Monday, October 30, 2023

Recap: Important Update and Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 29

Breaking news: Our beloved Bonnie has reopened My Bottom Smarts and is ready to start blogging again. Do drop by and say hello. Now back to regularly scheduled programming.

Will you be having any Hallowe'en spanking activities?

Bonnie: That's a great question. We've been so busy this week, we haven't even discussed our next holiday celebration. Unless I get a better idea, I will probably be a ghost with a white tee and white yoga pants. It's not very inventive, I admit, but I am confident it will impress my audience of one.

Roz: My answer is a very boring one I'm afraid. We're not big on Halloween so no special plans or costumes.

Wendel: We do love dressing up in costumes. The Misses is going to be a pirate queen and myself the pirate captain. Each time the queen misbehaves she will get the strap across her bottom. For some reason she seems to misbehave a lot when wearing it. 

Norse Cavalier: My local BDSM club will be holding a Halloween party next Saturday, which will provide opportunities to take a few willing women over my knee. I'm wearing a simple pirate costume - provided, of course, I can get rid of the cold that's been plaguing me for over three weeks.

Rosco: We’ll be celebrating Halloween with small children, so no.

But one thing I love about Halloween is women who take the opportunity to dress provocatively - the sexy nurse, the sexy nun, the French maid, whatever. I probably deserve a spanking for ogling at Halloween parties. I’ll ask Irene the question.

Let me add a fantasy based on a real life party.

Irene and I went to a Halloween party hosted by two of my female coworkers. The sister of one was dressed provocatively as a French maid. We were among the last to leave, when the sister walked by having changed - a bit relieved she was no longer the object of so much attention.

At some point, I created the following fantasy and have relived it many times.

I’m sorry you’ve taken off your maid’s outfit, I said, I thought maybe you’d serve be serving tea.

I took it off so you could wear it, she replied, and YOU could serve tea.

Sorry but I don’t think it would fit, I said.

It’s one size fits all, she said. It might be a little short on you but that’s ok.

Go ahead, put it on, Irene ordered. So I did, blushing mightily.

As you might guess I spilled the tea when I was serving it. Irene scolded me and told the girls the maid needed a spanking. Would that be ok?

After that, Irene sent me back to their apartment for maid training from time to time.

Jack: It has been a couple of years, but a few friends of my wife from work were having a pre-party and we were invited. My wife/mommy dressed as a mother from the 1950's, pearls, the whole works, I had to wear my little boy jammies, thankful I had shorts on underneath. I got a lot of "you look so cute" comments. I did not sit, I was given a very sound spanking a day before, so sitting was not comfortable. When we got home my wife/mommy said I was a very good little boy and they like the costume I was wearing, I look so cute as a little boy. She then told me a few were told that was not a costume but what I sometimes wear after being a naughty little boy and had gotten a spanking. 

Ronnie: We don't do Halloween so no special spanking plans or costumes.

A.J.: Halloween is so, so...August.

Christmas trees were up and for sale at Costco in early Sept.
YESTERDAY - I saw my first TV commercial and heard my first Christmas Carole.


To answer the question - not doing anything. 

Prefectdt: I had no plans for Halloween. Although I might use it as an excuse to get undressed early and mount my new butt plug tail. Not for any better excuse than I really like it, can't see when I would have a genuine use for it and it is the only thing that I own, right now, that could count as a Halloween costume. Perhaps I will go to sleep in it and see if it is still there in the morning :)

Hermione: We usually draw the drapes, turn off the porch light to deter trick or treaters, snack on treat-size chocolate bars, and then anything goes!

KDPierre: I love Halloween and go over the top in decorating and celebrating ......with themed dinner parties each weekend in October. (Yesterday was our last and it was great.) We don't go in for cute Halloween, so sexy costumes are not a thing with us. However, we have a well-populated "Lemax" village that has been heavily modified and customized to include quite a lot of little kinky scenes within it. Lots of spankings going on too, along with several other kinks that can be found if one looks past the vampires and zombies.

Stay safe!

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #511


Welcome one and all to our regular weekend brunch. One of the casualties of my hardware crash was an updated list of all our brunch topics plus suggestions from you, dear readers, that I have yet to use. In the meantime, let's discuss an oldie but a goodie.

Hallowe'en is just around the corner. Do you have any special spanking-related plans to celebrate the day? Do you have a special costume in mind?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Greased Lightning

Sick Computer PNG - sick-computer-computer sick-computer-repair sick- computer-design sick-computer-art. - CleanPNG / KissPNG

The past few says have not been very conducive to blogging. The hard drive on our computer gave up completely, so the PC has been in the shop, having a new, bigger and faster hard drive installed. The difference is amazing. I used to dread opening Firefox. How long would it take this time? Would the mouse pointer disappear? Creating a new post took about ten minutes, with long waits for just adding one image.  

We lost all our bookmarks, so those are slowly being added as needed. Google Drive, which was supposed to back up all my documents and pictures, stopped doing so a year ago, so a lot was lost. Oh well, it could have been worse. Since the hard drive was no longer readable, the technician who fixed the machine couldn't tell that I'm a spanking blogger. 

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, October 23, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 22

When has a spanking just not been enough?

Norse Cavalier: I was spanking a woman who enjoys being verbally teased and humiliated, so she wants me to ask how wet she is getting and tell her she is a dirty girl. At one point I said "You're enjoying this, you dirty girl," and she whipped her head around and replied, "You're enjoying it too, you dirty BOY!" I don't tolerate back-talk, so I gave her two dozen smacks with the wooden spoon, before continuing the hand-spanking.

A day or two later, she sent me a message telling me that she didn't feel she'd been sufficiently punished for her cheek. I offered to give her a one-minute smacking with my clothes brush, hard and fast, followed by five minutes in the corner, and she agreed. By the time she left the corner, she was sufficiently meek and chastened, and never did it again.]

Roz: There have been occasions over the years where I have either felt a spanking didn't quite make the mark or the spanking has been more than I expected. My reaction depended on the situation, how strongly I felt etc. Sometimes I told Rick straight away and occasionally it resulted in a do-over but most often discussion.

Jack: That does not happen in this home, my wife/mommy insures the spanking brings the results she wants. My spankings are for being a naughty little boy and that is when my wife becomes my mommy and trust me mommy knows how to give a sound spanking and insures you remember it sometime afterwards.

KDPierre: We see spanking as a means to some end, though that goal can be very different depending on a myriad of circumstances. However, because we know who we are and what we are each looking for, we have a standing agreement that either party can add to or amend a proscribed spanking so that no one walks away from one feeling it wasn't enough. Sometimes it's her telling me she isn't feeling resolved and so more is to come, or at times I've confessed that I felt I got off too lightly for something I still felt guilty over and Rosa would listen to my request and reasons for it and nearly always give me a good bit of extra.

The thing is, when I do make my case for more, she always takes me seriously and makes sure the second round is quite intense. I go from having felt 'it wasn't enough', to 'OK, now I feel like I paid an appropriate price' and then, she just keeps going until I'm thinking, 'OK, this is more than I would have added. When is this add-on going to end?'. This is good for me since it takes away any feeling that I am in control. I may contribute input, but I'm not in control. 

Preectdt: It was a long time ago, back in the 1990s, when I was living in The Netherlands. Playing with a fellow, amateur enthusiast, we had been going at it, on and off, for most of an afternoon, I think somewhere around 3 hours. I was well away with the fairies and wanted that play to go on forever. Then she stopped and refused to hurt me any more. I have to admit that I was not happy about this and got a bit pleading and whinny about things, until she made me stand and inspect the state of my backside in a full length mirror. It turns out that she had made the right call. And I still feel thankful for her responsible attitude.

Wendel: Over the years the Misses has made a few remarks about getting a weak spankings. Usually I hear: “That is the best you can do?” Most times it is followed by an immediate and harder spanking. Once in a while I will make her sweat it out wondering if she will get another. It is fun to watch the expression on her face as we pass in the house as she waits. I did wake her up in the middle of the night a few times to administer a “better” spanking. Again, it is fun to watch her struggle, half asleep. After the first whack she does wake up.
We do not do verbal punishments. About the only thing is the occasional bad girl, bad boy comment but nothing more. 

Graham: Sure, occasionally I come away feeling that it was too light. But it doesn't happen that often and doesn't rise to a significant problem. I've had a couple instances where I asked for more, and I can assure you that request was dealt with very seriously! :-)

Bonnie: Yes, that definitely happens. Two people can't always be on the same page, even when we have decades of experience together. There are times when I anticipate real punishment, but Randy delivers a more playful spanking. I try to be patient and allow him to lead, but I need what I need.

At that point, I tell him. Whether it's a polite request like, "May I have more, sir?" or an insistent demand such as, "Are you going to spank me or what?", Randy's response is exactly the same. He stops the session and fetches a serious wooden implement, typically a heavy paddle or a solid brush.

Before I even make such a request, I know from experience what to expect. It's as if his manhood has been challenged. He is determined to whack my bare bottom until it's very red and very sore for a long time. He tells me that I am a naughty girl and punishes me accordingly. I may scream and wiggle and whimper, but these are moments I will later recall fondly, every time I sit down.

If the miscommunication is the other way around, that is, my spanking is harder than I expected, I typically tell myself I probably deserve it for something and hang on. If my man wants to give, then I want to accept. I stick out my bottom and trust him to do the rest. Spankings are supposed to hurt.

Barrel: Yes, of course. When I have wanted more, I just remind myself that I got what she wanted to deliver and be grateful. Most often, she will ask how I am doing, giving me the opportunity to signal I want more or harder. But I am usually thankful for what she felt like she wanted to administer.

Hermione: It depends on which implement Ron is using. If it's the dogging bat or similar flexible leather paddle, I want it to go on forever. If it's the stingy shoehorn or lexan carpet beater, a little is too much. 

Henry: For us, the intensity of the spanking we want this week may be different from what we wanted last week. We have no compunction about asking for more or less.

That's all, folks!

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #510

A big welcome to all my friends. If you are new here, you are encouraged to join in the discussion. To choose a topic for today, I decided to try something different. I went to My Bottom Smarts and found the brunch topic from ten years ago at around the same date. Thanks, Bonnie!

Have you experienced a situation where the spankee felt that a spanking was in some way insufficient? If so, did the spankee verbally or non-verbally request more? How was the request made? How did the spanker respond? Was the issue resolved?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Highlight of my Week

Last Friday morning Ron said to me, "Tomorrow is going to be the highlight of my week."

I was a bit surprised, but pleased. Our regular spanking date is on Saturday, and we'd missed the last two because of family for Thanksgiving and medical concerns. I assumed that was what he meant, but innocently asked, "Why is that?"

"Today's the day we water the air plants!" We both had a good laugh at this, so let me explain.

As a thank-you gift for taking in the mail for our neighbours while they were away, we were given a small ceramic bird with a magnet on the back. The note from our neighbour explained that it was an air plant holder, and that they had had good luck with their plant by soaking it once a week for 20 minutes.

I had never owned an air plant (Tillandsia) but was willing to give it a go. So I went to Etsy and ordered a bunch.

Since the cost of shipping was the same whether I ordered three, six or nine, the more the merrier!

In the meantime, while putting away the gift bag and folding the tissue paper, I discovered an air plant among the wrappings. How thoughtful! I popped the plant into the holder and attached it to the refrigerator door. Very pretty, but what was I going to do with the batch of plants I ordered?

Ron had the idea of putting them in our egg coddlers. 


At one time I started a collection of them, in two different sizes. Since we only use two at a time, the rest sit in the cupboard, so why not put them to good use, minus the lids, of course. So now we have a nursery garden of air plants, and together each Saturday we water them together, then enjoy some playtime (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, October 16, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 15

Have you ever lost your spanking mojo?

Bonnie: There have been times when I felt tired or sick or busy or injured or distracted or worried about something else. When situations change and opportunity knocks, the urge inevitably returns. My spanko nature is baked in.

Rob Allen: No, it never went away; the attraction and arousal were always there. But I did have an issue that hindered me from joining the spanko subculture - I had a visceral aversion to disciplinary-style play. The more realistic it was as corporal punishment, the less I could stand to be around it. A couple of years ago I did two things simultaneously that helped. One was EMDR psychotherapy, which helped me process the trauma of an early childhood punishment. The other was watching every one of Jillian Keenan's videos, which helped me see where the fun could be in a disciplinary scenario. I can finally feel at home in the spanko world now.

Welcome, Rob! You can always feel at home here with us.

Wendel: Nope, it is always present. 

Rosco: I brought spanking into our relationship in 1980. Irene said she had no interest in being spanked but she’d be happy to spank me. It’s worked great for us.

Around 2008 when the youngest went off to college we stepped up our game gradually but steadily. More toys, more role play, harder and longer spankings - more discipline. At some point, spanking seemed to become more important to Irene. She likes to make it hurt, and whips my thighs and balls as well as my bottom.

There have been a few times when I’ve thought about asking if we could skip the spanking etc and just engage in sex. But even then getting punished always turns me on. It’s amazing that she can whack my balls with a riding crop causing intense pain but also making me hard. Go figure.

Roz: Definitely yes, there have been times over the years the spanking mojo has diminished for one or both of us for various reasons. It's usually a question of waiting it usually returns :)

Ronnie: Yes there have been times for one reason or another, but never lasted long.

Prefectdt: Very occasionally, usually due to prolonged periods of tiredness or stress. Never lasts long though, two or three days at most. It typically returns as my mood brightens.

sub hub: Yes, it happens. From my perspective, how I feel about participating in a spanking has nothing to do with whether it will happen or not, of course. If Mistress K. has decided that a spanking will happen, it's going to happen whenever and however severe she has decided it will be.

Jack: My wife/mommy knows I at times like to be a naughty little boy, and she knows naughty little boys need a sound spanking from Mommy, so it does not matter what I want, my wife/mommy is such a woman that being a wife and a mommy is her role in life.

Dan: It ebbs and flows, but only once has it completely disappeared. I had surgery, and something about it, perhaps the anesthetic, completely dismantled my urges related to spanking and discipline. It didn't come back for a couple of months.

Barrel: Yep. Radical prostatectomy and resulting ED has a strangulating effect. We are working through it with the knowledge, “I don’t have cancer”. We remain hopeful.

Dear friend, I wish you well. I too am thankful it isn't cancer.

Hermione: For me, the desire isn't as strong as it was in the early days of discovering spanking blogs, when I wanted to try everything, but the need is still there. From time to time life interferes and I become less interested, but spanking is still the only thing that turns me on. I am hard-wired.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #509

After a busy week, it's very satisfying to sit down and talk about spanking with all my friends. Our good friend and regular correspondent S brought up a problem that may have happened to some of you in the past or present, so let's discuss.

Have you ever lost your spanking mojo? Did the desire to participate in spanking ever decrease or disappear? What did you do, if anything, to regain your mojo?

All suggestions are gratefully accepted. Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had an opportunity to respond.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, October 9, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 8

This week we discussed your feelings towards dynamics not like your own.

KDPierre: My own answer to this is complicated, yet also simple. When it comes to photos of models, fictional stories, and even personal accounts from people of the opposite dynamic that I have not gotten to know on any significant level, I find myself avoiding these things with a sense of discomfort. But in my actual life where I've come to know M/f people personally, or gotten to feel I know them a bit from their online writings, I see myself in total supportive kinship with the female sub and we commiserate and share like buddies.

M/f stories however just don't really interest me though there are exceptions, But pro images in particular often actually give me the willies since so many men in these photos look so darned sleazy. I myself occasionally topped women in the past but I did it a certain way. When some paunchy pony-tailed likely producer uses himself as a model paired with some cute young women one quarter his age, who seems so not in the same league, I feel a bit repulsed.

But let me interact with a couple I feel I know a bit, and that vanishes, since I feel I can trust the woman's safety and the guy's intentions.

On the other hand, recalling reactions I've gotten over the years, I have personally experienced it all...from total 'one big happy family' support all the way to experiencing derision and criticism for being some abhorrent freak for being both male and submissive. In these cases (rare that they were) there seemed to be a kind of double standard where anything a male top said was regarded as the undisputed truth by the women who knelt at their feet and anything I said was given a dismissed status.

I think this may not be unique to me though and even not unique to M/f, because I have seen similar scenes play out when a guest sub woman in a M/f DD relationship appeared in F/m territory...especially from the dominant women who sometimes acted like they despised the sub female for being weak.

Fortunately this is rare, and has gotten more rare over the decades I've been out there. But boy are there some pieces of work out there.

Roz: That is a very interesting question.

We have evolved through several dynamics over the years. I found reading accounts (mostly through blogs), images etc of others in similar dynamics mixed. Some I felt a kinship with and some shared ideas, experiences etc that we decided to try. Equally though, there were also occasions others experiences/ideas just didn't gel with us.

In relation to opposite dynamics, or should I say more dynamics I didn't fully understand I would read/view in an effort to gain understanding. Again, I gained some interesting ideas, some of which we incorporated into our dynamics and others I avoided.

Prefectdt: As, in the blogging world, almost everybody's dynamic is different to my own, it would be very difficult to interact with others, if I were not to embrace the dynamics that many others have.

Personally, as long as play and relationship dynamics stay within the three rules of Safe, Sane and Consensual, It just seems that it is sensible that everyone works out their own lives and play in the way that they choose too. And it is an interesting privilege, to be allowed to take a peek at what others do and how they do it.

Midwest Reader: One of the good things for me about being involved in the kink world over the last 25 years, if only on the edges, is that it showed me that I was not as open- or diversity-minded as I thought, and that there are a lot of people out there who think/do/enjoy things that are very different from my interests or what I would consider within the realm of possible. It took me a while but now I am reasonably ok (if not good) at just letting things I'm not interested in (e.g. M/M spanking) flow by and nod to the beauty of the diverse universe. 

Dan: I grew up in a very traditional part of the country, where it was drilled into boys that you don't hit girls. Even into adulthood, I got very squeamish about anything involving a man using any kind of force in relation to a woman. As a result, M/f dynamics did make me skittish.

That changed a lot when I started interacting with a female blogger who was in a M/f dynamic that had a strong disciplinary element. Over time, I came see that she wanted discipline for the same reasons I did. She was a very accomplished professional who also felt like she needed boundaries and needed consequences for sometimes not keeping herself in line. As someone who had reached a level of success by being controlling and hard-driving, there were times she craved being taken to a place where she very much was *not* the one in control. In terms of our motivations for being in this lifestyle, we were very much aligned. That helped me get over a lot of my, frankly gendered, squeamishness.

Regarding seeing images of those in the opposite dynamic, it depends a lot on whether it is a picture or a drawing. Pictures of M/f spankings usually don't do much for me, but some drawings do. In fact, I think that drawings of females being spanked or about to be spanked often depict a vulnerability that you seldom find in drawings of F/m spankings. 

Bonnie: As a writer, I know some readers have interests that are different from ours. I respect that. My purpose for writing is to share our story. Unless a post is labeled as fiction, I write about what I know.

As a reader, I tend to favor what we like. However, I am also interested in what my friends share, even when it presents a different dynamic. So, yes, I'll consume other kinky content, as long as it isn't too squicky for me (blood, scat, asphyxiation, extreme brutality, exploitation, non-consent, underage, etc.).

Hermione: Everyone is unique, and what works well for one person may be anathema to another. I never realized there were so many variations of spanking and BDSM. (Does anyone remember the Penthouse Variations magazine?) While I cannot feel interested in some other dynamics,  I respect a person's right to choose to enjoy them as long as they are, as Prefectdt said, safe, sane and consensual.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my fellow Canadians.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #508

It's been a busy week for me, and I haven't had time to visit blogs - not even my own! I have a yearly commitment that takes a lot of time for a week or two, then there's a bit of a wait until more weeks of work. Then it's over for another year. I'm glad I have a chance to slip back into blogging mode, and thanks to our good friend KDPierre, I have a fine topic for you today. As he explains: "This is primarily for those who stick to one dynamic but anyone can answer."

How do you find yourself reacting to images, stories, or personal accounts of folks with the dynamic opposite to your own or to your preferred one? Are they turn-offs? Things to be avoided? Curiosities that fascinate you? One big happy family?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had an opportunity to respond.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 1

Are nipple clamps and similar pain-producers a part of your spanking sessions?

KDPierre: We use them, but not often and not with spankings. The position we use for spanking is not conducive to clips/clamps. I have worn my chastity device however, and I even experienced spankings while plugged, but not in a long time. For me I don't mind a blend of sensations at times, but other times I like to experience things sequentially so as to be able to focus on each thing.

As far as using other toys and devices, well...we use a lot, but again, not in direct conjunction with spanking. 

Mark: I am a big fan of nipple clamps but don't use them during a spanking. For me they would distract. They are wonderful to incorporate into sex and foreplay, but in our house definitely only allowed on my nipples. My favourites are sewing "Wonder Clips" with a small piece of 40grit sandpaper hotglued to each side of the clamp. Lovely sensation and helps stop them being tugged off too easily.

Jean Marie: If I had my druthers, I would get spanked (bare hand on my bare bottom, often, as hard as my lover desired) and then fucked (often, as hard as I needed it). My lovers have seemed to find this comfortable routine monotonously boring, desire innovative novelty. So yes, I was instructed to go into the sex toy store and ask for nipple clamps and tell the clerk all about our need for novelty. The kind I got had this little sliding ring that could increase the intensity of the pinching sensation. 

I found the intense sensations of pain on my nipples distracting from the painful sensations I wanted to concentrate upon on my ass. So my lover got some regular old wooden pinching clothes pins. He rigged them up on a string, attached them not just to my nipples and titty flesh, but down my tummy and all over my labia. When I started to cum during sex, he yanked the entire string of them off all at once. He liked the way I howled, but I still prefer sensations focused on my butt. I much prefer to have to carve a butt plug from a juicy ginger root and present my backdoor for its insertion before I'm spanked and fucked. It makes me squirm and beg, but it is at the epicenter of my erogenous zone, so it's a good pain.

When we split up, I happily let him keep the nipple clamps and the clothes pins.

A.J.: Nipple clamps? If by 'clamps' you mean my/her lips - Yes! Teeth, too!

If something you buy on the www and is delivered in a plain brown wrapper; No. (Yes; I'm boring.)

"..other devices" following "nipple clamps", to me, implies something equally (or more) intense. But I have used, after spanking her, a pair of lead-crystal dildos on her; one sitting in very warm water, the other in cold, quickly alternating my use of them to breathless effect. Do they count...?

"I was instructed to go into the sex toy store and ask for nipple clamps and tell the clerk..." - Jean Marie.

Why didn't I think to do that with my GF's????

Tell she has to go in, skip the displays and go right to the clerk and say in a clear voice (hopefully with others in the store who can hear),
"I'm looking for nipple clips. Can you recommend something for me?"

And be taken to that part of the store to see what they have and discuss the merits/demerits of each.

On a scale of 1-10, the embarrassment factor - a 15!

Optionally, "My boyfriend needs a new spanking paddle. What do you recommend?" Seeing what they have and pretending she does not know which one she prefers, asks the clerk to give her tush a couple smacks.

The closet I ever came to this was in a restaurant on a night out. Told her after she finished dinner to go into ladies room and take off EVERYTHING under her dress, while I ordered dessert. Full Commando!!!!

Reluctantly, at first, she did it. Came back to the table feeling like the whole dinner crowd knew she was a naughty slut, and could see all her fun bits and pieces.

She loved it! The spanking she got when we got home was wonderful!

Roz: Nipple play is something Rick loves. Pinching, pulling twisting etc and yes clamps.

We have used adjustable clamps but have also used clothes pegs, which is the worst! Often in conjunction with spanking or other play. It's something I struggle with somewhat due to the intensity, especially if combined with spanking. I need a few minutes to mentally prepare for them to go on, and even more so, when they are removed .

Prefectdt: Nipple clamps, no, nipples are a hard limit for me. I have experienced other things, though. Male chastity device, small butt plugs, figged with ginger, pain wheels, clothes pegs and clothes peg zippers and restraints, of course. That is all that I can think of, right now.

Bonnie: Yes, but rarely. It's not really our thing.

Anon: Yeah, couple times a year wife puts them on me. She uses small plastic spring clamps. Don't understand why but when she snaps them on I snap up. Sometimes with spanking sometimes not.

Rosco: We tried nipple clamps (on me), but they didn’t work too well. Maybe a different style.

Irene also has purchased various devices that attach to my penis and balls, albeit none have worked well. What has worked is a tightly wrapped or tied nylon scarf (maybe 8 inches wide by 5 feet long) around my balls. I wouldn’t have thought it would be erotic, but it is. Part of our foreplay involves an intense spanking, then she’ll tie me to the bed, maybe gag me and blindfold me or tie up my balls, then leave me to take a nap for 30-60 minutes. Go figure - it works.

Barrel: Yes, we use them two or three times a week. My wife likes my nipples tender so when she does spank and intimacy follows, she can pinch and twist them, increasing the intensity of the moment. We use the small, metal binder clips, which I have exercised into light, medium and tight fit. She applies them for at least 30 minutes and the sensitivity grows each minute I have them on. During a session, I wear them throughout the entire thrashing. 

Ronnie: We have used nipple clamps, but not often and not during spankings. I didn't like them.

Graham: Yes, occasionally but, like most others above, not during spanking. Having my nipples squeezed and played with leads to an immediate erection, so nipple play is very useful at times! :-)

Hermione: For most of my adult life I suffered from a benign but painful breast condition. Menopause put an end to the problem, but as a result I am not fond of any sort of interaction with my breasts. Put those clamps far, far away!

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #507

Let's talk about spanking while enjoying some piping hot zucchini soup. Yes, I have a bountiful crop of the vegetable, but it isn't going to waste. Now eat up!

Our good friend Rich Person has suggested a topic that some of you have touched on in previous brunches; he wants to know more, and so do I.

Have you ever used nipple clamps or other devices to spice up your spankings? If you have, tell us about it. If not, is it something you would consider trying?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had an opportunity to respond.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart