Thursday, February 28, 2013

Which Bottom is Yours?

Have you ever checked the mirror after a spanking and seen your bottom? Which one did it resemble?

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday WIN

Today's images are a little on the dark side. Proceed at your own risk!

 It works for me.

 Lego rules!

  Spankbank (noun): the collection of images, thoughts, dreams, and desires one conjures to heighten arousal in order to achieve climax in regards to self gratification.

Whip those strings!

The perfect magnet for a spanko's car. Be proud of your fetish!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Catchy Slogan

I found a new site yesterday that will take any word and turn it into a catchy advertising slogan. So I entered "spanking" (naturally!) and here's a sample of the creative slogans that came up:

spanking - simply the freshest

super size, super spanking

spanking - choice of the masters

spanking is the door to success

spanking brings happiness

I then had some equally amusing results when I tried "paddles"

Say it with paddles

It's not a secret when you have paddles

paddles - Clearly a better solution

Start the day with paddles

How about "hairbrush"

Hairbrush - you like it

Bigger. Better. hairbrush.

Try it for yourself at Sloganmaker

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Monday, February 25, 2013

From the Top Shelf - Why Can't I be Caned? Part Two

We pick up from where we left off last week with Alun Thomas' short story, "Why Can't I be Caned", from A Janus Collection of Spanking Stories. If you want to refresh your memory of part one, it's here.

"Oh good heavens! That must be Toni! I told her to arrive at this time. Please help me to dress!"

In a daze, I grabbed the sides of her slacks and yanked them up. Swiftly she pulled up the zip, then went to the mirror and ran her fingers through her hair.

"What a pity," she sighed "We'll have to leave it till later, won't we! I'd better let Toni in now."

With a little pout she went out of the room and later I heard her say:

"Hello darling!" Then there was a short sotto voce conversation which I couldn't hear properly, after which mother and slightly nervous daughter entered the room.

"Good evening, sir. Mummy told me to come." Toni said respectfully.

"Yes, so I understand," I replied. "Your mother has just informed me of"

Mrs. Sharpe, standing just behind her daughter, made a face at me, then taking Toni's arm, brought her to the centre of the room. "Slip your coat off dear, and we can get this over ever so quickly."

Before Toni could protest her coat was off and she had been turned to face the table.

"Now bend over the cushion dear," her mother ordered, urging her forward. "That's right! Now hold the other side of the table and bend your knees. Yes, that's it. Now be a good girl and it will soon be over."

"Are you ready?" she asked, turning to me. I nodded, picked up the cane, and stationed myself to the girl's side.

Turning back to her daughter, Mrs. Sharpe gathered up the hem of her little skirt and the slip beneath it, and folding them neatly, tucked them firmly round Toni's waist.

Stepping back she cast a critical - or approving - eye over her daughter's rear aspect, then went quickly around the table, laid her hands on Toni's shoulders, and looked at me expectantly.

Raising the cane, I held it poised while I studied the view presented to me. Long, slim, suntanned legs pressed tightly together, and, from the junction of her thighs to her tiny waist a pair of gleaming, white cotton panties filled beautifully with a pair of plumply rounded buttocks. A smaller edition of her mother, and just as spankable, but with an aura of girlish innocence that was quite alluring.

Somehow it seemed churlish to bring pain to those sweetly rounded cheeks which appeared to implore caresses and cherishment, but then common sense prevailed. This naughty little minx deserved, and had asked for, the punishment she was now waiting so expectantly for.

Hardening my heart, I zipped the cane across the soft bulge of her bottom just above her thighs. The effect was dramatic. A moment of silence, then, as her bottom jumped in reaction to the sudden sting of the cane, her head turned and she gave me a look of anguished astonishment, emitting a long, shrill "oooooh!" of pained protest.

I'm no sadist, and I don't believe in prolonging what I know is a very painful experience, so I delivered the next one the moment her bottom reflexed up again. The cane was obviously a lot more painful than Toni had imagined it was going to be, and she didn't like it at all. Her legs kicked wildly as she struggled to get up, but her mother had other ideas, and pressing down hard on her recalcitrant daughter's shoulders, she said:

"Toni! For goodness sake stay still! You've only had two!"

"B-b-but Mummy!" Toni blubbered, "it hurts! Please let me get up. Please mummy!"

"No!" came the uncompromising reply. "You asked for the cane and now you are going to get it!"

Mrs. Sharpe gave me a little smile and a nod, and I swept the slender rod hard and full across the middle of her daughter's still wriggling bottom.

"Aaaaaahhh no! No! Please sir, please mummy!" Toni wailed desperately, twisting her hips from side to side in a natural effort to escape further punishment, but unfortunately for her as she rolled away from me with her legs drawn up, the left cheek of her bottom was thrust up so invitingly that the cane seemed, of its own accord, to find the perfectly presented target.

A strangled gasp followed by a sob, then a flood of tears, testified that it had hurt considerably more than the previous strokes, and I wasn't surprised to see Toni collapse across the table sobbing bitterly.

Mrs. Sharpe looked at me with raised eyebrows as I stepped back and dropped the cane onto a chair. Realising that I had no intention of completing the punishment, she helped Toni to her feet, and with soft, soothing noises, led the weeping girl to the bathroom.

There was just enough whisky left to make it worth drinking, so making a mental note to get more tomorrow, I upended the bottle and, with a glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other, awaited the return of the ladies. Mrs. Sharpe appeared first.

"Toni's all right now. She's stopped crying and is dabbing her eyes - and her bottom - with cold water" she said cheerfully, then looked at me quizzically and commented, "You're a strange man you know. I'm certain that most men, given the chance to cane a naughty girl's bottom, especially one who had connived to get a caning in the first place, would have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, yet you didn't seem to be getting any pleasure out of it at all. When she started to cry, you even let her off the last two strokes. Why? She could have been trying it on! Girls are perfectly well aware of the potency of tears!"

"Do YOU think she was kidding?" I asked.

She shook her head. "No I don't."

"Well I didn't either, and I stopped because I thought she'd had enough - for a first time caning anyway. Her bottom will show the evidence for a day or so!"

"Ooh you should see it," said Mrs. Sharpe enthusiastically "Three angry weals right across both cheeks and one really thick one on the left side only. That last one you gave her was a real zinger, wasn't it! Funny, I always thought weals were bright red, but that one's white - like tram lines!"

"It will turn red, blue and then purple," I told her, "and the marks will show for several days. I expect she will sleep face down tonight and find it a bit irksome sitting down tomorrow. Still that was the object of the exercise, wasn't it!"

"Oh I think it will work," her mother said. "I don't imagine she will be at all eager for a repeat performance." She paused, hesitated and then murmured, "Tell me honestly, would you have stopped after four if it had been me across that table?"

I laughed. "Ah now that would be a different thing altogether. Sometimes women are caned for reasons other than the obvious one."

"Oh are they?" she replied, with an air of innocence that belied her expression. "But supposing I had done something really naughty and deserved a jolly good whipping -"

"Well, the answer is to do something really naughty, then you'll find out!" I replied lightly, and in my mind was the vision of her bottom as her slacks had fallen.

"Does it still sting?" I asked, for her hands were behind her, cradling her bottom.

"Sting? Oh no," She seemed to have come out of a daydream. "Not any more. I can still feel it but it's just a little tingle, a glow. It's really quite nice."

"A damn good spanking produces a nice glow too and I believe it can be quite...stimulating!" I remarked casually.

"Oh does it really? How interesting!" she said, blushing, then picked up Toni's coat. "I think Toni should be ready to go home by now. Perhaps I could come round one evening -" she paused "and we could have a long chat about spanking. Soon?"

"As soon as you like," I said confidently " but don't wear slacks next time."

"Don't you like women in trousers?"

"Oh sure...and on you they look fabulous. Just that skirts make things...easier."

She grinned, her face flushed. "Really! You are a dreadful man! I suppose you'd like me to leave my knickers off too!"

"Good idea!" I grinned and she gasped in mock reproof, then walked off in search of her daughter with gait that produced an eye catching sway to her hips.

I wonder if she will, I mused, or is she just having me on?

Toni looked little the worse for wear as she was led from her retreat. Cheeks a little pink, and walking rather stiff-legged. She kept her eyes downcast, refusing to meet mine as I opened the door for them.

"Good night and thank you," Mrs. Sharpe said on the doorstep. "Toni, manners. Say goodnight!"

"Night sir," Toni muttered in a husky whisper then her mother touched my hand and mouthed the word "tomorrow".

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

You Completed the Caption

Three ladies, or two and a gentleman? I'm not really sure. Either way, here's what you said:

Do you see that man loading that boat?
Look at those arms, I'd love to have them around me.
Are you kidding me, I want every part of him around me.

Lady w/ Hat (Bottom Caption): Isn’t this a beautiful day for a boat trip?
Second Lady: I wonder if I left the iron on.
Lady w/ Hat (Top Caption): Silly girl...Its 1885, electric irons haven’t been invented yet.
Second Lady: Oh silly me…You’re right!
Man: I shouldn’t have that barbequed turkey leg for lunch; I think I’m sea-sick

Lady w/ Hat (Bottom Caption): I have to stand up this whole cruise. My gracious, my bottom hurts. All I said was “It would be nice for women to vote!”
Second Lady: I got just got the spanking of my life a little while ago so I know why I am standing up the whole time. I wonder why she doesn’t sit down.
Lady w/ Hat (Top Caption): I bet that gentleman knows why I am not sitting down. This is SO embarrassing.
Man: (Thinking): I wonder what color bloomers these ladies are wearing?

Lady w/ Hat (Bottom Caption): He said he had a private yacht
Second Lady: Private yacht my ass. If this is a yacht I’m King Henry the VIII in drag
Lady w/ Hat (Top Caption): I agree. If he isn’t really the President of Standard Oil I’m going to thrown his sorry butt into the ocean
Man: I wonder how much longer before the Captain catches us stowed away down here. I had better move quickly if I am going to talk these lovely ladies into lying over my knee.
Captain One Deck Above: Why do I hear women’s voices?

Lady w/ Hat (Bottom Caption): (Thinking to herself) Oops, I passed gas
Second Lady: (Thinking to herself) Oh my…I accidently broke wind
Man: Excuse me ladies!
Lady w/ Hat (Top Caption): It was her! She broke wind! It’s her fault!
Lady without a Hat: Oh yeah…Like you are SO innocent. I smelled your fart too. It was her fault as well!
Man: I’m sorry; I was just going to ask if you ladies were from New Orleans! I think I’ll go to the lounge now.

Lady w/ Hat (Bottom Caption): You bitch!
Second Lady: Bite me you cow!
Lady w/ Hat (Top Caption): One more word from you sister and I am going to rip that fake Pennington dress off your fat hips

Michael: Chairs with no cushions. Three ladies standing. You do the math.

Lady Cecelia (with no hat) - "I can't believe Lord Randolph, my own husband, took the cane to not only me but my two dearest friends in the world. All because we attended the Women's Suffragette rally."

Madame Yvette (dark hat) - "And now we must cross zee channel so my husband, Count Monteblanc, can have his turn swishing the cane. Sacre bleu!"

Jennie McGrath (white hat) - "Unbelievable! I visit from America and voice my opinion about women having the right to vote and now I am going to be caned in two different countries not to mention back home when daddy hears what happened abroad. And these stupid puffy bustles don't even provide enough padding so we can sit down." *stamps foot*

Six of the best:
The first lady says upon throwing a cent into the river, "I wish to marry a handsome Prince."
Second lady says, upon throwing a dime, "I wish to marry a millionaire."
Third lady says, after throwing a quarter, "I wish for a good spanking on my bare bottom, from 'Six of the Best'".

Young Lady: I think the couple in the back (who I think look like a man and a woman) are having a conversation like:

Woman - Oh look, there is that dreadful Lady Bomgardner again, I detest that bitch.
Man - Hildie! I though the very reason we were standing here instead of enjoying the lounge chairs is because of the stripes on your backside over using that very word last night?!
Woman - I'M SORRY! Please please pleeease forgive me!!

While the woman with the fan is trying VERY hard to appear busy and not listening while she is getting more and more aroused.

Top speech bubble - Does my bum look big in this bustle?
Middle speech bubble - Of course it does, it's supposed to.
Bottom speech bubble - I don't like the look of that pervert with the sketch book, over on our right, he might make a painting of this!!!

Woman #1 - Sigh....Not a man in sight.....Thank God I packed my Hitachi Magic Wand....
Woman # 2 - You know it is electric right? There is no power on board this thing.
Woman # 1 again - Oh crap.

He's looking at me (blush).
Oh, shut up!

Sir Wendel Jones:
Lady #1: If you postulate the relativity of the 3rd dimensional vortex you see that space can indeed be folded.
Lady #2: The fold can only be obtained by generating 1.987 jewels per liter from vastly splitting neutrons.
Lady #1: But then there would be a lack of coefficient ions to stabilize the sub atomic matter.
Man : Should I have fries or wedges with my burger.

Bonnie: "You'll have to excuse me. My bustle is exceedingly uncomfortable this morning."

Lady #1: "Roger used the riding crop on me last night and I didn't feel a thing."
Lady #2: "Next time tell him to take your skirts off first."
Lady #3: "Tsk. Beginners."

Top bubble: Does this dress make my butt look big?
Middle bubble: Yes.
Bottom bubble: Good!

Thank you to all who contributed. As usual, I was impressed with the variety of responses. See you all again next week for a new challenge.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Complete the Caption

These charming maidens are taking the air and enjoying the view of the river below. What do you think they are discussing?

Complete the caption by filling in each of the three bubbles, or if you prefer, create any sort of caption that explains the picture, and leave it as a comment. I will publish your captions in the next post.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday FAIL

A few wardrobe items of questionable taste.

There's no better way to declare your loyalty to a band than by wearing their logo to bed. But this outfit suggests that there might be more going on than meets the eye.

 Dog shows have never been more entertaining. The judge will be keeping his eye on her.

 Er, yes, there is a certain resemblance to a molar.


A wee bit too short, methinks.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

For a Dom across the sea

Blogs written by male Doms are few and far between in the blogsphere, so I was pleasantly surprised when I started visiting New Life in DD by a charming gentleman called Bas. I always enjoy hearing a Top's point of view on the subject of spanking. While I know from personal experience what bottoms get out of the experience, I regularly wonder what's in it for them. In his posts, Bas makes clear the benefits that both he and his wife derive from their DD lifestyle.

My favourite post is one called One Man, Four Women and Morning Maintenance. In it, Bas describes a day out with four lovely ladies, and it's a perfect example of his eloquence and humour.

Speaking of humour, I look forward to reading his comments on my blog. He manages to see things from a unique perspective and writes with both wit and wisdom.

To Bas himself, I have these words of encouragement:

Warm hugs,

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday WIN

A little fun with names for that important part of the anatomy.

 This one's for Erica

 It is in fact quite possible! Check it out here.

 This is a restaurant I'd go back to again and again

 And this one too

 Ruh Roh!

He should look where he's going.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Latest Meme

Slightly Naughty Princess started a meme that I enjoyed, so I thought I'd take a shot at it too.

1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
    Closed. I don't want whatever's breathing in there at night to get out.   
2. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?
     Yes, always, and then I give them to a women's shelter.

3. Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?
    Yes, I usually forget to use them until they've expired.

4. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees?
     The bees are less likely to be fatal.

5. Do you always smile for pictures?
    Yes, it's what you're supposed to do.
6. What is your biggest pet peeve?
    People who pronounce "nuclear" as "nook you ler".

7. What size is your bed?
    We have a king-size bed, and at times it seems too small.

8. What's your least favorite movie?
    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. The Planet of the Apes series was pretty lame too.

9. What do you dip a chicken nugget in?
    Hot oil? I don't know, I've never eaten one.

10. What is your favorite food?
      I love Italian food, especially pizza with chicken, roasted peppers and blue cheese.
11. What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
      Every December we watch Prancer, A Christmas Carol, and some of the other classic Christmas movies.

12. Were you ever a boy/girl scout?
      No, but I was a Brownie, Girl Guide, and Air Ranger.
13. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
       No, I wouldn't want to put the photo editors through that much air-brushing.

14. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
      This week. I frequently write letters to family members who don't own computers.

15. Favorite kind of sandwich?
      Grilled cheese, or any kind of panini.

16. Best thing to eat for breakfast?
      Rice Krispies for a weekday breakfast. On my birthday I have Polish sausage, scrambled eggs and toast.
17. What is your usual bedtime?
      Would you believe 9 pm? I'm not a night owl, and have to get up very early in the morning.

18. Are you lazy?
      Definitely not, or I wouldn't be able to publish a blog post every day.
19. Do you have any magazine subscriptions?
      We get a subscription to National Geographic each year as a Christmas gift.
20. Do you sing in the car?
      No, but I hum along with the music.
21. Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart?
      K-Mart is long gone, Target is not scheduled to open for another two months, so that leaves Wal-Mart. It's always crowded but the sight-seeing opportunities are endless.
22. What's your favorite color?

23. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?
      Tucked in

24. Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
      No, I can't imagine why anyone would want to.

25. Do you like to use post-it notes?
      I'll bet you think I forgot this question. Yes, I use them everywhere, and have a whole box of them in all sizes. I once worked with a woman whose mother was dating the man who invented them.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, February 18, 2013

From the Top Shelf - Why Can't I Be Caned?

This is a short story called "Why Can't I be Caned?" by Alun Thomas, from A Janus Collection of Spanking Stories. I always enjoy a good school story and I hope you like it too.

"But why can't I be caned?" Toni demanded, pushing out her lower lip petulantly.

I sighed. I was tired. In no mood for an argument, least of all with a rebellious eighteen year old, even if she was one of the brightest and prettiest girls in the school.

At any other time I would have been delighted to discuss the pro's and con's of corporal punishment with her, but the pile of essays that I had to mark seemed to grow larger every time I looked at them.

I pushed the pile of manuscripts away, fished out a cigarette, lit it, and said:

"Look, Toni, What I said was the normal reaction of a teacher who is overworked, tired and frustrated by girls like you who ought to know better than to play up like you've been doing. You're saucy, impudent and lazy, and if you don't knuckle down to it, you're not going to do any good at your 'A' levels. What I'd really like to do is put you across my knee and spank your bottom until you promised to behave, or, failing that, make you bend over my desk for six good stinging strokes with the cane.
"Unfortunately, I can't. The County Education Authority is dead against corporal punishment of any kind, especially for girls - so you'll just have to do those lines you were given and deliver them tomorrow morning or face further impositions."

"But I positively loathe impositions, " she cried. "Having to write out those ghastly chapters from Dickens. It's so sickening. I hate Dickens!"

"My heart bleeds for you, Toni," I grinned, "but if you don't behave you have to pay the price!"

"Oh I know that!" she exclaimed, "but it's the sort of penalty I hate!"

She moved closer to my desk, leaned forward, and murmured in a conspiratorial tone:

"Look sir, couldn't you just this once forget the silly rules and punish me with the cane? I promise I won't tell anyone. Not even mummy."

"No, definitely not!" I said, "Apart from the fact that it could cost me my job, I haven't got a cane anyway."

"Oh!" she sighed sadly, "well couldn't you spank -"

"No!" I interrupted sharply. "I can't, but I'll tell you what I will do."

"Yes?" she said eagerly, her face brightening up.

"I'll write a note to your mother, suggesting that if she gives you a good spanking tonight and confirms it by phoning me tomorrow morning, I'll forget about the imposition."

"Oh, that's no good!" she pouted "Mummy has never spanked me. She doesn't believe in it."

"I'm sorry, Toni," I said, standing up, "but you'll just have to accept your punishment. Now if you don't mind I want to go home. I've got loads of essays to mark and I might as well do it in the comfort of my flat."

"It's not fair!" she muttered mutinously, as she turned away.

I watched her retreating figure as she made for the door, her brief pleated navy blue skirt swinging from side to side with the undulation of her shapely little buttocks, as her long, smooth legs, bare from knee socks to mid thigh, crossed and recrossed.

I sat for a few moments pondering the situation. Here was a young defiant little madam who not only deserved a taste of the cane, or a sound spanking, and was perfectly willing to receive it, but because of the rules I was unable to oblige. A situation which to me at least was both ridiculous and frustrating. I felt certain that a two minute session with the cane would have answered a lot of problems!

Visions of the look of shocked surprise and pain on Toni's face as the cane swished across her knickered bottom came to me as I began to gather up the essays - and then another image of her squirming across my knees, her bare bottom - I stopped in my tracks. Bare bottom? Lord! The vision disturbed me and made me think perhaps the authorities were right in banning corporal punishment.

Later I pushed away the pile of marked essays, stood up, stretched and went over to the sideboard, poured myself the very large whisky I thought I'd earned, added a suggestion of ginger ale, and was about to drop wearily into the armchair when the doorbell rang.

"Blast!" I thought, as I made for the door. I wasn't expecting anyone, and I didn't feel like company. The clock showed eight-thirty.

"Oh, good evening. I hope I'm not disturbing you?" my visitor said.

I stared at her and thought, "Oh my God, trouble!" It was Toni's mother - I'd met her a couple of times. She was around thirty four or five and very attractive.

"No, not at all. Please come in," I murmured, gesturing to a chair and thinking, Christ, that silly little cow has said something about spanking and now her mother is after my blood! I'm in trouble and I'd better be nice to her.

"Let me take your coat and please sit down." I said. She smiled, shrugged off her coat to reveal a superb figure in a tight black sweater and even tighter pale cream slacks.

"Can I get you a drink?"

"I'd love one!" She eyed my glass. "The same as yours please."

I made it pretty generous, handed it to her and asked: "What can I do for you, Mrs. Sharpe?"

She took a long sip, sighed, and murmured "Lovely, just what I needed!"

She took another long appreciative sip , put down her glass and said brightly, "I've come to intercede for my daughter, Toni."

"Oh, in what way?" I asked, feeling a sense of relief. It was obvious now that she wasn't out for trouble.

"It's about all those lines she's got and what you said to her. She's most upset about it all. Apparently you told her she deserved to be punished, caned I mean, and when she offered to accept a caning you told her that you weren't allowed to do it anyway."

"Yes, that's true," I replied "But what I'd like to do, or rather what I feel needs to be done, and what I'm allowed to do are two entirely different things."

She picked up her glass and smiled at me over the rim.

"Yes, I think what you said first must be true. It must be awful having to contend with dozens of girls of Toni's age. We women can be real little minxes at that age, just becoming aware of the power of our sexuality, and trying it out on the first available male. Particularly if he is young and rather dishy!"

She laughed softly. "Yes, I can imagine there must be times when you'd dearly love to chastise the lot of them and I can't say I'd blame you if you did!" She finished her drink, looked into her empty glass for a moment, and continued.

"But to get back to Toni for a moment. Couldn't you, just for once, forget the rules if I asked you nicely?"

To cover my astonishment I got up and refilled our glasses, saying as I did, "I'm quite amazed, Mrs. Sharpe. When I suggested to Toni that I should give you a note asking you to punish her, she told me that you had never spanked her..and now you are seriously asking me to cane her...why?"

"Oh there are various reasons why I never spanked her," she replied, grinning, as I gave her the glass. "But I do realise that just lately she has become rather, er, difficult, shall we say? I think a good sharp lesson might pull her up short. You see her daddy died when she was quite small, and I suppose she's missed the influence he would have had on her. Maybe that's the reason she is playing up now. I suspect she is hankering to discover what it would be like to be punished by a fair but strict father."

"A sort of surrogate dad?" I groaned.

"Exactly! But I could be completely wrong of course. Most probably she seized on it as a way of avoiding an imposition. Never having had the cane she wouldn't appreciate that it is likely to prove a very painful way out!"

She imbibed thoughtfully and then asked, "I suppose it is awfully painful, isn't it?"

"Well yes it depends on how - "I stopped suddenly , "Do you mean you have never been caned yourself? Somehow I thought you were speaking from experience when you said -"

"Oh no!," she chuckled, " I collected plenty of spankings and slipperings but never got caned. In fact, believe it or not, I've never seen a school cane. I believe they are different from the garden sort, aren't they? Do you have one? Here, I mean?"

"Yes I do. Why?"

"May I see it please?"

"Yes of course. Shall I freshen your drink first?"

"Ooooh I shouldn't!" she grinned "I shall get tiddly, but yes please...and where's the loo?" She laughed.

I showed her the bathroom and then got the cane from my bedroom and was standing by the fireplace swishing it about when she came back.

"Ooh! Is that it? It doesn't look too harmful. May I have a look please?"

I handed it to her and she swished it about a few times, then pushing out her left hip gave her bottom a couple of tentative strokes.

"Hmmm," she commented "It doesn't seem to hurt much when you do it to yourself but I bet it's different when it's given properly. Oh by the way, how many will you give her?"

"The usual number is six," I replied, "but I don't remember agreeing to cane Toni."

"Oh but you will, won't you? I'm sure it's what she needs to bring her to her senses."

She flashed her eyes at me, pouted and breathed "Please? Pretty please?"

I laughed heartily "You know you are a minx! Perhaps it's you I should be caning and not your daughter!"

"But I haven't been naughty -yet!" she murmured, handing me the cane, "But I'd love to try it - just one stroke and not too hard please - just to see what it's like. How will you do it? Will you make her touch her toes?"

I shook my head. "No, I doubt if she could stay in position for six good swishes. I'd make her bend over the table -with a cushion under her hips - and hold on to the far edge."

She opened her large eyes wide and made an "O" with her lips.

"Ooooo!" she grinned "that's a very accommodating position isn't it? My hubby used to get me in that position - but not for the cane!"

With a laugh she turned away, picked up one of the chair cushions, plumped it up, and, balancing it on the edge of the table, bent over it.

"Is this right?" she asked, turning to look at me over her shoulder.

"Er...mmm...yes," I muttered to gain a little time as my eyes, as if hypnotised, locked into the seat of those pale cream slacks. Who on earth called them 'slacks' in the first place? Hers were so tight that they looked as if they had been moulded around her. So tight that I could see the weave of the little bikini panties she wore beneath them. Her richly endowed buttocks, burgeoning symmetrically from a slender waist, were an irresistible invitation to any man with a cane in his hand!

If it was to be only one stroke I meant to make the most of it.

"Just come up on your elbows a little," I told her, in the most matter-of-fact voice I could muster.

"Good. Now hollow your back, push out and bend your knees a trifle."

"Is that better?" she asked softly. "Gosh, it makes my bottom feel awfully large and vulnerable." She licked her lips and added, "It's making me feel a bit...funny. Do it quickly, please!"

"Yes," I muttered indistinctly, hoping she wouldn't realise the effect her display was having on me. She continued to watch me as I approached her and measured the cane across the widest part of her drum tight rear. I took a quick glance at her face as I drew back my arm and saw her gulp and draw her bottom lip between her teeth apprehensively. Then, fixing my eyes on the target, I brought the cane flashing down.

Thwack! It landed with that solid sound which denotes a thoroughly satisfying and effective stroke. It curled around the wide generous curves of its target, momentarily lingering on the taut material and the firm flesh beneath it, then sprang back. Immediately I heard the hiss of breath through her teeth and she shot rapidly upright.

"Ooow it stings!" she gasped, as her hands flew behind her and sought to cover, ineffectively, the expanse of her bottom.

"Aaah that's better!" she murmured after a few moments rubbing. "It's wearing off, but it really did sting at first. It wasn't as bad as I expected though. Still I think six like that will make Toni hop about a bit."

Her hands were still moving over her bottom, not rubbing, but with a circular caressing motion that did nothing for my state of mind! "Oh I've just thought," she said, giving me a quick glance," will you cane her over her skirt?"

"No of course not!" I replied. "That would be a waste of time and energy. To be effective it would have to be across her knickers."

"Oh I see," she said, "well in that case I've been cheating. I've got knickers and slacks on. I think I'd better have one across my panties to feel the real effect, don't you?"

Before I could utter a word, she had turned her back and pulled down the zip of her slacks. She slid her hands into the waist band of her slacks and began to wriggle them down. Fascinated, I watched the side to side sway of her hips as she pushed the tight garment down - lower and lower it went until her whole bottom came into view. A bottom clad in only the briefest of bikini panties, so tiny that they covered only the minutest portion of her shapely cheeks. The flimsy nylon was drawn so far into the crack of her buttocks that most of them was completely revealed.

I was so affected by the spectacle that the chiming of the doorbell barely impinged on my hearing, but she straightened up with a startled gasp.

"Oh good heavens! That must be Toni! I told her to arrive at this time. Please help me to dress!"

In a daze, I grabbed the sides of her slacks and yanked them up. Swiftly she pulled up the zip, then went to the mirror and ran her fingers through her hair.

"What a pity," she sighed "We'll have to leave it till later, won't we! I'd better let Toni in now."

Oh, dear, just when things were getting rather interesting, we have to stop. I'll have the rest of the story for you next Monday.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, February 17, 2013

You Completed the Caption

The march down the aisle will be so much more fun with all your captions.

Archedone: OMG, it's going to be a spanking wedding. Red bottoms for all the bridemaids.

Bas: Bride: Do you see that ink on her arms? It's a shame!

Bogey: You don't men doing things like this. Girls have more fun.

Six of the best: "Spank me daddy, so I can be a blushing bride".

Sir Wendel Jones: “Sally is such a brat! Wearing pink panties so she can be the center of attention in the photo. She needs a good spanking.”

Sunnygirl: I guess they didn't think to wear 'cling free' undies.

Ronnie: The girls said they'd surprise her on her wedding day.

Bonnie: "We carefully selected matching bridesmaid dresses, shoes, and bouquets. I can see now that I should have specified the panties as well."

Michael: "Cindy's bridesmaids were acting very cheeky but soon their nether cheeks would pay the price - being turned fire engine red by the groomsmen in front of all the guests. The naughty girls would be standing for the rest of the day."

Gary NTboy: The scramble for the wedding bouquet had got out of hand so the groom had no choice but to spank all six bridesmaids. The bride's turn would come later, and she knew it.

Ami Starsong: The blushing bride pointed at her bridesmaids' cheeky bottoms, but they reminded her that getting hitched could have its advantages.

A. Lurker: Looks like the bride isn't the only one "getting hitched".

The bridesmaids had given her so much grief about their dresses. The bride would give them all a thorough spanking in front of the guests, before the reception, thereby ratcheting the term "bridezilla" up a notch.

Not only was there a blushing bride, but there was about to be a few blushing bridesmaids at this wedding, too.

You can tell who the maid of honour is - she's the only one with bright pink panties.

Ricky: Oh, carry me back to sweet Virginny . . .

Sir Q's mlb: The groom dared the women of the bridal party to show their panties, knowing the bride wasn't wearing any.

Bobbie Jo: As bold as the bridesmaids were with their joke on Sherrie, she convinced the six groomsmen to make sure each bridesmaid had a glowing bottom on display. Next thing she knew she was over Kent's knee getting her own red glow.

Hermione:  The bride realized that her "something borrowed" wasn't going to be a pair of panties from one of the bridesmaids.

Lillie: Every woman has a horrid selection of bridesmaids dresses that they will never be able to wear again. You just never know what the bride will pick and you have to wear it.

KiwiGirlieGirl: "is it my turn next?" complained the bride.

Thank you for having fun at the wedding. See you all next week!

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Complete the Caption

Every bride wants her special day to be perfect, but sometimes things go wrong.

Complete the captions by leaving a comment and I will publish your contributions in the next post.

Go on, don't be shy. Have a go!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday FAIL

The things people wear these days!

Butt shoes, itching to be spanked

 Pull down your jeans, Missy

 This is the last time I'm having toast for breakfast

I suppose this garment has its uses, but ewww!

Your Valentine gift; unwrap and spank

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be My Valentine

May your day be full of love and spanking, the perfect combination.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday WIN

It's all about food today.

An interesting way to eat both noodles and broth without too much trouble.

A pasta fork that restrains those naughty spaghetti strands very effectively.

The seal looks quite healthy to me.

What if there's another lid underneath, and another, and another...?

There are two worlds of bottom smacking, the world of BDSM and the world of ketchup bottles. The company, Dressing for Pleasure, a specialist in fetishwear and all things S&M related, married these two worlds by putting stickers of enticing rear ends on the bottoms of ketchup bottles. Thus inviting bar patrons to explore a completely different appetite while addressing their hunger. (via Bored Panda)

From Hermione's Heart