Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday FAIL

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I guess we'll all have to switch back to MySpace.

For more grins and giggles, read the submissions to the latest Complete the Caption and add your own comment, if you dare!

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Complete the Caption

Schoolgirl spanking stories are very popular with many of my readers. But what do you make of this?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your submissions in a future post.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday WIN

Here's a potpourri of images with a common theme of a certain part of the human anatomy that receives much attention in the spankosphere.

How sweet! What more could a gal or guy ask for?

An autocorrect after my own heart

Submissive shoes, anyone?

Try the lifeguard's station

This takes talent!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From the Top Shelf - A Tale of Two Sisters, Part 3

Now for the third and final installment of A Tale of Two Sisters by Christopher James. In part 1 Chris gave his cousin Rose her first spanking and to his surprise, she liked it. In part 2 Rose received another punishment and told her elder sister about it. We were left wondering whether Nina was also interested in corporal punishment, so let's find out!
During my second week there, Rose had another furious breakfast row with her mother which resulted in an egg being knocked to the floor after an altercation which also involved Nina. Again her mother refrained from any physical response, but maybe my Aunt Ada was more in tune than we thought. "Cheeky young besom!" she said angrily, "Somebody should give you a good smacked bottom!" It sounded like an open invitation and Nina and I exchanged glances across the table. Unexpectedly Rose suddenly had an attack of contrition. "Sorry I was so rude, Mum," she muttered. "I'll clean up the mess!"

She didn't believe that was going to save her bottom, surely!

Having done the washing up, my aunt, probably glad to get out of the house for some peace and quiet, said she was going shopping and why didn't the three of us go to the beach? But this was not part of anyone's plans for the immediate future.

"I suppose I'm getting another spankin'?" Rose licked her lips, almost smiling.

"You can count on it," I answered. "Using that language to your mother! You should be ashamed of yourself!"

"I am, Chris, I'm sorry. It just comes out."

"You're still going to get a damn good hiding!" I said, and suddenly I was becoming ambitious. "Rose, where is that tawse you mentioned!"

"Noooo!" For the first time there was fear in her voice.

"Oh yes," said Nina with wide eyed enthusiasm, " that's what she'd ve got from our Dad. It's in Mum's wardrobe." With obvious growing excitement, she said. "Bet you've never seen a tawse, Chris. I'll go and fetch it."

"Noooo," Rose cried, her eyes wide. "He's not touching me with that!"

"You'll get what just what you deserve, " I said. "Now get upstairs!"

It was up to Rose. I could do nothing against her will but, to my joy and thundering excitement, she didn't argue, just sniffled and walked slowly upstairs. I followed her into her bedroom, and Nina entered, carrying an implement I had never seen before.

"This is the tawse, Chris." She proffered it and I grasped it curiously.

It was brown leather, pretty thick; although not limp like a belt, and heavier than one, its two thongs bent quite pliantly between my hands. This, I thought, was a splendid instrument. But - was I going to be permitted to use it? I thought it was likely that the culprit might not be entirely averse to another spanking, but with this formidable piece of leatherware? I noticed that Rose was eyeing it, unsmiling but with a strange expression, almost of fascination; she flinched when I brought it hissing down with a crack on her bed. I could try anyway - who could tell, with a strange ambivalent creature like Rose?

"How long do you think your Mum will be, Nina?"

"Oh, a good hour. She's pretty slow, shopping. Chris, are you going to give our Rosie a good tawsing?"

"Nooo," said Rose again, pleadingly. "Spank me, Chris. Oh God, I don't want the tawse. I've not had it since poor Dad died. It's awful!!"

"It's just what you're going to get, my girl!" I said, boldly.

Rose tried a desperate ploy. "If I'm going to get it so should our Nina. She hit me at breakfast, twice."

Nina paled. "Not on your life!" she said hurriedly. "I'm not being beaten!"

"But you think Rose deserves it?"

"I do. She chucked that egg on the floor!"

"But you did hit her twice. Come on, Nina, one stroke of the tawse for each blow. It's only fair."

I perceived that Nina was in a quandary. She undoubtedly wanted to see her sister thrashed, but she clearly feared for her own bottom. After an agonising pause she finally said "All right, but only two strokes."

How did this thing compare to a cane? I made a wild guess. "Six strokes for you, Rose." My heart was pounding as I waited for a reply. If she refused at least she would take a spanking. Nina suddenly tittered, she was staring at the tumescence thrusting through my trousers. I felt hot all over with appalling embarrassment. "I can't help it," I mumbled. There was nothing I could do about it.

"Ooooooo you are a bad lad, Chris!"

"Well how do you expect me to react," I demanded, "thinking about thrashing the bare bottoms of two pretty girls?"

"Oh nooo. I never said bare bottom. I wouldn't dare risk it," she gasped. "Just look at the state of you and before any girl is naked!"

"Come on, Nina, " I said. "Surely you're not a coward! Your little sister, two years younger, is going to take six on her bare bottom and you won't even take two?"

Still she hesitated. The difference between these two was becoming increasingly apparent. I still could not understand it, but although she was clearly scared, Rose got a real thrill out of being whacked on her bare bottom, whereas to Nina it was merely a painful punishment and horribly embarrassing. Yet her prurient interest in her sister's chastisements, and her encouragement to me to punish Rose, showed that she too was affected by the same strange tastes.

"Come on, Nina," said Rose encouragingly," just keep your thighs together. If you won't do it, I won't!"

"Oh, all right," she grudgingly conceded. "I'll get my knicks down - but only two strokes, Chris. And no touching me!"

Red-faced, I promised. "We'll get yours over first, Rose. Take your knickers down - or are you wearing cami-knickers?"

"Cami-knickers. Er... undo me," She turned her back. God, she intended to get undressed! This was getting better and better. I unbuttoned her dress and she shrugged out of it, letting it drop to the floor. Her waist-slip followed. She wore no stockings and her legs were tanned - as that so provocative rump was going to be. To my joy, she unlooped her cami-knickers and stepped out of everything. She stood, nude except for her bra. She was adorable...

"Now," I ordered. "Bend over. Right over!"

Obediently, she swung right over and stood with her fingertips just touching her toes, legs a little way apart. I couldn't understand her. It was a very humble and abasing posture and grossly indecent in front of a boy who already had a painfully stiff erection. I could see everything she'd got. She was completely wilful, apparently getting a kick out of lewdly exposing herself in front of me and her sister.

Only six strokes but that was doubled with two thongs. I knew I certainly would not have wanted to take her punishment. I intended it to hurt. I brought that vicious tawse fairly sizzling down...

Rose gasped loudly as the leather swished and cracked squarely across her taut, resilient bottom cheeks.

Again the wicked instrument fell with an explosive report, the two thongs flattening themselves, biting into girlish buttocks. The girl winced loudly and her body jerked.

WHAP! "Owwwww" It was a throaty quavering cry and Rose jerked upright. "Oh God, Chris, please no more!"

"You're getting three more. You're bad tempered, foul mouthed and disobedient! You'd better lie across the bed!"

Rather to my surprise, because she could have refused, she obeyed and lay with her behind curved over the edge of the bed. It was glowing deep red and she was weeping quietly, with short, quick, indrawn breaths.

Again I raised the tawse, held it high and brought it swishing down with all my weight behind it. She uttered an agonised yell and her whole body twisted.

WHAP! "Oh,oh,ohhhhhhhhhh!" She was now crying piteously and I was breathing hard.

She shrieked at the final blow, squirming onto her side then went back onto her tummy and her hands went behind her, squeezing the reddened skin, which was swelling into broad weals. After a moment she stood up, slowly and stiffly... Her mouth was wide open, her face bore an expression of anguish. Tears were trickling over her cheeks and her hands were still clasped to her bottom. I suspected that she had derived little if any pleasure from that thrashing.

Not so her older sister.Nina was standing with a glazed expression, her breathing fast and light, her cheeks pink with pleasure at the sight of her sister's whipped bottom. I broke the spell.

"Right, Nina. Your turn. Two whacks."

Nina came out of her trance, her face suddenly pale. She looked very scared. "I-I don't want to... I-I've changed my mind."

"Oh Nina," Rose wailed. "You must. You promised. Look what I suffered."

Nina bit her lip. "All right. I suppose I have to. But I'm not undressing like Rosie. I'll just take my knicks down."

She pulled her underpants down and let them drop, pulled up her skirts and without being told, bent over and gripped the edge of the bed. I gazed, enraptured, at that sublime posterior, the deep shadowed cleft large and magnificently rounded - sheer poetry. God, how I wished I could caress her bottom cheeks; I suspected they were extremely erotogenic. But I had given my word.

She was brave however. She lay perfectly still whilst I brought the thick strap down twice with all the weight of my shoulders behind it. I loved its fierce swing, which was entirely devoid of consideration for the soft sensitivity and succulent tenderness of teenaged female flesh, and even more ardently I adored the tawse's deafening sonic impact with the smarting buttock mounds. Nina jerked and groaned at each but that was all. Her eyes were filled with tears as she straightened herself and her hands were under her skirt, squeezing and pressing. She seemed like a cat on a hot tin roof.

"Oooo, Chris," she said through her tears, "I never thought I'd agree to this, when we met you off the train in Newcastle'"

And neither did I. The climax to a special and wonderful holiday!

It sure beats going to Disneyland!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 23

Our topic this week was the positive effect that spanking has outside of our relationships. Here's what you said

Six of the best: When I have spanked a lady on her bare bottom. I find I have a most positive feeling that particular day. And according to the mood of the lady, her feelings are likewise.

Dragon's Rose: I am more self confident and have a better overall body image. I still dress modesty but I don't mind showing off my curves in the appropriate setting.

Dragon is more relaxed. The harder we play, the better he copes with the stress at work and home.

Brittany: I definitely find benefits from a spanking that extend to other parts of my life. Since most of my spankings are at night, I wake up feeling really centered and focused. I am able to accomplish a great number of projects with less effort and have an improved feeling of confidence. They are also beneficial when I am particularly stressed and seem to bring me back to the the mindset my HoH prefers me to be in.

Welcome, Brittany!

Dan: Since our relationship is DD focused, the whole point for us is changing my behavior in positive ways, and some of that spills over to areas outside our relationship. As I talked about a little in my most recent post, I have control issues and can be very Type A, and spankings are part of the process of trying to help me give up some of the control by putting the control in someone another person's hands. While it's really hard at the time, giving in like that helps keep more calm and centered. It's kind of like raising kids -- while they think they need freedom, what they often really need to feel secure are boundaries. One more practical benefit is that I am a chronic insomniac, and something about a hard spanking helps me sleep much, much better.

Joey: I am more relaxed and happy after a spanking. My mood improves and I feel good. Also, this feeling lasts longer if I feel the soreness or see marks on my bottom.

Arched one: Besides correcting some errors, spanking can and quite often leads to some wonderful sex. It also shows me she loves me enough to correct me by applying implements to my bottom, and it makes me feel better about myself.

Roz: Great question! I find I feel more relaxed, confident and centered after a spanking. I feel less stressed and in a good mood.

S: My frequent and lengthy spankings have a very good effect on the tone of the muscles in my gluteus maximus; much better than an expensive trip to a masseuse. I am sure that spanking keeps my bottom pert and firm, jiggling and wiggling for the benefit of any males who might be following me!

Ronnie: For me, I'm more relaxed, less stressed and certainly leaves me in a happy mood. Spanking has also made me more confident.

Prefectdt: There are lots of things for me so I will only comment about one of them for this Brunch.

When I have a big decision to make, I am talking about major life changing type of decision, I find that getting a really harsh thrashing clears my mind for a few days and helps me to see the best choice to make.

Baxter: I agree with what has already been said. A good spanking can change one's outlook and reduce stress. a sore bottom when sitting at work can be an enjoyable distraction and think of other things. yes, there are good things that come from a spanking.

Enzo: From the spankers point of view:
I find great solace in spanking a young lady. It is my outlet. I feel less stressed, happier and overall happier after delivering a good spanking.

River Wild: I find that it help me regulate my emotions. I get to "cry it out" once in a while with a hard spanking and then I don't get so upset the rest of the time. For my husband, he gets a healthy outlet for his quarrels with me

Hermione: A good spanking relaxes me, and the after effects are enough to keep me in a good mood for several days. I also feel more confident and upbeat. I have noticed that Ron is also more cheerful after administering a spanking.

Thank you, one and all, for taking the time to enjoy a good conversation. Have a productive week!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #8

I welcome you to another friendly weekend brunch.  We all know that spanking benefits our personal relationships in many ways. But do spankings have any other positive impact in our lives? Bonnie first raised this question at a brunch in 2006 and I thought it was worth re-examining.

Do you or your partner experience benefits from your spanking activities that extend beyond your relationship and into other aspects of your lives? If so, please describe how this has helped you.

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had an opportunity to speak.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

You Completed the Caption

This was my favourite caption from Now here are yours:

Ricky: Oh, no! The poor kids!

Well, no doubt the ice cleaner missed a few spots.

Don't you just love all the athletes' dedication in doing their best? They are all winners!

Leigh Smith: He'd do anything to get a sneak peak.

Autumn: My hand is going to dance on her bottom tonight after *this* ice dancing routine.

Rollin: That was supposed to be a triple Lutz but you've turned it into a triple klutz!

GaryNTboy: Including the 'face sit' into their routine was always going to be a risk, but they do so enjoy it!

Pearl Necklace: You wanted to go for 'Golden SHOWER' right?

Welcome, Pearl!

Ronnie: Even though this was a practice session, Mary and John knew they were in for a spanking from their coach.

Prefectdt: Their idea of playing Twister on ice might have worked better if they had waited until they were sober.

Michael: Oh, I see you have a Brazilian! Nice.

Baxter: No I am not face sitting on the ice right now, you idiot. But you will be standing in the corner with a red bottom when we get back to the room.

Sir Wendel: Holiday Door Busting Sochi Style.

Houston switch: Good thing its just warm ups.

Six of the best: The male skater says, to his female partner, "That fall of yours cost us that Olympic gold medal. So as a reward, tonight you can expect a blushing red bare bottom from me."

Vfrat25000: I guess hiring a temp doesn’t work so well in skating

Jayne, finish the routine. The free hot dogs will still be there.

I see England, I see France, I see Juliet’s underpants.

That is one very persistent up-skirt photographer.

Dang girl. All I said was “From this angle that skating outfit makes your ass look fat."

Watch those skates, Pretoria!!! They could cut off part of me I prefer not to lose.

Dr. Ken: During the warmups, when Dmitri told her he'd spank her mid-ice if they didn't win the gold, Katia decided to get the heck out of there!

Every one of these captions deserves a gold medal!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday FAIL

Those Walmartians have been at it again. They probably just want to find somewhere warm, out of the snow, rain and freezing temperatures. Poor things!

Happy Friday!

P.S. You still have time to Complete the Caption.
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Complete the Caption

The Winter Olympics are in full swing, and the battle for the podium is fierce.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will present the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals when all the scores are in.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Wolf

One of our favourite radio stations is known as "The Wolf", broadcasting in the Santa Rosa area of California. That's a long way from where we live, but thanks to the internet, we can enjoy it every day. It's an Oldies station and plays all the greatest hits from our teen years. When it's time for station identification, an announcer says the call letters "KWVF, The Wolf", then there's a realistic wolf howl.

Recently, during a spanking, I was protesting quite loudly, and my regular "Owww" was more prolonged than usual, and sounded more like "Ooooooowww".

"The Wolf!" Ron pronounced, then he gave his rendition of the station's mascot. "Awoooooooooooooooo."

"Sheesh! Is that what I sound like?"

"If the shoe fits..." Ron illustrated with the shoehorn.

We do have a spanking good time!

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

From the Top Shelf - A Tale of Two Sisters, Part 2

Last week we started the story of A Tale of Two Sisters by Christopher James. If you missed it or want to refresh your memory, it's here.

Chris has given his cousin Rose her very first spanking while vacationing with her family. Will he get another chance? Read on to find out.

I couldn't wait for another suitable occasion. But I didn't have to wait too long. Only two days later Aunty Ada was annoyed at breakfast because Rose was doodling on the table-cloth with a pencil. When she tried to take the pencil away Rose, in a fit of petulance, threw it across the room.

"You can pick that up!" snapped her mother.

"No!" replied Rose

"Don't you say no to me, my lass!"


"You saucy little baggage! Now pick it up!"

"No, I'll not!"

To my amazement that was the end of the matter. Rose remained where she was, the pencil remained where it lay. In hindsight, I believe Rose was putting on a show for me, but in any event that was all the excuse I needed. When after breakfast I told Rose she ought to take another walk along the cliffs with me, she licked her lips and put her tongue out at me.

"Cheeky brat!" I said.

Her mother was in the kitchen and Nina had left the house. Rather pink in the face, Rose grinned and said slyly, "So I'm going to catch it again, am I?"

"Yes you are. The trouble with you is you're spoiled."

Surprisingly, she nodded. "My Mum's too soft. My Dad wouldn't've spoiled us. He was strict. He used to use the tawse." I was ignorant in those days. I knew all about the cane but I had never heard of a tawse.

"It's a leather strap split in two. So it's got two thongs. Gosh, it hurts like hell! My Mum's still got it."

"So why doesn't she use it on you?"

"Oh, she's too easy. She never touches us. Nor Nina when she was younger."

We took our little walk as far as the flat stone but we had to wait because there was another couple behind us. Once they were out of sight the countryside was quiet. The only signs of life were the wheeling, swooping sea-birds, a few cattle behind the dry-stone wall, and the distant short, urgent blasts from a destroyer that was leaving the River Tyne.

She came across my lap without a murmur and I pushed up her dress. She was still wearing the same type of navy school knickers. This time my hand hovered uncertainly - oh but those knickers were tantalising - and this time the temptation was totally irresistible. Rebalancing the weight of her soft, shapely body, I started to ease her knickers down gently, taking my time, giving her every chance to protest, but she merely turned her head, smiled, raised her hips to assist the descent of her underwear, and whispered "Ooooooooo - cheeky!"

I was feeling bold, bad and a little scared. Even if her mother found out there could be no question of her going to the police. But my imagination was overworked. Just supposing... This could certainly be called sexual assault and at that time youths could be sentenced to a birching, and that was a fearful thought.

The birch was a dreaded implement. To many people these days it sounds barbarous. Yet I sometimes wonder whether it was such a bad thing. It was a scandal in any family; it was utterly degrading, humiliating, and extremely painful. I doubt whether many offenders would go back for a second dose.

Even while the dire possibility of being flogged was running through my feverish mind, my pretty cousin was naked from the waist to the knickers around her thighs, and I was caressing her smooth white rear; very yielding but firm-fleshed. And obviously she was not finding the situation unduly embarrassing or shameful. That was the first time I had seen a girl's nether parts bare and I was trembling with licentious delight. Oh hell! Another couple were appearing in the distance. Hastily I bundled Rose off my knees. "There's someone coming!"

"Bloody hell!" she muttered. Pulling her skirt down to cover her knickers she squatted on the grass.

"You needn't swear," I admonished her.

"That word's nothing," she giggled.

"It is coming from a young girl. It's very naughty and you will be getting a few extra spanks for that."

We had to wait until the couple had passed us and were out of sight. Spanking a girl in the open is decidedly risky but we had nowhere else to go. There was no one else to be seen and Rose again came across my lap quite willingly. Indeed, I was amazed at her docility; at the time I certainly was an ignoramus. She wriggled, rubbing her thighs together as I fondled her uncovered hips, the plump, gorgeously enticing, rounded, satin-skinned cheeks and the inviting cleft...

Suddenly she giggled and turned her blushing face round. "Eee, man, you're cheeky," she said, "I can feel something sticking in me."

"What did you expect?"

It was embarrassing but there was nothing to be done about it, and Rose was not naive. Her thighs were writhing and I could feel moisture on my trousers. She was randy as hell! I said, "I'm going to do it really hard, this time."

"Oh I dunno about that, Chris. You really think I deserve it?"

"You damn well deserve it after that display this morning. You're bad tempered, disobedient and defiant. And you swear!"

After another good look round, I brought my open palm down good and hard upon the soft, fleshy side of her buttock. She winced. I slapped hard; she was wincing and crying out. I smacked with regular blows upon the sides and middle of her writhing nates. She was moaning and beginning to weep loudly.

SMACK! Oooooh! SMACK! Aaaagh! SMACK! I must have given her twenty to thirty really hard slaps. It was certainly a noisy affair but only a few cows were within earshot. Even at that stage it was a very strange business to my mind; I had given her a really good hiding.

When I stopped I twisted her over so that she was sitting on my thighs. I pulled a handkerchief from my pocket and dabbed her tears away. She wriggled a little, her skirt still rucked up to the top of her thighs, then sat, totally unconcerned by her immodesty, for her knickers were still round her knees.

"I'm goin' to tell Mum," she whispered reproachfully," You bloody hurt me!"

"And I suppose you are going to tell her about the way you're sitting on my lap showing me everything you've got?" Well, in for a penny in for a pound! I simply could not resist lightly touching the softness within the little pubescent triangle of brown hair. It was wet and tempting - but I refrained from any actual sexual interference. I was pretty certain she would not dare say anything about this to my aunt.

Nor did she - but I had a shock when I talked to Nina on the following Sunday afternoon.

Nina had started her summer holiday, my aunt had gone to Newcastle, and Rose was in her bedroom, leaving me and Nina alone. We were lying on the hearthrug... I began to pat her bottom. "Nooo" she whispered. Putting her hand up behind her she grasped my hand and pulled it up around her waist.

"I only want to touch," I protested.

"No, Chris, I'm taking no chances after what I've heard about you," she said with a sly grin. Then she gave me the shock of my life. "And who said you could spank our Rosie on her bare bum?"

For a moment I was taken aback then I muttered guiltily, "She told you about that?"

"Course she did. We're sisters. We tell each other everything, me and Rosie."

"Oh but she let me do it."

"Mmm. Taking her drawers down and walloping her bare bottom?"

"She agreed she deserved it."

"Don't worry, Chris, Mum won't find out."

Does Nina want to be spanked too? Would she enjoy it as much as Rose does? All will be revealed in Part 3.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 16

This week's topic was spanking videos. Here's what you said:

Bonnie: We own some spanking videos. Some I like and others I don't.

I tend to prefer videos that feature couples, are not brutal or graphic, and include at least grudging consent. I particularly enjoy watching my spanko friends' videos.

Maybe a few spanking videos might qualify as pornographic, but those aren't the ones I watch.

CurtisG: I have several spanking videos on my computer. I like the ones that are not severe. I particularly like ones where those involved are enjoying. And I like some that are role play, again when the play is not severe. In my spanking life, I'm not into punishment and discipline, but that theme without extremes can be stimulating.

Katie: For me the whole spanking act is very intimate and private, so I'm pretty sure that the videos aren't for me. I saw one once on the web when I was clicking some links and I was more curious back then. I don't really have a desire to watch others being spanked. Never say never though!

Everyone is different so I am sure that there are many who do enjoy. I don't consider them porn though. I suppose that they could be part of it though, in some videos.

Six of the best: I do watch on occasions spanking movies. Some I like, some I don't. I consider NO sexual erotic movie to be pornographic, if an adult person is watching it. I am an advocate of free speech, so I am against any form of censorship.

Smuccatelli: I do like spanking videos, but primarily "role play" ones. And nothing too severe (no whippings or real beatings or extensive damage to the spankee's buttocks), not my scene. I don't consider them to be pornographic, unless they actually are (explicit nudity or actual, one-camera sexual activity). If you're gonna watch porn, watch porn...

houston_switch:  I enjoy watching spanking movies... usually M/f involving some infraction which needs redress. will do in a pinch.

little: I have never seen a spanking video. I have watched pornography (the explicit display of sexual activity and sex organs). If a spanking video shows the activity in this way then it is pornography in the strictest definition. As consenting adults, I think we have to be careful to remove the emotive power that is popularly given to the word pornography. It is just a word that describes an act. It is perhaps the nature of the pornography that should be examined. Is there consent? Is it legal? These are the only important questions to ask - In my opinion only.

 Welcome, little!

Downunder Don: Spanking movies confuse me. The professional ones are well made with good production values, but no matter how much they try they just look fake.

However the "so called" amateur home movies done by the bloggers themselves are so much more real. Where there is a story attached they don't feel like porn, just a nice exhibitionist expression and hopefully some fun.

Welcome, Don!

PK: I haven't found any I like yet. Most seem to lack any suggestion of a story line. He'd spanking away, it gets boring, she has a stupid smile on her face the entire time while pretending it hurts. I'd like to see one with a story line and a real spanking if anyone know of one.

Leigh Smith: I like to see spanking in a movie, not a spanking movie. Spanking just for spanking doesn't do a thing for me.

Michael: I was never a big spanking video kind of guy. I always preferred the written word, and now with such a talented plethora of authors the selections are vast and of high quality. I would watch spanking videos more at the times when I didn't have a spanking partner so now that I am married to Season there is even less of a need. That being said every once in a while I do get the yen and watch one.

I don't consider spanking videos pornographic as long as they don't go over the line and depict true degradation and abuse.

Ni Na: I have never watched a spanking video, and so far they don't appear interesting for me. Maybe it is because I don't like watching others being spanked, since I think this should be between two partners in love. But I have seen a few spanking scenes in mainstream movies and could enjoy them.

Whether spanking movies are pornographic or not I don't know, maybe that depends on whether it is just spanking or other things are happening too.

Bogey: We have only seen 2 or 3 pro ones that revved either of us up. They are normally based on some contrived discipline which is a turn off for us. We recently one by Pandora that was playful,  and an amateur one here.

Ronnie: Have watched spanking videos in the past and most I didn't really like. The ones I watched definitely weren't pornographic.
Some of the recent spanking videos made by friends here in the community I've enjoyed.

Es May: I saw a couple of punishment videos posted on a blog once, of real punishments, but other than that, no, have not watched. Because of that, I don't really know the genre, so don't really know what they are like. If they were like a regular movie that had spanking in them like McLintock, then I'd be okay with them, and probably enjoy them. But if they were purely for spanking fun, I'd probably find them too much for my tastes.

RONJON: I love spanking videos, like those put out by Most have a story line in them,
where the girl is always misbehaving. What I don't like is some of these sites where the women are really beat badly. Do these women enjoy this kind of beating or are they getting paid for the whipping? Anyone know?

It depends. In most cases, it is consensual and the women have agreed to it. If they are professional spanking models they are being paid. Possibly some enjoy it too. If it's non-consensual, then that's another matter.

Baxter: I have from time to time viewed spanking videos and typically have tried to find F/M ones. But in reality, I prefer spanking fiction stories that leave it to the imagination as to what is going on. I have also written my own spanking fiction. I also like still photos of actual people doing the spanking, not made up pictures by companies trying to make money.

D: Most videos are not convincing; a naked lady gets her backside slapped or paddled for some time until it is red, usually I suspect from make-up. The good ones should start with why she is getting spanked, and the lead up to it; then her dismay when she realises she is to be spanked; putting her in position; adjusting the pose to give the spanker the best access to the target; baring the target or not; the actual spanking; getting up to attend to her smarting rear, and finally having to sit down on her sore rear end. That makes a video!

Prefectdt: I do have a small DVD collection that I am proud of and do, from time to time, join the odd site, for video downloads.

Videos that feature female tops can sometimes be a turn on and therefore potentially pornographic to me. Although I do find the women hotter if they are appropriately dressed (don't ask why, we might need a psychologist to work that one out).

I do also watch clips with my favourite spankees in them. This is not at all pornographic, it's more that I like being a fan and appreciate a good performance from those on the receiving end.

River Wild: Yay, I finally made it in time to join in! My Sundays have been hectic lately so I've missed the last few. When I first realized my interest in spanking it never occurred to me that there might be videos of people getting spanked. I stumbled upon a few years ago while searching for stories to read, and it blew my mind. I would have to agree that most of the professional videos aren't any fun since they are not natural looking (the acting) in any way. There are some really great homemade ones however, showing real discipline meted out.

I guess when I posed this question I should have said "do you watch for instructional/curiosity reasons or for pleasure?" I didn't realize that the word pornography would have negative connotations, so sorry about that. I like watching the real discipline so I can compare and commiserate, and know that I'm not the only one who squirms and howls and has trouble holding still :-)

There are also a few hot ones where the one being spanked is loving it, so I watch those for fun once in a blue moon. I don't really consider them porn, but it wouldn't bother me that someone else might. Thank you Hermione!

Hermione: We don't own any since they are difficult, if not impossible, to purchase in Canada. I do watch them from time to time on the internet. I prefer them to have some sort of storyline, along with some humour. Like Bonnie, I enjoy watching videos made by my spanko blogging friends. But on the whole, I prefer written stories to pictures or videos.

I don't consider spanking videos to be pornographic unless they depict sexual acts, or include exposure of the naughty bits.

That was a stimulating discussion! Join us again next weekend for something completely different.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #7

Welcome to another weekend brunch. This week's topic was suggested by River Wild.

What do you think of spanking videos? Do you watch them? Why or why not? Do you consider them to be pornographic? 

Please join the conversation by leaving a comment.  Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited version of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart

♥ You Completed the Caption

Our Valentine's Day photo inspired these creative captions:

Sunny Girl: Even little cupids need a spanking once in a while.

Six of the best: Cupid says to the lady that is spanking him, "Why spank me. I mend hearts, not break them."

Katie: It was a mistake I tell you! My arrow hit the wrong target!

Red: Cupid says, "Okay okay, I understand now! I will use the arrow to find someone who will love you and spank you until eternity..."

Ronnie: Little cupid knew that shooting his arrow at Helena would get him spanked.

DelFonte: Ok! I get it, I will remember to do my target practice before Valentine's Day!

Smuccatelli: You little fool! I said MARS, not BACCHUS!

Prefectdt: Emily was proud of the important protest she had made on behalf of The Anti Valentines Alliance. Long live the revolution.

Rollin: I said I wanted you to shoot your arrows at a rich BANKER, not Spanker-- so let's see how you like it.

Baxter: Yes, I intentionally shot the arrow into your big butt. I mean, I couldn't miss it. thanks for the spanking tho.

Sir Wendel: It’s a good thing you can fly because you’re not going to want to sit for a while.

Autumn: Cupid stretched back his bow to strike her with an arrow, but, alas, was struck by an "arrow" himself.

Ricky: Goes to show that you're never too young to be naughty!

Es May: She says, "I said aim for the tall dark and handsome man to my right! Not the dimwit picking his nose to my left!" All the while cupid thinks to himself that the 'not so honest' mistake landed him right where he'd hoped he'd be.

Vfrat25000: Queen Holista, Queen of the Cupids,  was none too pleased to find out her apprentice Cupid, Little Jimmy, had been hanging out at Melba’s Pole Dancing Emporium and Glitter Extravaganza.

The Senior Cupid Housemother finally traced down the cupid responsible for bringing the world a couple called “Bill and Hillary”.

George, the President of the Local Cupids #109, finally received his comeuppance after organizing the first Valentine's Day Cupid Kegger and Wet T-Shirt Contest.

“If I told you once, I have told you a hundred times. Stay away from that Kardashian family. They get in enough trouble without our help!

Hermione: So you thought it was funny to shoot Rob Ford, just so he'd make the headlines again?

I hope your special valentine gave you plenty of loving attention.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday ♥ FAIL

It's Valentine's Day, and many of us have romantic plans with our special someones. But not everyone enjoys the day.

Happy Valentine's Day anyway!

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, February 13, 2014

♥ Complete the Caption

Valentine's Day keeps Cupid very busy, flying here and there, shooting his victims with arrows tipped with love. What could he have done to annoy this fair maiden? They both seem to be enjoying themselves, though.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your messages in a later post.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday ♥ WIN

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. It's the day for love, romance, and maybe a little spanking.

This charming sentiment is a special reminder about the part of your anatomy that needs some attention.

Whether you express your love with chocolates...

...or flowers

she will know what's in your heart

and say it with paddles

From Hermione's Heart