Monday, September 30, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 29

How does the intensity of pain change for you during a spanking?

Alan: I think it’s difficult to describe the pain from a spanking at all objectively. The sharp memories often experienced during spankings seems to fade over time leaving the positive emotions about being spanked as memory. A video or audio of an actual spanking is probably useful for many to recover what it was really like with any objective perspective. Subjectively for me it varies but seems to start moderately no matter how hard she is spanking but then progressively becomes more intense and painful until I feel it has to stop ( which it never does until she thinks I am showing real remorse or contrition). That whole cycle can start up again if she stops to lecture or give me intermission in the corner. If she spanks uninterrupted there is usually a point where my bum becomes numb to it and although it remains punishment, I am no longer fighting it mentally or physically. That is where she tries to take most punishment spankings and that is now where most end up.

Prefectdt: Having played with many spankers experience has taught me that when and where the most intense pain happens differs based on who is spanking me and what they are using to do the job. I was spanked by one Top who's hand spanking, at the start of play, was so harsh that everything that followed felt easy to take. But on other occasions the highest intensity pain has been during or at the finale of the spanking. In the end it depends a lot on who you are playing with.

Kanga: I also think pain levels have a lot to do with the type of spanking it is and the emotions attached.

During play I have been spanked continuously with a hairbrush, belt and wooden spoon over a period of 4 hours with few breaks in between until I was heavily bruised and even had skin broken. But there was no emotion involved and, sadly, very little connection to the spanker.

Change this to a spanker I love and respect and add in the emotion of having disappointed them and myself and, seriously, 10 minutes of continual hand spanking on a bare bottom with no warm up and full on scolding, and I'm begging for it to stop.

So, for me, pain is very closely aligned with emotion and my connection to the spanker.

Roz: I agree that it depends on the type of spanking and the emotions involved. Also the implements being used, how they are being used and whether there are breaks during the spanking. In general however, the intensity increases during the spanking.

Yorkie: My spankings usually follow the same pattern and my wife goes at it right from the start so the pain is at its least addictive until more swats bring in the dopamine and endorphins. Although once that first set of 20 stops, I catch my breath and ask for more almost straight away. It also depends on what implement is used and how long it’s been since the last one.

For instance, my last spanking was the third in three days and even starting with the OTK strap first was quite painful and intense. Of course, once my wife finished the initial set, I wanted more, which I got. My butt was tender for a few days. Glorious!

Jack: Pain to me is when my wife lets me off her lap, it is the stinging that I feel, it gradually goes away. What doesn't is the hot feeling that last, my bottom is not on fire but very warm and sitting is not easy. Sure I dance around rubbing just a normal reaction. I will say that when my wife decides to use the bath brush, that is pain after a good five or six swats and when she finishes I really dance around, it is so much more than the stinging, warm feeling.

Bonnie: That's a good question and one I'm not certain I have answered before. Pain is subjective and I think we might all experience it differently.

For me, the pain can be very intense at the beginning, especially if he starts right in without a good warm up. After a couple of minutes, I kind of settle in, as much as I can, and I'm not quite as aware of the immediate pain. I believe that Randy consciously tries to combat this "complacency" by varying his pace and the force of the blows. When he suddenly begins striking harder and/or faster, I become much more aware of my bottom and the sharp pain he is inflicting upon it. I can think of nothing else.

Often, he will change implements part way through a spanking. When he moves from leather to a wooden paddle or brush, it adds a new, deeper sort of ache to the sting I was already feeling. We've been using the punishment cane lately and it often delivers the final stage of a serious session. The cane adds another, different shade of posterior discomfort.

We often say that spanking isn't about the pain. Except when it is.

Wendel: I agree that the implement is the key.

The pain or maybe I should say the sharp stings from the belt starts out strong but always seems to level off. Don’t get me wrong my bottom is burning for hours and is sore for about a day. When the Misses the uses the paddle the pain increases as the spanking continues. My bottom is burning and stings long after it ends. The Misses says the pain from the paddle is the most intense and that it is difficult sitting the following day. The continued pain reminds us of our love for each other and we would trade it for anything.

Hermione: For me, the worst part is the first few minutes, because there is never a warmup. Any implement hurts unbearably, and I regret being in the position I find myself. But, as  time goes on, the pain becomes less and less, until I can scarcely feel anything. The only exception to this when specific severe implements are used. Then I feel sharp pain that does not lessen over time.

Thank you for sharing your feelings!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #298

Welcome to our weekly get-together. Have a fresh-baked cookie or two, and help me with this week's question.

When I read fictional accounts of spankings, the description of the pain involved always strikes me as perhaps questionable. This is because I don't experience pain during a spanking in the same way as the hapless victims. Before I tell you what I feel, I would like to hear from you.

How does the intensity of pain change for you during a spanking? Does the pain seem worst at the beginning? Does it increase to a crescendo at the end? Does the pain you feel change from more to less depending on what the spanker is doing or what implement is used?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has weighed in.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, September 28, 2019

You Finished this Sentence

I work best when I...

KDPierre: ...when I'm focused and refreshed. I love doing projects (as some of you already know) but if I'm drained, worried, or distracted, I can be very unproductive. But give me the right mindset and I can do almost anything.

Anon 1: ...when my wife learned that I needed some motivation, a spanking. I'm lazy for the most part, but a warm, stinging, bottom is what I need in order to get the chores done.

Simon: ...when I'm not distrac… oh look. a dog.

Rosco: ...when there is specific interest in what I produce. (In my day job; it's an intellectual, sort of political, product).

...when Irene gives me a hot bottom, then shakes her finger while giving me specific instructions for what I must do to earn a "treat". (At home)

Bernie: customers speak English. My Spanish is lacking to the point of being nearly non-existent.

Prefectdt: ...get paid enough to stop me from wanting to resign.

Anon 2: ...the caffeine starts working.

Ronnie: ...have time to linger a little and not have to rush a project.

Anon 3:...hear "Am I going to have to take my belt off?" from the boss.

Barrel: ... have time to think about the task at hand then plan how to accomplish it successfully.

Wendel: ...after the 3rd cup of coffee.

Hermione:...sit on a pillow to soothe my sore bottom.
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Finish this Sentence

Let's have some fun finishing this sentence:

I work best when I...

I know what makes me work best, but what about you? Your addition can be spanking-related or plain vanilla. It doesn't matter. The sky's the limit!
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, September 23, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 22

How do you mentally prepare for a spanking?

Yorkie: It’s more about my wife’s headspace rather than mine. I anticipate that EVERY spanking I am about to have is a serious spanking.

I suppose that both of us have to be on the same page but as far as I am concerned I need to make sure that my wife knows what I want and that she is up for making sure I get what I want/need/crave.

I’m not sure I’m making sense here but my wife is not a fan of spanking me but does it because she loves me and knows I want it (she’s a keeper) so that’s why I am more concerned, approaching playtime, she is in her proper headspace.

Simon: All my spankings are serious and I look forward to them immensely.

Roz: The apprehension and anticipation were the biggest factors for me when I knew any spanking was coming, regardless of how serious. I'm not sure I did anything as such to prepare mentally in advance.

Glenmoretales: I just want to get it over with but she loves to drag it out and take her sweet time , sometimes for days , with the occasional reminder that she hasn't forgotten!
Of course when it is time it's not long before I wish she had forgotten...

Rosco: The spankings I get from Irene are always intense but never severe. The first few swats from the two-tailed tawse are almost unbearable but then I settle in and don’t want it to stop. As long as there are no errant blows that strike my testicles or my far hipbone, I love every minute of a spanking.

But for a few days after a spanking, my bottom will be tender as it is just now.

The mental adjustment that can be tricky comes when I need to get my professional responsibilities out of my head. The spankings are generally great for putting me in the docile aroused subspace, but not always. Yesterday Irene thrashed me pretty good then tied me to the bed and instructed me to take a nap. I only dozed but when she finally returned I was in the other blissful world.

QBuzz: Mostly just looking forward to it... the only apprehension is that is won't be long or hard enough :D

Prefectdt: I don't struggle with apprehension, I revel in it. Feeling nervous, butterflies in the stomach and wild thoughts about what is to happen and can I handle it? This is all part of the spanking, for me, as much as the painful part itself.

Wendel: The Misses always spanks me with the paddle just before leaving for a “girls night out” evening. This is to ensure I behave while she is out. She will usually tell me a day or two in advance that she is going out. The Misses will never mention the paddling. It is just known it will happen. It is difficult to focus on anything but the upcoming spanking.

Jason: This past Friday had an new experience. Wife had me strip down and then tied me down with ass up on our bed. That was at 6 at 7. She popped in the room told me she forgot three of the ladies from the pta would be stopping in for a quick meeting. They were here an hour and i was sweating and aroused about the idea of being discovered all at the same time.
She was using the belt on my ass alone by 8:20

Barrel: I do struggle in advance of a serious session, despite my huge craving for it. I know it sounds (is?) like a total reversal...which it is. I yearn for serious thrashings almost weekly, yet our rhythm is quarterly. We usually plan a session two weeks in advance, and I think about the actions constantantly, including at night and on the road. Yet, when the day comes, I am apprehensive and reluctant. I am working to mentally prepare for the scene, which I crave, and welcome the sensations as a reward for the hours of mental torment.

Ronnie: Sometimes a little nervous with stomach butterflies and anticipation for me.

Hermione: When it's just a spanking and nothing more after, I am always ready. I have no anxiety and am eager to get on with it. But recently, we have regularly engaged in erotic activities afterward, and that takes a bit of preparation. In order to ensure that I enjoy a "happy ending" I read and reread spanking stories that will excite me. There is also a blog with captioned pictures that I very much enjoy.

Thank you all for joining in this interesting discussion!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #297

Another weekend, another brunch. This week's topic was suggested by our good friend and regular brunch attendee Barrel.

When you know a serious spanking is in your future, what do you do to prepare yourself mentally? Do you have a way of getting into the right headspace in advance? Do you struggle with apprehension versus craving?

Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has spoken.
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, September 19, 2019

A Dim View

Last month I wondered whether Catherine Cookson was kinky because of the suggestive nature of some of her titles. Earlier this week I discovered some kinky goings-on in The Invitation but, I'm sad to say, Catherine was very disapproving of it.

In an early chapter, Sam, the eldest son and his wife Arletta are having marital troubles. It seems she is always in the bath because of his sexual proclivities. She's trying to wash that man right out of her hair! The chapter concludes with Sam begging for sex that's "natural", not like the other kind. Hmmm.

In a later chapter Arletta confesses to Paul, Sam's younger brother, that she plans to run away and divorce Sam because of abuse. She gives no explanation but says her lawyer knows all the details.

Much later, Arletta's plan to escape is foiled by Sam, and when Sam's mother comes to see why Arletta has not come to see her as arranged, she finds Arletta naked and tied to the bed, while Sam flourishes a whip. The "unnatural" activity that Sam enjoys is flagellation, both giving and receiving. Horrors! But was it consensual? Although Arletta didn't seem to enjoy it, she had gone along with
it for several years.

Cookson makes sure that all her characters voice this proclivity as beyond the pale. Even homosexuality can be excused, but not whipping. The explanation for Sam's preference is that it is a punishment because he was conceived out of wedlock and his father was forced to marry his mother. Sam eventually commits suicide.

Cookson's characters are always narrow-minded and very un-PC, but she lived in a different age, and her stories usually take place in an earlier time. Still, I'm very disappointed in you, Catherine.
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 15

Sorry for the delay, folks. I was actually doing "real" work yesterday. Here's what you had to say about scheduled spankings.

Baxter: My wife and I started something new in the last couple of months. We figured out how many paychecks I still have until I retire around my 65th birthday. Currently, the number is 52. So what she does is every two weeks, she spanks me what ever that number is. I get spanked other times, but that is the only 'scheduled' spanking.

I actually want to retire sooner as after 41 years, I have more than had my fill of emails, spreadsheets and coworkers that could certainly profit from regular spankings.

Roz: We never really had a schedule as such. We did do maintenance spankings for a while. That was the closest we got to having a schedule, but they didn't happen at set times.

QBuzz: No but I would like to, would be great to know I'm guaranteed to get a good walloping at least, say, once a week.

Anon: Spankings in this household are given when needed. My wife does not set a place or time, it is then and there.

Joe: Informal schedule of Saturday night and whenever else is desired by either of us. Was never actually stated a scheduled just worked out that way.

Bonnie: Yes, for many years, Randy and I have set aside Friday nights as our designated intimate together time. At our house, that almost always means spankings. We began this delightfully punitive tradition when our daughter was living at home and she had activities on Friday evenings. Since she left for college and moved out on her own, we've maintained this standing date.

We both look forward to ending our week in the best possible manner. When I wake on Friday morning to find a wooden spanking paddle resting atop the dresser, I immediately recognize its purpose. A shiver flows through my body as my hands involuntarily move back as if to shield my bottom. The rest of the day, the vision of that smooth, cold, hard, merciless implement is at the forefront of my thoughts. And I love it!

Sam: Friday nights! Our two kids spend Friday nights with my folks. It is our alone time. When I get home from work I go to the bedroom, strip and wait with my nose in the corner of the room and wait for my wife to come home. When she comes in to the room I kneel before her and she outlines why I am being disciplined. I then bend over the back of the chair, with leg spread wide and she will use
a paddle, brush or belt. If it is to be severe discipline all three. At one point she will say that all for now. I dress and we go out to dinner. Often sitting for dinner is painful, but should I fuss, i know there will be a second session when we return home. After the second session I service her orally with no relief for myself. We kiss and go to sleep in an embrace.

It works for us!

Ronnie: No set spanking schedules in our house. We did do maintenance spanking which was Sunday mornings, but that was a long time ago.

Abby: Yes, every Monday is a maintenance spanking day, and if we miss it, it still happens, just later in the week. Fun Fridays were also a 'date' but that is now a whenever we can. I would gladly give up the maintenance time for the fun Fridays, but I get out-voted every time I mention it.

Wendel: Probably the only set time for spanking is birthdays. We have not missed a birthday spanking in a long time.

Yorkie: Schedule? With adult children still living with us it’s a case of a rare “if” we get to play. Having spent a few days away recently for our wedding anniversary we played a LOT but now we are back to reality it’s tough to take.

Hermione: Ours are scheduled for Saturday afternoon at a specific time. I like that because it allows me to get into the right headspace to enjoy both the spanking and the aftercare. The only time we deviate from the day is if we have company, or if lawn mowing or snow shoveling has drained us of energy.

Thank you all for sharing. Have a safe, sane and consensual week!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #296

Hello everyone. It's good to see you again. I see we have some new readers with us today, so please make them feel welcome. Everyone is welcome to weigh in on this week's topic.

Do you have a schedule for your spankings? If so, whose idea was it? If not, would you prefer to have scheduled spankings?

Please leave your response below in the comments section. I will publish a summary of our discussion after we have heard from everyone.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, September 14, 2019

You Completed the Caption

Here's the original caption, and it's quite clever. But yours rock!

Simon: Now where did I put that key?

QBuzz: All my filthiest fantasies are written in this diary, but you'll never get to read them, because I'll never give you the key... never ever... not even if you spank my bottom until it's the same colour as my diary... not even then... honest...

Yorkie: Oh boy! I know exactly what she's thinking! "What the bloody hell are we going to have for dinner tonight?"

Anon 1: Yelp wouldn't let me rate my spankers online, so I've got them all listed in here.

This diary is filled with stories about all the spankings I'd like to have. Are you ready to fulfill one of my fantasies?

If you want me to write about you, you're going to have to give me a damned good spanking. Only the best are worthy of an entry.

You show me your's and I'll show you mine.

Wendel: Dear Diary,
Daddy actually spanked my bare bottom today.

Anon 2: "Gracious me, that was the best spankin' ever. Fiddle dee dee how will I ever remember everything for my diary? I guess I'll just have to get another one. After all tomorrow is another day!"

Hermione: That was such a hot spanking! Please turn around while I get the key to my diary. I don't want to forget a single detail.
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Complete the Caption

This lovely young lady is making an entry in her diary. What is she writing? The lock on her book ensures that no one else will ever know her naughty secrets.

Please complete the caption by leaving a comment. Go on, I know you want to. We will pick the lock on Saturday.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 8

How do you know when a spanking is coming to an end?

Fondles: I don't think there's really an "over". We spank for play (as well for reconnection, when needed) so sometimes when we've moved on to the "playing" part of the evening he'll throw in a spanking interlude just to spice things up midway. Or he could be fingering WHILE spanking, and so on. Basically it's easier to tell with a reconnection / reset spanking, cos when he's done he'll toss the implement aside (if using one), and there's usually a letting out of a deep breath with something like a "come here" as he pulls me in for a long deep cuddle.

Roz: No ritual as such. The actions that often signify the end of a spanking are Rick putting away the implement or more often than not grabbing my arm and pulling me up either for a cuddle or telling me to get on my knees lol.

Prefectdt: I do have a little post play ceremony that I like to perform, just to put a polite full stop to the interaction. After I have stood up I like to shake the hand of the Top or Domme, give a little nodding bow and thank them for the painful attentions that I have received.

Wendel: Sometimes we will announce when we are wrapping up a spanking. It is also noticeable because the spanker starts to slow down.

Anon 1: The final spanks are delivered with a stern warning that I better behave. I must respond with Yes Mommie.

Bonnie: The most common ending for us is one where Randy declares, "OK, you're done." If I respond with something other than, "Thank you, Sir," or a similar sentiment, then I am not done and onward we go.

Ronnie: It does depend on the type of spanking. Sometimes it's up you get and go about your business. Or other times it may be few more swats for you and then you are done.

Yorkie: No ritual. I can usually tell when enough is enough. Even though I’m the one being spanked I do the driving so it’s up to me to say “when”. Usually I feel I could go on all day but I find after a certain time my wife’s limits have been reached (never mine) and it’s time to wrap up.

Anon 2: The spanking ends when she states sternly, "Face that Wall young man". She enjoys seeing her work, I dread standing there, no rubbing, no talking. 

Anon 3: I know when the spanking is about to end, my bare bottom is very warm and stinging and when my wife sternly ask will I be a good little boy, I must respond with Yes Mommie.

Bernie: There isn't really a ritual, other than my wife saying "You're done." I can usually tell it's coming, though, because I get quite a few really hard smacks in rapid succession. I do say thank you and give her a hug after I'm allowed to stand up.

Joe: No ritual; when my wife decides my bottom is red and hot enough we are done. Sometimes she will ask if I have had enough and usually the answer is yes. Once I daringly said no and the smacks came fast and furious and took my breath away.

Hermione: Ron usually quickens the pace, and the swats are harder. His usual coup de grace is a spritz of water from a bottle he keeps on his dresser. If, however, he intends to move on to more intimate  activities, he will put down the paddle and caress my bottom.

Here is the signal that time is up for this week's brunch. Have a good week everyone!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #295

Welcome back, dear friends. Let's get comfortable and chat about that activity that unites us. We can all agree that spankings have a start, a middle and an end (no pun intended). Let's think about the third part today.

How do your spankings end? Is there any kind of signal that lets you know a spanking is about to wrap up? Do you have a ritual that is performed at the end?

I'd love to hear what you have to say, so please leave your response as a comment below. I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, September 6, 2019

Friday FAIL

There was a time when people used common sense to avoid injuring themselves. But now itr seems that we are too mentally deficient to know when something might hurt us. We need warning signs to explain the danger.

Be careful out there!
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Page Two of Hilda's Letter

Two weeks ago I showed you the first page of a letter from Hilda to her college roommate. Hilda was in for a spanking, but had hidden the spanking ruler. Her dad told her to bring back either the ruler or her mom's hairbrush. What did Hilda do? There are so many possibilities! My first thought was along the lines of what Wendel wrote. KDPierre's second page was not something I had considered, but like him, I wanted to think outside the box. So here is my version of page two.
- 2 -

I decided to appeal to Dad's better nature. When the five minutes were up I returned to the study empty-handed and told him that I couldn't find the ruler or the hairbrush, and I was really sorry for missing curfew.  I was going to spend the day at the beach with friends, but when I returned I would look really hard for the ruler.

Dad smiled and told me to sit down and wait for him in the study. I could hear Mom at the door, telling my friend Betsy I wasn't going anywhere that day because I was being punished.  So I sat and waited.

An hour later Dad returned with a large package. When I saw the Kirkland label I knew he had been to Costco. Underneath the brand name was printed "Six of the Best". Dad tore open the plastic shrink wrap and six wooden rulers, each in a different colour, spilled out onto the desk.

Now we won't have to worry about missing rulers for a long, long time," Dad said cheerfully. "Pull down your shorts and bend over the desk. I need to test test them all." Since I was wearing a thong bikini under my clothes, I had no panties to protect me from ten swats from each of the six rulers. Boy, did I howl! But I learned my lesson. Obey the rules and no more lying.

So Carol, I'm writing this letter standing up, and gotta go now. I'm washing windows today, and tomorrow I'm cleaning out the garage.  I can't wait to see you in September, and that's no lie!

Your reformed friend,
Hilda is now on her way back to college, sadder but wiser.
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 1

Let's see what surprises you have encountered or created on a bare bottom.

Roz: Fun question Hermione, sadly I don't have a fun answer. The closest we would have come would be being surprised at marks still there from a previous spanking perhaps.

Prefectdt: You got me on that one Hermione. That has never happened to me either way around. But this question has inspired that evil, bratty part of my brain to start working again :)
I think that I will go and look around for some interesting temporary tattoos.

Rosco: I am one of those submissive men who is sometimes obsessed with being punished in a pair of sexy (silly?) panties.

Irene pretty quickly learned to enjoy spanking me - perhaps as much as I craved the “discipline”. But it took her awhile to appreciate seeing me in girly panties. She was never negative about it, but it was evident she didn’t really understand that obsession.

I don’t know that I’ve ever understood any of this stuff much either. But over time we’ve come to really enjoy giving each other pleasure so our sexuality is pretty much commingled - including the panty thing.

But anyway, there were a few times when I disrobed for a spanking, revealing some frilly pink lingerie - pretty much to her surprise. Irene would be less surprised today would quickly tease me about my panties as part of her pre-spanking lecture.

Wendel: I’ve taken the Misses’ panties down a few times to find temporary tattoos on her fanny. It took a moment to get the will to spank the teddy bears on her bottom but in the “end” she got her spanking.

Bonnie: I don't recall decorating my bottom before a spanking, but I have adorned it with a variety of colorful panties. One favorite pair had a red and white bullseye design on the seat. It didn't take Randy long to figure out what that meant!

Ronnie: No nothing, but I do keep meaning to use a temporary tattoo.

D: Playing with a partner with an open mind, the possibility are endless - A pair of sexy panties are always nice. Happy Spankings.

Barrel: Yep, panties here too. Fun, fun.

Hermione: I have applied washable tattoos to my bottom cheeks from time to time - and it isn't easy! I also put stickers on to celebrate special occasions like St.Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day. Needless to say, the stickers don't stay on long.

It's back to school today in many parts of the world, so keep smiling! Are you one of those parents who is doing a happy dance at the prospect?
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #294

Greetings, fellow spankos! We're wrapping up the month of August and ushering in September with a light-hearted topic.

Spankers: have you ever bared a bottom prior to a spanking and been surprised by some feature of the bottom before you?  Spankees: have you ever done something to your bottom's appearance in order to surprise your spanker? What was the reaction of either party?

Please feel free to share your fun with us by leaving a comment. I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to contribute to the discussion.
From Hermione's Heart