Friday, August 30, 2019

Page Two of Hilda's Letter by Wendel Jones

Last week I showed you the first page of a letter from Hilda to her college roommate. Hilda was in for a spanking, but had hidden the spanking ruler. Her dad told her to bring back either the ruler or her mom's hairbrush. What did Hilda do? Here is Wendel Jones's continuation of the tale.
Hilda quickly came up with a plan. She went to the kitchen and grabbed hold of a medium sized wooden spoon from the utensil drawer. Hilda was going to tell her dad that she could not find the ruler or the brush and would offer the wooden spoon as a substitute. She looked over the spoon and measured it on her bottom to ensure her that it would not be too harsh. Hilda hoped he would except her choice of implement and start the spanking. It would be over quickly and not to painful.

Hilda’s dad took the spoon and pulled her across his lap. He pulled her skirt up gave her a whack on the bottom and she cried out. The spoon landed on her bottom again and again. Spank! Whack! Spank! Hilda was in tears. It hurt but nowhere near as bad as the ruler or brush.

Spank! Smack! Spank! Hilda’s mom came into the room after hearing all of the ruckus. She screamed out: “Why are you spanking her with my good salad spoon?“ Her dad told her that Hilda needed to be spanked and that the rule and hair brush were missing.

“WHAT? My brush is on my dresser where it always is and I found your ruler behind the couch.” Mom stormed out and to her room. Hilda knew is jig was up. When her mom returned she was holding the ruler and her hair brush. She gave him the ruler.

Hilda’s dad was furious. He knew she was lying and started a new round of spanking with the ruler. When he was done spanking her Hilda’s mom took hold of her arm and pulled Hilda across her lap. Mom took Hilda’s skirt up and then pulled her panties down. Hilda’s already red bottom was exposed and then her mom gave her smack of the brush on the bottom. WHACK! SPANK! SPANK! Hilda cried out as each whack landed.

When it was over Hilda stood up and carefully pulled up her panties. Her bottom was burning and bright red. It was painful to have the panties on. She went to her room and stared at her sore bottom in the mirror.

Ouch! Poor Hilda.

If you would like to reread page one or write your own page two, hop over here.
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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Page Two of Hilda's Letter by KDPierre

Last week I showed you the first page of a letter from Hilda to her college roommate. Hilda was in for a spanking, but had hidden the spanking ruler. Her dad told her to bring back either the ruler or her mom's hairbrush. What did Hilda do? Here is KDPierre's version of page two.
Silly me! I ran all these horrid options through my head until I was in a frazzled state. I couldn't calm down and went to my 'stash' for a Xanax when I saw those 'roofies' I got from Dave at the last frat party and I knew exactly what to do! Suffice it to say that Mom and Dad's coffee packed a little extra punch this morning. When they awoke Mom was gagged and bound nicely to her favorite chair with my remote vibrating 'egg' inserted in her hoo-hoo. Dad on the other hand was also gagged and tied over his own desk...pants down of course, and his bottom arched up quite vulnerably. When they finally awoke, their eyes were wide in shock.

I will fill you in on the details when I get back to the university, but let's just say that once I had my parents' attention, I turned up the egg vibrator to its highest setting and let Mom watch as I tapped that nasty ruler against my palm and told my Dad, "English Lit is not the only fucking shit I learned while I was away at college, Dad, as you are about to find out!"

As to how it all concluded? Well, after having a mindblowing O watching my Dad's butt get striped with welts, my Mom decided that her hairbrush is probably way more suited to my Dad than me, and that going forward SHE would maybe finally correct some of my Dad's bad habits that have been driving her crazy these past years. As for Dad? Well, before I left, he gave me his keep. No more curfews. No more nonsense about language.

Yours in mischief, Hilda
That's a side of Hilda I've never seen before!

If you would like to reread page one or write your own page two, hop over here.
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Monday, August 26, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 25

Tell us about your experience with spanking in a small space.

Wendel: When the Misses misbehaves in the stores she gets spanked. Most times it is when we get home but there have been a few time when it could not wait so the spanking took place in the back seat of our SUV. Just enough space to get her across my lap and pants down. Usually in a parking garage where there is a bit more privacy. Not the most comfortable but fun to do.

Roz: Great question Hermione. Spankings have taken place in the back of the car, not ideal due to the cramped conditions. We have also used the file room at work a couple of times. The risk of being caught definitely heightened the experience!

Yorkie: My wife spanked me in the back of a 1987 Toyota Corolla once early in our relationship. Plastic hairbrush, small, light bruise on my right cheek the next day. Ah, the memories...

Bonnie: Confined spaces don't usually lend themselves to epic spankings. But I recall one occasion in the back of a small car in a nearly empty parking lot at an ocean beach. I was wearing a little sun dress so there was no struggling with clothing removal. We kept a solid wooden hairbrush in the glove compartment and it came in handy that day. Once we found a workable position, Randy really whacked my bottom. I remember being surprised by how much force he could generate given the limited swing range. I definitely squirmed in my seat during the ride home.

Ronnie: The smallest room I've been spanked in was on board a river boat in West Africa. It was a teeny 2 birth cabin only about 4x3m with bunk beds and broom cupboard bathroom.

Prefectdt: I'm not sure that this counts, as it ended up being a back flogging instead of a bottom flogging, which it was supposed to be. It was in a stairwell, that turned out to be smaller than it looked from the outside. I shoved my legs up against the railings and leaned on my head and arms on the wall opposite. The flogger came down from above, as at least vertically there was plenty of room.

KDPierre: The smallest 'space' in which I've ever 'experienced' a spanking has to be in my head. My head is just the average size of any human cranium, about 23" in circumference...and yet the seemingly cramped quarters had no negative impact on the experience whatsoever!

Other than that, it would had to have been the backseat of a van, but even at 6'3", since it was a van and not a compact car, the space had no negative affect. There was plenty of room to get the job done.

Rosco: Can’t think of any small spaces, so I’ll go with a big one - the Grand Canyon.

Irene gave me some epic spankings on one of our two week river trips. They were dicey because sound bounces off Canyon walls, but we’re sometimes drowned out by the sound of the river. Four days in a row at one point in the middle of the trip, all followed with great and sandy sex.

Hermione: I can think of one spanking that took place in the shower. It wasn't easy, as the footing was slippery, and the bath brush was far too long, so Ron had to use his hand. There is a small triangular stool in the shower, but if he sat on it there would be no room for me over his knee because of the small space, so we bot hhad to remain standing. It was fun, nevertheless!

I had hoped that someone had tried it in the bathroom of an airplane - the spanko version of the mile high club!
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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #293

Welcome one and all to an extra-special, no holds barred, deluxe edition of spanko brunch. Gold burgers and silver sausages are on the buffet, so make yourself comfortable and let's begin.

Spankings can happen, as we all know, in any place and at any time. Sometimes conditions are not ideal, but when the urge strikes, we do the best we can, right?

What is the smallest room or space in which you have experienced a spanking? How did you make adjustments in view of the close quarters you were in? Would you consider repeating the experience?

Tell us your story in a comment below, and I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to contribute.
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Hilda's Letter

The lovely Hilda has returned home after her freshman year at college, and is writing a letter to her roommate. Here is page one:
Hi Carol,

Boy, it seems like forever since we said good-bye for the summer. It's great to be home again. I sure missed Mom, Dad, my cat Samson and my high school pals, but you know, it's kinda funny. In just two weeks I have gone from being a grownup to being a little girl in her parents' home.

Last week at dinner I said "shit" when I dropped some mashed potatoes onto the table, and Dad told me in no uncertain terms that while I was under his roof, I had to obey the house rules, and one rule was no swearing. I disagreed with him, and five minutes after dinner was over I found myself in Dad's study, bent over his big oak desk, jeans down around my ankles, getting 10 swats across my panties with his special wooden ruler. (Dad always lets me keep my panties on for a spanking, 'cause it wouldn't be decent to show him my bare bum. Not Mom, though. She always pulls down my panties when I'm over her knee for a hairbrush spanking. But that doesn't happen often. She usually leaves the discipline to Dad.)

Naturally I apologized, but inside I was seething. I am old to be spanked, and I was determined that it wouldn't happen again. When I had the house to myself I pulled open the desk drawer where Dad kept the ruler and hid that awful thing where no one would ever think of looking. I figured that if the ruler was missing, then spankings would be postponed, and I would be back at college before anyone found it.

Last night I went out with some friends and came in just a tiny bit later than my curfew. Okay, maybe I was a half hour late, but it was Friday night! I didn't think anyone noticed, but the next morning after breakfast Dad called me into his study. He gave me a lecture about responsibility, watching the time, yadda yadda, then he pulled open the middle drawer of his desk. Natch, the ruler wasn't there. I tried to look innocent and said I hadn't seen it and maybe Mom borrowed it, but I wasn't very convincing. Dad took me by the arm, opened the study door, and said to be back in five minutes, either with the ruler or Mom's hairbrush. He pushed me out and slammed the door.

Okay, that didn't go so well. Now I had three choices:

1. Come back with the ruler. Dad would know for sure I had lied and I would get a lot more than the usual 10 swats.

2. Come back with the horrible hairbrush that I hated even more than the ruler. So much for avoiding a spanking!

3. Come back empty-handed and say I couldn't find the ruler and didn't see Mom's hairbrush on her dressing table. Trouble is, that was a lie too. Could I say it convincingly enough?

But maybe there was another option. I had to think fast, and here's what I decided to do.
What did Hilda do? There are so many possibilities I just can't decide. I'll let you write page two and tell Carol (and us) what happened next. Finish the letter any way you like and leave it as a comment below. I'll publish your endings on Saturday, so you have lots of time to consider the possibilities.

I'll be watching for the mail carrier!
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, August 19, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 18

Do you inspect your bottom after a spanking?

Wendel: We always check out each other’s handy work (except when we’re out on a hike – no mirror). I like the after effects of the paddle the most. Probably because it covers the most area.

Bonnie: Yes, I often assess the damage in a mirror. Usually, in the immediate aftermath, I observe two oval-shaped crimson blushes, one on lower slopes of each punished cheek. Sometimes, there is red coloration on my extreme upper thighs if Randy's attention strayed down there.

Canes can leave distinctive horizontal stripes. Heavy paddles can leave dark bullseye bruises. Hairbrushes and bath brushes sometimes create deep red marks similar in shape to the head of the implement. Most frequently, though, I see a fairly uniform reddish color that fades much too quickly.

Yorkie: Always! I love, LOVE, seeing her precise cane marks. She really is an artist.

Roz: Great question Hermione. Yes, we both definitely look at marks after a spanking and yes, I have noticed specific implements leave certain marks. The leather paddle leaves different marks to the wooden spoon. I think the spoon used to leave the most impressive marks lol.

Fred: I have always been obsessed by the marks a spanking makes. I love being marked, and I love looking at them.

Back in the day I would use a mirror, I have also set up multiple mirrors so I can see my bottom being spanked. But we are now in the twenty first century and mirrors are so last century. GoPro and Cellphones are the way forward.

I always photograph my marked bottom. I especially like the double tram lines a cane leaves.

Anon 1: I don't know if this applies, but I'm erect prior to a spanking, my wife insures me it will be gone once the spanking starts. Sometimes, not always she has me face the full length mirror in the bedroom showing how limp I've become. I have seen my bottom after a spanking and it is very red, warm, not bruised, but sitting is a major problem.

Barrel: I looked yesterday after being spanked on Friday with the hard rubber paddle. As one face of that paddle is slightly textured, it did leave a few marks but not as bad as in the past because I only got 50 strokes OTK. Every toy we have leaves its own, distinct pattern. But I enjoy the lasting marks of her thin delrin cane and wear them as a badge of honor.

Baxter: Sometimes yes. After a spanking a few years ago, I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw a very red bottom and that made me happy. Yesterday, after my wife spanked me with the riding crop, I looked in the mirror and saw lots of lines on a hot red bottom. Nice. I look at a lot of spanked ass on Google images and want mine to look like some of those.

Prefectdt: Yes I always look and often return several times over a period of a few hours, to watch the marks fade. Cane stripes are always the marks that I find most pleasing but the wide red marks from a good strapping or belting are also easy on the eye.

A.J. Sure! For me, more like hours later, but more the day after to see if the redness has gone or to see if any bruising is starting to appear. Don't want that when I'm at my workout club!

While I could easily see her red tush, and she could see mine, it's not that easy to have a mirror handy, in the right place, to see your own and be twisting every which direction (not sexy at all) trying get a good look. Just not practical.

So the solution? The camera on the iPhone!! A couple clicks and there you are, without the contortions! We could both see the results of our handiwork!

Important note:
1. Once you have seen the "damage" - delete that photo! Accidents happen.
2. Once it is deleted, understand "It's NOT!"
Find the "Recently Deleted" file and delete it there, too.
3. Then go to the cloud and make sure it's not there either.

Max: When I am spanked, my wife insists that i look in the mirror. She sometimes orders me to run my fingers over the belt welts or can markings.Other times after a spanking she slowly applies salve to the wounds gently and whispers softly. I always become aroused by that. The day after a session to have her out of the blue tell me to drop trousers and display my bruises. to her.

Very intense.

QBuzz: I always do and am always a little disappointed how it doesn't look as red as it feels... though my partner always says it looks plenty red to her!

Xena: Absolutely... every time.

Sometimes I’m disappointed and there’s not too much there... just a bit pink. Sometimes a darker red that fades into green and yellow bruises the next few days. That might be from the clothes brush? When he uses his hand (hard), I end up wire little clusters if tiny red blisters... especially if he used his hand wearing the ring. And right now I have dark blue speckled bruises from I assume the aluminum paddle.

Ronnie: Oh yes I often look into the mirror after a spanking. (I did this only last week after P spanked me). Sometimes P will check later. Specific implements leave certain marks. For me, I love to see the marks the cane makes.

Hermione: I used to do so regularly, and found that the wooden shoehorn produced redness that lasted well into the next day. I don't now because I am currently awaiting cataract surgery and can't see much more than a blur when I look at my bottom in the mirror.

This was obviously a very popular topic! Thank you to all who contributed to its success.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #292

The week has flown by, and it's time to gather together and talk about one aspect of spanking.

Do you (or does your partner) examine the results of a spanking in a mirror? If so, do you notice any specific marks or coloration depending on which implement was used? Do some implements leave more "results" than others? If you never look, why not? 

Please leave your response as a comment below, and I'll publish an edited summary of our conversation on Monday.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, August 16, 2019

Friday FAIL

Wander through any city and you will probably find your favourite fast food restaurant. If not, you might find one that's almost as good.

Other vendors also copy the big guys to try to fool you.

A clever knock-off from Breaking Bad

Spankings for all those merchants who are trying to fool the public into thinking they sell the real thing.
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

An Introduction to Caning

Caning has become popular lately, thanks to our good friend Ronnie, who sells a high quality product from her blog. For the beginner, a cane is quite a formidable implement. Correct application of the cane is an art, and requires practice.

Abel, the Spanking Writer, has retired his blog, but he once wrote a post about caning that I think is well worth resurrecting. Here is his advice for newbie caners:
1. Practice first: get used to hitting the target by whacking pillows. (Yes, it may sound silly, but…)

2. Give a warm-up – say an OTK spanking first: it helps to make the cane strokes slightly more bearable (even though some think it’s inauthentic if you’re playing, say, a school scene).

3. Choose the right position. It’s easier to cane accurately, at least if you’re new to it, if the young lady is lying down (perhaps on a bed with a pillow under her hips to lift her bottom up – the top can then stand to the side of the bed). If not, having you bend over something (a chair back, a desk if you have one) is easier than touching-your-toes.

4. Aim at the right spot. Be careful not to whack too high (watch out for the tail bone, particularly) or too low (the crease between the buttocks and thighs is usually seen as a sensible lowest point). Some tops mark the boundaries – the first stroke at the top of the “range”, the second at the bottom, which then it makes it easier to land the remainder on target.

5. Don’t hurry. Twenty seconds or so between strokes is good, to let the impact of the stroke reach its maximum point and level out, before applying the next one.

6. Don’t “wrap”. The worst marks come if the cane tip doesn’t land on the buttocks, but goes right round onto the hips or front of the thighs. Making sure he doesn’t stand too close will help.

7. Don’t be tempted to whack too hard, or too many times, especially the first time. I know I was tempted to give my first spankee 30 of the best. Six, slowly, well-done with cuddles afterwards can be far more intense. And the cane doesn’t need to hit the ceiling on the backswing! (Whilst getting used to wielding the cane, it may also be easier to hold it some way along, thus effectively shortening its length – that can help with accuracy until he’s confident).

8. Close the windows, and put on the TV if you’re at all worried about noise travelling. You want to enjoy it together – not have a worry at the back of your minds about the neighbours hearing and calling the police to rescue the poor woman being beaten next door.

9. Have an appropriate safeword. Sounds obvious, but “no”, “it hurts”, “owwww” and “stoooopppppp” may well come out naturally – yet you may actually be enjoying it (deep down) and wanting the scene to continue. Traffic lights work well (amber = OMG it hurts, so be careful, but keep going; red = stop now).

10. Don’t panic if the odd stroke does go astray. It may well do so – even with experienced players, the odd one does!

11. Have some arnica cream handy (if you can find some), or aloe vera if not, or decent moisturiser if not, and rub it in afterwards.

12. Don’t book a session at the local spa, or in the local swimming pool with vanilla friends, for the following morning! You may have marks that might take a couple of days to fade!

And finally – have fun!

I encourage you to read the original post here. The comments provide additional advice and are quite informative.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, August 12, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 11

Have you developed a tolerance for harder spankings over time?

PB: When we began a little over five years ago, we had agreed every friday 6 p.m. i would wait naked in the bedroom nose in corner of the room and hands locked behind back. When my wife entered the room, she would sit in a chair near the window. I would go to her and kneel before her and confess my wrongdoings. Things like lying bout anything, not finishing chores, etc. then i would kneel over the foot of the bed and she would spank me with a hair brush. At the start, usually 100 swats. My ass cheeks would be sore
and after i would return to corner and stand until called down to dinner.

About two years into this she added a spanking after dinner. In time we moved up from brush to belt, and the number of swats grew.

Last year she added a saturday morning session now with either belt or a caning. Usually on saturday half way through the session i would break into tears.

Four weeks ago in addition to the friday evening, saturday morning she has added a sunday evening before bed to remind me to behave during the week. Last sunday evening for the very first time after a caning and the belt i became aroused and when she picked up the brush after the second swat i came without touching my penis. i shot cum on the comforter and was then sent to launder it at once. When i finally crawled into bed sore and exhausted i serviced her with my tongue .

Do i hate this all YES!!!! Do i want it to stop ? NO!!!!!!!

Twisted but happy!

WBuzz: Definitely, I pretty much don't have a limit for hand-spankings these days. Implements still make me feel it though!

And my partner seems to be getting less tough the more she gets spanked - although that doesn't get her out of it :D

Anon 1: No question about it. Based upon what I am able to bear today my spankings of a few years ago barely qualify as a warmup.
Beside my ability to endure much more severe spankings, my wife has also adapted and has become less reticent to deliver longer and more forceful spankings,

Where once a typical spanking might deliver a rosy color to my cheeks it is much more common for today's spankings to turn my ass a BRIGHT GLOWING RED which will last for a day or two.

All in all over the last few years our sessions have become longer , more intense and above all more satisfying for the both of us.

Xena Warrior Brat: I don’t think my bottom has really toughened... but I have become more comfortable with my masochistic aspects, and so I do find I need more pain than I used to, and more often.

Roz: The timing of this question is perfect for me Hermione. I was spanked for the first time in forever last night! (Apparently the mood suddenly just came over Rick lol). He did go easy, knowing it had been so long and it was more of the sexy, fun kind of spanking. He did at one comment "I used to give you some good beatings" lol, to which I said "I like to think so"!

Over the years I have definitely found that tolerance changes and that my tolerance is higher with more regular spankings and much lower if it's been a while. Rick also commented on me being out of practice.

Simon: I was spanked for the first time as an adult over 40 years ago. At that time a good spanking and perhaps a slippering was about as much as I could bear. Gradually over time implements such as hairbrushes, paddles, straps, canes and whips have been used so I think it is fair to say my tolerance has increased although what I still love most is a sensual but not necessarily gentle spanking and beating.

Yorkie: I would say definitely, yes. However, spankings are few and far between these days so my next spanking (hopefully more than one!) will take place in a few weeks as it’s our wedding anniversary and we are escaping for a few days and I might not tolerate my usual beating. Perhaps...

Anon 2: At one time I was not showing any signs that the spanking was hurting, one time is the key word. My wife did not take long to correct that. Today, it is the waiting that I dread, and the wooden hairbrush that she purchased.

Prefectdt: If by 'tolerance' you mean that the same level of spanking produces a lower pain level, then I would have to say no, it still hurts as much as it used to. But if you mean my ability to control myself and take a harder or more lengthy spanking, then yes I do have a greater tolerance. I do find that my ability to tolerate a harder spanking decreases with the more time I have between getting spanked. After, for example, a three month break, I have to start concentrating on my self control much more than after a two week break.

Red: A definite YES. I know that a hand spanking, even from a strong hand, has little effect. The wooden hair brush used to be extremely effective, but lessened as time went on. The first time with the Vermont Country bath brush was frightful, but over time, it has lessened in it's effectiveness, but is still really effective. It just takes many more spanks. The tawse now is effective every time it is used, but it is the newest implement along with the cane. Cindy is gradually using the cane stronger, as she becomes comfortable with it, so it is very effective, and will remain so for a very long time.

Barrel: I agree with Perfectdt, my beatings remain quite painful. I definitely don’t think my tush has toughened or calloused from our play. I think the more frequent the sessions, the better I do in letting the pain in, and welcoming it. However, over the 40 years she has spanked me, I have learned to control my response by deep breathing and trying to relax. But the hard rubber paddle and cane still hurt like hell.

Dan: For a long time, that was the pattern -- a spanking that seemed very hard when we first started now would seem like a "warm up." But, that seems to have changed over the last year or two. Spankings just seem to hurt more now, particularly with wooden paddles. It's possible that she is just swatting harder, and I have no other explanation for it.

Rosco: I’m not sure. Initially I was thrilled that Irene was willing to spank me, and ecstatic that she quickly grew to like it. At some point over 39 years we gave up paddles and hairbrushes, using leather straps or a riding crop instead - all except when one of us finds a good switch along a trail or somewhere.

There are times when I want a spanking to go on forever, or for Irene to stop for a bit then start anew after a short break. It’s never been too much at time, except on the rare occasion when she gets my testicles or the far hipbone by mistake. I’ve never had a spanking last too long.

But the long spankings don’t go away for days. It’s not really fun to have trouble sitting still 48 hours later.

Hermione: Yes, definitely. I can take a lot more now than when we started. Implements that I couldn't tolerate - like wooden hair and bath brushes - are now acceptable. On the flip side, a small leather paddle that we thought was ineffective has now proved to be a real stinger as Ron has learned to weild it effectively.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. See you next week!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #291

Come on in! It's good to see you again. Today we are going to discuss a topic suggested by my dear friend and fellow spankee, Red.

Have you, over time, developed a tolerance for more severe spankings? Has your bottom toughened by being spanked, so that what was a strong spanking fifteen years ago is inconsequential now? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please leave your reply as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, August 10, 2019

You Completed the Caption

KDPierre: Hilda found it hilarious that the title of her new book was merely a euphemism for all the various techniques one may use in “having their pipes cleaned”.

Barrel: Hilda especially liked the pictures of plumbers, bent over, doing their work. Those boys were forever exposing ample portions of their derrieres, and there it was, the telltale mark of the cane.

Anon: Hilda's husband was about to demonstrate to Hilda how unfunny it can be when your husband sends you to fetch the plumbing book and a wrench so he can repair the outdoor spigot before the hose bursts. When he walked on to the porch, soaking wet, Hilda knew she was in trouble, dropped the book, and headed for the door, saying, "I'll go get that wrench for you." But her husband was quicker than she was, and he caught her before she had a chance to get inside. He dragged her back to the chair, deposited her across his lap, slid her nighty up to her waist, picked up the book, and applied it to her ample bottom until it was as red as the cushion. When he was finished paddling Hilda, he rolled her off his lap and handed her the book, saying, "I'll get the wrench myself. You can just sit yourself down here and go back to reading. By the way, I think this is a very fine book ... very handy to have around. I do hope you enjoy it as much as I just did!"

Prefectdt: Hilda found it hilarious, when she found out that 'Stop Cock' had not meant what she thought that it meant, for all those years.

Wendel: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – plumber’s helper!”

Hermione: Hilda found the section on how to use a stop cock key especially entertaining.

That was fun! For more fun and games, please stay for brunch; it's almost ready.
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Complete the Caption

Our dear  friend Hilda is having a laugh over a self-help book. But will she soon need help of a different sort?

Complete the caption (go on, you know you want to) and I'll publish your submissions on Saturday.
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Is Catherine Kinky?

Ron and I have recently discovered the renowned British author, Catherine Cookson, and have been enjoying some of her many novels set in the north of England. The stories are usually about people suffering hardship, and there is always a tragedy or two. You can be sure that one of the characters will be named Kate, after the woman Cookson grew up believing was her older sister, but who was actually her mother. Alas, except for the odd slap on the bottom or the threat of a "skelping", I have found nothing remotely kinky enough to blog about.

Until, that is, I finished the second book in the Mallen trilogy, and read a short description of another of her books entitled The Whip. Here is the synopsis:
Emma Molinero's dying father, a circus performer, had sent his beloved daughter to live with an unknown grandmother, not realizing that he had sentenced her to a life of misery.

But the graceful Emma, mistrusted by the local people for her beauty and her "foreign blood", nevertheless became a woman who mystified and fascinated men because of her fiery independence and her skill at performing with the whip—her father's only legacies.

That sounds rather intriguing. Perhaps she becomes a domme. Then I looked at the extensive list of Cookson novels. (I have printed them all onto a sheet of paper that I carry with me, and check the list each time I see a novel in a used book shop, so that I don't buy a duplicate.) These titles might possibly be indicators of kinky fun.
  • Slinky Jane
  • The Glass Virgin
  • The Invisible Cord
  • The Man who Cried
  • The Black Candle
  • The House of Women
  • Justice is a Woman
  • A Ruthless Need
  • The Year of the Virgins
  • The Branded Man
  • The Obsession
  • The Bondage of Love
Or maybe not. I'll have to read the stories and find out.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, August 5, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 4

Have you become more comfortable about revealing your enjoyment of spanking to others as a result of discussing it on blogs like this one?

Jack: Knowing others are spanked, especially males, does make it easier. A neighbor down the street I did not know was spanked, only found out when he asked if I had trouble sitting and told him. He then opened up. It seems the women know more than the men, found this from church, worked hard not to squirm, and after church some women will smile at me, or some will tell my wife, wish I could.  So yes it is easier to an extent to talk about it.

Wendel: Not really. It is between the Misses and myself.

Roz: This is a great question. Spanking has always been just between us. I don't know I would ever really be comfortable sharing with others.

Yorkie: Maybe a tiny bit but I doubt we'll ever out ourselves intentionally.

Simon: Having had bad experiences in the past I'm very careful who I Tell about my passion for spanking and being spanked. That is why I enjoy blogs and Twitter because it enables me to join in with other likeminded people. I know I'm very unlikely to met most of them although I have met a couple of bloggers and Twitter users and been delighted to find that they are just as pleasant in real life as I imagined from reading their stuff.

Prefectdt: I have to admit that this question freaked me out a bit, when I read it, as it was closely related to a phone call, that I made only last week. I discovered that someone that use to be my uncle (until he and my auntie divorced) had died. I then phoned my cousin, to express my condolences. My cousin and I were both born in the same year and spent much time together as children, even going on holiday together and we used to be very good friends. I came out, as a spanko, to my family, friends and work colleagues in 2014 but still find that I have to keep coming out as I meet people who do not know about me. My cousin turned out to be one of these people. As we chatted (for the first time in years) the conversation turned to relationships and it went something like this.

Me- I am a spanko, you know
Him- No what's that
Me- A corporal punishment role player
Him- Still no idea
Me- Well you know what BDSM is
Him- Not a clue
Me- You're kidding me!

At this point I realised that I could not explain it to him over the phone. I then told him the name of my blog and asked him to Google it and have a look at that, in hopes that that would help him understand what kind of life I lead. He did Whatsapp me back later and said that the blog looks fun.
In this way the blog has helped me to come out a bit more than I was before. I hope that my cousin is OK with it all. His opinion matters to me.

KDPierre: Rosa and I are nearly totally open, but the decision was made due to our life philosophies and had nothing to do with having or reading a blog. It's actually the reverse; being open in real life led to revealing things in my blog, not the other way around.

And ironically, after having been 'open' with my blog for years, I am now going to make the blog private. We'll still be open in real life though!

Red: I am very open to meeting other spanking couples socially. It is irrelevant whether the man is spanked or the woman, or both.

With TTWD bloggers, you can tell quite a bit about how nice and friendly people are by what they write, and comments they leave around the TTWD blog world.

Meeting would not involve spanking, simply a comfort level that you can talk (including talking about spanking) and share good times, avoiding all politics and religion.

I am a dreamer, so I still hope to meet Hermione and Ron someday in the future, besides other couples.

One last point is that many of us somewhat exaggerate the level of a spanking given, and that might be offputting for some. However, bottoms toughen by being spanked, so what a strong spanking was fifteen years ago, is inconsequential now. (That has been my experience).

Hmmm, that sounds like a great brunch topic. Thanks, Red!

Hank: The big reveal came last holiday season when my son (24) shared with me that his wife was spanking him. He then asked did mom spank me. We both laughed and the ice was broken.

Hermione: Since I retired from a nine to five office job I am less worried about what people might think if they read my blog or knew about our spanking habits. In the case of the firemen, I wasn't too concerned since it was an emergency and they were professionals as well as strangers I would probably never see again. But  Istill wouldn't confess to a friend or acquaintance unless there was a good reason to.

Thank you all for a great discussion!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #290

Welcome, dear friends, to our weekly brunch. I'm so glad you could join us today. Recently I received an email from regular reader Barrel about my What did they see? post. Here's what he wrote:
I think that which we share in your blog every week is helping us, ever closer, to being “out”. And if not completely “out”, maybe more comfortable if someone were to find out, as the firefighters may have, how comfortable or confident are we with others knowing?
What do you think?

Have you become even slightly more comfortable about revealing your enjoyment of spanking to others as a result of being able to "talk" about it via blogs?

I'd love to hear your response, so please leave it as a comment. You may remain anonymous. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I'll publish an edited summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, August 2, 2019

Friday FUN

Ron and I went to Walmart yesterday, just to look around, and as usual we saw several Walmartians doing their shopping. Ron later sent me a funny story  to share with you.
Yesterday I was buying 2 large bags of Purina dog chow at Walmart, for my dogs Winston, Chief, Gus, and Maximus. I was about to check out when a woman behind me asked if I had a dog. Did she think, that I had an elephant? Since I had little else to do, on impulse, I told her that no, I didn't have a dog, and that I was starting the Purina Diet again, although I probably shouldn't because I ended up in the hospital last time. On the bright side though, I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of every hole in my body and IVs in both arms.

I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way that it works is to load your pockets with Purina nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry and that the food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in the line was enthralled with my story by now.)

Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care because the dog food had poisoned me. I told her no; I had stopped in the middle of the parking lot to lick my butt and a car hit me.

I thought the guy behind her was going to have a heart attack, he was laughing so hard!

Walmart won't let me shop there anymore.
Have a great weekend!
From Hermione's Heart