Monday, May 29, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 28

This week we discussed spankings that result in tears.

Anon 1: It was never a goal, but I did bring an ex spankee to tears twice. The first time as she thought she was a tough spankee (years of exp), who had never been full force traditionally spanked although she only found out later spankers were holding back before me, so her first true spanking from me did have her losing her composure a few times. I paused so she could bounce back, with her staying bare bottomed, over my knee of course, and the lines I had her reciting while counting aloud in retrospect also added to her emotional reaction.

The second set of tears was due to the use of a special, large paddle as she had been disrespectful to Sir on a prior visit. I was happy not to have to use it again. It was fairly long and quite impactful, although certainly less lengthy than a sorority paddle. This time, after a few dozen swats, she was blubbering for several minutes. That is when I decided she would never be disrespectful again and ended the paddling. Four hours later, sitting by Long Island Sound, after ten minutes on a wooden park bench, she shot up when standing as if fired from a cannon.

Bonnie: Ever in our case is a really long time. It's happened, but seldom. I'm the kind who sobs at the movies when the dog dies. But pain on my butt? Not so much.

Those rare times when I do cry is not due to the pain (though it always hurts). It's most likely because of a sudden release of tension I didn't fully realize I was holding back. Getting one of those serious spankings opens my emotional vault and occasionally, more spills out of there than I expect. Fortunately, Randy knows to keep spanking until I relax and then hold me tight.

Wendel: There have been a few occasions when the Misses got up from her spanking with a tear or two, not crying, in the eye. The tear makes her look even sexier that she already is. 

Roz: There have been times I wanted to cry as an emotional release but haven't. I don't usually cry from a spanking but it has happened on the rare occasion. 

Prefectdt: From a spanking itself, I have never really cried, yet. But afterwards, if I am put into corner time and left alone, this has had me blubbing like a baby on several occasions. I think it is because after having been, intensely, at the centre of someone else's attention, I just feel so abandoned and alone. This does not happen with those corner times when the Spanker stays close and talks to or scolds me.

Jack: I recall the first time my wife (my gf at the time) made me cry. We were staying at her Mother's, she lived in another city, meet and greet situation. We had been together long enough that spankings were applied if I messed up and something we both agreed to. A couple of days into the visit I messed up, I stepped out of the shower, my gf standing there, watched as I dried off, and then said get to the bedroom. Well I was soon over her lap, her hairbrush being applied hard and fast and soon I could not help it, I was squirming, kicking, crying, pleading for her to stop.

Anon 2: I am a sissy submissive to my wife/mistress. She firmly believes that the spanking doesn't start until the tears start. Every spanking, whether it's with the paddle, strap or cane ends in me crying like a little girl. Very humiliating,especially if someone else is present to watch the spanking.

Dan: Somewhat frustratingly, no. I've always found the possibility morbidly fascinating, but so far it hasn't happened, and we've been at domestic discipline for almost 20 years.

Barrel: I have never cried during or after a spanking. Could be because my wife usually stops the spanking when she has achieved the look she desires on my backside and that is short of what I think would make me cry. But she is gradually upping her desired outcome, so we will see.

Rosco: No.

When I get spanked I whine. I whimper. I complain. I submit. Sometimes I’m required to say I deserve it and thank my mistress.

I’ve never cried. It would be interesting if I did. But all our such activities are role play. I get as deep as I can into fantasyland but I guess I know it’s not real.

A.J.: Tears come from emotion, not from a spanked and sore bottom.

On the receiving side of the lap I have never cried.

On the giving side of the lap I have never spanked a woman to tears and don't want to. After, who wants to cuddle up with a woman with tears falling down her face, mascara going everywhere, hair a mess, and that awful crying? Besides that view, how could she be any good in the sack after, amiright?

Hermione: I've never cried during a spanking, and here's why. What circumstances might cause me to cry?

Humiliation. If I were to be spanked in front of another person, or otherwise humiliated, I might cry.

Helplessness. If I felt I had no control over the spanking and it was going in direction I didn't like, I might cry out of frustration or fear.

Pain. If the spanking was too severe, it might lead to tears.

None of this has been true for us, and I don't expect that to change, so all spankings are definitely tear-free.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #489

For my American friends, this is a long Memorial Day weekend. I hope you are enjoying the weather, and will take the time to drop by and say hello. Let's discuss one of my favourite topics.

Has a spanking ever brought you to tears, or have you ever caused a spankee to cry? If so, how often has it happened? Was it intentional or accidental?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has shared their experiences, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, May 25, 2023

A bunny update and some people just can't spell

Since some of you asked, the four bunnies in our backyard nest are still there, and seem to be thriving. The dogs don't pay much attention to them under the basket.

I must confess I don't really want more rabbits in the garden. We have struggled for years to keep them out. We can't plant peas because they eat the young shoots as soon as they appear. Our root crops are planted under a popup structure with a zippered, velcroed door so that we can actually have some carrots, radishes and beets for ourselves. But I'd rather not have our yard the scene of mass baby bunny carnage, so they are under our care until they leave the nest. Then I dearly hope they move next door, where there is an even wilder naturalized area.

For some totally unrelated fun, some folks have no concept of the written language.

When the spam callers phone us to say they are from ACME duct cleaners, I always say we don't have any ducks then ask if they clean chickens.  Click!

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Hippity Hop

Last week I was out early with one of our dogs and we were in the far end of our yard. It's a naturalized area, with native trees and vegetation along the original farm fenceline, before the land was turned into a subdivision. The dog was sniffing at a clump of fluff, probably from a stuffed toy and blown in by the wind, so I picked it up. There was more, and since that particular dog I was with eats everything he can, I wanted to get it before he did. When my fingers touched a larger clump, I felt something move and heard a squeak. Yikes! It was a nest of newborn bunnies, hidden under a mass of their mother's fur.

The dog and I beat a hasty retreat and I called the local wildlife rescue organization for advice. I was told to put a laundry basket over the nest to keep the babies safe from the dogs. They said to remove the basket at dusk and replace it in the morning, since mum only feeds her babies at dawn and dusk, and is away the rest of the time.

It's been going well so far, and the dogs have shown little interest, which is just as well. Dogs can be quite naughty sometimes.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

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Monday, May 22, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 21

What about those pervertibles on display in your kitchen?

Bonnie: Here's what I see... a paddle-shaped wooden cutting board (a paddle), three highly motivating wooden spoons, a plastic spaddle that really stings, and a big ladle that is occasionally adapted for non-culinary purposes. I've been spanked with a serving platter and frying pans, and snapped with a kitchen towel. As for the count, it grows every time Randy goes hunting for a pervertable.

Spankings in the kitchen are not limited to implements that originate there. Randy likes to bend me over the counter, sink, range, or table. There's more than dinner cooking at our house.

Rob: There's a set of wooden salad tongs, a couple of wooden spatulas, three metal spatulas, two cutting boards with convenient handles and several more without handles, and I suppose the ladles could be used too. And after unplugging a few appliances, three power strips.

Rosco: Irene sometimes gives me playful whacks in the kitchen. But when she tried wooden spoons more seriously the small one break and the big one are two powerful. I’m sure spatulas or other items would work well but the whips, crops and paddles work better. I don’t think either of us feels the need to make something in the kitchen work.

Roz: We have one particular wooden spoon that is more like a paddle, it stings! There are also several spatulas and serving spoons, but they aren't as effective.

Prefectdt: I have absolutely nothing, in my kitchen, that I would ever use come spanking time. As much as I like to keep an acceptable level of personal hygiene, bottoms are where the poop comes out and I would hate to cook with anything that had been pounding my posterior. I have purchased several items twice, so that I had one specifically used for spanking. These include various wooden spoons, a wooden spatula and a carpet beater. The carpet beater, in the kitchen, hangs on the wall, purely as a decoration. I did once buy a silicone-headed spoon with holes in it for spanking, and then thought one of these might be handy in the kitchen and so got a second one for cooking with. The first is an excellently stingy and intense spanking toy. The second is great for stirring pans, without being too drippy, and does not scratch non-stick coatings.

Anon: The usual spoons, bread board paddle… But as I’ve mentioned in numerous past posts that we do not hide our DD relationship from family and friends and the most prominent item is the razor strap hanging on wall next basement door, and that it’s there for me not HoH wife.

Jack: The bath brush hangs in the hallway, close to the front door, my wife got tired of being asked about it and now has "For Naughty Little Boys" stamped on it.

Wendel: We have several decorative spatulas in the kitchen. Very suggestive but we would never use them other than for cooking. The actual fanny paddle is hung in the pantry cupboard behind a few old potholders. At a quick glance relatives and friends would never see it. The door has a unique squeak when opened. The sound has become a warning sign that a spanking might be coming even if the door is open just to get a box of cereal. 

In our Ireland home the paddle hangs next to the kitchen door and a strap hangs very visible in the pantry cupboard. It is a rarity that we get visitors there so no need to hide. A neighbor stopped by once and saw the paddle. When he asked, I told him it was to keep the Misses in line. He laughed; she just evil eye stared at me. After he left the Misses gave me a hell of a paddling and laughed.

Ronnie: Several wooden spoons, a couple of metal and plastic spatulas and 2 wooden serving boards with handles. I smiled when I read Bonnie's comment about being spanked with a frying pan, P has used one a couple of times.

Mark: Not much in the kitchen at our place has been perverted, but like others comments there is plenty that could be. There is a wooden cheese board about 2ft long with a handle that would be pretty scary, a number of other cutting boards, wooden spoons, one of those rubber jar opening thingies...

Hermione: We have a baguette board, a wooden heart-shaped spoon and a back scratcher displayed on the walls. Counting all the wooden utensils, tongs and spatulas, there are at least two dozen implements just begging to be used.

JJ Rose: I have PLENTY of pervertables in my kitchen, but since I use them for cooking, I prefer not to spank with them. That said, I do have a wooden spoon in a drawer specifically for delivering spankings to naughty individuals who act out in my kitchen. It looks almost exactly like this.

No one acts out in my kitchen anymore, sadly.

Happy Victoria Day!

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #488

Early this week Ron received an interesting but unexpected gift. It was hand delivered, with no return address. Having watched way too many episodes of Forensic Files, I cautiously listened for any ticking sounds, then gingerly split the tape with scissors. It didn't explode, and under the bubble wrap was an artisan board, similar to the one above. Turns out it was a gift from the company he once worked for, to commemorate a significant anniversary. 

Ron wondered if it might be used for spanking, and I replied that it was way too big and heavy, but I liked where his mind was going. The board is on display in the kitchen, along with other wooden items that just might be suitable for OTK discipline. Now, what about you?

What do you have in your kitchen, either on display or hidden, that is or might be used as a spanking implement? What is the total number of these pervertibles?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a look and counted carefully, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 15, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 14

What do you do when a spanking isn't what you want at  the moment?

Bonnie: This happens sometimes for a variety of reasons. For example, when I am in the middle of a complex task, an impromptu bottom beating is unlikely to improve my concentration. We talk about it. Sometimes, I agree to submit. Other times, he agrees to reschedule. When I initiate these discussions, I do so with the knowledge that postponed paddlings are usually longer, harder, and more painful than usual. Either way, we work through it and I get spanked.

Dale: I feel obligated to submit to any spankings I'm due. We agreed that she was in charge of such things, so I am willing to change my mind and comply. I suppose I could ask for a rescheduled punishment, but I've never asked. 

Graham: She can almost always talk me into it! Of course, I get penalties for resistance. Note: she doesn't initiate when circumstances are clearly impossible. 

Wendel: About the only time I would say no to a spanking is if I am sick. There are no extra whacks the next time. The Misses just moves on the to next spanking. There are times when I want to spank the Misses, but she is not feeling good. She is not so lucky. I will add on more whacks the next time reminder her of the missed spanking. 

Rosco: We’re entirely roleplay and consensual.

If I’m not in the mood (usually Irene would know so it’s rare), I ask Irene if she can do it later. That’s our code.

If I am in the mood, I’ll whine and complain and pout that I don’t deserve a spanking. The more I resist, the harder and longer the punishment - also our code.

Roz: It does happen on occasion and it depends on the situation. Usually Rick will know if I am feeling under the weather or if there is another 'legitimate' (for want of a better word) reason that I am not in the mood and won't go there. Otherwise it usually happens, and I usually come around to the idea :) after a little pouting or whining sometimes:)

Prefectdt: Unless I have the rare treat of visiting Antwerp or Gent, most of my spankings, pay to play or with fellow amateur Spankos, are pre-arranged. Unless I have a genuine issue, such as illness or being stuck in a traffic jam, I tend to turn up anyway, even if I am not at all in the mood to get spanked. I would hate to get a reputation as a "No show". You know, 99 times out of a 100, I end up enjoying the spanking anyway.

KDPierre: It all depends on the reason for the spanking and the reason I'm not into that particular one. 

Anon: Once a spanking is scheduled that's it, nothing stops it. Wife is bestowed with HoH authority and I must comply and submit to punishment at the designated time.

Mark: It has taken a long time and much encouragement for my wife to accept her authority and to unilaterally decide to punish me. For my part, to keep the system in place, I take the spanking when she dictates.
She knows me well though, and wouldn't decide to punish if I was sick.

Barrel: While some of our sessions include punishment for behaviors, our spanking is consensual. I can always get a reprieve, most often with the warning that the next time will be more and harder, but she almost never follows through. As I really want more spankings, I rarely ask for a pass, but there are times when it won’t be beneficial for us. I am working, mentally, to not pass as my wife’s enjoyment in whipping is growing. But we are enjoying our dance together.

Hermione: Our spankings are scheduled, but if something comes up for either one of us, like stiffness or soreness, or an unexpected problem, then we reschedule. If I am just not in the mood, I comply anyway, and usually end up enjoying myself.

Jean Marie: This week’s question made me smile; it was so outside of my frame of reference. At first, I considered not answering. But I both feel that my contrary viewpoint has validity, and that this forum is a lifeline for my sanity right now, so I’ll weigh in. 

If my loving Top thinks I need a spanking, I’m preparing my bottom and my mind to get a spanking. The concept of “safe and sane” never appealed to me like the one “more is better” does. 

I’ve been going through a rough patch recently, depressed by a move to a new place that suffers by comparison to the previous, a new job that I dislike, so every day has been a struggle. I felt burdened, and the only outlet for relief was to ask my lover to spank me hard, so that I could have a good, cleansing cry. I did this night after night. I went off the deep end, maximizing the benefit from the release of the tears and minimizing/discounting the damage to my bottom, bruises on top of bruises. (It fell to my fiancĂ©, fanny-fancier that he is, to call a halt to the nightly ritual.)

With that extreme example in mind, I ask, “What could possibly make me feel like I don’t want to undergo a spanking?” We have been out in public on numerous occasions when Robert has deemed a spanking appropriate or necessary, and I’ve been bared and beaten in full view of others. During PMS or “that time of the month,” I’ve found a sound spanking to be an antidote to the grouchies. My headaches are often caused by stress and his spanking of me is the best stress relief (as is the sex afterward, but I won’t go off on that tangent). If I’m seriously ill, I wouldn’t be misbehaving in the first place. Honestly, I think that I’d have to be on my deathbed in order to want to opt-out of my man’s spanking of my tush, and a playful, teasingly erotic spanking might just revive me from that, too!

Such a variety of responses! That's what's so great about our community. There are so many different experiences we can share with each other.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #487

Welcome, everyone. You're just in time for brunch. Here's a topic for the spankees in the audience, but spankers, please feel free to answer for your partner.

When you just don't feel like undergoing a spanking, what do you do? Do you submit anyway? Refuse and go do something else? Renegotiate another time and/or place? Another approach?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has voiced their thoughts, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, May 11, 2023


Today and tomorrow we will have two workers around the house, installing a new furnace and air conditioner. Both our existing units are well over a decade old and age is beginning to tell on them. The company doing the installations is reputable; they have serviced our existing system yearly and made any necessary repairs. So I don't think we will run into any problems like the renovations below.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 8, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 7

What do you think about during a spanking?

Mark: I am not sure that I think during a spanking. I experience and I wait and I feel... The pain of the last spank and the wait for the next.
I think that my subconscious is pretty busy though. My wife took the time to strap me yesterday (so not over her knee) and in the middle I was suddenly aware that I needed to make contact with her. What was going on in my brain?
Like most of us I suspect, I do spend a lot of time thinking about being spanked before and after the spanking ... just not during.
Maybe pain processing fully commits the conscious brain capacity? And maybe that's one reason that it is so good - it gets us out of our heads...

Graham: It depends on the spanking. If we're playing Scrabble, I'm working hard on my next word. If it's disciplinary, I'm probably focused on my offence and the punishment. If it's a "fun" or "good boy" spanking, I'm probably just trying to take enough swats until she lets me put my head between her legs and provide the necessary service! 

Roz: Great question Hermione! It depends on the situation and nature of the spanking. Sometimes I'm focussed on processing the pain and anticipating the next swat, other times my mind can wander anywhere lol

Mary: No matter where I am when my wife spanks me, my initial thoughts are whether anyone can hear or see. While I trust in my head that she would pick a time and place that would protect me from public humiliation, I am still a little scared. However, after a few minutes I really only think about my poor bottom.

Prefectdt: I have said it at Brunches before, at the start of every spanking I am always thinking the same thing, "This F)I*&^G hurts. Why do I do this?". After I reach the right mindscape, what I am thinking very much depends on how the person who is spanking me and how they act during the spanking. If they are a silent spanker, I don't think of much at all, apart from riding the pain wave and trying to predict when the next, stroke/swat/strike is going to happen. If I have a chatty or demanding spanker, my submissive side kicks in and I try to think of things to say or do, that will please them.

Jean Marie: I try to keep my mind thought-free during spankings. I'm never successful. I'll think about how pain-free it is to lower my panties, and how that won't be the case later. Once the spanking starts, I'll think, "That wasn't too bad, I can handle this." Then many smacks later, I'll think, "This is getting serious, I'm gonna lose it!" And soon I'm the begging, balling, kicking, sorry little girl I am at heart openly getting my just desserts.

In his play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Tennessee Williams spoke about an alcoholic hearing the click in his head when he's drunk enough. I hear a click when the endorphins take over and I'm high on the spanking sensations. In that euphoric state, I'm often moved to bait my lover/spanker, wanting to prolong the feelings. Because spanking turns us both on, our thoughts turn to inspired sex when the spanking is concluded. I always think how lucky I am to be a bottom with such a loving Top, and voice those sentiments. An hour after it's all over with, I'll realize how alive I feel, how vibrant my lower half feels, and I'll want the who;e thing to start all over again.

(I'm taking the excellent advice of friend, Sore, and seizing a little time for myself when possible. Yes, I'm still alive everybody, and No, my blog has nothing new on it.)

Rosco: The best thing about a spanking and associated activities is the diversion from responsibilities and concerns of everyday life. The discipline becomes everything - the hot bottom, the wondering how long it will last and what comes next. I don’t meditate so it’s the best way for me to relax. My mind may wander a bit during extended corner time, but generally I stay in the naughty boy spanking space, waiting for my demanding bossy lady to return for another round inevitably followed by reverse cowgirl cunnilingus.

And sometimes I think I want this spanking to go on forever.

Bonnie: Here's a sample of what goes through my mind as I lie across Randy's lap for an executive sassion with the Board of Corrections.

1. Ow. Ow. Ow! My butt really hurts.

2. This is all right. I need this.

3. I need to vacuum in here.

4. Is that another new paddle?

5. I'll probably appreciate this punishment more when it's over.

6. I can take this spanking. It's no big deal.

7. Ack! Ouch! Eee! No! Wait! Not there! Whoa!

8. Why does he have to pound those same two spots over and over?

9. I wonder how many other wives in the neighborhood are starting their day this way.

10. I forgot to change the laundry.

11. I think he's getting tired.

12. Why does this have to take so long?

13. He's talking to me, but what is he saying? I'll answer "Yes, sir" and hope that's right.

14. Man, that's loud. I think he's hitting harder now.

15. No, I don't wiggle because I want more. I wiggle because it freaking hurts!

16. What should we have for lunch?

17. I must be a bad girl to deserve all this.

18. I think I might be getting a cramp in my calf.

19. I hope I have some nice marks. I'll bet I do.

20. I'm grateful that he takes care of me so well.

Fondles: Most of the time we're just having a conversation... whatever it was we were talking about PRIOR to the spanking LOL.

With the occasional OUCH and HEY thrown in when things get "exciting". But otherwise, just usual chatter.

JJ Rose: When giving, I think about making sure the bottom is receiving what they want/need out of the spanking. For longer, more intense, or harder scenes, I think about safety -- how hard can I go without causing damage, is that spot there about to bleed, etc. Sometimes I think about how fucking hot it is that this awesome person has trusted me enough to do this intimate activity with them.

When receiving, usually I have a mental picture/movie, seeing myself receive the spanking from the outside. It takes a lot to shut my brain off, unfortunately.

Hermione: Ron changes implements frequently, so when a severe one is applied, I'm usually thinking, "Too high! Too hard! Too low! Slow down!" When it's a paddle that I especially like, I'm imagining myself as a naughty girl getting some much-needed discipline.

To let my fellow bloggers who have been attacked by Blogger know that I too am a member of the club, I have had 17 old blog posts reverted to draft for various transgressions. None newer than 2016, and mostly brunch recaps.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #486


Its coronation weekend! On Saturday, May 6, King Charles III was crowned king of England and the Commonwealth. The official coronation dish is quiche with spinach, fava beans and tarragon. While you are enjoying it and toasting our King, let's talk about spanking. Or to be more specific, let's think about spanking.

What do you think about during a spanking?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has voiced their thoughts, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

God Save the King!

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

What a Relief!

Bring after-spanking comfort and relief with this sculptured cushion. "Imagine sitting all day in any chair in total comfort" begins the ad on this website. Mmmm, sounds wonderful, AND as an extra bonus, it has a "grippy bottom".

A big thank you to Bonnie for finding this product and passing it along for me to share with you.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 1, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 30

Describe the most expensive spanking-related object you own.

Wendel: We have bought a variety of Halloween costumes. They range anywhere from $50 to $150. The Misses purchased a paddle for about $75. It does a nice job, so money well spent. 

Roz: I love this question. We haven't spent big amounts of money on spanking -related gear. The most expensive would be a paddle and a few other items which didn't cost that much.

Simon: I once bought two beautiful leather paddles with a lovely embroidered design on the non-business side which if I remember correctly cost £100. Also although not directly for spanking I bought an electro-play set which cost £200 only to discover I don't really enjoy the sensation,

Bonnie: We have several fancy implements, but the most expensive item has to be our spanking bench. I love it. It was money well spent.

KDPierre: While I didn't purchase my wife, she still is probably the most expensive component of our lifestyle. ;-) Just kidding. Even she is astoundingly 'low maintenance' as are all of our toys. The expensive stuff ends up being the little gadgets outside of spanking itself, like a male chastity device. Otherwise we are very DIY with benches, toys, and even outfits.

 Rosco: Generally spanking etc is a pretty cheap hobby, at least compared to many other activities.

The first riding crop I bought was expensive, but only because I felt I had to buy other items or I’d be identified as, well, you know. It was the early 1980s, and I went to a local Western store. I looked around, found a couple shirts to buy, all the time eyeing the seductive bucket of riding crops. I felt it was obvious I didn’t ride so I had some story in my head that I would tell if needed, either to the young buxom salesgirl (she was maybe 22, I was 27) or the 50ish grumpy looking man who seemed in charge.

When I pulled out one of the longer, luxurious in its leather, riding crops, the young woman came over. I was so nervous. She pulled out a really short one, and suggested I try it. “It hurts plenty”, she said and for a moment pretended she was going to swat me with it. Then she laughed it off. I bought both crops and the shirts. She rang me up and I never had to talk to the grumpy older dude, even though he was right there at the register.

More recently, I bought a pair of high-end leather ping pong paddles for $150 or so. They were great but they fell apart after too much enthusiastic use, I guess.

Overall, I’ve probably spent the most money on lingerie and clothing for Irene. Some is only for the bedroom, and some mostly for the bedroom. She likes it when I buy clothes for her, whether for sex/spanking or other uses.

Anon: "The first riding crop I bought was expensive, but only because I felt I had to buy other items or I’d be identified as, well, you know"
Back in the late 1970s my high school English teacher closed down her stable and riding school and sold off all the tack and equipment as well as the small stock of new equipment the school had kept for sale. She was telling us the story of the going-out-of-business sale and how it was clear to her that some of the buyers were not planning to use what they bought for horses. I may have been the only teen in the class to pick up what she was implying; wish I had known enough to carefully scan the room to see if any of my classmates reacted!

Dan: While not strictly a spanking-related purchase, it's probably the leather ottoman at the foot of our bed. While it has other uses, like storing blankets, I did buy it specifically for spankings. Originally, I would place a large, rectangular meditation cushion on top of it and drape myself over them. But, more recently, it's simply where my wife sits during an OTK session.

I've spent way more than I should have over the years on high-quality paddles in exotic woods. The most expensive was probably around $140. 

Prefectdt: Directly related to spanking, I think that it would be my handmade rubber flogger, that hurts like hell by the way. I got it in a shop in Antwerp, that I did a review on, back in 2007, not long after I started blogging on Blogger. The shop's name was Catchu-2bkinky, sadly it closed down several years ago now. When I went into the shop, I instantly fell in love with every impact toy, that they were selling. Everything was handmade and locally produced by genuine enthusiasts. No cheap tat was available. After a series of events, my finances at that time were very low, but I just had to buy something from that shop. I chose the flogger because it was the lowest-priced impact toy that they had, at 75 Euros, you could probably double that, for the equivalent cost now. I have since purchased an electrical device (a Mystim) that cost more, but although it is specifically and painfully kink related, I could not say that it was for actual spanking.

Barrel: I have not kept track of the money spent for our lifestyle, but I think the the cost leader so far is a homemade spanking bench. Pretty simple A-frame with lots of padding. We are still working to optimize the location and lengths of the Velcro restraints. I forgot to deal with a head rest, so that is on my To Do list.

With the addition of a single tail whip that my wife seems to truly relish, I am eyeing wrist suspension cuffs that can pair perfectly with a vertical bike storage hanger. I highly doubt I will be fully hung, but my wife wants to practice/perfect delivery of each lash. The suspension cuffs are ~$150, which are a bit pricy given my recent retirement, but we believe in “quality of life” investments.

Hermione: One year I bought a felt stocking filled with 12 different spanking implements from Cane-iac. Each one was coloured white, pink, red, or green, in keeping with Christmas colours. The red and green cane was my favourite. Sadly, most of the implements were of made of a hard plastic-like substance and way too severe for actual use.

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