Monday, May 31, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 30

Tell us about the room(s) where your spankings occur.

Anon: As a college girl, I dreamed of marrying a wealthy man who would call me into his study whenever I was naughty. He'd punish me over his desk, or bent over an overstuffed leather chair. But reality supplanted this fantasy.

I much prefer living in our modest suburban home because I've been spanked in every room in the house. I've felt the bath brush on my wet bottom fresh out of the tub in the bathroom, gotten stiff spankings in the kitchen with the spatula and wooden spoon and wire whisk. Our living features a big white couch. When my lover bends me over its arm for discipline, I stick my bared butt out high so none of my arousal will stain the upholstery, so I've gotten some really memorable spankings and strappings there. The unfinished basement seems like a woodshed; I've been made to bend across the washing-machine to have my tush warmed down there on a frequent basis. We keep a flyswatter and a Swiffer duster plastic handle there for use on my backside. I was once ordered to go nude into our privacy-fenced-in backyard to cut a switch and get a whipping while leaning against a tree trunk. The bedroom is where I get most of my spankings, whether for punishment or pleasuring. Whether it's with any of the variety of our belts, my Conair wooden/boar bristle hairbrush, my Top's hard hand, my butt has felt them all. Sometimes I'm made to bend over in the center of the room, sometimes kneeling on a chair, often draped across my man's knee while he's sitting on the edge of the bed. Because we both find his spanking me sexy as can be, fortunately, we usually end up in bed, wherever I've been attended to throughout the house.

Bonnie: For us, different spankings tend to occur in different rooms. The quickie sort of spankings typically happen in the living room, either with me bent over the back of the couch or across Randy's lap while he is seated on the couch. The sexy kind of spankings that inevitably lead to other fun quite naturally tend to happen in the master bedroom. For the serious sort of spankings, we often find our way to the basement where we have a bench and other equipment dedicated to punishments.

With that said, my man absolutely loves to get me into one headspace and then without warning change the game. That can mean hard canings upstairs in the bedroom or vibrators in the living room, and everything in between. The only thing I know for certain is that it will hurt to sit afterward.

Wendel: My favorite place to spank the Misses is the kitchen. A chair in the middle of the floor is all that is needed. My mom always gave spankings in the kitchen so it kind of stuck as the room where it should happen but I will spank the Misses anywhere in the house without hesitation. 

The Misses is open to spank me in any room but tends to favor the bedroom the most. We both enjoy the outdoor spanking but it has to be secluded. 

Roz: Our spankings are primarily in the bedroom. However, the impromptu, fun kind of spanking cssn often occur in the living room.

Jack: Mostly in the bedroom. Depends on how naughty I have been, my wife will either pull down my pants and underpants and proceed with the spanking, or I'm told to go to the bedroom, undress, and wait for her. She has had me waiting as long as thirty minutes. After all spankings, I'm taken to the front room, told to face the wall.

Barrel: Always in the bedroom due to the intimacy that usually follows. We normally go together. The only exception is if we plan a session and I am required to go back first to prepare the bench. We are planning an outdoor session now that the weather is warmer.

Rosco: Usually it’s in the bedroom. Our downstairs has some windows without curtains.

I am sent there to wait, often instructed to open the box of toys (implements, restraints etc). Irene will whip or paddle me, then put the leather cuff on my hands and tie them to the bed so I have very limited mobility. Then she’ll spank me again.

Usually she’ll leave me tied with a hot bottom for a half hour or so. I get bored but also exquisitely excited. When she returns, she’ll dress up a bit while she lectures me. After one more spanking, she’ll lower her bottom and pussy on my face (what I call reverse cowgirl cunnilingus). After she comes, she’ll catch her breath then scratch me up with her fingernails and finally fuck my lights out.

There’s variation of course and not every spanking leads to sex. But we both find this routine to be wonderfully intense and satisfying.

CK: When spontaneous punishment is called for, it's often in the kitchen. I'm ordered to strip (if I'm not already naked) and bend over the counter. My wife will spank me with a wooden or silicon spatula, though she'll sometimes make me wait while she gets the hairbrush. Usually once it's done, it's over and I'm sent on my way.

For more planned discipline, she'll generally sit on our bed and I'll lay across her lap for a strapping or hairbrushing. In these situations, I often get a chance to thank her properly afterwards.

Ronnie: Our spanking take place anywhere in the house but more in our little office. If it's in the office, P will usually go first and tell me to follow him in however many minute he says.

A.J.: "Do your spankings occur in a specific room?"
Pretty much always the bedroom. Spur-of-the-moment spankings can be anywhere and always fun and laughs.

"If so, is there a special protocol for using that room?"
No. But you CAN do a lot of fun things in a bedroom that may be "Awkward!" in another room.

"Does the spankee or the spanker go there first, or do you both go together?"
Most of the time together.

"Why was that room chosen?"

(Slips Hermione a sly side-eye....)

Prefectdt: "Do your spankings occur in a specific room?" That gave me a laugh :) My spankings do not even happen in a specific town. I think that I will sit this discussion out and enjoy reading the other entries.

Bernie: We have a guest room where nearly all spankings occur. It's as far from the master besroom as we can possibly be. We use it so that the dogs don't get stressed.

The room is set up such that I can be bent over the footboard of the bed or lying on it on my stomach. There are two very large, thick pillows to keep my butt well in the air, if I'm lying down.

I'm sent to the room wheb the spanking is going to occur. I undress to the extent that I'm told and then wait standing, facing away from the door. Upon her arrival, I am told the position to take. She usually has two, or three implements to use. The swats arrive with me never knowing how many, or with what,

I say thank you, afterwards and we hug. I then look forward to the next one/

Happy spankings to you all, whether you are the giver or receiver.

Bkvgs: My female partner usually punishes me in the living room. Whenever I have been naughty (as she calls it) she says "punishment position" and that means I have to strip (keep my female panties that she makes me wear on) and then I have to stand in the corner, face to the wall. She makes me wait (sometimes even an hour to build up the tension) calls me over, lowers my panties and over her lap I go.
Depending the offence I then get a serious spanking with hand followed by paddle, or strap or hairbrush, she won’t stop until she thinks I got the point and I can’t sit down properly for anything from 1 to (very rarely) 3 or 4 days and she will not stop before I cry.

It is then back in the corner for a long time so that she can admire her work....although I hate these sessions, it definitely makes me a better person and I love her to pieces for improving my attitude. No sex that day for me, but the next day she usually fucks my brains out. 

Baxter: I get spanked wherever we are and that can be in the kitchen, bedroom, or our camper. There are implements in various places of the house. 

Red: Almost all spankings are delivered in our bedroom, unless an on-the-spot bare your bottom in the kitchen. Happily (or sadly), I am much better in the kitchen and now receive praise instead of spankings. Almost always we go to the bedroom together, where I close the windows, and the blind if at night.

Hermione: We almost always use the bedroom, for several reasons. The bed is very convenient for erotic aftercare. Bending over the end of the bed is my favourite position. All our implements are either under the bed or in the room next door, so are conveniently at hand. Finally, the room is the farthest away from the dogs' crates, and when the door is closed they can't hear us and we can't hear them.

Thank you all for participating this week. Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #385

Welcome one and all to our weekly spanko brunch. I hope you are all sitting comfortably (or not, as the case may be), and let's begin.

Do your spankings occur in a specific room? If so, is there a special protocol for using that room? Does the spankee or the spanker go there first, or do you both go together? Why was that room chosen?

As usual, please leave your response as a comment. You may remain anonymous if you wish. Once  everyone has had a chance to join in, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Useful Gifts

We help our next-door neighbour quite a lot, with grocery shopping and buying gas for her lawnmower, and she is most appreciative of our help. Recently she gave us some thoughtful gifts. She doesn't know about our kinky side, so the gifts weren't intended in that way, but we thought differently. She decided my hands needed protection, and gave me a pair of heavy-duty oven mitts. They're black, with fabric on one side and silicone on the other, so there's no danger of burning myself when taking something hot from the oven. They're a bit stiff and heavy for me, but Ron might try them out on my bottom soon; the impact would make quite a loud smack.

She didn't forget Ron. He got a pair of cowhide barbecue gloves. They're reddish brown, sort of like suede but rougher in texture, and they cover half his forearms. Apparently they're all the rage with serious barbecuers who toil over huge open barbecues, but Ron has never worn any hand covering and has never burned himself. So those gloves will also find their way into the bedroom and Ron's hands will be well protected when next they come in contact with my derriere. 

Now for some oven mitts with a difference, for naughty cooks who like to spice up their time on the kitchen.

Bon appetit!

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 24, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 23

Have you ever had a spanking posponed?

KDPierre: LOL! Have I?! I'm not sure about anyone else, but neither Rosa nor I are reluctant about this lifestyle and yet the number of times other stuff has gotten in the way is staggering! I couldn't even begin to put a number on it. Hell, it's happening now on something owed me.

I would say that 2 out of 3 get postponed for one reason or another, and maybe 1 in 5 being postponed so long it takes like some sort of cosmic intervention to get us back on track. Few if any are forever forgotten though. So in general I would say doing something in the moment or having something planned work out as decided is the exception, not the rule.

When I read about couples with regular routines, frequent spankings, and spontaneous actions, I can't help but wonder if I'm living in the same world as them? I just don't know how they manage it!

Fred Bloggs: I think many of us spankos are missing being spanked, I certainly am. I did have a session planned with my favourite dominatrix, it was a special occasion because she was about to retire. Then the UK got locked down, the spanking got cancelled and she has now retired and that means I don't get my special spanking. It's disappointing in many ways. No spanking, not getting to say goodbye and thank you. 

I did get spanked last September in the brief lockdown respite, but all masked up and socially distanced it rather took the edge off the proceedings and it's always difficult when play is with a new partner.
I've been vaccinated, both shots, so I am ever hopeful spanking life will resume very soon.
Stay safe everyone.

Wendel: The biggest interruption is when the doorbell rings. When it is a delivery or someone selling something we start or continue right after they are gone. On a few occasions I was just about to begin spanking the Misses when relatives arrived. I had her over across my lap, bottom out and ready to spank when they arrived. If it is not too late when they leave I’ll give the Misses the spanking after they go. 

Roz: There have been occasions where a spanking was anticipated but had to be postponed or interrupted by the phone or door knock. There was a feeling of disappointment when this happened and occasionally a feeling of relief lol.

Jack: My wife does not put off spankings, best to be applied at that time. I recall once or twice I was being spanked once when one of best friends dropped by, my wife stopped told me to get off her lap and face the wall. The talked, I stood, red bottom on display. When the friend left, I was back over her lap and the spanking continued. The other time I was over her lap, I had kicked off my pants, and my underpants were around my ankles when my mother-in-law dropped in. My wife stopped the spanking, but her Mother said they could talk and that her daughter could continue the spanking. 

Barrel: Yes. We had planned an afternoon session. While my wife was running errands in the morning, I was required to ready the bench with the pillows, towels and the four sets of restraints. I completed my tasks and began my mental preparation for a long and hard whipping. I don’t recall the reason she didn’t put me into position upon her return, but there was something that prevented the thrashing. The bench remained set up for the rest of the day. Ultimately, she told me to put everything away as it would not happen.

The hardest part about a session for me is the mental gymnastics I go through preparing for what is about to happen. I was prepared and when it didn’t happen, I was disappointed. But we found the right time and reason for one a month or so later.

Prefectdt: I have had spankings postponed and cancelled more times than I can remember, just part of my lifestyle I suppose. The closest I have got to getting spanked and it not happening, happened with the same Top twice and I was over her knee, bare backside pointing at the heavens both times, when she decided that she could not spank me. On the third occasion she changed something about the situation that made her feel more comfortable and the spanking went ahead. It was down to first timer's nerves. Transferring decades of fantasizing about spanking to actually landing her first real swat on a rear was a very big step for her, it happens sometimes.

Ronnie: Definitely been times when a spanking has been postponed or interrupted. Neighbours knocking. Son calling to say he is popping in. Always a disappointment but these things happen.

Hermione: It has happened when the grass has become too long, and Ron needs to postpone our date for the next day as he needs all his energy to mow our extensive lawn. Once in a while, family comes to visit so we must reschedule, but we usually know well in advance.

That's it for today. Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #384

Come on in. You're just in time for some eggs and conversation. 

Have you ever been ready and eager for a spanking, only to have it postponed? How close did you get to actually giving or getting the spanking before it had to be delayed? What was the reason for the postponement? Did that spanking eventually occur, or was it forgotten?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, May 21, 2021

Friday FAIL

Since we are not allowed to go out and shop in most stores, the advertisements in magazines seem specially appealing, although maybe they are wasting money advertising what we can't have. But some ads are just so wrong.



See what I mean?

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Back to Work

Now that many adults have been vaccinated, people are starting to go back to work. It means getting dressed, putting on shoes, fixing your hair and packing a lunch and snacks for a day at the office. But now there's a new hazard: the office refrigerator thief. Since HR frowns upon spanking employees fro petty theft, how to deter pilferers and protect your food?


A chocolate ice cream bar that's really soap in disguise is time-consuming, but effective.

Scary warning signs may or may not work.

Steal at your own risk!

Passive aggressive, but wouldn't deter a determined thief.

A cat food burrito - yum!

This one's my favourite - a mustard creme doughnut.

Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 17, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 16

Has a spanking ever brought you or a partner o tears?

A.J.: No. And yes.

Tears are an emotional response, so without an emotional connection, no matter how severe - no tears.

I said "No" because me and my play-pals only spank for the fun and sexiness of it all. I have never been spanked to tears. (Some serious yelling and cursing, sure, but only on a couple still-memorable occasions when I deserved it.)

I say yes because - ONE TIME - she asked me to give her a real spanking. "Real" as in "hard."
She was having emotional conflicts in other parts of her life and thought a hard spanking would help.

I said "No!"


So I reluctantly did. With a hairbrush of hers. When I thought she had PLENTY, she asked for more. (Maybe I'm not a good spanker...?) God. I did. Her bottom was soon a bright, bright red.
And then it was over. If she asked for more I'm pretty sure I would have refused.

She got off my lap furiously rubbing her tush. While she didn't have tears, her eyes were certainly tear-filled (does that count?) Comforting her after was nice.

The big question - "Did it help?" In the short term...I think it did. It diverted her attention for a while.

Long term, I don't think it did. The underlying issues don't go away because someone got spanked.

Bonnie: It has happened, but it's a rare occurrence. If I cry during a spanking, it isn't because of the pain. More likely, it reflects the sudden release of pent up emotions.

Roz: Tears during or after a spanking are rare for me too. It has happened on the odd occasion and usually just a few tears, no full on cry and brought on by a combination of the pain and emotion.

Wendel: The Misses has had an occasional tear in the eye after I spank her. Like the others it is probably an emotional release. 

Fondles: ONCE. And I think it was just stress relief. I had been going thru a very very tough period with the parents' sickness etc and everything was just wound up tight inside me. For some reason that spanking just released all the pressure. It wasn't even meant to be a reset or anything. Just one of our playtime spankings, if I remember correctly. It *was* pretty intense play tho.

Jack: My wife insures I'm crying when she is done; the spanking must hurt to be effective. 

 Rosco: No. Sometimes I crave a really long and hard spanking, so I’ll pout and sass to make sure I get it. Irene generally goes with my signals, but sometimes she wants/needs to feel my mouth between her legs so discipline may be curtailed. But I’ve never cried from a spanking.

I do cry plenty for other reasons.

Anon: Only twice, and neither time desired. Once was the first time as the force of the spanking surprised her. Once was a punishment paddling after she had acted up, and I knew this would be her most intense paddling. In case one, it was sobbing, in case two, full fledged crying. I did stop in case 2, at that point.

In case 1, I paused a few times that otk session, each time she either sobbed (once) or was on the verge to, so she could regain composure while staying in position. I had her counting spanks, so could hear in her voice when it was getting difficult to stay composed.

Ronnie: I cried once when I was being spanked and P telling me off about something I did which I shouldn't have. Spanking alone wouldn't make me cry.

Prefectdt: I have never cried real tears during a spanking but I have in post spanking corner time, on several occasions. Not the kind of corner times when the spanker has stayed with me and talked or cajoled me but ones where, after a spanking, I have been left in the corner and the spanker has walked away. There is something about going from being the intense centre of someone's attention to being abandoned that really gets to me. I just feel so alone and isolated, that I get a negative emotional flush.

Barrel: Nope, never any tears. Although I do admit to a sense of satisfaction after a robust thrashing, so if I had them, they would be tears of joy.

My only reactions are being unsteady on my feet and purged of stress. Endorphins???

Hermione: No, I can't say that it has. I think it's because ultimately, I believe I could stop it at any time if I so wished. If I felt helpless to control the spanking, I might cry from frustration.

Thank you all for your contributions. Until next time, stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #383

Hello everyone, and welcome to our weekly spanko discussion. I hope you are all eager and ready for this week's topic.

Have you ever been brought to tears (or brought your partner to tears) during or after a spanking? What caused the tears: pain, remorse, emotional release, or something else? Does it happen often, or is it a rare occurrence?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had an opportunity to join in.
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Fun in the Kitchen

Every day I get an email from a well-known recipe site with a variety of delicious recipes based on a theme, such as easy brunches, one-pot meals, or the top ten asparagus recipes. Our asparagus has emerged from the chilly soil and is sprouting up vigorously, so I was pleased to see some suggestions for what to do with this year's bounty. We'll be enjoying asparagus cheddar soup for lunch today.

Here are some cooking attempts that didn't measure up to the pictures that accompanied the recipes.


I hope they tasted good anyway!
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 10, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 9

Did you play spanking games as a child?

Roz: I have had a fascination with spanking since childhood and I do recall a couple of occasions where spanking played a small part in play with friends, usually a game where one of us was a parent and the other the child. We were never 'discoverd' by the adults.

I can only recall once when I was spanked as a child, my mother may occasionally deliver a slap to the leg otherwise, a short sharp jolt.

KDPierre: In my grammar school there were two spanking games that were played right out in front of everyone and no one blinked an eye: Hot Beans (essentially hide and seek with a belt) and S.P.U.D. (a ball game where errors earned letters and a completed "SPUD" earned a trip through the legs of all the players who whacked your behind as you crawled under them). We even played SPUD in gym class under the eye of the gym teacher.

I also recall playing a spanking game with a friend who ran home after getting whacked. Spankings were so common in the neighborhood and at school that games associated with it were not even a blip on any adult's radar. 

Wendel: I was fascinated with spanking when I was a child. The girl 2 houses down was interested in spanking as well. We always joked about spanking the loser of board games. On a couple occasions when we were left alone we followed through with the threat. The loser would bare the bottom and go over the winner’s lap. A sound spanking was given. Thankfully we were never caught.

Mom always spanked on the bare bottom so I would peek when she gave my sister spankings. One day I got caught and mom spanked me with the paddle until I could not sit. She let my sister watch from down the hall.

Anon: Me and a boy a couple of houses down played spanking games and scenes for years. Until one day when we were both fourteen and our fathers were wondering what we were doing in garage and caught both of us with our pants and underpants off. Our fathers were livid, to say the least, and after we explained ourselves, I was ordered to go to the house, pants off, and get the razor strop. I was then forced to watch my friend's father blister his butt raw before it was my turn, and we never thought about spanking each other again after they were done with us.

But 52yrs. later we still joke and kid each other about hidings we got that day.

Baxter: I was spanked maybe once or twice by my parents, even tho I deserved more. But I never, to my recollection, had spanking games with my friends. I do remember that we used to pull our pants down and rub our bare bottoms together and laugh like hell about it. I did however indulge in self spankings with a couple of bread boards my mom had in the kitchen. During the week when dad was at work and mom would go up to the garden, I would take the paddles into the living room in front of a mirror and give myself a lot of spanks. I enjoyed the sight of me spanking myself and then looking at my red bottom. This was probably when I was around 10 or 12. I also would go to the newsstand in town when mom was at the grocery store and look through the porn for spanking pictures, even though I told my mom I was looking for model railroad magazines. This would have been in the late 60s. 

Bonnie: Yes, then as now, I thought about spankings every single day. I would occasionally steer play with friends toward spankings, but these friends didn't share my fascination.

Prefectdt: No there were no real spanking games that come to mind from my childhood. Perhaps the UK in the 1970s and early 80s was a bit boring on that front.

Bernie: I didn't have any experience with spanking games with other kids. My deal was seeing if I could get the strap at school (not too many strokes on each hand, mind you). I also wondered what a serious spanking from my Dad would be like, but never tested that boundary.

Hermione: Those were my favourite games. With or without a playmate, I was a stern schoolmistress who administered multiple spankings to idle teddies and mischievous dolls. Sometimes spanking would be introduced into games of "house" with friends or cousins, and we were always careful that adults never saw us, in case it gave them ideas. I was never on the receiving end; I always preferred to be the domme. How times have changed! Spankings were also part of birthday parties, and everyone joined in.

Stay safe, everyone!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #382

Welcome back to our weekly discussion time. A friend of ours frequently sends us videos and pictures of what life was like way back in the nineteen fifties and sixties. Everything was so different then; it was a much simpler time. That got me thinking about my own childhood.

As a child or adolescent, did you ever play spanking games, or otherwise engage in spanking for fun? Did you have friends who joined in and also enjoyed this kind of play? What, if any, was the reaction of any adults who might have witnessed this?

Please leave your response as a comment below. I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Just Right!

Our house is a split-level, and that means that on the bottom floor we only have half a real basement with a reasonably high ceiling. In the other half, we have what's known as a crawlspace. There, the ceiling is only about 4 feet high, and that makes it hard to get around. Twice a year, I have to make several trips hauling out the Christmas decorations, then a month later, dragging them all back in again. The same goes for our gardening paraphernalia, plus many occasional trips to find various little-used items stored there. It's really hard on my back, as you can imagine. There must be a better way.

I took a look in one of our favourite online shops, Wayfair, and their slogan, "We have just what you need" is right. I found this adjustable saddle stool at a very reasonable price. Its low height means I can propel myself around the cramped space with little effort.

 You might think as I do that the saddle is slightly kinky, but that design means I won't accidentally slip off. It would not be useful for any kind of spanking activity because, with five wheels, the first stroke would whisk me far out of range. But here are some more appropriate stools.

Then there are even more effective spanking benches.

I didn't see any of those on Wayfair, and perhaps it's just as well. We don't have room for one, except in the crawlspace.

Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 3, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 2

Does your spanking have a rhythm?

Barrel: We do not spank to any rhythm or pattern. There are times when my wife wants to reinforce a point she is lecturing me about and her pace quickens. But normally, her spanking is quite measured.

When we first started spanking, I used to play the music from the Disciplinary Wives Club website during spankings. It really set the mood and I connected that music with being spanked. Regrettably, Aunt Kay is no longer with us and the site lacks that music. I’ve tried to find it as it would fit well now with our sessions. Alas...

Happy May Day!!

Joe: Oh yes many times there is music playing during my spankings. When certain songs come on she will keep to the beat and when it is a fast rapid beat watch out, all I can do is hang on and hope it is a short song.

Baxter: My spanker, AKA my wife, spanks me only in prime numbers. No idea why, but it is irrelevant when she is wielding a paddle or strap as my bottom will be spanked a prime number. Sometimes she just starts and I have to know how many spanks she has done and if not a prime number, I tell her how many more. OR I pick a prime number and she spanks and we both count. The result is that my bottom is very red and a bit sore and I am a happy hubby. 

Wendel: We never tried spanking to the beat. The speed of the smacks might fluctuate during the spanking.

Roz: We don't spank to a rhythm as such, however there is sometimes a pattern, so many swats on one side followed by the same number on the other side.

Jack: Hard, Rapid, Long, or when my wife feels I have been properly punished. I do the spanking dance if that counts, but it is short, told to face the wall, no rubbing, talking.

Rosco: Irene will get into a rhythm sometimes, delivering a dozen or so whacks at equal time intervals. I’ll try to breathe in time, exhaling before each one.

Other times she’ll ease off in response to my thrashing due to the intensity.

I love those extended rhythms when the sting is just right and feel like I could take it forever. But my bottom is hot and tender for several days after.

Prefectdt: I have never deliberately discussed spanking to a rhythm with a spanker but some of them have tended to fall into a rhythmic spanking pattern. I find that I notice it most when the rhythm ends or changes and causes a bit of a wakeup from the subspace dive.

A.J.: Not so much. As long as it's evenly spread around. (No one-cheek sambas!!!!) I think we would do smacks in groups of 10, maybe 20, but that's about it.

On a side note if I happen to watch a spanking video I find myself judging the type of spanking give by it's "slap-cadence" (is too a term.)

One swat every second with the bare hand or light implement is a "nice" spanking. You can get a smile from the spankee when you are done.

Jump the pace to two-per-second, and THIS is a real spanking. It's just naturally harder because the pace is faster. Not mean or vicious, but at two-per-second someone got spanked! They won't be angry but you should get a "Whoa!" from the spankee with some bottom-rubbing after. Then you can laugh.

Jump it up to 3-4 per second...? You don't want this spanking!

At two smacks every second = 120 smacks per minute.
A beat of 120 per minute is marching time.
For the fun of it, think of your some college fight song while she is otk and you smack to the beat! Mine:
"On Wisconsin, on Wisconsin" slap, whack, slap, whack, smack...

Don't have a favorite college fight song? Any will do. "Anchors Aweigh"? Or,
"Seventy-six trombones led the big parade..."
Try it. It works!

Usually I would sing that as I spanked, but it could work the other way - have the spankee doing the singing to their spanking! Mess up the lyrics...? So sorry. "Again! From the top!"

Hermione: Sometimes Ron will paddle to a beat that only he can hear. I try to guess the tune he is paddling to, but I usually fail, and that results in extras.

That's all for this week, folks. keep on marching to that different drummer's beat.
From Hermione's Heart