I enjoy blogging and have many of you to thank for that!

Roz: Thank you for letting us know Hermione, the news took the wind out of my sails too. Very sad to read this. My heart and thoughts go out to Sir Steve, the lil one and family.

As for this week's question. Thankfully I don't see myself during a spanking, and wouldn't want to. My face would be screwed up and eyes squeezed shut though.

Rick: RIP Morningstar, I was a regular reader. You will be missed by many. Condolences to your family.

Wendel: The Misses and myself said a prayer and lit a candle for Morningstar and family today in the local church. Cancer sucks. Let's all say a prayer that a cure will be found soon.

As for the topic: The Misses installed full length mirrors in our bedroom and the extra bedroom so she can see herself fully dressed when we go out. The downside (or upside) is that we can see the spankings that are given in those rooms. I do enjoy seeing myself smacking her bottom and seeing her squirm in the mirror. 

Prefectdt: Put a candle in the window last night for morningstar and raised a glass to her, as is the custom of my family. I can't believe that she is gone already. It was so quick. Thank you for letting us know of her passing, Hermione.

I have had many "Pay to play" sessions where the premises of the Top concerned were well adorned with mirrors. My thoughts have ranged from such things as "I need to diet again" through to "When did I get so old". I do feel that, facially, I do not wince as much in real life as I think that I do in my imagination.

Ronnie: I was gutted to hear about Morningstar. Her family are in our thoughts.

Face screwed up and eyes squeezed tightly shut. 

Midwest Reader: Re Morningstar: may her memory be a blessing.

For the question:
Probably pretty silly. Generally I am a 50-something man who is still tall but no longer slim being spanked by 20-ish models in top physical and beautification condition. I imagine I look more than a bit ridiculous but fortunately none have ever said anything about it ;-) 

Barrel: So sad. Yes, cancer sucks as I know too well. Grace and peace to the family and friends.

I tend to focus on regular breathing, so I am pretty sure my mouth is open, with hard breathing and during a session, I tend to drool a bit. Doesn’t sound very romantic does it?

Rosco: Not that we’d ever do it, but Irene has opined that her lectures and spankings are more provocative than the stuff we’ve watched online occasionally. She likes to dress up and sometimes changes clothes two or three times during a “session”.

Sometimes I’ll try to look at her while she’s whipping me, but mostly I just listen to what she says and try to anticipate the next blow and breathe accordingly.

I don’t imagine I’m much to look at, but Irene will often make me look at myself in the mirror after a spanking.she wants me to look myself in the eye and also at my red bottom. Sometimes she’ll ask me if I’ve learned my lesson- usually a trick question.

Hermione: No mystery there. My face is scrunched up and my eyes are squeezed shut. 

Glory to Ukraine

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