Monday, May 25, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 24

Tell us about the physical aftereffects that you experience from a spanking.

Roz: I have, on the odd occasion been a bit shakey after a spanking. The remedy was to take it easy for a few minutes snuggled up to man :)

Rosco: Perhaps 1 out of 3 spankings happen at bedtime - I am then instructed to be quiet, keep my hands to myself and go to sleep.

The other 2 out of 3, result in cunnilingus followed by intercourse. Irene will then go take a shower then usually head to the kitchen to make dinner. I usually lie there, happily tired and overwhelmed, for at least a half hour.

If the spanking is especially intense, I will be quite and affectionate afterward but not lightheaded. I will feel it in my bottom over the next few days.

Graham: Not that I can recall. Ours usually end in sex, and I may be exhausted or spent after that and perhaps not fully stable on my feet!

Joe: I sometimes feel light headed after an intense spanking and a little dizzy so I just lie down for a few minutes and my wife will be stroking me and smiling at her handiwork ;<)

Wendel: Most times after whippings with the belt it is difficult putting pants back on for about an hour.

Simon: I don't think it was due to the severe punishment I was receiving at the the time but I once fainted whilst being caned. It was on one of the hottest days of the year a few years ago and I think it was just the heat. It certainly gave the lovely lady who was thrashing me with great energy and skill a fright. A gin and tonic each soon sorted us both out although we avoided any serious punishment after that. As a disabled man in his 60s I do find that punishments affect me more these days and that I take longer to recover these days.

Jack: My wife spanking leave an impression, there are times I just lay across her lap, unable to move, my bottom is stinging, and when she has enough, she stands me up, points to the wall, and that is where I stand until I get myself under control or she feels I've can put my pajamas on, a continuation of the punishment, better to wear pajamas than getting dressed.

Bonnie: Yes, it definitely happens. Immediately following a particularly intense spanking, I sometimes find myself mentally distant and physically wobbly. In such situations, it takes a few minutes of gentle aftercare to bring me safely back to earth.

Prefectdt: After a prolonged period in a head down position, I can feel a little woozy. Moving slowly and standing still and upright for a few minutes usually fixes this. I very often get a big endorphins kick from a spanking, this can leave me uncoordinated for some time and a bit detached from reality. I don't want to do anything about this because it is part of the sensation that I am enjoying. I never get spanked and then drive though, that would be as unsafe as drink driving.

Ronnie: Yes I have felt lightheaded after a spanking and a little unsteady. P sits me down with his arms around me until it passes.

Barrel: Well, I must say I am surprised and grateful for your responses to Hermione’s question. I thought I was crazy feeling off balance and uneasy on my feet after our last intense session. My wife whipped me as hard as she could with the strap, riding crop and tawse for about 25 minutes, and when she released me from the bench, I had a hard time walking. I do feel better knowing there are others that have responded in a similar manner. Thank you for sharing.

Hermione: Besides the pain, I often feel a sense of euphoria along with feeling a bit light-headed.

Thank you all for another good discussion. Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #332

Welcome, one and all, to our socially-distanced brunch. Ron and I have been taking advantage of a series of warm, sunny days to prepare the garden for spring planting. I've got a sore back from pulling weeds, and Ron is tired from mowing the lawn and tilling the vegetable bed. Today we are doing as much planting as we can, because rain is due tomorrow. This leads us very nicely into our friend Barrel's suggested topic for today.

After an extended or especially intense spanking session, have you had any physical aftereffects, such as being unsteady on your feet or feeling light-headed? What is your remedy?

As always, be respectful of others and wear your face mask while composing your reply. I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to speak.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday FUN

Our new Ninja Foodi Grill is a big success. It cooks steaks and chops in half the time it would take on a barbecue, with elegant grill marks too! We have done an entire meal of steak, asparagus and garlic bread. I'll confess that the garlic bread was too crisp and needed only half the time. Fresh-cut fries on the air-fry setting were also scrumptious. The only drawback is with the cooking instructions; they always suggest more time than is actually necessary.

For those of you who are struggling to become expert chefs and bakers, these oven mitts might help relieve the stress.

Happy Friday!
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

From the Top Shelf - Hide in Plain Sight, part 3

More letters from Mary Beth to her friend Sally. Mary Beth knows she is immune to any punishments, so she pushes her luck.
July 19, 1957
Dear Sally,

It sure gets boring around here. It’s getting hot too. Back home we have an air conditioner at least, but not out here. Raylin comes down in the evenings and we talk. I think he’s sweet on me and I’m beginning to like him too, but I hate the darn rules he sets.

I noticed that there was a creek out back and I asked Debby where it went. She said that downstream there was a place called flat rock where there was a waterfall with a pool below. I asked her if they ever went swimming there and she said sure they did, only they had to have her momma’s permission to go and there had to be a chaperone and all that. And I reminded her that her momma had gone off to town for the day leaving Kate in charge. She lit up then and got Betty and Annie, two of the boarders, and said we could slip away from Kate, no problem. I said I’d get my swim suit on, but Debby said why not skinny dip? And I thought, oooh, how deliciously naughty. Skinny dipping. Debby said it was great, jumping in the water in only your birthday suit on a hot day. That part of the creek was on their property and no one was around, so why not? It sounded good to Betty and Annie. Well, that plan turned out to be our downfall, and I guess it was my fault that everyone got in trouble.

So we snuck off. Kate didn’t see us, so we thought we were home free. Now, I know Raylin had told me to stay around the house at all times, but I’d been there over a month and nobody had come nosing around. I never saw Raylin except when he came by, but I knew he patrolled all around the county looking for anyone suspicious, and I guess so far he saw nothing. I could see his cabin up on the hill and his car was gone so I figured he was off somewhere.

We got to flat rock and got out of our clothes. We were splashing around having a time when I heard a shout. We all looked up and here came Raylin with a rifle in his hand crashing through the woods. Then we heard a commotion on the other side of the creek and two men who had been hiding in a thicket stood up and took off. We all started screaming and ducked down in the water. Raylin crashed across the creek and chased the two men. In the meantime we got out to get our clothes on only to be met by Kate and Jolene who were standing right there by our clothes with their arms folded.

About that time Raylin came back and announced that the men were gone but that he recognized them, and he wanted to have a talk with me. Jolene told him to go back to the house and wait, that we would all be along directly, but that there was a chore to be done. Well, Raylin being a gentleman, he hid his eyes with his Stetson and walked back toward the house. When he was out of sight Jolene told us all to get out of the water. Betty and Debby started to reach for their clothes but Jolene said to stop right there. We stood there naked and dripping wet. She looked at me and said those men were there because of me and I’d put everyone in danger. She told Debby and Betty and Annie that they knew the rule and had disobeyed them. It was then I saw what Kate had been doing. She was cutting switches from a hickory with a pen knife. She cut several long thin switches and offered them to her momma. Jolene swished them and took the stoutest one, handing the other to Kate. Debby started blubbering again that she didn’t want a switching and Betty and Annie put their hands back as if to shield their bottoms.

There was a tree next to the creek with a low branch and Jolene told the three of them to get over there, bend over and grip that branch. She made them stick their bottoms out and so there they were, three naked girls spaced apart, bending over and holding that branch.

Jolene tapped Debby’s bottom and then let fly with three quick strokes that made this “whick” sound, one after the other. Debby half stood up and wailed and shook her bottom like she was trying to shake off the sting. Jolene told her she’d better hold on to that branch. Then Jolene moved over to Betty and gave her three sharp licks. Then she whipped Annie’s butt three times. This is the way it went. She rotated from one girl to the next, three sharp licks, then move down the line. The girls were shrieking and hopping from one foot to the next, begging Jolene to take it easy. The switch put these vivid red lines across their behinds and Jolene looked like she put some muscle behind every stroke. They were crying their eyes out by the time she stopped and I guess she must have dished out a couple of dozen. She turned then and shook that switch at me and said it was partly my fault and that I should be up there with them getting my licking but she’d promised Raylin.

When we got back Raylin took me aside and really let me have it. It was a terrible tongue lashing and I cried. I hated that. He’s so mean and at the same time he gives me the shivers and I’m all girlish and flustered. He said somehow those men had tracked me here, but how, he didn’t know. He said never, never stray away from the house again until this was over.

Another close call.
Bye for now,
Mary Beth

August 7, 1957
Dear Sally,

Big news! There has been a break in the case. Raylin just phoned Jolene and said he was coming by to tell me. Maybe I’m going home soon!

More later,
Mary Beth
Could Mary Beth really be going home? Wait and see.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 18, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 17

What do you think is the appeal of being spanked in front of an audience?

Fred Bloggs: I was one of the contributors last week who expressed an interest in a public spanking. Now I have to explain why. I have been spanked in front of a few friends. I was nervous knowing what was going to happen. But nervous in a good way. The same nervous excitement of a private spanking, but amplified by the audience. I can’t explain in a coherent way why I like, or need, spanking let alone getting a public spanking. That’s a very unsatisfactory reply but it’s the best I can muster.

QBuzz: I'm not sure... maybe it just adds to the submissive fantasy experience, with everyone seeing that I'm a naughty boy getting spanked, with the embarrassment of my wriggling and crying and possibly also scolding by my partner? Also some exhibitionism in there too I reckon :D
Also, I love the fantasy, but have to say I don't know if I'd ever go through with it in real life... maybe at a spanking party or fetish club, but definitely not in front of vanilla friends etc!

Roz: That was brave of you cutting Ron's hair. Glad it turned out well :)

As for the question, I wouldn't want to be spanked in public in reality. However, in fantasy I think it would add to the thrill and overall experience. Just the fact of other people knowing alone.That was brave of you cutting Ron's hair. Glad it turned out well :)

As for the question, I wouldn't want to be spanked in public in reality. However, in fantasy I think it would add to the thrill and overall experience. Just the fact of other people knowing alone.

Barrel: I do not want to be spanked in a public setting, but being spanked by another female excites me. My wife’s exercise instructor has an aura about her that exudes power and control. She has had several husbands, so I suspect she is experienced in discipline. I fantasize about them crafting a session where I am severely thrashed by both. I doubt it will happen but my wife’s disciplinary confidence is growing and she talks more openly about whipping and caning me. Who knows.

Jack: The closet I came to a public spanking was when I was living in a apartment. It was by the pool and for some reason I got carried away. A woman who I was seeing had enough and took my arm, gave me a couple of hard spanks to my bottom and then said the discussion will continue in my apartment. A couple of days later, the looks I got especially from the women.

Michael M: I should like to be caned by a young male in front of my wife.

Bonnie: Here we stand at the corner of Fantasy and Reality. A public spanking, especially with a ritualized corporal punishment theme, is a huge lifelong dream and aspiration for me. It's a thrill just to envision how that event might transpire. I imagine the dialog and all of the steps necessary to prepare for and execute a dramatic punishment.

Back on Reality Boulevard, where I spend my days, that's just not likely to happen for a great many reasons. I count myself as fortunate to be able to live out lots of other favorite spanking scenarios.

Maybe that detailed fantasy I've carried around all these years could be a fictional story...

Rosco: The appeal of being spanked, for most of us I assume, goes beyond the physical aspects of stinging pain followed by a warming of our nether regions - delicious as that might be.

There's something about being disciplined or about ceding control, or both.

My obsession started at five years old, if not earlier. I was obsessed with girls in ways I did not understand and felt guilty about it. Then adolescence hit at the same I went to a larger school when skirts were at their shortest. I spent so much class time for two years fantasizing about certain girls, being embarrassed about my obsession and talking to no one about it. Not surprisingly I could scarcely talk to any of them.

My confidence soared and my guilt faded (some) when I was 16. A gorgeous older girl took me on as a boyfriend for about a month, then broke up with me but suddenly all kinds of girls liked me.

But to this day I it is so easy for me to conjure up and greatly embellish moments from the past when I am caught by several girls in an embarrassing situation and punished for it.

I don't know if this answers the question.

My wife Irene understands this aspect of my sexuality and herself thrives on playing the part of several girls or women during our "tete a tetes". Once she playfully spanked me in front of some of her friends and I was deeply embarrassed. I doubt it will ever happen for real - unless we happened to meet the right person. But we have a wonderful and fulfilling relationship - physical and otherwise.

Red: I would very much like to be spanked on front of other people, and it has happened a couple of times. We have visited our friend Danielle and John, and she has spanked me once on both visits. Her husband and Cindy watched, but, from outside the room, and the spanking was effective, in that I did not think about being seen. We attended a play weekend once, but it was great, then it was REALLY NOT great.

Cindy will not spank anyone, except me, so play elsewhere is very limited, if it ever is to occur again.
However, I do dream about you being spanked by Ron, while I am in the same room being spanked by Cindy!

Prefectdt: Barbers open again tomorrow in Belgium. Perhaps Canada will have hair services again soon.

I have have fantasized about public punishments, mostly in an historic setting, such as an army flogging but I never really want these fantasies to come true. I am happy for then to stay as fantasies.

However, I would like to be used as a practical demonstration subject in an adult corporal punishment training class. Not so much for a personal thrill but more because I would like to be more involved in a face to face community and this seems like a useful way to be a contributor rather than just a taker in such a scenario.

A.J.: OK, I'm the guy who asked the question. It suddenly struck me reading the previous brunch responses that there were a surprisingly number who responded with the fantasy of being spanked in front of others. And not just one or two others, in some cases a theater full of them!

And, with the exception of a theater full of witness - I'm one of them!

Why? Damned if I know. But I do.

Barrel's comment: "...being spanked by another female excites me."?
Yup! Me too!
But I'm still struggling with answering this one myself.

And I think QBuzz's point about "some exhibitionism", at least with me, is true. It wouldn't bother me one bit if a girlfriend spanked me - bare bottom! - in front of one or two of her girlfriends. See all my bits and pieces? Who cares? But a big room full of people? Ummmm..., no. (Note: all my spankings are fun-type, and not punishment or really hard. And almost always I get to return the favor!! Whoo-Hoo! So Anonymous' comment, "being disciplined or about ceding control, or both" would not apply as I do not do discipline or cede control. I do it for the sexy fun and laughs of it.)

In reality I have been spanked twice by a girlfriend during which one of her best friends was a witness, who later became - a participant! Yeah! She got a shot at me! And then the tables turned to our mutual merriment - I got to spank them! All three of us were left with big smiles on our faces while rubbing our bare pink bottoms.

For a couple years I had a long-distance email-pal with a woman who was into spanking and the sexiness of it all. This topic came up and she related a summer weekend party she had been to with a mixed group of friends, about 20 people; and about even, half female, half male. One night it came out that it was one of the guy's at the party birthday, someone said "Birthday Spanking!", and he found himself OTK. And then one of the WOMEN started chanting "Bare bottom! Bare bottom!", that was picked up by the rest of the room, and soon enough, after some struggling, the target was bared and the appropriate number of smacks were laid on.

And then my email-pal related she was totally absorbed watching this! Very erotic. Turned to the woman next to her and asked:
"Are you turned on by this as much as I am?

And the friend replied:
"Oh, God, yes." (Fun part: She was the birthday boy's girlfriend!)

My email-pal said she looked around the rest of the room and all the women were the same, fascinated by what they were seeing. The guys? Pretty much them, too.

I asked email-pal whether the spankee was embarrassed by it? And she said he was. At first, really was. Maybe even a bit angry. And then - everyone treated him so well, esp. the women. Hugged him, patted his bottom, kissed him, laughed with him, and didn't embarrass him. They were just so nice to him. And so were the other men at the party. And so the anger left him, but not the memory.

Go figure.

I still don't know the answer to this question, and neither did my email-pal.

Side notes:

Jack, about that spanking by the pool at your apartment and, "the looks I got especially from the women" later? You can't leave us hanging like that!! None of the women made a comment to you? None asked...? Hinted? Or asked your girlfriend?

And Roscoe, my obsession also started when I was age 5. In 1st grade. My classmate, "Virginia", I'm dead sure was a spanko who organized things that always seemed to have some sort of spanking theme. I think I play-spanked every girl in my class. Some (looking at you, Virginia) liked it, some were "Meh...!", others "No!"

The mini skirt (Heck - the micro-mini skirt!) era just about killed me.

Wendel: We have spanked each other in the woods and along trails we have hiked. Usually in spots where no one will stumble across us. The closest public spanking was at night on a hilltop in Ireland. There was a larger rock close to the edge that made a perfect seat for me. The Misses bared her bottom and went across my lap. I spanked her for several minutes. Not sure if anyone caught a glimpse.

Hermione: It has only happened to me once, as a child, and I was mortified. But my answer to the brunch question was a performance in which my spanking was part of the storyline in a play. In other words, it was a fantasy being played out in a make-believe setting.  In real life, I would not care for anyone to witness my spankings.

Oh my! That was illuminating! Stay safe, everyone.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #331

Guess what! Yesterday the day we have both been gearing up for finally arrived.  I cut Ron's hair. I had watched several videos and Ron showed me how to use his clippers, but I don't know who was more nervous. After I had buzzed away for a while I asked Ron to look in the mirror and see what he thought. The verdict? "Take more off".  So I did. The final product was pretty good, even if I do say so myself. Ron was pleased, and thanked me several times throughout the day for the great haircut. But I wonder what his barber will say when the social isolation is over.

Now, on to our discussion. Our good friend A.J. pointed out that at last week's brunch, several people (including me) said that they would like to be spanked in front of an audience. Why?

What is the lure about being spanked in front of others, even if in fantasy?  Why "excitement"?  Why "a thrill"?  Why "appealing"? What is it?

Please leave your response as a comment, even if you personally wouldn't want to be seen by anyone else. I'll publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to respond.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday FUN

We are doing just fine here. We wear our masks when we might come in close contact with others, and Ron is mainly the driver, while I do the actual shopping. Our elderly next-door neighbour, however, doesn't seem to care too much about social distancing. We keep an eye on her, because with all this time on our hands, spying on neighbours is one of our favourite pastimes. Next-door has visits from her friends who range in age from late 60s through 80s. One brings her groceries, but she sometimes goes on outings with them, and yesterday had visitors who stayed for several hours. I suppose she isn't in too much danger as we have no active cases here and there have been no deaths.

Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart