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From the Top Shelf - A Master of Discipline, part 5

Let's continue with Zoe Templeton's A Master of Discipline. Last week Ruth received her first proper spanking from her boyfriend and is walking on air the morning after. Better than sitting!
As she made her way to work that morning, Ruth felt as if she was floating on air. She was ultra-cautious in the way she drove. Although her car was equipped with perfectly reasonable suspension and seats, even those wonders of modern technology were ineffective at preventing the sharp reminders of the previous night's activities every time she shifted her position.

There were three distinct aches, she decided, Firstly, the dull throbbing which seemed to be rooted deep in the muscles of her buttocks. She had needed to check several times in the mirror before leaving the bedroom to reassure herself that her bottom was not swollen to three times its normal size. It certainly felt that way.

Secondly, there was the sharper, more acute discomfort down the backs of her legs. The long cushion of the car seat, specifically designed to support her thighs in normal motoring, served only to chafe the tender area each time she operated the pedals.

It was while she had been craning round to inspect her rear view in the bedroom mirror that Ruth realised that the visible evidence of her chastisement extended below the hemline of the short summer-weight skirt she had chosen. Tony had promised her a thorough tanning and he had been as good as his word. The scarlet prints of his hands were visible on the backs of both legs, down to about four inches above the knees. Ruefully, she had discarded her first choice and put on a businesslike grey skirt, tailored to a snug fit, which covered the marks and could be relied upon not to ride up or flap revealingly should there be an unexpected gust of wind.

Turning in to the school gates, Ruth blushed as she analysed her third, and most intimate, ache. She and Tony had been together for almost two years, and their lovemaking had always been exciting, but she had never known his libido to be as powerful, or as sustained, as his performance after he had spanked her.

Another session like last night's and you'll need to book into a convent for a rest, my girl, she told herself with a self satisfied little grin.

Not even a further encounter with Edward Fullerton at a staff meeting could dent Ruth's good humour. She simply sat at the back of the room, barely listening as the pompous oaf prattled on, enjoying the dull throbbing in her rear, which was made worse by the hard school chair.

She felt a huge sense of relief that she had taken the decision to explore a side of her nature which had been suppressed for so long. It was only with hindsight that she began to realise just how long it was that she had ached for Tony to become more than just a partner. At first she had not even recognised what it was that made her feel so frustrated. Then, more recently, as the longings had taken shape, she had been too embarrassed, or even frightened, to share her feelings. It was only the adrenaline overload from the unsought involvement in Nicky Shaw's caning that had given her the courage to open Pandora's box. Now the relief was incredible.

Thinking of Nicky Shaw, Ruth felt a pang of guilt. Her favourite pupil had been very subdued in class that morning, but had somehow found the courage to approach Ruth at the end of the first lesson.

"Please, Miss," she had begun, somewhat haltingly, clearly struggling for words.

"Yes, Nicky?"

"I've come to apologise for yesterday." Ruth looked at her pupil in astonishment. Feeling as she did, she thought that perhaps it was the teacher who should apologise to the pupil, although to do so would be an unthinkable loss of authority.

"That's very good of you, Nicky, and I appreciate it."

"My dad was very cross with me when he found out what I'd done and he said that, if you and Mr. Fullerton hadn't done such a good job in striping my bottom, he'd have done it himself."

"I see. Well there's not much I can add to that, is there, Nicky?"

"No Miss." Then the girl had broken down and started to cry. "I know I deserved it, Miss, but it hurt so much!"

Ruth's heart lurched. She could hardly admit that she knew how Nicky felt, no matter how great the temptation. Instead she gave her favourite pupil a warm hug and patted the sobbing girl's bottom softly.

"There, there, Nicky. I know it hurts. It was meant to and if it's taught you a lesson that you'll remember, it will be a small price to pay. You will recognise that later, perhaps, although I know it seems hard now. But it's over and done with now. Can we be friends again?" It was as far as Ruth dare go without endangering her professional standing. To her relief, Nicky managed to stop crying and nodded shamefacedly.

This minor success in repairing fences had buoyed Ruth's spirits even more and carried her through the rest of the day.

It was not to last.

* * *

The following morning the bottom dropped out of her world.

She was in the staff room, taking a mid morning break and gathering her thoughts before the next lesson when Coral Browne came into the room.

"Ruth, could you come to Miss Greeves's office, please? At once."

"What is it about, Coral? I have a class in five minutes."

"Yes I know. Miss Greeves said I was to sit in with them and keep order while you are in her office. It's important, she said."

"But don't you know what it's about?" Ruth was puzzled. Lillian Greeves was normally very considerate to her staff and this peremptory summons was quite out of character.

"I'm not in a position to say, Ruth. I'm sorry, but I think you should see Miss Greeves directly." Coral looked very embarrassed.

There was no point in pressing the matter further , so Ruth made her way to the Headmistress's office. As she entered the outer office, normally occupied by Coral Browne, Edward Fullerton emerged from Miss Greeves's room and pushed rudely past Ruth without saying a word. He went straight to his own room next door and slammed the door violently. Although she was quite used to Fullerton's rudeness, Ruth noted that his ire was not particularly directed at her on this occasion. The man was clearly angry and distracted, and his face had a pallor even worse than usual.

Curiouser and curiouser, she thought, as she headed for Lillian Greeves's door.

She knocked and was bidden to enter. She went in, to be confronted by Lillian Greeves sitting behind her desk, her normally friendly expression now distinctly frosty.

"I have called you in, Ruth, over the incident which occurred while I was away the other day."

"You mean when Robin Henderson and Nicky Shaw were punished?"

"Precisely. I have already heard Mr. Fullerton's side of the story, and I have also heard from both sets of parents. Now I want your version of events." Ruth immediately felt very uneasy for, clearly, whatever Miss Greeves had heard was not to her liking.

Sticking to the bare facts, she related exactly what had happened, finishing with the admission that she thought things had got a little out of hand. She was careful not to apportion any blame to Edward Fullerton.

When she had finished her story, Ruth stood facing the Headmistress, her hands behind her back, feeling every bit as humble as the most junior pupil called to account after a misdemeanour. Lillian Greeves let the silence run for what seemed like an eternity as she considered Ruth's explanation.

"I may as well tell you that I am not at all happy, Ruth," she began. "I received a complaint from Sir Harold Henderson, Robin's father, that the boy had been excessively punished and, when I followed this up with Nicky Shaw's father, although he made no complaint, it was clear to me that Nicky had also been punished more severely than was appropriate. Indeed, I was surprised that her father accepted the situation as he did. I would have thought a complaint from him even more warranted than the one from Sir Harold."

Ruth shuffled uncomfortably. This was the first time in her career that she had received anything that amounted to a reprimand from Lillian Greeves, whom she greatly respected, and it did not help to know that the reprimand was well deserved.

"I have discussed this with Mr. Fullerton, and made my feelings plain. There are two aspects to this affair which disturb me; the pair of you exceeded the authority which Educorp-West allows staff at your respective levels and, worse, you abused my trust. I am particularly disappointed in you, Ruth. I had you marked out for higher things, but I am afraid that, when the regional governing board hears my report, they cannot fail to mark your record, which will destroy your prospects of ever gaining promotion within the company."

Ruth was shattered. She had had no idea that Lillian would take the matter so seriously, and to lose her career would mean the end of everything she had hoped for and worked so hard for.

"I may add, " Lillian Greeves continued sternly, "that Mr. Fullerton has already considered his position, decided it is untenable, and has decided to resign with immediate effect."

The words hit Ruth like a thunderbolt. Resign? The tears pricked at the back of her eyes and she could think of nothing to say except to plead for her job. "I'm so sorry, Miss Greeves. Do you have to report this? I don't want to be forced to resign. I love my job and I'll do anything to keep it. Is there nothing I can do to show how sorry I am?"

"I agree it would be a pity to terminate a promising career so early, but I have very little latitude. My first duty is to the company, you must realise."

"Oh, please, please. I'll do anything. Please don't force me to leave."

"Will you indeed! I wonder."

Ruth stared at her boss through a haze of tears. Did she detect a slight softening of attitude? Again the almost unbearable silence while Lillian Greeves thought things through. At last she said;

"I will make you a proposition. As I have said, there are two offences here. One against the company, and one against me, which I choose to take very personally, since I have so far encouraged you at every stage of your career." Ruth felt her ego shrivel, but pride was a small price if it meant keeping her job.

"As you may know, I have just returned from a short course. It was most instructive. Held at a place called Damocles Priory, up on the edge of Exmoor, and run by a gentleman called the Reverend Mould. I went as an observer because Educorp-West is considering making attendance at this course compulsory for candidates for further promotion above your present grade. That will certainly be my recommendation to the board, now that I have witnessed, and indeed participated in, the course."

Ruth was by now bewildered. What could this have to do with her? She had already been told that she had no promotion prospects; she wasn't even sure she had a job!

"The course deals with the correct administration of corporal punishment and the responsibilities that go with it, a subject on which the Reverend Mould is something of an expert. The good Reverend has some very unusual, but none the less sound, ideas and methods. Amongst other things, he believes in a technique called Action Learning. I think it is entirely appropriate that you should attend this course, Ruth."

To say that she was flabbergasted was an understatement. Ruth's mouth dropped. "I-I don't understand," she stammered. "Why do you want me to go on a course if I have no prospects?"

"I said I would make you a proposition," Lillian Greeves smiled wanly. "You are still very much on probation as far as I am concerned. If you attend this course and make a success of it, and demonstrate to me by your enthusiasm that you are worthy, then I will not make a report of your involvement in this caning incident to the governors. I need simply record that you have attended the course as an essential part of your career development. Make no mistake, Ruth, it will not be easy to succeed for the Reverend Mould is a hard taskmaster. If you do succeed, then I will consider that you have fairly atoned for your offence against the company."

Ruth felt a huge wave of relief well up inside her.

"Oh, I accept," she cried joyfully. "When can I go? Oh, thank you, Miss Greeves, thank you. I will show you I am worth it. I made a mistake, I know, but I won't let you down again."

So relieved was she that it never entered her head to question what her boss had said, or even enquire about the details. She was just thankful to still have a career.

"Not so fast! You may call me Lillian, in private at least. You always have done and nothing that has happened gives me reason to want to change our relationship. 'Miss Greeves' makes me sound old and, as I discovered on the course, you are as old as you feel."

She gave an enigmatic smile, which Ruth took as a sign that the worst part of her interview was over.

"I said that there were two offences to expiate and I meant it. I shall reserve judgment on how I deal with you personally, until after you return from the course. When you come back, if you still decide that you want to work for me, I will let you know what you must do to regain my confidence." She paused. "And there is a course vacancy next week. I expect you to take it up."

Ruth began to stammer out her thanks again but was cut short.

"That will be all for now. Coral will give you details of how to get to Damocles Priory and she will make all the necessary arrangements. I do not want to speak with you again until you return from the course. Now be off with you."

Ruth did not waste time; she was only too pleased that this most embarrassing and humiliating interview was at an end.

As she turned to leave the office she did not see the broad grin which Lillian Greeves had been at pains to hide from her young protegee. Ruth had behaved rashly but Lillian had simply wanted to shake her up a little. The course would do her good. Ruth Jamieson had no idea what she had let herself in for!
Oh, this is going to be a really good adventure for Ruth.
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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 29

This week I asked spankers how they feel about being asked to administer a spanking. Here are your thoughts.

Bogey: Those needing to be submissive to make the spanking work for them, have a real problem asking for a spanking. We are not submissive. We ask for a spanking anytime it suits us. We also take a spanking when ever the other wants to give.

Downunder Don: A spanking request is always welcome because of the fun and games that follow.

kdpierre: Rosa knows that if I have actually worked up the nerve to 'ask' that I must be in real need. As long as her mood, energy level, and circumstances are all good, she usually obliges. However, to be totally honest...Rosa LOVES to spank me! She gets off on it. So asking her for one is not seen as an inconvenience but an opportunity for her to have some Toppy fun.

We have long established that this is a mutual need for us both, each in our respective role, so that is an advantage over situations where one willing but reluctant party is doing this just to satisfy their partner.

Sir Wendel: We both enjoy giving and receiving spankings. The misses has asked to be spanked a lot more than I have.

Baxter: We just went through a 2-3 week period without sex or spanking and we talked about it today and neither of us knew why. But we cut to the chase, I handed her the paddle and she obliged by giving me a spanking and I felt better and then we had great sex. I think about asking for a spanking on my commute home, but am usually tired and forget to ask.

Jan: Hi Hermione, my beloved says both, he says he likes me to tell him if I feel the need for a spanking but by the same token he initiates it when he wants to. He is always happy to oblige!

Anon: My "little boy" (husband) need not worry about asking for a spanking, his actions do that for him. There was one time he did in his way want to be spanked, rule one no coming to the kitchen naked, well he did and worse holding his erection. Let just say he never done it again, and learned having someone other than myself see him facing the wall is not for him. My best friend comes over for coffee once in awhile and that time he did.

Hands63: We have rarely asked each other to spank. Its usually something that just occurs normally in the process of leading to great sex afterwards. If one of us does actually ask to be spanked then it means one of us is really in need of a spanking. Either way it's all good.

Ronnie: P doesn't mind me asking for a spanking but he does prefer to take the initiative whenever he wants.

Hermione: Ron doesn't mind if I ask, but whether or not he complies with my request is entirely up to him. Sometime he does and sometime he doesn't. He is always in control.

That brings this spanko brunch to a close, but there's another brunch in six days. If you have a question or a topic you would like to discuss, please let me know. All contributions gratefully accepted.
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Spanko Brunch 2.0 #161

The weather outside is chilling, but the fire in our backsides is thrilling, so come on inside and let's enjoy brunch together. Today's topic was suggested by an anonymous reader. It is specifically aimed at spankers, but I want the spankees in our group to feel free to answer for their partners.

Spankers, how do you feel about being asked for a spanking by your partner? Do you enjoy it and encourage it? Or would you rather take the initiative and be in control? Do you agree to the request?

Please join in the conversation by leaving a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish a summary of our discussion.
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You Completed the Caption

I knew this photo would inspire you!

Simon: "If you think this is a bit risque you should see what the bridesmaids are wearing".

Baxter: Yes dear, this is my ass, and your job is to kiss it and spank it whenever you want.

kdpierre: "Hurry up and get under here. Once I get my dress on no one—not even my husband-to-be—will suspect you're there!"

Leigh: Hey, hubbie. I'm ready for you to set the tone. A red tush will look good against all this white.

Hands63: Something old, something new, something spanked, that's for you to do!

Ronnie: Hurry up, you have 5 bridesmaids to spank after me.

Anon: Of course it's skimpy. You need some skin to work with.

Anne: Now you tell me that you expected me to spank you?

ricky: I've got it! I've got it! I've got it! It's your very own special spelling of a certain day of the week, right? I told you I got it!

Err, could you please give us a little bit of a hint? 

Sir Wendel: If there are no objections you may now spank the bride.

Hermione: Do you think the bruises will count as "something blue"?
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Friday FAIL

I'm very conscious of the fact that in the southern hemisphere it is now summer, while we in the north are struggling through yet another ice- and snow-filed winter. (Thank you, global warming!) But we Canadians don't let it worry us. We carry on cheerfully, as you will see below.

What's a little snow anyway?  Happy Friday! I'm off to do some shovelling.
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Complete the Caption

There are so many possibilities here, I don't know where to start, so let's start with you. Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your submissions on Saaturday.
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From the Top Shelf - A Master of Discipline, part 4

Today we will enjoy the fourth installment of Zoe Templeton's A Master of Discipline. Last week, Ruth was promised a good caning for various traffic violations. Will she get her comeuppance? Let's find out.

"Tony," she muttered hoarsely, "you-you wouldn't really take a cane to my bottom...would you?"

As she posed the question, Ruth suddenly had a vision of Nicky Shaw's plump bare cheeks squirming and quivering under the lash of the cane and the image prompted a rush of moisture into her panties. She made a mental note to smuggle a cane out of school at the earliest opportunity. She could hide it under the bed as surprise for Tony the next time - and she was sure there would be a next time. The thought that it might soon be her own bottom which looked like a five barred gate caused the messaging system between her head and her loins to go into overload, and she could barely sit still as her body reacted to the instructions received.

"I won't cane you tonight, no. For one thing we don't have a suitable weapon to hand, but that can be changed in the future, my girl. For tonight I suppose I will just have to put up with gaining a sore hand."

"Never mind your sore hand! Why the hell should I put up with that sort of treatment anyway?" She was playing for time, provoking him.

"Being sorry didn't last very long, did it! Would you just rather I turned those pictures in to the traffic desk in the morning?"

"Oh no, don't do that. Only please, it's my first time. Please don't hurt me." She looked at him in what she hoped was a winsome and appealing way.

Tony grinned at her. "We'll see about that. I'll have to make a judgment on just what is appropriate as we go along won' t I!"

"Oh, you swine, you're teasing me now. When are you going to do this? How do you want me?" She almost bit her tongue, suddenly afraid that her apparent eagerness might give the game away.

"No time like the present. Just here. Across my knee will be just fine."

Ruth had no time to react as she felt herself being pulled towards him. Tony was far too strong to resist and in a matter of seconds she was prone across his lap, studying the pattern of the carpet. The deep slit at the side of her dress made it easy for him to push the light cotton material out of the way, as she had known it would when she had planned the scene under the invigorating jets of the shower an hour or two earlier.

Tony lifted one knee a little and, as Ruth felt herself tip forward, she thrust out her arms in front of her to prevent herself landing nose first on the floor. She need not have bothered. Tony was restraining her with one hand firmly in the small of her back. Just as this registered in her mind, his other hand landed on her bottom.

It was like being hit by an express train. How could a man's hand be that hard? The quick slaps he had dealt her before the meal were nothing compared with what she now felt. Firstly, the shock of the impact jarred her whole body, driving the breath from her lungs. Then the heat arrived. It was as if her bottom had been branded with a red-hot flatiron. Ruth flung back her right arm to protect herself. Big mistake. Tony simply grabbed her wrist and tucked it firmly under his left hand, which was holding her down. Then he continued the spanking. Ruth never knew how many smacks rained down on her frilly panties because, after the first one, her brain was totally absorbed in responding to the abuse being meted out to her posterior. She was far too busy wriggling and trying to escape and crying and pleading, begging for mercy.

When the blows stopped, Ruth felt the weight of his other hand come off her back and her wrist was released. She lay across Tony's lap for several seconds while the breath slowly returned to her lungs, her right hand travelling automatically to her rear to massage her smarting cheeks. She felt as if a stack of hot coals was resting on her bottom, which seemed to be swelling to twice its normal size.

"Ooooo owww, you beast, that hurt."

"Of course it did. It was a well-deserved spanking and they are meant to hurt. What's more, it's going to get worse before it gets better."

Ruth looked back at him over her shoulder.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh we haven't finished yet, not by any means. It's just that you are a big girl to put across my knee and I can't get a big enough swing, so I've thought of a better way."

She could hardly tell him that his swing felt just fine, thank you very much. The fire was spreading right through her body now. She knew that her nipples were erect, and her boobs felt ready to burst from the constraint of her carefully chosen bra as she dangled across his lap. Certain other parts of her were also beginning to feel ready for action, pressed closely against the hard warmth of his thighs. Through the intensity of her own feelings, Ruth noticed that Tony's body was also becoming aroused, if the rising pressure against her belly as she straddled his legs was anything to go by.

"Stand up and face the wall!" The instruction was stern and she didn't argue. "Don't turn around until I tell you." Ruth didn't want to turn round, she just wanted to massage her poor smarting posterior. "Hands on your head!" He was being deliberately cruel, but she obeyed without protest. Her bottom was stinging too much for a simple rub anyway.

"What you have just received was only the first stage. We'll be generous and call it a trade-off for the speeding photographs. You still have the careless driving this morning to account for, and then, worst of all, trying to cover it up and bribe me."

As Tony reeled off her crime sheet, she could hear the sounds of furniture being shifted, but did not look round for fear of incurring his wrath even more. Then his hands were at the collar of her dress.

The high collar defeated him for a moment or two until he mastered the little hook which secured the top of the material and slid the zip slowly down the length of her spine, right down to her waist. The pressure of the fastener as it slid slowly down her back made Ruth shiver, but she kept her hands on her head as she'd been ordered. The dress was wide open at the back now, and he took hold of her arms at the elbow and lowered them gently to enable him to ease the dress off her shoulders and down her arms. As soon as the arm holes fell clear of Ruth's wrists and hands, he grasped her elbows with a gentle upward pressure.

"Hands back on your head, young lady!"

Dumbly, she complied. She knew that matters were out of her hands now; she was in his power, exactly as she had wanted to be for so long. The dress, with nothing to support it, fell away and dropped to the floor. Tony stood back for a moment and Ruth knew he was watching her. She was no prude and well used to appearing before him with no clothes on during their lovemaking, but this was somehow different. She guessed that he might be examining her bottom for signs of redness visible under the frills of her panties, but no word was spoken.

Suddenly, his arms were round her from behind, cupping her breasts. The half-cup bra was designed more for show than support and, with a dextrous flick of his thumbs, Tony swiftly scooped it upward. He grabbed a nipple between the thumb and fore-finger of each hand.

"Turn around!" As Ruth obeyed, Tony moved with her, but remained behind her. She saw the results of his efforts in moving the furniture, which had so puzzled her as she faced the wall. He had first cleared a space in the centre of the room by moving all the smaller items to the side. The small, two-seat, couch, which usually lay at the back of the room, had been pulled forward into the centre space.

The grip on her nipples was firm but not painfully so, until she felt the tension increase and realised that he was using her breasts almost as a rider uses reins to guide a horse, as he eased her towards the couch.

"Right. I want you to kneel now, over the couch, and put your arms out in front of you."

"Oh, Tony, please, do I have to? I won't be naughty again again, I promise."

Ruth's protest was merely a token gesture. She would have been disappointed if the response had been anything less than the tweak to her left nipple and the slap on her bottom which followed.

"Ouch, you nasty man, you'll pull it clean off if you're not careful."

Ruth knelt down before the couch and extended her body across it as she had been told. Tony straddled her and pulled the dangling bra off her shoulders. He extended her arms to full stretch and then bound Ruth's wrists together with her bra. "Now then, young lady. Time for some serious punishment," he said, sliding her moist panties down her legs. Ruth lifted her knees, one at a time, to allow the slip of lace to join her dress on the floor beside the couch.

"Up you come." His strong hands grasped her hips and hoisted her further across the couch, with her legs out straight behind her, so that her pubic mound was firmly supported by the padded arm and her bottom was the highest point of her body. The flimsy garment binding her wrists would not have been sufficient to prevent a determined escape attempt, but Ruth found the constraint more psychological than physical and she slumped across the couch in an attitude of supplication. Ruth felt her partner shift his position to kneel at her left side, but did not look at him, allowing her head to drop between her extended arms and turn away from him. Again the familiar feel of his left hand, heavy in the centre of her back, holding her down.

"Now then, young lady. Let this be a lesson you won't forget in a hurry!" The sound of his hand on her bare bottom was quite different to that made when he had been smacking her panties. The sensation was different too, distinctly sharper, more intimate. And it hurt - a sharp, stinging pain that made her eyes water. Ruth took the first half-dozen in comparative silence, only letting out little squeals and yelps as her body bucked and shuddered under the spanks. Then she began to cry, softly at first, but soon louder and more urgently.

Tony was implacable. He worked carefully over her bottom, starting at the upper curves on one side, then moving across and down, following no sequence whereby she could anticipate where the next blow would fall. All the while he lectured her. "You will not drive at high speed! You will observe the law! You will take care because I love you - but if you don't do as I say then this is what you will get!" Ruth knew that her bottom was jumping and jiggling with each new impact.

He paused for a moment to catch his breath and the throbbing, roasting, penetrating heat permeated every fibre in Ruth's body. The heat must have been affecting Tony also, because he pulled off his shirt and tossed it onto the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Dimly, she felt his right hand slip between her legs, just above the knees. She responded to the pressure and allowed him to spread her legs till they splayed wide apart, knowing that this was exposing her most intimate parts to him. Her clit felt hard as it ground into the arm of the couch , and she knew that her pussy was dripping. She ached for him to put it inside her. Surely he must now?

"Now that was for the careless driving. This is for trying to bribe me."

The spanking began again, up the inside of Ruth's thighs, from just above the knee and rising towards the dark V between her thighs. The softer, more tender, flesh of her thighs stung with an intensity even worse than she had experienced so far and she howled without inhibition. he finished with two resounding whacks right into her crease, just at the base of each buttock, then he leant back, massaging his reddened hand. Ruth was quite unaware of this, lying slumped over the arm of the couch, wracked with sobs. She was also unaware of the pile of clothes growing as Tony cast first his trousers then his boxer shorts to the floor.

Kneeling behind her, between her still parted legs, Tony reached forward and slipped his arms under hers, lifting her by the shoulders into an upright position. He bent his head towards hers and kissed her neck. The tears were still coursing down her face and he must have tasted the salty fluid as he whispered in her ear, "I think that will be enough to remember for a little while, don't you?"

His hands were cupping her breasts again and, as the hairs on his bare chest tickled her back, Ruth gathered her senses sufficiently to appreciate that he was naked. She arched her back and reached over her head, her arms still pinioned at the wrists by the discarded bra. She managed to loop her arms round his neck in a mock wrestler's grip and, through her uncontrollable sobs, whispered, "Now I know what they say about police brutality is true. Is that a truncheon you are poking into my poor bottom?" Ruth found herself being forced forward over the couch again, and gasped as his engorged member found her entrance.

Tony's blood was up and he wasted no time in preliminaries. He thrust hard into her, and Ruth screamed as his wiry pubic hairs made contact with her tender buttocks. She and Tony had always been vigorous in their love-making, but she had never known him to be so demanding.

Their first coupling was brief, savage and bruising, leaving her breathless but wanting more. She was not disappointed. In a matter of minutes, he had gathered his strength, picked her up from the floor and, cradling her like a baby, carried her upstairs to the bedroom.

Ruth found herself being lowered gently onto the bed. She struggled to sit up but he gently forced her back. She watched as he clambered up beside her, a tiger growl of pleasure forming in the back of his throat as she saw that he was still very rampant indeed. He manoeuvered himself between her legs and put his arms under her knees. It was her favourite position and she liked to watch down between the valley of her breasts as he lifted her legs and hooked them over his shoulders. Ruth knew what to expect, but was, nonetheless, grateful when her bottom, throbbing and pulsing from the hard tanning it had received, was lifted off the soft quilt. Her knees, spread wide, were being forced down towards her chest. She craned her neck and watched for as long as she could hold the position as his rigid penis advanced towards her wet pussy. She was not quite good enough a contortionist to see the actual moment of penetration, and collapsed back on the pillow, allowing him to force her knees almost down onto her breasts as he sought to enter her ever more deeply. He only relented when he was buried in her up to his balls.

Their loving was more leisurely this time, the urgency of their coupling spread-eagled over the couch was gone. Tony was more considerate, after the initial penetration, allowing her to lower her legs to a more relaxed position a she began a seasoned, rhythmic pumping. After Ruth had at last shuddered to a mind-blowing climax, milking his penis dry in an ecstatic, threshing spasm of vaginal muscles, he collapsed alongside her and, within minutes, they were both sound asleep.

* * *

Ruth woke first. She could tell from the grey light that it was still quite early, and, as she rolled over, saw from the digital alarm clock that it was only ten past six. She groaned softly to herself. As consciousness slowly returned, so did the aches. Her bottom and legs still throbbed with a dull, penetrating sort of pain, and her pussy felt as if an express train had been through it.

As soon as she had attended to the pressing demands of her bladder, Ruth stepped into the shower, turned the water on until it was as hot as she could bear, and began a long, thorough, soaping. She had been letting her mind wander aimlessly for several minutes, revelling in the feel of the warm lather enveloping her entire body, soothing away the aches, when Tony's hand on her shoulder startled her and she almost lost her footing on the slippery shower tray.

"Oh! You made me jump!"

"Sorry, love. I thought you'd heard me when I flushed the loo." He stepped into the shower with her. "Room for one more inside?"

Ruth had no choice but to shuffle up nearer the wall. The powerful spray splashed across her face, blinding her until she reached up to adjust it. Taking full advantage of her raised arm, Tony grasped one of her breasts with both hands and began to suck on the nipple. Ruth tried to back away even further but was already up against the wall. As he raised his head and smiled at her, she saw that no matter how much her mind was telling her that she'd had enough, her body knew different. His ministrations had left her nipple erect and jutting from her dark areola, and her groin was already starting to send little electric shocks to every nerve ending in her body.

Gently he turned her round and began to massage her back. "I'm afraid I marked your rear more than somewhat, last night." The massage moved downwards, his hands surprisingly soft and gentle as they spread the soap over the curves of her bottom.

"It doesn't matter. No one else is going to see it."

"I should hope not!" He grinned. His hands were moving forward now tracing the lines of her hip bones. "But does it still hurt?"

"Let's just say that I shall remember my driving faults each time I sit down in school today." She giggled. "I hope my class don't notice if I wriggle about a bit in my chair. I can hardly take an extra cushion in - then they would think there was something strange."

"We'd better give you something else to think about during the day then."

His hands were flat across her belly now, probing downward. As the tips of his fingers found the dark tuft of hair, then her sex-lips, and gently prised apart the entry to her secret spot, she felt the warm blunt tip of his penis rising behind her. For one delicious, yet frightening, moment, she thought that he was going to put it into her back passage. She pressed herself against the wall, cringing, flattening her breasts against the cold tiles. She was still a virgin back there and wanted to remain so.

His fingers continued their investigation, but although his shaft, growing harder and extending by the second, remained firmly lodged against the crack of her bottom, he made no attempt to force an entry there. As one finger found the hard nugget of her clitoris and began a gentle rotary motion, two fingers from his other hand gently entered her, lubricated by a combination of her own juices and the soapy lather.

They remained in that position for several minutes, until Ruth could withstand the urgent demands of the clitoral massage no longer. Her hips began to gyrate wildly and she twisted herself to face him, his fingers pulling out of her with a soapy 'plop' as she did so. Tony was taken by surprise and kept his footing only with difficulty as Ruth flung both arms around his neck, lifted her feet off the floor and locked her ankles together behind his back. His erect penis buried itself deeply inside her pussy as her thighs clamped round his hips.

"Fuck me! Oh God, harder, harder. Oh you gorgeous bastard, do it to me, fuck me hard!" Ruth screamed in his ear, using every ounce of concentration and muscular control she possessed to clamp herself ever tighter on the thick shaft on which she had so willingly impaled herself.
No caning, then, but Ruth isn't complaining, and neither am I.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, January 23, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 22

Have you ever achieved an orgasm while being spanked?

abby: Yes I have...but it is not a regular thing. The spanking has to to be build up, usually starting with his hand, then moving on to leather or a small paddle. The sound of his voice, his words all help to get me over that edge.

kdpierre: I have had them but rarely..........and they are the weirdest things! When I was younger (20's) I used to sometimes do an OTK "lap-hump" poking myself between intentionally lubricated thighs.....but that was an orgasm WITH stimulation. Your question mentions something of a spontaneous orgasm just from the spanking itself, and that has happened to me a handful of times........and always at the most unexpected and even inopportune times.

I don't know exactly what causes them but there is a consistent pattern to how each of them happened. They ALL occurred during very long, almost marathon-like spankings during times when I had already been keep sexually denied for an unusually long period. My guess is that the sensation of the paddle landing caused enough vibration that coupled with the incessant clenching produced enough stimulation to my denied groin to cause an almost unavoidable ejaculation....(because at those times I had tried everything to stave off the unauthorized orgasm.....to no avail). Only twice did I manage to feel one about to happen and tell Rosa so that she paused just enough for the sensation to subside. When she resumed the spankings, she managed each time to finish before I again approached a feeling of impending orgasm.

One embarrassing time, I had one while locked in a CB! I was mortified when I just squirted without being able to warn my spanker or control it.

Yorkie: Would love to but unfortunately, no. I have never had an orgasm during a spanking. I've had a marvellous one after plenty of times though...

Roz: Hi Hermione, alas no, I have never had an orgasm during a spanking. There have been times during a lighter spanking where I have started to build up to one but have never tipped over the edge.

Beth: When we began DD, my husband was at times aroused, but I let it go. Then a few months in he ejaculated while being spanked. We cured that. Since that day when he is to be disciplined, the first step is to stroke till he has ejaculation, then over my knee for the spanking. It works!

Bonnie: Not that I recall, at least not without some sort of contact.

Wilma: Yes, I have ONCE. I have to say that Barney was quite excited and tried for a long time afterward to repeat the 'formula'. As for myself, I was a tad embarrassed. I am unsure as to the whys of that, but I do have my theories. While Barney was riding the high that he was able to do that, outside of the immediate gratification that an orgasm brings it didn't do much else for me. We live (or attempt to LOL) a D/s lifestyle 24/7. For me, entering subspace has a far more lasting effect submissive wise than an orgasm does. That being said, having an orgasm after a reset or not having one after a punishment but him having one, is a great thing! lol

Leigh: Unfortunately, no, it has not happened to me.

Ronnie: Yes I have. A lot is down to state of mind at the time, words and circumstances i.e what's the spanking for. (I have a post touching on the subject here.)
Hermione: I have actually had spontaneous orgasms while asleep, and have awakened to the pleasure (no hands involved), so it might conceivably be possible, but it hasn't happened yet. I find spanking too distracting to think about having an orgasm. After the fact I am quite ready for one, but during, all I can think about is the pain.

Thank you all for your replies. Have a great week!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #160

Welcome back to another spanko brunch. If you are new here, please make yourself at home and feel free to contribute to our conversation.

Last week Ronnie published an interesting post here about being spanked to orgasm, and Red asked a question that Ronnie thought would make a good brunch topic. I agree, so here is the question.

Have you ever achieved an orgasm while being spanked? Not before or after, but during, and with no help from fingers, knees or any outside assistance? Is it even possible? Do you think it would be easier for men to achieve an orgasm during a spanking than for women?

Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, January 21, 2017

You Completed the Caption

What fantasies did this photo inspire? Read on:

Baxter: Master told me to not play with this, that it is for men only, and that if I did play with it, he would spank me. Well, I am going play with this and get higher than a kite. I hope he catches me and spanks my cute bare bottom. High with a sore bottom, such nirvana.

kdpierre: "Hmmmm, I've had hash brownies, but never a hashish enema before. Oh well, life is all about trying new things..."

Hobbes: Hmmm...if I disconnect it, cut the rubber hose down to about eighteen inches and leave it on the end of the bed he ought to get the idea...

Hands63: Maybe if I rub my bottom against this thing a genie will appear and grant me three spankings.

amber: Yes, housewives. For a limited time only you can get this "personal massager" disguised as an opium water pipe.
Far better to be thought of as an opium addict than a harlot that masturbates!

Leigh: It almost looks like a hooka so who knows, maybe she's getting 'high'.

ricky: Ah, the dentist's assistant, checking out the gas before the drilling.
Now, if I'd know'd that before, I'd still have my two fwont tweethh.

Joe: I think I am too much of a gentleman to offer a solution to this very intriging question! However....no, I really cannot!

Ronnie: He wants me to do what with it?

js666: If her mama caught her enjoying the hookah, she'd be smoking all right. From the other end.

Sir Wendel: Smoke and get a spanking? How about just giving me the spanking?

Hermione: The early electrolysis prototype required noxious gasses to power it, so it was not a success..

Thank you everyone. Those had me in stitches! Please stay for brunch. This week we have a special topic to explore, and you're all invited.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday FAIL

Much has been written about Fifty Shades of Grey and what a bad book and movie it was. Here is a unique hypothesis that you probably haven't thought of. FSoG was written by an alien!

Sorry about the commercial that plays first. Yes, there is a bit of spanking (well, it's actually beating) and it's pretty funny.

She has a pretty good point.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Complete the Caption

I've recently added a number of vintage photographs to my collection and hope to share them with you in the coming weeks. This one especially intrigued me. What is she doing with that hose?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your contributions on Saturday.
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

From the Top Shelf - A Master of Discipline, part 3

We are now on the third installment of that spanko classic, A Master of Discipline, by the prolific author, Zoe Templeton.

Ruth's drive home was much more sedate than her morning journey. Although she had not stayed late, she was emotionally and physically exhausted by the events of the day. As she drove, she thought about the five-barred-gate pattern of red weals that she and Fullerton had imprinted on Nicky Shaw's bottom. She knew that the punishment had been too severe for the crime and guiltily accepted that she was partly to blame for the injustice. The thought did not sit comfortably with her.

The image of the sobbing Nicky, holding her savaged buttocks, and the look of hate Robin Henderson had thrown at her when the two punished teenagers were reunited in the corridor, would stay with Ruth for some time. On top of which, Fullerton's unwanted intervention had made Ruth feel about an inch tall. It was only her own sense of guilt at mishandling things which stopped her from making a formal complaint about the professional discourtesy of the man.

She turned carefully into the gateway which had so nearly been the site of a disaster that morning, stopped the car, and grabbed her case from the back seat. Distracted by her gloomy thoughts, she slammed the car door, not thinking to lock it, and let herself into the tidy little maisonette she called home. Her first action on going inside was to make herself a pot of tea. While this was brewing, she quickly changed out of her work clothes, stripping to her underwear and donning a dressing gown.

As she sipped the tea, she wondered what else could go wrong with the day. Groaning inwardly, she remembered her encounter with the traffic policeman. She was forced to concede that her record in a car was not very good. The trouble was that she always had other things on her mind and never gave driving the concentration it should have received. Once again, she was reminded of Tony and what he had said the last time she had got herself involved in a scrape. She hoped that he did not get to hear about this morning's episode, or there would be even more trouble. The prospect of a row with Tony made her yet more depressed.

Ruth looked at her watch. Tony was due back any time now. Normally they would have gone out for the evening, but perhaps the best plan was to surprise him, prepare his favourite meal, have a bottle of wine ready, and take his mind off work as quickly as possible. Quickly surveying the contents of her larder and freezer, she decided that steak and salad, with a good strong red wine, would do the trick. It will have to: the bottle of Cahors left over from last week's party is all I've got and there isn't time to get to the supermarket this evening, she told herself.

He won't fall for that, the voice of her conscience warned her. You would do much better to own up and take what you deserve, just as you expected Nicky Shaw to do.

Ruth put her head in her hands and thought for several minutes about the implications of what she was considering. Her hand strayed unconsciously down to rest flat across her stomach, the finger-tips just sliding under the waistband of her panties. Oh yes, I can distract him all right, she thought, as her stomach muscles contracted and a butterfly seemed to flutter tantalisingly under the flimsy gusset of cotton between her legs. The alternative was almost more than she dared contemplate. To be taken in hand, taken roughly by this delicious, handsome policeman and bent to his will, was just the wildest, most exciting thing Ruth could imagine. But would he ever do it? In a vivid full-colour fantasy, she saw herself being picked up and thrown across his knee, pinioned by his strong hands in a position of utter submission.

Ruth had prepared the meal and was laying the table when she heard Tony's car draw into the drive in front of her own. She had been thinking about Nicky Shaw again. She wondered how Nicky was feeling now. Was she, even at this moment, massaging something soothing into the sore weals which criss-crossed her bottom? Although Nicky was a little shorter than Ruth, her athletic prowess at almost all the sports on offer at the school had given her a superbly fit and shapely figure, and Ruth thought that her pupil's rear was a shade broader, fuller, perhaps, than her own. She was just beginning to let this thought develop, recalling the shock which had made her wrist tingle as the cane had contacted those full curves, and wondering what it must have felt like to be on the receiving end, when Tony rapped on the front door. The knock was Tony's unmistakable policeman's knock and Ruth hurried to let him in.

"Doesn't it hurt your knuckles, bashing my door like that?" she enquired, flinging her arms round his neck and kissing him firmly on the lips.

"You get used to it," he gasped, when he was eventually released. "But I must say I don't usually get a welcome like this in response." He grabbed her, both hands on her hips, pushing the dressing gown aside, and drew her to him. "That was nice, I don't know what I have done to deserve this but I can stand some more."

Ruth put up only a token resistance as his mouth found hers. She felt her nipples hardening against the coarse material of his uniform and lifted one foot off the ground as his firm hands slid down her back, splaying out over her buttocks.

It's not what you have done to deserve it but more me trying to get out of what you might think I deserve, she acknowledged silently, feeling her resistance melting as his tongue danced with hers. Eventually their clinch ended and Ruth regained her footing.

"I thought we might eat in tonight, if that's all right with you?"

Tony nodded, divesting himself of his uniform jacket. "Fine, what's the occasion?"

"Oh nothing special really." Trying to sound as innocent as possible. "I've had a rather trying day, that's all, and I don't feel like getting dressed up and rushing off anywhere. There's a bottle of that wine you like, as well." Was she overdoing it? Would he smell a rat and start to ask awkward questions? The fear of discovery added an extra frisson of excitement.

"OK. That's fine with me. There is something I want to discuss with you later anyway."

Ruth tensed up. "Oh? Can't you tell me now?"

"No, later. There is one thing though."

"What's that?"

Suddenly she found herself being grasped by the shoulder and gently spun round to face away from him.

"You didn't lock the bloody car! After all the thefts we've had round here, how many times do I have to tell you?"

Ruth sensed what was coming and tried unsuccessfully to wriggle out of his grasp. The hem of her dressing gown was yanked upwards.

"Oooooh, you beast!"

Tony's right hand gave her a stinging slap on her right buttock. Frantically, Ruth pulled away from the restraining hand and made a dive for the stairs. She was not quick enough and only reached the second step before she was caught again in his powerful grip. Before she fully realised what was happening, Tony had her in an arm lock. He placed his right foot on the first step and Ruth found herself being inexorably forced forward over his outstretched leg. Ignoring her squeals of protest, he dished out three more sharp swats across Ruth's thinly covered behind.

"Now I'll just go up and have a quick shower and change." He smiled cheerfully at his outraged partner, then lifted her up and kissed her tenderly on the lips before mounting the stairs, two at a time.

Ruth watched him go, rubbing her bottom ruefully. True enough, Tony had frequently warned her about the risks of leaving the car unlocked, but this was the first time he had really smacked her for it. He had done it hard enough to sting, too. Quickly she found her car keys and slipped out to correct her misdemeanour, lest she incur even more retribution.

As she returned to the kitchen to see to the meal, Ruth heard Tony singing loudly in the shower. If a couple of good slaps on the bottom make him that happy, she thought, you better hope the mood lasts for the rest of the evening.

'You coward', replied her conscience. 'You'll have to tell him sooner or later'.

Half an hour later, Tony rejoined her, looking very relaxed in clean denims and a white T-shirt. Ruth admired his lean physique as he drove the corkscrew into the bottle top.

"Tony, I'm sorry about the car door." She stroked his bare arm and laid her head on one side, snuggling up to his shoulder. "I deserved my spanking and I've locked it now, am I forgiven?"

Tony put the bottle down on the table and cupped his hands around her waist. "Till the next time." His hands slid upward, gently lifting her breasts. "And I wouldn't call that a proper spanking, just a warm-up."

"Ooh then I hope I never get a real one then. That really stung."

"Did it? Then I better rub it better for you." His hands were sliding down to her hips again, the thumbs moving into the band of her panties. Guessing his intentions, she pulled away from him, slapping his hands down and laughing.

"Later, if you're a good boy. I'm going for my shower now."

When she was safely locked in the bathroom, Ruth slipped out of her dressing gown and unclipped her bra. Letting both garments slide to the floor, she half-turned to look at her image in the mirror on the far wall and bent over, sliding her panties slowly down over her hips. She could see two distinct palm prints, the fingers outlined in pink, on the cheek of her left buttock. Turning and fully removing her panties at the same time, she saw that her right cheek was similarly marked. Stepping under the shower, she began another delicate conversation with her conscience.

She was still unresolved by the time she rejoined Tony downstairs.

He handed her a glass of wine and stood back to admire her as she took a first sip. She had chosen a cotton dress in an oriental style, sleeveless and fitting her like a sheath, with a bold, flowery pattern and slit almost to the waist. She had also selected her sexiest lingerie, a half-cup bra and skimpy lace panties, to go with it. The ensemble was cool, but Ruth felt anything but composed as Tony kissed her shoulder and guided her towards the table.

"I've kept an eye on things while you were upstairs and it's ready to serve."

The meal was a great success. Ruth suddenly discovered that she was really hungry, and relished every morsel. As they ate, she told him about her day, being careful to gloss over the worst of her encounter with Nicky Shaw. Tony listened, matching her appetite and plying her with liberal quantities of the heavy wine, but saying little about his own work. Ruth thought nothing of this, as she knew he was inclined to be very guarded about police work and, in any case, the wine was going to her head.

Finally, Tony put down his cutlery and watched with amusement as Ruth chased a small piece of lettuce around her plate, unsuccessfully trying to spear it with her fork. After a few moments, he took her hand and gently extracted the fork from her fingers.

"I think you've had enough, young lady - of wine and salad I mean, of course."

Ruth giggled. "Oh Sir, are you in such a hurry to have your evil way with me? Even before coffee?"

"Well actually that wasn't quite what I had in mind, not just yet at any rate."

"What can you mean, you awful man? Are you spurning my advances?"

Tony pushed his chair away from the table and beckoned to Ruth to follow him into her small lounge. "Come with me, young lady, I have something to show you."

Something in his tone made Ruth tingle from head to toe. The little voice inside her head penetrated the alcohol haze and whispered 'Oh shit! You're for it now, girl!' Ruth ignored the voice and tried to make light of the situation. "Oh, Inspector Chalmers, I love it when you are so dominant!" Her tummy was suddenly taut and that damn butterfly was fluttering its wings right down there in her private place again.

Tony picked up the small document case which he had brought in with him. He sat down on the settee and motioned Ruth to sit beside him.

"I want to have a little talk with you, Miss Jamieson." he said sharply.

He took out two photographs and put them in Ruth's lap as she collapsed back onto the settee. "Do you know what these are?"

"They are very blurred photographs." she replied, guessing what was coming next, but determined to brazen things out.

"As I think you well know, they are photos from a police speed camera. The one near your school, as it happens. This photo was taken yesterday evening and this other one this morning. They are both of your car, Ruth, and they both show you doing about ten miles an hour over the speed limit. Do you know that you would probably lose your licence if I dealt with them through proper channels? You have points on your licence as it is."

"Oh, Tony," Ruth mumbled contritely, "I don't want you to get into trouble on my account. I'm ever so sorry. I won't do it again, honest I won't."

"Not good enough, my girl. We've had this conversation before and I'm not going to keep risking my job to get you out of trouble just to have you do the same thing again."

"Oh, Tony, don't be cross with me. I'll make it up to you, honestly I will." She tried to snuggle closer to him, to nibble his ear.

"Do you remember what I said would happen if you behaved like this again?"

Oh,oh, now you're really in trouble, girl. The voice inside her head was almost triumphant but Ruth's own voice was hardly audible and she allowed her chin to quiver a little. "Yes, Tony."

While she was in the shower, massaging her bottom, still freshly smarting from the slaps Tony had given her at the foot of the stairs, she had thought the sensation didn't feel so bad, rather enjoyable in fact. Tonight would be the night of her most daring experiment. Now the time had come, she was absolutely terrified, partly because the thought that being spanked hard might be awful, and partly because submitting to Tony so totally in this way might mar their relationship.

"What did I tell you then?"

"You said you'd put me across your knee like a naughty little girl and spank me." She whispered.

"I did, and I intend to do just that. But, before I do, how about you telling me about the incident where you nearly ran over the paper boy this morning?"

Damn and blast! The traffic cop had spoken to Tony after all.

"I can see from your face that you know just what I mean. It's a good thing that constable owes me a favour. I take a dim view of you trying to charm your way round me in order to hide it from me, Ruth. That could have been most embarrassing for me if it had come out at the wrong moment, at some later date."

He was right of course and she felt wretched.

"Tony, I'm so very sorry. You're right and I'm terrible, but please don't be angry with me. Please don't do what you promised. Please."

Yes, please. Smack my bottom and make me squeal until I come and then give me a good seeing to, the impish voice of her inner self insisted.

"Sorry doesn't cut it any more, Ruth, as you well know. Trying to hide it from me amid a smokescreen of fine wine and a good meal was dishonest. And don't you dare deny it! I knew something was up from the word go. That was very naughty, young lady, and naughty young ladies get their bottoms smacked. In fact you can count yourself lucky I don't have a cane handy. I reckon you deserve a good caning just as much as that Nicky girl of yours did!"

Ruth's body began to tremble and the damn butterfly between her legs began to beat its wings ever harder.

"Tony," she muttered hoarsely, "you-you wouldn't really take a cane to my bottom....would you?"
He wouldn't, would he? Oh, I do hope so, and so does Ruth.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, January 16, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 15

Our discussion this week was all about helping a person whose spouse is not interested in administering spankings. Here is your advice:

Amber: I don't think we have enough information. Is an occasional play spanking what she needs or wants? How important is it?

It sounds like he has tried it for her and is not comfortable with it. Or was it he that started playfully spanking? In other words did she or he initiate it?

He may not "want" to discuss it, but this is a marriage and they NEED to be able to talk about things even if one of them does not want to. I would suggest that someplace well out of the bedroom, like the dining room table, and not just before or after a meal, and not near a time when they have something scheduled or something on tv, she turns off the phones, asks him to sit and talks.

Honey, you may not want to talk but this is too important to me. This is what I need.

But since we do not have enough information, what to say next is up to her.

a) this is a part of foreplay that really turns me on, hun. even try to explain how so he can see it is very erotic to her. Maybe make a deal of trying something he likes and him spanking her, make it alternate times for instance.

b) does she need more than this? does she need a role play punishment? if so, maybe print out enough discussions on the topic to show him just how common and "not weird" this is

or is this some other need or combination of needs? Whatever the case she has to sit with him in the aforementioned way and talk. The onus is on her.

Hobbes: Communication and love can usually solve this kind of problem; if there is plenty of both she can communicate and he will respond. What happened to stop the spanking as it existed before? The experience of most vanillas with a spanko is Pavlovian: they soon learn just how important spanking is to the spanko and enjoy the rewards the come from it so there is positive reinforcement and repetition. Fetlife, one of the largest online sites lists spanking as its third most popular activity behind only bondage and oral sex, a total of over a half million members claiming it. So I would advise continued communication, slowly and clearly, starting small and building from there. Again, IF there is good communication and love between two people this can be fixed. But you do have to make the communication effort and be honest. I have been married to a vanilla for over forty years and the spanking is nothing less than excellent.

Baxter: I agree with Hobbes in that communication in a marriage is very important. Something has happened in the relationship that has caused this situation. The writer needs to remember back over time to determine what it might be. Could be internal, as within the marriage. Could be external, as at work or relatives or who knows. Introspection and research might reveal. Failing that, ask a question and see where it leads.

Enzo: I am with Amber on this, not enough background information to understand what is going on and how the relationship was prior to this. Unfortunately, I don't have enough yo go on without random guessing, I am stumped.

Ronnie: Without having more information I'm afraid I wouldn't know what to suggest. Sorry.

Hermione: I agree that communication is the key. Bringing up the subject might be difficult, but what do you have to lose. If you really do get a complete rejection and total unwillingness to spank, then the options are to do without, or to go elsewhere for satisfaction. Most advice columnists would suggest therapy or counselling, but that depends on how comfortable you would be discussing this with a therapist.

Midwest Reader, if you would care to elaborate on your situation, either as a comment here or by email to me, perhaps we can provide more help.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #159

Welcome to this week's spanko brunch. A few weeks ago I received a question from Midwest Reader and I hope that together we can come up with some suggestions. Here is what that reader said:

My spouse used to play/give a spanking occasionally, but now won't even discuss it. Is there any hope?

What advice can you give to this frustrated spankee?

Leave your reply as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to think about the question.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, January 14, 2017

You Completed the Caption

Joe: Mother spanks twin daughters for an unseemly row, and hair pulling fight, over a tall, handsome ,dark haired boy!

Simon: After asking "what the hell is a martinet" Sally and Anne received a demonstration of both meanings.

kdpierre: Well unless I'm mistaken, the bared pair seem to be wearing dancing shoes, so:

"And just what were you two pas de deux-ing in the dressing room...with the lights off...when you were supposed to be practicing your plies?!"

Leigh: Their plie's and jete's were just not up to par.

Ronnie: Miss King knew from experience how to bring out the best in her girls.

Anon: Mary, I knew I shouldn't have listened to you. Now we're both in for it.

Hands: Now I'll show you how I perform "The Taming of the Shrew"

js666: Madame Rubinstein had not yet discovered the ergonomic benefits of laying stripes HORIZONTALLY across the bottom.

Sir Wendel: The Doublemint Twins get a whipping for sticking their gum under the table. 

Hermione: Martha Graham's new choreography proved to be a challenge for two unfortunate dancers.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday FAIL

It's Friday the 13th, and you know what that means. Bad things can happen.

Be careful out there!
From Hermione's Heart