Wednesday, September 29, 2021

A New Meme

Here's a new meme that I borrowed from Ronnie. Please feel free to use it on your blog to tell us more about yourself.

What can you see out of your window? 
Lights on the paper carrier's car, streetlight shining on a maple tree's leaves blowing in the wind. It's still dark outside.

Choose five words to describe yesterday.
Rain, toenails, sandwich, laundry, telephone.

The most memorable death in your lifetime (other than family)?
Stan Rogers, a great Canadian folksinger, who perished in a plane crash.

Tell us 3 things about yourself that your readers don't know.
As a teen I performed in a folk group.
Years ago my next door neighbour was a famous Canadian author.
I love Spam. We often have it with pancakes on Sunday morning. The combination of the saltiness of the meat and the sweetness of the maple syrup is delicious.

What was the last conversation you had with someone.
A Zoom meeting with several people for a project I am working on.

Tell us about a kindness from someone.
I spilled some tomatoes out of a bag and a kind woman helped me pick them up.

What was the last song you heard?
Hey Jude by the Beatles.

What is the most expensive item you have bought in the past month?
Besides vet bills, we bought a new breadmaker as the current one leaks.

What three things would you take to a desert island?
Seeds, a shovel and a short-wave radio.

What are your plans for the weekend.
Library, laundry and love (after a spanking).

That was fun!
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, September 27, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 26

How would you react to someone being outed at a party?

KDPierre: Hermione, this has got to be one of your best brunch questions, ever! How could I not play along?

Well, a lot would have to do with the reaction in the room, since one always needs to 'know their audience'. If it was shock and a bit of vanilla disapproval adding to Barbara's embarrassment, I think my Rosa and I would both jump in and publicly confront the disapproval by admitting to everyone as having the very same dynamic as Barbara and Jane.

If the reaction was more receptive, amused and playful, I might encourage a conversation between them and Rosa and me so we could "compare notes". If I didn't feel Barbara needed 'rescue' I might even playfully tease her a bit one in the same boat to another. But either way, I would certainly let the two know they weren't the only couple there that spanks for behavior....or misbehavior, and even in teasing, I would let Barbara know that I was subject to the same discipline as her.

And in either case, I know my darling Rosa would not hesitate to address any questions with adamant endorsement of such an arrangement assuring whomever asked that she would handle a snippy attitude from me in precisely the same manner as Jane.

Bonnie: It's not my business. I would not pry unless I thought there was abuse. I think it's their story to tell or not tell.

Anon 1: Since Jane outed them, I would talk to them privately later on and see if there was some interest in discussing our favorite subject either at the party or at a later date. 

Roz: I think it would depend on how well I know them. Generally speaking, I think I would be too gun shy saying anything in case it's not appreciated. Plus that is one area of our life I keep quiet.

Having said that though, if I know them well enough I may start out with something like "well, I never knew that!" and see where the conversation goes from there.

Dan: I get oddly embarrassed at other's embarrassment, to the point that I will sometimes put the TV on mute if there is a scene involving a character being humiliated in public. So, I'd probably turn red myself and stare at my feet, waiting for everyone to start talking again. But, depending on my relationship with "Barbara," I might sneak over later and tell her cryptically but suggestively that I sympathize on multiple levels.

morningstar: Interesting topic Hermione.

I think IF I had been at that party - I would have been shocked by Jane's announcement - I didn't need to know their personal business nor did anyone else at the party.

My opinion is based on my belief that the party was 'vanilla'. IF it were a BDSM party things might be a little different, though I would still not get involved - the whole scenario sounds like humiliation play and that form of play pushes my buttons.

Jeanie: I think the reason this scenario has such potency is because it is both a huge fantasy and a source of real dread. In real life, if I were to be called out publicly as a spanko, I would never recover. On the other hand, I've fantasized about this happening innumerable times. I can no longer distinguish between what I've experienced in wet dreams and what I've imagined while awake and day-dreaming.

Anon 2: I would likely approach Barbara much later, acknowledge I heard, and tell her from different perspectives I understand.

I dislike humiliation so would never approach her at that moment with others reacting.

Anon 3: It seems disingenuous to discuss the overheard spanking comment with either of them without sharing that my partner spanks me - not something that I would want to do. 

Jack: I would have told Jane later she should have just taken Barbara to the ladies room or someplace private, given her a sound spanking and then returned to the party. It would be known shortly that Barbara was spanked.

Wendel: I would not do or say anything to Barbara or Jane. Every chance I got to glimpse Jane’s backside I would probably image her getting a bare bottom spanking.

Barrel: Like several others, I would approach Barbara and tell her that I too, am spanked by my wife. I’d try to reassure her that spanking is a normal exchange of affection. If it were just the two of us, I’d ask how she was spanked, sharing my last spanking experience, trying to reduce her embarrassment. 

Prefectdt: I am presuming that this is a vanilla party. My first, knee-jerk, reaction would be to think, "If I could upset Jane, would she spank me too?" But hopefully I would not be so crass as to act on this thought, in this situation.

If I got to talk to Barbara on her own, away from other guests, I would ask her if the arrangement was consensual. Other than that, I would not do anything. I do not believe that I have the right to interfere in other people's relationships

Rosco: I might say to Barbara, “Jane can be quite the bitch, can’t she?”, hoping the comment might get back to Jane and she might spank me as well.

One of my fantasies has been going to an unofficial reunion party with friends from high school with my wife Irene. I politely introduce her to folks including Vicky and Susan - two girls whom I briefly dated during those awkward years. Susan is impressed with my manners and tells Irene she must be doing something right because I wasn’t so well behaved in high school. Irene tells them she’s sorry about my past but that she does need to paddle my naughty bottom to keep me in line. I turn red as as beet. Vicky and Susan laugh and ask if they can watch sometime.

A.J. It's my brunch question. And while I know "Barbara" (a cute cyber pen-pal), I do not know her partner, "Jane," nor that much about their relationship. I do know that Barbara does like to be spanked in a fun sexy way, and while she may be spanked as punishment for some silly thing on very rare occasions, I'm sure really hard punishment spankings are not her thing.

I wracked my brain about what I would have said if I had been at that party. I think there is one answer: Humor. Diffuse the tension. I would divert the attention from Barbara and Jane to me.

I think what I would have done is stand near Barbara and say to Jane in one really blurt of words said so quickly no one else gets a word in:

"You're going to spank her? Oh, God; can I watch? Oh, please, please, please....She has such a cute bottom. Will it be it bare? 'Cuz I'd pay cash money to see that!!!! Whatever's in my wallet!!"

Along that line until someone (preferably Jane) laughs. And then boldly with an evil grin on my face:

"And after you do her (put arm around Barbara) - do me, too!! 'Cuz we're pals and we share everything!"

I think I would have said that whether I knew Barbara or not. If I didn't I might have still said it but later privately and quietly ask her, "Are you OK? You're not being abused, are you?" Because there is that possibility.

To Jane later and privately, it depends on how she reacted to what I said. If she smiled, I'd tell her we can all say the wrong thing at the wrong time, and then what KDPierre said above, "encourage a notes," that she and Barbara are not alone.

If she didn't smile, I don't think I would say anything to her.

As a post-script, Barbara was very embarrassed and very angry at Jane for publicly outing her. Their little secret got out! From what I understand, as soon as Jane outed Barbara she immediately knew she had stepped over the line. And later, did what we all do: apologized, and apologized, and apologized. 

Ronnie: Personally I wouldn't say anything at all to either of them.

Hermione: I would like to think that I would go over to Barbara and tell her that probably half the people at the party were also into spanking, then ask the room for a show of hands. In reality, I wouldn't do anything.

Thank you, A.J., for such a thought-provoking topic.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #402

Welcome to our weekend brunch. Today I have a fun question, sent to me by our good friend A.J. This question is based on a true story with the names changed, so I'll let A.J. set the scene for us.

Barbara and her girlfriend Jane went to a party where there were about 40 male and female guests, some of whom they knew. Barbara got a bit too snippy, so Jane firmly said to her:

"I spanked your bare bottom last week for that attitude; do you want it again?"

Jane managed to say it loud enough that several people heard it; they stopped, turned, and looked.  Barbara was visibly embarrassed.  Her silence and her furiously blushing red face confirmed to others that Jane does spank her.  A guy nearby heard it and, adding to Barbara's embarrassment, asked Barbara:

"You got your bare bottom spanked?  What did you do?"

And that "news" spread to others at the party.  So, the brunch question:

You are at that same party near Barbara and Jane, hear Jane say that and see Barbara's embarrassment. What do you do or say?  To Barbara?  To Jane?  Either at that moment, or privately later that night to one or both of them?

Please leave your response as a comment or send me an email. Once everyone has mulled this one over, I'll publish an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

In the Kitchen

Yesterday I put the last of the zucchini vines on the compost pile and delivered the last of the harvest to our church. No more hunting for a recipe that would disguise the zucchinis as something delicious. 

The best recipe I found, which I will certainly use again next year, is one for zucchini crisp. It's exactly the same as an apple crisp recipe but uses zucchini instead, and the result really does taste like apple crisp.  It's very simple: combine peeled, cubed zucchini, lemon juice, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg in a baking dish, and top with a mixture of flour, brown sugar and rolled oats. 


Doesn't that look yummy? My batch turned out just like the picture, and we had it for breakfast (minus the ice cream).

Here are some recipes that didn't turn out the way they were supposed to.


I hope everything tasted good though.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, September 20, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 19

Has anyone inadvertently seen your spanking marks? 

Jeanie: My bathing suit bottom has a full seat. (I like tan lines, and like my derriere untanned by the sun so it can be tanned by the man-of-the-hour.) Therefore, I'm proud to say that no relative or friend (who didn't know already) discovered that I'm a spanko from evidence on my butt.

Sarah Silverman, the comic, said that she once was conversing with her mother in the bathroom as she disrobed for a shower. When naked, her mom noticed a big handprint on Sarah's bottom cheek, and commented on it. Sarah said in reply, "What can I say? I like to be spanked!"
I hope that if I ever were found out, I'd handle it with as much ease and nonchalance.

Jack: I face the wall, no way of hiding the very red spanked bottom. A couple of her best friends, my mother-in-law and the worse a middle age neighbor lady have seen it. 

Roz: I'm afraid my answer is a boring one. No, at least if anyone ever has they never let on. We have had the odd occasion where we were just about to start, or had just started and was interrupted by a knock on the door. Again, if they thought they heard anything they never let on.

Wendel: Long ago before I met the Misses I worked with a woman who often talked about getting spankings from her boy friend. One morning she came in walking a little slow. Apparently her boy friend whipped her before she left for work. She was not ashamed to hike up the skirt to show off the marks.
I have always felt that the Misses’ sister knows we spank each other. Not sure if the Misses ever showed her the marks. 

Rosco: I don’t think my bottom has ever really been on display after a spanking. But sometimes Irene gets a little enthusiastic and scratches me up pretty good. That’s been noticed several times with the obvious correct assumptions. I just admit it, sometimes ask them if they’re jealous. But I’d be embarrassed if they saw my red bottom - that’s different,

There have been occasions when I’ve worn women’s panties and needed to change in a locker room. Always been careful.

Simon: Once on a very hot day a Mistress gave me a severe strapping including my thighs. Unfortunately in the heat of the moment we had both forgotten that I was wearing shorts. I had to catch a tube and a train with very obvious stripes on both the front and back of my thighs. Nobody actually commented but I'm sure a lot of people noticed and some must have known what had happened. 

On another occasion I received a fierce caning about a week before I went into hospital for a colonoscopy, I had hoped the marks would have faded by then but they hadn't and the (lady) doctor asked what they were and I told her that they were the marks from over indulgence in kinky CP play and she just giggled nervously. 

Anon: One time a couple of days after I had given myself a hard, thuddy self paddling, I was getting out of the shower and my vanilla wife asked me how I got the bruise on my butt. I had no idea it was there, I quickly told her I had slipped a couple of days ago and landed on my bottom and I was too embarrassed to tell her. She asked me if it hurt, I said it did at the time. 

Ronnie: Thankfully no. If I have a doctors/hospital appointment, P's very careful when he spanks.

Bonnie: Not that I know definitively, but there have been times at a swimming pool or a locker room where I felt more exposed than I might want. I recall one vacation in particular when I took just one bathing suit. It was a high leg one-piece design that didn't cover the entire bottom of a woman shaped like me. I recall a lot of futile tugging. 

Graham: Not that I know of. Heard, but not seen! 

Barrel: No. We have been careful to control the marks when I have a doctor appointment. As I have prostate cancer and see my urologist every 6 months plus my annual physical and showers after working out, I am pretty careful to not flash anybody. These do restrict our sessions, not spankings as those marks fade pretty quickly. I shared some vivid weals from a stern caning with a girl I met and shared TTWD but that was voluntary. 

Hermione: These days I am never in a position to bare my bottom in front of anyone, but years ago I was careful to keep a towel around my lower half when I showered at the gym. I don't think anyone ever noticed as we were all in a hurry to get back to the office after a noontime workout.

Keep those botties covered up!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #401

Brunch is ready and the table is set. Find yourself a soft chair and let's get started. You gave me so many wonderful topics last week that I didn't know where to start. Here's one that an anonymous reader thought of, based on personal experience. 

Has anyone inadvertently seen the marks from a spanking? What was the reaction? How did you respond?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, September 17, 2021

Friday FAIL

Oh dear! Someone needs a spanking for releasing these knockoff products. Hand me the paddle.

Happy Friday!

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, September 13, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 12

What topics would you like to see featured in upcoming brunches? You came up with some wonderful suggestions. 

Jeanie: First, heartfelt congratulations on your success! I LOVE this brunch, your perspective,  and your entire blog!

Possible future topics (please excuse me if you've covered these in the past): 
1) I'm very interested in the different individual's link between sexuality and spanking. How many people are purists who never mix a sexual expression with spanking? Is it purely punishment for you? How many are sensualists, for whom spanking may be foreplay for sex? How many enjoy playing with the dynamic between the two, maybe by punishing the naughty bottom for some sexual escapade? (I'm not asking for graphic descriptions of their sex lives. I am asking about how the two are linked, if at all, in people's minds.)
2) Do people see the act of "topping from the bottom" as a negative, something to be avoided, or not?
3) I'd like to hear about people's all-time favorite implement of ass destruction and why, then conversely, in another brunch, their least favorite implement and why.
4) Which celebrity would you like to spank or be spanked by and why? Responders are not limited to just one, not limited by gender.
Please keep up the GREAT blogging!
Midwest Reader: Future topic suggestion:

My spouse and I like to travel and after this summer's (post-vaccination) trip I have now browsed antique stores in almost every region of North America (excepting only the Canadian provinces west of Ontario) and a few places in the UK. Many of these have been in small rural towns and smaller but old cities. A lot of the pieces to be seen in the remoter areas and declining cities are from the 1850-1960 era. Yet I have only once in 35 years observed something that might have been a vintage spanking paddle, even in the stores that had specific school displays. Has anyone observed such an object at an antique or resale shop? If not, were they all destroyed? Taken home by the last teacher to as mementos? I have seen a few in museums (small local history museums generally) so along with stories from my relatives who grew up in the 40s-60s I think they did exist. 

Roz: Wow, 400 brunches! That is a wonderful milestone. Thank you for bringing this to us each week Hermione. Always lots of fun and interesting topics.

As for future topics. I really don't know. Maybe fantasy place to be spanked? Favourite/least favourite implements/positions is fun too. Though I think these may have been covered.

Wendel: Happy 400th Brunch!
I think it was covered already but the Misses and myself are always up for outdoor spankings. They have to be secluded somewhere but it is always exciting to the bare bottom beat outside. Only other thing I can think of is the “what and why”. What interested everyone in spanking? Why do we love it so much.

Bonnie: 400 is a major milestone. Congratulations! Around the end of the year, you are on track to reach a different mark. I hosted 415 brunches and you are getting close to becoming the all time leader. In fact, since you hosted a few in my absence over the years, you might already be the champ! In any case, that's an amazing feat.

I think I ran out of new brunch topics years ago, but here are a few thoughts (that for all I know might be old thoughts):

Spankees: Would you accept a spanking from a spanking machine? How about a spanking robot?

Spankers: Do you prefer an obedient spankee or one who resists before ultimately complying?

Does the spankee in your relationship have a phrase or non-verbal signal that tells the spanker that a longer or harder spanking would be appreciated?

When a spankee requests a spanking, does it tend to be more severe than when it is the spanker's idea?

Do you and your partner ever try spanking techniques, scenarios, or implements that you read about on blogs?

Spankees: Do you have a favorite chair pillow upon you sit during those certain times? If so, please describe it.

Spankers: Do you sometimes spank to send a message? If so, how do you accomplish that?

Spankees: Do you sometimes feel a desire to be humbled?

Spankees: Do you like the feeling of danger that someone could learn your deepest secret?

Spankees: Have you ever regretted using a safeword?

If a cable network introduced a new dramatic series that features consensual adult spankings, would you watch? How about if it were a comedy?

Do you think that adult spanking is inherently sexual?

If Uber offered a spanking service app, would you try it?

Do you ever use spanking as a reward?

Some spanko couples are now offering live video streams of their spanking sessions on a subscription basis. Is this service of interest to you? Would you ever consider doing this to supplement your income?

When you read a spanking story, view a spanking photograph, or watch a spanking video, what hints let you know whether it's authentic or fake?

Do you think that Millennial spankos have a different perspective because they encountered far less spanking content as children than their elders did?

If you could add a room to your home solely for spanking sessions, how would you equip and decorate it?

Write us a spanking poem.

Spankees: What is it about cowboys?

It's not easy to spank in a car. Have you found an arrangement that works for you?

Anon 1: Congrats, wow 400, a milestone!!

When my partner feels I have been a very naught boy I get, what she calls, a spank and wank.
Naked I go over her knee where she spanks me to tears with her bear hands. Then I have to stand in front of her and masturbate till I come (very humiliating). Back over her knees I go where she blisters my butt with her hairbrush until I nearly can’t take anymore, trust me, after masturbating a spanking hurts a lot, and I mean a lot, more then you can imagine. 

I am the only one having to do this or is a forced masturbation something more couples do?

Rich Person: After 400 brunches, there surely isn't any new topic to cover. I'm awed by your dedication and follow through.

After the comment by Anonymous, I wonder how many spankees have experienced being made to masturbate to completion before getting some kind of CP, and how did it affect the experience.

In fact, one topic could be about punishment. If you have a desire to be spanked, what constitutes punishment? Is it the type of implement? The intensity? Something emotional or mental about the situation? The other activity that goes with the spanking, such as a lecture?

And then, what misbehavior resulted in punishment? Was there ever a time when you didn't feel punished sufficiently? Did you ask for more?

Another topic might be experiences where you and your partner were not physically with each other. What was the situation? How did you handle the session?

I hope those are new topics, or at least ones that people want to revisit.

Right, now. Give us 400 more!

Jack: As a male who wanted to be spanked, we have not heard from the females as to why they spank. I would like to hear from them, especially when a male is wanting to be spanked, or when the female knows that a spanking is needed. 

Barrel: 400 and counting. Hurray and Congrats!!! And yep, thanks for doing these brunches. We love it.

I would be interested to learn what others do in the prelude to spanking.
- Do you use any build up?
- Is the build up verbal like hinting or explaining what is to happen or physical like going out for an intimate lunch, putting on a special outfit or corner time?
- How long does build up go on? Minutes, hours or days? Please share experiences if hours or days.
- Does the spanker ever describe in detail how the spanking will be delivered in order to enhance the mental build up?
- What role does the spankee play in getting ready for the spanking, like readying the implements, placing cushions or towels or laying out restraints or gags?
- How often is a special outfit required of the spankee? Of the spanker? Or both?

A few brunches ago, some of us shared pictures of the implements that we use. Is it possible to share pictures of any special or unique equipment that is used like spanking benches or horses (without people, of course)? Do you have a special room where the more severe spankings are delivered and what makes that room unique?

After a particularly severe spanking, how do the endorphins effect the spankee?

Bravo to all who answer this week's question as it provides for many more interesting brunches.

 Rosco: You’ve asked a million good questions, thank you.

I’m always interested in hearing the often awkward stories of how someone tried to interest a partner in spanking, but it didn’t go well. Also stories where an opportunity was missed with thoughts of what might have been.

And while it’s all consensual, some of like to pretend it’s not. How do people work this out? What percent of people include any sort of lecture? Or do some people just spank and say nothing?

Ronnie: 400 brunches congratulations. Here's to the next 400.

There are a lot of good suggestions.

I think this one has probably been covered. A spanking fantasy that they would like to live out.

Anon 2: Has anyone ever inadvertently seen the marks? I was leaving the grocery store at 7:30 in the morning and I got a buzz on my watch indicating I had a 7:50 skin check. I gulped big time because - well I had the most delicious paddle marks on my derriere. 

Anon 3: OK here's a topic. What are covid house rules and consequences. We are in early 40's and wife spanks me, and has for 20 yrs to keep me in line. Last week visited her parents for first time in 18 months and we both got a "healthy dose" of dad's belt for repeatedly disobeying their mask rules which are far stricter than local regulations. While we didn't get it bare, we were both bawling when it was over and had spend an extra 2 days with them because we couldn't sit to drive. 

Anon 4: I am a man who is a life long spanko and I am married to a very vanilla woman. I love her very much but she is not interested in sharing my obsession. I think about spanking several times a day. It is sometimes very lonely to not have someone to share with. I have visited professionals in the past and have enjoyed giving them otk hand spankings. There is nothing that happens other than I get to spank them on their bare bottoms. I am conflicted because this seems like cheating but it also lets me scratch the itch without things getting complicated. What do you and your readers think?

Also topics for future brunches - PDAs pats, pinches and spanks in public? birthday spankings, fun spankings, scoldings and cornertime. 

Enzo: I'm just here to say Congratulations!
That is a notable accomplishment of keeping the community engaged.
Well done.

I am completely overwhelmed by your generous responses. I now have enough material to keep brunches going for a long, long time.  Thank you all so much for replenishing my arsenal.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #400

Welcome to a very special milestone; this is our 400th brunch together. Doesn't time fly? Thank you all so much for coming back, week after week, to join the discussion. Today I'll throw the floor open to you for suggestions on what we should talk about in the coming year.

What topics related to spanking would you like to discuss? Is there an aspect of spanking that we have overlooked? Is there a topic we have addressed before that you would like to revisit? Can you think of a theme that we can carry over several weeks?

Please leave your suggestions as a comment, or send me an email. I hope I get lots of new ideas! I'll publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to think of a new topic or two.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, September 11, 2021

You Completed the Caption

KDPierre: Dateline 9/9/2021: Linda started her first day back at school realizing too late that a year of Covid isolation completely threw off her sense of current fashion. 

Anon: His friends were just coming in the door to drive him to school. How could he face them now that his mother decided that he would spend his senior year as a girl? Why did he ever try on his sister's bra and panties?

Rosco: Something didn’t seem right as she walked to school, but she though it was just nervousness. Distracted by impure thoughts and excited about the new school year, Linda can’t believe she walked all the way to school without any panties.

What kind of girl does such a thing, she asked herself? More importantly, can I get through the day without anyone noticing something is amiss? Oh dear, I really feel that breeze now.

Jeanie: The girl was caught passing a note between "cool girl" Julie and her friend Donna in class. She was sent to the head mistress, who turned her across the desk and paddled her bared bottom. When the girl didn't take ownership of her culpability in the note-passing, she was given more swats. When the girl asked if the teacher wasn't partly to blame, for seating the girl between two clique-driven friends, the girl's teacher was summoned to the office, and the teacher was allowed to take a turn paddling the girl. That's how it was in schools in the 1950's. Then the girl's parents were called by the head mistress. When her mother picked the girl up from school, she was stony-silent, at least until they got home, when she paddled the girl with a hairbrush and lectured her thoroughly, grounding the girl for a month. Daddy was expected home from work any minute now. He'd probably use his belt to express his displeasure with the errant girl. She wouldn't be able to sit through a class tomorrow, her bottom was so punished! She wondered if Julie and Donna had any consequences at all. Life was SO unfair!

Midwest Reader: Susan had been the good girl in class her whole life, from kindergarten right through to the first month of her senior year of high school. Why was it that the one time she misbehaved - one time in 12 years! - she not only got caught but was written up for an offense that merited a spanking? Now she is due at the principal's office in 10 minutes and...

Paddle Daddy: Why did I think it was okay to cuss in class? Paddled at school and headed home with a note for Dad. I AM 18 after all, senior or not I should be able to say Damnit if I want to! Ohhh my poor ass!

Wendel: I cannot believe I forgot my phone at home. Someone please spank me now. 

Franzcoughka: "I should never have let Johnny sit next to me. Now that the bus driver has told my folks we were making out on the school bus, I am in for such a tanning."

Hermione: I'm going to the principal's office for a paddling. Why oh why did I wear a thong today?

Thanks for the laughs! You are all so creative. Please stay for a very special milestone brunch, coming up next.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Complete the Caption

It's back to school this week in many parts of Canada and the US. Sometimes a girl forgets the rules and makes bad choices, and that leads to consequences, both at school and at home. What has this young lady done that makes her so ashamed and worried?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your reports on Saturday.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, September 6, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 5

What are your thoughts on switches? Let's find out.

Roz: I have been caned with garden variety bamboo cane, but never switched. It does always seem overly harsh to me also therefore I don't really enjoy reading about, or scenes that involve switching.

KDPierre: There's certainly nothing INappropriate about them. I mean, heck, they're environmental! LOL

I've been switched a few times over the years......maybe about a couple of dozen times total. Usually they were on camping trips or hikes, but a couple were 'domestic'. In fact the one and only time I experienced fisting, I also was switched......let's say.......THOROUGHLY? LOL. My butt looked worse than a washboard!

Depending on the switch, it can be like caning, or an entirely different thing. Light ones sting almost annoyingly to getting wasp stings. I prefer the heavier ones though they do hurt more as well as leave plump welts. But, it's not an experience I would crave regularly. More of a mood/situation thing. 

Wendel: The only time we have used a switch is when we go hiking. As we hike we each pick out an appropriate switch. If we come to a secluded spot then we will take turns whipping each other’s bare bottom. Stings like all hell and we are sore for the return hike. Other than that we do not use switches or canes. 

Rosco: Irene and I love switches. They’re a little hard to find, and they dry out after awhile - so when we do find them, it’s a little more special. Sometimes we’ll find them when we’re out walking with the dog, who will think it’s a stick for her to play with.

We’ve had the best luck in late spring with shoots growing from the bases of wild plum trees. They’re straight and supple without thorns or stubble that causes too much damage. These and other switches are intense, and deliver a deeply satisfying sting - like the taste of tart lemonade on a hot summer’s day. A great feeling with a sting that lasts, different from the sting of a paddle or even a whip.

In the early days, Irene sometimes would be a little enthusiastic and the switches would wrap around and whack my far hipbone - taking the fun out of the wonderful occasion for a bit.

Graham: Switches can be great fun, though we've only done it on vacations in reasonably private settings. I find it pretty thrilling to be ordered out to cut a switch with the possibility that someone might notice...not that they would know for sure what's up.

As to the severity, it depends on the selection of the switch and the vigor of the administrator! It certainly needn't be any more severe than a light cane.

Simon: You'd think that a switch would have a similar sensation to a cane but it's a completely different feeling. It's much stingier and leaves thin vivid welts. I personally find it much more painful than a cane especially if wielded on my sensitive thighs. And of course if you combine a number of switches together you get a birch. I have often had to tie switches together in the knowledge that they will shortly be used on my poor old bottom. And of course if I don't do a good job and the birch falls apart I know that I'm in a lot of trouble.

Rich Person: As Simon notes, combining switches gives you a birch. So, I distinguish between the single switch and the birch switch. Each has its own uses and sensations.

I have experienced receiving the switch on occasion, but most of my experience is administering it. Typically, I use the birch for stimulation, rather than punishment. In one case, I used it while the girl was suffering from being gingered at the same time. I picked it because it wouldn't risk hitting the ginger too hard and possibly injuring her. I think this was a particularly stimulating combination.

For another girl, we kept the birch in a pail of water outside. If she needed it, she had to strip naked and go fetch it. For long-term preservation, it's best to keep them in salt water.

As for the single switch, I had a remote relationship where I needed a good punishment that could be delivered without my physical presence. If she misbehaved, I'd send her to get and prepare the switch. For that, she cut a thin branch from a bush that had long, straight branches.

She was instructed to cut a switch about 45-55 cm long and fairly straight. Then, to remove any minor twigs and leaves. She was required to remove the bark on the last third down to the tip. Once prepared, she had to apply it to get a specific number and redness of welts on her bottom.

In my experience, girls are pretty responsive to the switch. That is, they would rather behave properly than get punished with one, unlike a spanking, the prospect of which sometimes encourages bad behavior.

Ronnie: P did cut one once when we were out walking in the woods and I had 3 strokes before it broke so no real experience. Would I like to try one properly, why not.

Barrel: Sure, I think a switch is an appropriate implement and I have felt many on my backside. The usual variety are spring shoots of purple leaf plum and rose of sharon. I do most of the pruning so I make them without being asked. I usually cut them from too thin a shoot and they tend to break easily as my wife only applies her strokes firmly. I find switches wrap quite easily and can bite deeply, so be careful.

I can’t add anything to what has been previously shared, as everything is spot on, insightful and encouraging. Such shares from brunch participants are the reason this is my favorite blog. Thanks for sharing.

Prefectdt: Yes, I think switches are appropriate. And I have been switched more than once. I usually cut switches at work, if I need them (and tell my workmates that they are for house decoration).

The great thing about switches is the variety of sensations available. Harshly stingy, from Salix (Willow, but not weeping), Thud from Malus (Apple), easy to take hard strokes from spring cut Cornus (Dog Wood) and the list could go on and on. 

Bonnie: Yes, it hurt in a persistent stinging way. As I recall, we eventually stopped because it was starting to break my skin.

Hermione: The thought sends shivers down my spine, and not in a good way. The stories I have read that include switching left me cringing. They seemed way too severe and cut into the skin, which is a hard line for me. They are all sting and no thud, so let whippy branches stay on trees where they belong.

Jeanie: I have never had a hickory switch used on my bottom. I live in an area where hickory trees grow, but there is no one in my life at present to do the honors. I imagine it would be comparable with a caning.

When I was in college, I house-sat for some wealthy friends I knew through my church. They had a privacy fence around their property. My boyfriend, James, informed me on our first night there that he intended to whip me with a switch from the weeping willow tree in the back yard, & that I was to strip naked. It was thrilling to go outside nude in the sunlight. My lover cut a willow branch about four foot long & removed all the leaves. I was made to lean against a tree trunk & stick my bum out. The switch really stung, but broke after about five lashes. We went back inside & I attacked him; we made love on the floor just inside the backdoor. So the very next night, he gave me the same instructions. I felt cocky, thinking that I knew what to expect. But he cut three willow switches and braided them together. This hurt much more and lasted the entire time James wanted to use it on me. It left beautiful welts that had that braided impression in each one. I bet he gave me fifty lashes, until I was yelping and dodging the strokes, so some missed my bottom & landed on my legs and lower back. I wish I had a photograph of my backside with those marks. The vivid impression is burned into my memory. Again, I could not wait to make love after my whipping.

Then, about three years ago, I and my most recent lover rented a bed & breakfast place in Northern Michigan. It had a sauna and was on a spring-fed lake. We read up on it, cut some switches from the many white birch trees that grew there. We kept two bundles of them in a bucket of water to keep them supple. After the sauna, I would whip him and he would whip me. We covered each others' bodies except for the genitalia region. He concentrated with a lot more strokes on my bottom. It was invigorating. Then we ran naked down to the lake and jumped off the dock into the cold water. The water was too cold to make love right then, so we ran back inside before getting busy.

What a variety of responses! To each his/her own, I say!

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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #399

Welcome to our weekly discussion on some aspect of spanking. Lately I've been reading stories that involve switching. I don't mean switching in the sense of the spankee and spanker exchanging roles. I mean using a hickory or willow switch as the instrument of punishment. I'm not sure how I feel about it, so I'd like your opinion.

Do you think a switch is an appropriate implement to use? Have you ever used a switch or felt one across your hindquarters? If so, where did you obtain the switch? Was it an experience you have repeated? If not, is it something you would like to try?

Please leave your response as a comment, or email me if you prefer. I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had an opportunity to contribute.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Road Trip

We decided to go for a little excursion yesterday. Our puppy is the first of all our dogs to enjoy car travel, so he goes with us when we both go out together. We didn't drive far; just to the library to drop off some DVDs, then to a  cheese factory in a little village a few kilometers away. These billboards made the short trip fun!

Stay safe!

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