Sunday, May 22, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #436

Welcome! Is everyone following the new "No mow in May" trend? Our street has a series of lawns decked with nodding yellow dandelions nearly obscuring the green grass. I hope everyone has access to heavy duty mowers and balers come June. Ron is far too obsessive to allow the grass on our lawn to grow more than two inches in height to forgo mowing. Luckily for the bees, we have plenty of naturalized areas for them to feed on.

Let's discuss a topic that Rosco, one of our most faithful brunch attendees, suggested. I'll let him present it in his own words. 

I’m always interested in hearing the often awkward stories of how someone tried to interest a partner in spanking, but it didn’t go well. Also stories where an opportunity was missed with thoughts of what might have been.

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Who's Your Daddy?

A.J., our intrepid hunter of all things spanking, has found yet another funny clip from an episode of Two and a Half Men. (Gee, I wish I had watched that show!) This one is from the episode "The Immortal Mr. Billy Joel".

To set it up for you:
Charlie is out of town,
Alan has managed to break his bed and wants to take a nap.
So he decides to use Charlie's bed.
Once in Charlie's bed he notices...!

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Monday, May 16, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 15

When a spankee requests a spanking, does it tend to be more severe than when it is the spanker's idea?

Bonnie: I suggested this question because it's definitely true for us. Randy is delighted when I ask him to spank me or bring him an implement. But in such cases, he makes absolutely certain that such needs won't arise again for a good while. Since I asked, I can't really complain that it hurts. But it always hurts!

Anon 1: Top from bottom? I'll be black and blue for a week when it's over!

Jean Marie: From my submissive perspective, I'm ASKING for it! I'm in need. I'd expect a blistering, nothing less.
If I were lucky enough to have a girlfriend approach me with this request to Top her, I'd see it as an opportunity for fluent self-expression. Her bottom would be my blank canvas; I'd paint it with a Masterful masterpiece. She should expect to get it very hard indeed.

Brett: It depends on what the spankee is asking for. In a discipline relationship where spanking is used for that purpose, where the spankee doesn't want a severe spanking, severe is not asked for. A more severe spanking tends to happen when bad behavior is what brought about the trouble. In the case of a confession, punishment can be moderated to some degree because of the honesty and owning up to the failure. Spanking may be used for other purposes, like for wish fulfillment, whatever the spankee is asking for. That is an entirely different and nice situation.

Roz: I rarely asked for a spanking. In our case I wouldn't say the resulting spanking was harsher than usual. From memory it tended to be more of a fun spanking, though it definitely counted!

Wendel: Whenever the Misses asks for a spanking, she wants it harder than normal. She will present me with the paddle, bare her bottom and get across my lap. I will paddle every inch of her bottom until she cannot sit comfortably for at least a day. The Misses spanks me enough that I do not need to ask but on the rare occasion when I do, she will whip my bottom with the belt hard enough that I am sore for the next two days.
Great question. I think I will go ask for a spanking right now. 

Rosco: I never “ask”. Generally I get it anyway. But if I want a spanking, or an extended or harder spanking, I simply complain. I sass. I pout. I resist. The more I do things, the more I’ll be punished.

Our safe word is “later”. If one of us is not in the mood, we’ll ask if we can do it later.

Our spankings are pretty much 100% roleplay where I am punished for something. So I never ask. But once in a while “someone” will deliver a note to Irene which delineates my naughty behavior and need for discipline.

Doug: By prior arrangements, I am paddled on Tuesday and Friday nights before bedtime, hard enough and long enough to meet my needs - painful but something I enjoy. My wife would be unhappy if I were to request a (third) spanking - something I will not do. She is comfortable with our present arrangement and so am I. I always thank her for spanking me - not because I have to, but because I genuinely appreciate what she has done for me. And we kiss. 

Prefectdt: Can't say that I have ever noticed much difference, really. I think that the difference will be noticed more by people who have one main spanker. It would be interesting if some spankers respond to this subject. Just to see if being asked for a spanking, by a Sub, fires them up more than when they initiate the play.

Ronnie: When I've asked P or a spanking, he makes sure I know I've had one:)

Barrel: For us, it’s probably the opposite. When I asked to be spanked, or leave a paddle on her dresser, I always get spanked but not nearly as hard as when it is her idea. And never as hard or long as when we plan a session. I try not to ask for spanking too often as I want my wife to be an active participant in the idea, but she welcomes my outreach and always responds.

Anon 2: Great topic. My wife spanks me whenever she feels that I need it. One day she told me that she tired of my laziness and that I needed a really "good" spanking. She said that her mother had volunteered to do it. To say the least I was shocked, I knew her mother knew about our lifestyle, but to actually have her participate wow.

She told me that I had to go MIL's house and politely ask her to spank me hard and long.
I went over and when she answered the door I asked hot spank me.
She took me inside, sat on a chair and made me stand in front of her as she took my pants and panties down, put me over knee and used a wooden paddle on me. It was the most severe spanking n my whole life. So the answer is yes, asking for a spanking will earn you a real bottom blistering.

Hermione:  Our weekly spankings are a prelude to intimate activities, so they tend to be not as long as I would prefer. If I were to ask for a spanking at any other time, the purpose would be solely spanking, so Ron would carry on for a much longer period of time.   

Graham: It depends. Usually, I'm asking for a stress-relief spanking, which would tend to be hard but sexy. If I'm asking because I did something wrong that she doesn't know about, then I'm probably going to have no say in how hard it will be and it will likely be on the severe side!

Stay safe, everyone!               

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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #435

Hi there! I'm so glad you could join us in our weekly discussion. Our good friend Bonnie presented me with a treasure trove of topics, so I closed my eyes and picked this one. 

When a spankee requests a spanking, does it tend to be more severe than when it is the spanker's idea?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has weighed in.

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Friday, May 13, 2022

KDPierre has left the building

Another blogger has silently departed the blogosphere. KDPierre, a regular brunch guest and prolific blogger, has closed his blog, Collected Submissions

I'm very sorry to see him go. KDPierre's blog posts were thought-provoking, and he encouraged lively dialogue which, I'm afraid, didn't happen as much as he would have hoped. He often expressed frustration at this, which might be the reason for his departure.

But all is not lost. You can still enjoy KDPierre's stories at the Library of Spanking Fiction.

Farewell, my friend.

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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Do those letters mean what I think they mean?

For entertainment I like to visit Bored Panda.  Every so often I get an email full of links to fun articles on the site. At the end of each article, there is a short bio of the staff member who put it together. I don't often bother to read the bio's, but here's what I saw on one of them.
... has master's degree in Economics he got long time ago in a city far, far away. [He] also worked as a university teacher, sports writer and a BDSM* specialist for several IT companies.
Wait, what? A BDSM consultant for IT companies? What does BDSM have to do with IT? Then I noticed the asterisk after BDSM. I had to click the "read more" to expand the bio, where I found this:
* Business Development, Social Media Marketing
That explains it. Disappointing, though.

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Monday, May 9, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 8

What is your least favourite position for spanking?

Bonnie: I'd call it a toss up between the diaper and the ankle grab positions, for the same reason. Both stretch the spankee's bottom in a way that it makes each swat hurt a lot more. 

Jack: My wife always spanks me across her lap; she ensures my legs don't kick and that my arm is pinned to my back. 

Wendel: Not a fan of being bent over the edge of the table. It is not very comfortable. 

Roz: Love the pic Hermione lol and thank you so much for the shout out. I wonder how many spanko brunches I have attended?

We don't tend to use a lot of positions. I think my least favorite would be on all fours on the floor, or kneeling in front of Rick paying him some attention while he swats. Potentially dangerous for him too lol. I think we may have only used the diaper position once or twice otherwise that would top the list.

Rick: I enjoy putting a girl over my knee (lap). It is intimate, can be romantic, and stimulates the senses of domination and submission. You can secure her firmly, observe the changing condition of her bottom, and ensure she is not being harmed, nor in danger of harming herself. Other methods such as over the bed, chair, table, etc. are too impersonal. The latter seem more like a vindictive beatdown than a corrective action for a naughty girl.

Barrel: I agree these brunches are gaining in popularity, and a big THANKS to our hostess for inviting us all every week with enticing and thought provoking food for thought. That is what makes this my favorite blog. I encourage more to join in as I learn from all of you each week.

I dislike kneeling on the bench and bending forward to our bed. That’s probably because it stretches the skin on my rear and I usually get the hairbrush or heavy plastic paddle, both of which are nasty.

Anon 1: Diaper position definitely the absolute worse.

Blilen: My Motto: OTK - THE ONLY WAY!!

Jean Marie: Because I wasn't spanked as a child, I fantasized about being put over a knee and spanked since I was about four years of age, and oh-happy-day, found reality even surpassed fantasy when I got my first OTK adult spanking.
I HATE the diapering position! Besides, as Bonnie stated, the fact that the target is made more vulnerable, I find that I'm more psychologically vulnerable in that position. Being face-up, I see my Top's facial expression as he punishes me (at least until I must scrunch my eyes shut or they are too tear-filled), whereas when OTK, I see only the floor before my nose, and my imagination is engaged.

Rosco: I’m more than twice Irene’s size, so OTK has never been an option. As others note, spanking hurt more when one is bent over and, of course, when there has been no warm up.

But most uncomfortable for me is if my neck is in an uncomfortable position. I like to do my best to relax and breathe as normally as possible - not knowing how hard the next smack will be.

Anon 1: I love over the knee spankings, both giving and receiving. All other positions come in second. 

Dale: Pretty much any position where I have a damp bottom from a recent shower or dip in the pool. 

Prefectdt: For my least favourite position, it is a coin toss between Diaper and lunge. Diaper is annoying and uncomfortable from the start. Lunge is hard to maintain and becomes harder the longer the spanking lasts. Both positions share the disadvantage of making my mind concentrate more on the position and not enough on the spanking.

A.J.: Well, I have tried the diaper position, but she found it too difficult to hold the position without help, I found it difficult to help and swat away, and thought a miss might be too damn painful. Me in that position? Same thing. So we went back to OTK, over the arm of a couch, or over a bolster.

But that may not be the worst position for me or the GF.
More than the diaper position - being tied down or restrained to some piece of equipment.

Windy: I actually found the position that Roz mentions, hubby spanking her while she gives him some attention, kind of sexy! Storm did that once and it was a major surprise to me, to say the least! Just don't grind your teeth during that, Roz! lmao

Hate the diaper position...feel like an idiot. We don't use it past the 1 time where he was experimenting.

My fav for comfort is bending over the yoga ball. Works good for those of us with bad knees and bad backs. Comfy on the tummy. OTK is intimate, but uncomfortable.

Lastly, I find the grabbing by the ankles kinky even though we have never done it!

Hermione: I would never be able to grab my ankles; I'm just not that flexible. I hope Ron never asks me to assume that position! Sadly, OTK is uncomfortable for me, although it is my go-to position for erotic fantasies.

Have a great week!

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