Thursday, May 30, 2024

Rosco's Favourite Implement

Rosco writes: "Here is ours - a two-tailed round-handled strap.

It is Irene's favorite, so it is mine as well. She likes to make it hurt - intense but not severe. She also likes the solid feel when she spanks me, so whips are less satisfying for her. She's got a bit of arthritis in her hands so the round handle is important - most straps have flat handles.

The onset of a spanking with this strap can be overwhelming. But once my bottom warms up, I slip into a delicious euphoria that I wish would last forever. Sometimes, however, it is a bit hard to sit for a few days afterward.

I love your blog."

That certainly looks effective!

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Donn's Wife's Favourite Implements

 Donn writes: "I can't call these my own favorite implements, but I certainly favor them over my wife's other, much more serious implements. (We only use DD thrashings for behavior modification.)

I received a fair number of awed comments when I once mentioned on Dan's blog Disciplined Hubbies that I am usually disciplined with rubber straps, these two in particular.

My wife, who has a chronic wrist injury/impairment prefers these for their extreme effectiveness with light to medium strokes. (She directed me to fabricate these to meet those goals.)

The smaller one (~15" long; 1.5" wide, 0.25" thick) is made of  two layers of neoprene rubber, sandwiching a thin nylon stiffener.  My wife likes it for everyday / maintenance use in close quarters action. (She likes to take immediate corrective action whenever possible, and this strap is small enough to be used almost anywhere, and actually folds and easily fits into her purse.)

The larger one is a tawse with neoprene tails made from rubber cargo-straps  (~22" long overall;  each tail 0.75" wide x 0.33" thick).  With a full arm/shoulder swing, this tawse can range from serious attention getting (light swings), to "This is MOST-SERIOUS punishment young man!" (fast swings).

I think she particularly likes these because she can get a wide range of effects without applying too much force through her wrist, and also because neither of these transmit impact force/impulses back up the implement into her wrist."

Impressive indeed!

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 27, 2024

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 26

We talked about comedy and drama spanking television shows, and here's what you said: 

Graham: Absolutely! When will it start? :-)

 Sage: I'd tune in. And if I liked it, would keep watching.

Rosco: Sure. I’d be most interested if it’s believable. And semi consensual would be fine.

Comedy preferable, I think.

My spanking fantasies change over time, but they once included characters from TV shows. From the 60s:

Mary Ann and Ginger (why pick one?) from Gilligan’s Island.

Betty Joe, Bobby Joe and Billie Joe from Petticoat Junction - I was jealous when one got married.

More recently Angie Harmon as Abbie Carmichael on Law & Order

And I rarely watch Fox News and find it inane, but they have many attractive bossy women on there that could at least try to teach a snowflake like me a lesson or two. Bring it on.

Wendel: I work designing and building movie sets and have dreamed of spanking someone on every one. I even spanked The Misses on a couple. I have my own concept for a spanking based show. Maybe one day I will pitch it to Netflix or Hulu.
As long as the series was not too serious or too silly, I would watch but my fear is Hollywood would take it to the extreme in each direction and miss out on showing the enjoyment people have getting and giving spankings. 

Roz: I think I would definitely have to watch out of curiosity. Not so sure if it was a comedy. 

FL: Anyone remember the Dan Aykroyd/Rosie O'Donnell disaster 'Exit to Eden'? It was based on Anne Rice's erotic novel of the same name, about a man exploring his sexuality and falling in love with a woman who ran a private S&M island.
Hollywood made it into a 'comedy' and absolutely destroyed anything remotely erotic or even interesting about the topic. I mean, Aykroyd and O'Donnell? To be fair, Dana Delaney was smoking in the movie but nowhere near enough to save it.
So while I'd definitely watch the first episode or two, I'm not optimistic that they wouldn't completely mess it up and turn it into a mockery.

Ronnie: Yes I'd watch it. Comedy, not so sure.

KDPierre: I'm with FL in being highly skeptical over the outcome. Also, based on the 50 Shades phenomenon, I'd also venture to say that if the show was in any way accurate and relatable to folks like us, it would not have enough viewers to keep it on, and if it did have a popular and large following, it would likely be just as shitty and unrealistic as 50 Shades.

Also as a writer of spanking themed stories, my experience is that kink audiences are highly specialized in their tastes and if a story doesn't check very specific boxes for people, they are not interested, so as a result audiences become more and more niche and smaller with each preference. Hell, just getting folks to agree on a basic gender dynamic for a story would already cut the audience in half, or a third. The styles of expression and interest within TTWD are myriad. So while people say they would watch, my experience is that they would only if their dynamic and preferences were being featured. 

Bonnie: I'd probably watch even if it was bad. Yes, please. More spankings.

I agree that there would be many ways to mess this up. I would like to see a romantic couple scenario that is cute, lighthearted, and funny. They discover their kinks as they learn about one another, resulting in humorous misunderstandings. But their mutual love and communication skills carry them through.

Each episode could feature a different fun activity that ends up with a spanking - Tennis, horseback riding, pickle ball, a one room schoolhouse, a hay barn, the beach, an amusement park, a passenger train, a business office, a castle, a forest trail - each with costumes and implements appropriate for the venue.

I would title the series Love & Consequences.

On a whole different level, I like those Asian TV game shows featuring goofy competitions where the winner gets a prize and the loser gets a spanking. I want to play and be really terrible. Failing that, I would watch.

Dan: I couldn't agree more with FL regarding Exit to Eden. I'm a huge Anne Rice fan. While that book was far from my favorite of hers, it was tragic what the producers did with it.

I doubt there will ever be a series that features adult spanking as a significant theme, but there are a few out there with graphic depictions or references. "Weeds" has two very graphic spanking scenes, one OTK in the back of a limousine and other with a belt in a bar. There is a very explicit threat to use spanking (erotically) as punishment in one episode of "Shameless." "Billions" opens with a very, very explicit BDSM scene. Desperate Housewives had significant storyline with one of the couples exploring Dominance and submission.

Lizzie and Walton: A drama, with touches of humor. Market size would dictate indie produced/pay-per-view online format. 40ish power couple – guy heads a prestigious law firm; wife the CEO of a tech company. Community leaders, philanthropists, socialites…with a sometimes hard to keep secret. Domestic discipline, in the form of spanking/erotic discipline, plays a major role in their private lives.

Prefectdt: More mainstream BDSMy than purist spanko, but there is already Bonding, on Netflix. And I did watch it, even though it was pretty bad. I started watching season 2, as well, hoping that it might improve. But it didn't.
So that answers that, in real life.

I would watch another series by other people, too, if one came along. But I think that I would prefer to see a series that has another focus (Comedy or Drama) but just has characters who happen to be spankos. I know that has been done in the past, but it would be nice to see it done well, this time.

Loki_Darksong: Now that you mention it, I believe there was a series or a movie that had a spanking theme to it.

However I definitely be interested in a series that had a spanking theme to it. Live action or animated.

Hermione: I remember being disappointed when I watched the televised version of 9 1/2 Weeks. It was pretty lame and not at all as good as the book. We did have a reality series a few years ago, called Kink. Each season featured several couples or singles in a Canadian city, and followed them as they explored their various kinks,  so there was something for everyone. Many included spanking, and it was a very sympathetic, non-judgmental show. 2 1/2 Men gives me a good idea of what a spanking comedy would be like.

Mary: I would love a FLR version of the Big Bang Theory with spanking. It is easy to imagine Bernadette taking charge with Howard kicking and whining over her knee. Certainly, Leonard would submit to Penny and her strong, Nebraska farm girl hand. Wouldn't the whole crew cheer Sheldon getting a very public spanking and having to apologize to the group? And Raj would finally get what he has coming when his parents arrange a marriage to a woman who keeps him dressed in a Sori in the kitchen and uses a wooden spoon.

Sorry about the disappearing comments, folks. Blogger relegated several to the Spam naughty corner. I retrieved them, though.

Slava Ukraini
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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #541

The gardening season is in full swing here in the North, as we have passed the last possible day of frost and tender plants may now be safely planted. Only two more months and our garden will be full to bursting with tomatoes, cucumbers and summer squash. In the meantime, let's consider a topic suggested my our dear friend Bonnie. (Do check out her latest song parody.)

If a cable network introduced a new dramatic series that features consensual adult spankings, would you watch? How about if it were a comedy? What would the characters and setting be like?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Slava Ukraini
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From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Walton's Favourite Implement

Lizzie and Walton write: "When there is a reason for a more serious spanking than over the knee with a hand - all the ritual inherent in the traditional "I'm going to take my belt off" scenario is our favorite solution."

Belts seem to be a popular choice.

Slava Ukraini
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From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Wendel's Favourite Implement

Wendel writes: "This belt is our favorite implement for creating sore bottoms. It is around 50 years old so the leather has softened but still creates a heck of a sting and a wonderful sound. After a whipping with this one, our bottoms are well marked and remain sore for hours. It is a breeze to transport and has even been worn at family events.

It sits on our favorite chair in the kitchen. When a spanking or whipping is needed the chair is pulled out in the middle of the kitchen and the recipient taken across the other’s lap so it can be administered."

That's a fine reciprocal arrangement :)

Slava Ukraini
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Monday, May 20, 2024

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 19

Who first brought up spankings in your relationship?

Dan: For us, there were two different times that it was brought up, and I think of them as very distinct events though I brought it up both times. My first real exposure to the idea of adult spanking was in my late 30s. There was a segment of the old HBO series Real Sex devoted to adult spanking. I found it stimulating enough that I showed it to my wife. I don't recall much about it or her reaction, though we did play around a bit with erotic spanking after that. But, for various reasons it kind of fizzled, and it was never anything I cared that much about.

A few months after that first instance of bringing it up, I stumbled on the Disciplinary Wives Club website. Something about its domestic discipline variety of adult spanking hit me much, much harder than the erotic spanking depicted in the Real Sex segment. I thought about it constantly for two or three days before telling my wife about it. She reviewed the website and agreed to give it a try.

From that second beginning, it was always for discipline. In fact, one reason the first instance fizzled out was she became concerned that we were kind of play-acting fake spankings for real bad behavior, which might be reinforcing the bad behavior. We agreed that if we were going to bring spanking back into our relationship, it had to be "real." That's not to say that it doesn't have an erotic element for me. It clearly does. But, that's more of a byproduct than a goal in itself and, in fact, it's a paradoxical element because I genuinely do hate the spankings while they are happening even though thinking about them before and after definitely has an erotic charge.

Sage Blum: I brought it up to my vanilla partner, for sexual pleasure. I thought I would never have the courage to bring it up, but one day I just forced myself to. Just a few months ago. He was glad I brought it up. He says that if he'd had any idea that this was my kink--and that it would turn me on this much--and result in so much Ben and Jerry's and sex for him--he would have started spanking me a long time ago. 

It can be so scary to bring this subject up when you are with a partner you want to stay with but you don't know how they'll react. Some people can be cruel.

Some of us were lucky, at least part of the time, to find partners who are okay with our needs. But I expect there are some spankos who never get up the courage to risk bringing up the subject. I thought for a long time that I'd never do it, until I just made myself blurt it out one day. I was so relieved when my partner's reaction was: That's fine with me; I'll do anything you want for foreplay. 

Wendel: I do not really remember who brought it up first but it probably started with me threatening a birthday spanking. 

Roz: We were talking one night many years ago and somehow the conversation turned to spanking, so it was mutual. Initially it was for fun and sexual, but we decided we wanted to extend it beyond the bedroom and embarked on a domestic discipline dynamic. Our dynamic has gone through many changes since.

Jack: As I have said before I was looking for a woman to be in charge and found such. Getting caught masturbating was the first spanking and since then my wife/mommy has evolved it to ensure it serves its intended purpose.

Luvinhub: I honestly do not remember who brought it up first but I do know it was always about domestic discipline. 

Barrel: As the idea of spanking occurred over 40 years ago, I don’t recall how it came up. I am sure I brought it up as a prelude to heighten the imminent sexual engagement. I do recall our spankings didn’t flourish until I bought the first riding bat two years after we were married.

Bonnie: I think we both had this interest before we met, but we were tentative at first. We were lovers and that was the context. Once we started spanking, there was no turning back. We've since found lots of reasons, all of them valid.

Rosco: I brought it up, with some trepidation, a few months into our relationship. I could be a bottom, a top or both. I’d had this obsession since Moby Dick was a goldfish.

Irene didn’t flinch, thankfully. She’d try spanking me but had no interest in being spanked. So I’ve been a bottom ever since. Spankings are always for pleasure but part of role play that involves discipline and accompanied by lectures and other measures. So I’ve never really been able to answer the pleasure/punishment question.

This was 11 years after I delivered a series of spankings to Martha one night on the beach when we were playing around in the sand. The spankings were followed by an intense make out session that involved third base - my first experience of any kind.

I mentioned the idea of spanking to my first girlfriend, who had claimed to have an open mind. Her terse rejection discouraged me from trying again for quite some time. Looking back, I’m pretty sure I missed a few opportunities which I play back in my mind to this day with different outcomes - I imagine just how the right conversations that might have led to spanking etc.

One girlfriend said “this is my whip” rather quietly when she was removing a leather belt. I missed that chance, whatever it was. Two girls threatened to spank me with a hockey stick but laughed it off.

I couldn’t resist another girlfriend who had a somewhat oversized and very muscular bottom. I flipped her over, pulled up her skirt and spanked her - not hard but not gently. “I don’t think I like that”. she said.

These days, I am still obsessed, but I think Irene enjoys delivering a spanking at least as much as I enjoy receiving one.

A.J.: First time? She tricked me into spanking her. We were both spankos but out of fear of blowing the relationship, kept silent. So she found a devious (and fun!) way to get spanked by tricking me.

Her sexual arousal while otk was ample proof she loved it. And had to confess to that afterwards. And her great relief when I told her I loved spanking, too!

From that confessional moment our relationship began anew! 

Prefectdt: Never had anything more than a play relationship. So I will look to others' answers on this one.

Mark: Definitely me in our relationship. Wife also has no interest in being spanked so it's always me on the receiving end... although I wouldn't be opposed to providing the spanking if it was something that she desired.

Hermione: Neither of us; it just happened. In my previous relationship, I had brought up the subject, and it was not well received, so I was reluctant to try again with Ron. But one night, he began spanking me while we were making love, and didn't stop until I had an orgasm. That was the start, and we both agreed afterward that it was quite a turn-on.

Jack: Thank you, Hermione, for presenting this subject. No matter if for pleasure or punishment, it benefits the marriage. I hope more women found that applying a firm hand the results will be a better husband and understands the need of the woman. My wife/mommy loves me, the reason for the spankings, and also because her mother told her, no matter how old there still little boys that need a mommy to guide them. So Thank you Hermione, appreciate it.

Jack, you are very welcome.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #540

Welcome, one and all. This week we've had some fine conversations about the various implements my readers love and hate. I hope it continues next week, when I'll post still more of your favourites. 

Until then let's consider the question posed by regular reader and commenter Jack.

Who first brought up spankings in your relationship? Was it brought up to enhance sexual pleasure, for discipline, or some other reason? How was the subject approached?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, May 17, 2024

Norse Cavalier's Favourite Implement

 Norse Cavalier writes: " My favourite implement, apart from my hand, is a wooden clothes brush I bought at a clothes store near my house. It was the first implement I ever bought.

The first time I used it, the woman thought it looked cute and really wanted to feel it, though when I started using it, she howled, and it quickly earned the nickname "Satan". I mainly use it for punishments now, but a one-minute fast, hard brushing is very effective, even on an experienced spankee. I only use it over the knee, on a bottom that's already been hand-spanked, and for brief periods."


Slava Ukraini
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From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Graham's Favourite Implement

Graham writes: "First is the cane, which is a love/hate relationship of course. Second is the light wooden paddle with beveled holes."

Not the actual implement

Love/hate - yes, I understand how that would be.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Barrel's Favourite Implement

Barrel writes: "Our favorite is a home made strap I fashioned out of a leather shoulder strap from a suiter I used to carry on airplanes.  Doubled back over itself, it resembled a spanking strap and my imagination was off to the races.  The handle and stem is reinforced with a coaxial cable and the business end includes several pieces of metal to add weight.  I hand sewed the edges together and added a leather wrist strap to ensure it could be wielded with force.  My wife loves this as she can, and does, swing it as hard as she can and land it with precision, maybe due to a lot of practice ;<).  It makes a resounding smack and delivers quite the sting without the bruising thud of a wood paddle.  Like Hermione, my wife uses it for warm up before moving on to increased intensity. "

He then adds: "While writing this, I found the original pic I sent you several years ago, which is also attached for nostalgic purposes.  Thanks for doing this again."

It's my pleasure! Thank you, Barrel.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 13, 2024

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 12

Do you have any spanko nicknames?

Wendel: No nicknames for me. I have always referred to the wife as The Misses. 

 Mark: I don't have a nickname either. Maybe something to think on.

 Donn: My wife told me when I act like a delinquent, I'm acting, at best, as a "boy." So, she always refers to me a "Boy:" "'Boy,' do you think that was acceptable behavior? "'Boy,' go and get my strap;" "Ready for your lesson, 'Boy'?"

When we were just getting started in DD, I was often asking my wife to be more intense and strict with me. It didn't take her too long to turned it around, one day telling me: "From now on, whenever you are 'under discipline,' you will ALWAYS call me 'Miss Strict!'." (And she was!)

Roz: What a fun question! We don't have spanko nicknames as such. Rick did name me Scrappy, as in Scrappy Do, some years ago though (hence my blog monika). I can be prone to getting wound up at times if I see wrongdoing. Let me at em!

Jack: No nickname, I will call my wife Mommy when I've been a naughty little boy, I will address her as Mommy if others are present. When my wife/mommy saids I can stop calling her Mommy then I do, but not until then. 

Rosco: Irene pretty much calls me by my real name (not Rosco), but also calls me her naughty little pussy boy and other such variations.

She can be any number of people in our role play, Susie, Tammy, Maria, Mrs. McGillicutty et al. Usually I call her ma’am when she gets bossy or strict, or sometimes Princess.

Prefectdt: I do not play with one individual, often enough, to build up the kind of dynamic that would give rise to the regular use of nicknames. I do like being called things that remind me of where I am at in a play situation, but not names that are insulting. I prefer names like “Boy” or “Subject” to things like “Scum” or “Filth”.

Sage: My partner just puts adjectives in front of my name for nicknames. Like "Here is well-spanked Sage" when my eyes are glowing and I'm smiling later in the day, after a spanking.

Barrel: Yes, Miss. Thank you, Miss. Please, Miss. Only if they are harder, Miss. 

Hermione: No nicknames here. Actually, no names at all. I do call Ron by his real name if he's in another room and I need to get his attention. Ron shouts "Hello" to me if I am at a distance or not responding. He only says my name if he is talking to someone else and referring to me.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #539

Welcome back, dear friends. If you are new here, we are all delighted to meet you. I look forward to reading your replies to today's topic, supplied by our good friend Bonnie. (I hope you have read her latest interview--it's a hoot!)

Do you or your partner have a spanko nickname?  If so, what is it and how did it come to be?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Ronnie's Favourite Implement

Ronnie writes: "Without a doubt it's our Leatherthorn paddle. We've had it for ages. It's so well made and the rose gives it an elegant touch. It's a good size for traveling and it's been on many holidays with us. It has a lovely bite but not too strong. I love leather and I love the rose on the front and even when it's hurting I can still think of that rose being applied to me...lovingly...and it makes me feel good...if a tad sore after."

I can vouch for its effectiveness since we have one just like it.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

FL's Favourite Implement

Not the actual implement


FL writes: "Is the hand considered an implement? If not, then a solid wooden hairbrush, preferably oval."

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Roz's Favourite Implement

Not the actual implement

Roz writes: "My favourite, apart from the hand because of the intimacy, would be our 2 tongue leather paddle. Makes a good sound too with both halves coming together hitting each well as my butt lol."

Thank you, Roz!

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 6, 2024

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 5

Tell us about your spanking furniture.

Bonnie: Yes, we have a spanking bench. I love the bench and it gets used fairly often. But more frequently, our furniture of choice is the living room couch. Whether he is seated with me across his lap or I am flipped over the back, the couch is a comfortable and familiar spanking locale.

Graham: OMG! Yes, I would love to have a really nice, large spanking bench and a Singapore caning frame among other items. But where in the world would you store them unless one is a hermit? Friends and especially kids are very snoopy. And who wants to explain repeatedly why a door is kept locked? Looking forward to everyone's comments on this fun topic. 

Rosco: No special spanking benches or anything similar. I’d love to try one, but we don’t know what we’d do with visitors including our adult children.

Irene does tie me to our massage table sometimes before she straps my bottom. And I bought a pouf that I can kneel on and bend over the bed so the geometry works.

The other item, for post spanking activities, that has worked really well is a gardening bench. After she is done with the discipline, our normal course of events is reverse cowgirl cunnilingus followed by cowgirl intercourse. Irene can no longer lean her wrists comfortably. I thought it might be a little weird having the bench in the bed but it hasn't been a problem and I often close my eyes anyway.

Mark: I would love a spanking bench where I can be fully restrained unable to significantly move arms or legs and one where my torso is also immobilised for my caning. I have been thinking about the best way to achieve this without having to hide a proper one. I'd welcome any ideas!

These days I bend over the end of the dining table and have to hold myself still. To date not whilst we have dinner guests!

Sage: Spanking benches sound interesting. Maybe not too expensive if you build it yourself? I am mostly lying on the bed sideways OTK, with head and legs resting on the bed, and my partner sitting at the head of the bed. But with some implements I feel nothing in that position e.g. the belt & the riding crop. So for those, I bend over a stuffed chair with my arms and head on pillows, and then I can feel them a lot. 

Wendel: We bought some restraints and I tied the Misses’ hands and feet to the four bed posts. I proceeded to whip her bottom with the belt. She did not care for it. I did enjoy being the restrained one and getting my butt whipped but after that they were buried in the closet and have never made another appearance. The spanking bench sounds interesting. We have thought about trying it at least once. If only there was a place we could rent one for the weekend. 

Roz: No special equipment here,a bench does sound interesting, but as others have said, what about visitors or guests? Our furniture of choice is the bed or couch.

Jack: No special furniture, my spankings are always across wife/mommy lap, so the chairs have no arms. There is one particular chair that is higher than the others, mommy enjoys using that, I’m off the ground more over her lap and with her grip I’m going no where.

Barrel: We are fortunate to have summer and winter homes, so we needed two solutions for total restraint. In one, I formulated a set up wherein a simple folding chair is placed up against a table height coffee table, both secured together at the near touching legs with Velcro straps. Pillows on the seat of the folding chair where I kneel and the top of the table, covered with towels, provide a comfortable (for a while) reclining place. Various lengths of 2” wide Velcro straps secure my ankles to the chair legs, thighs to the table legs, waist and torso to the table top and finally wrists to the table legs on the far end of the table. My wife really likes how easy and quickly she can secure and release the straps. I can assemble this set up in 10 minutes.

At our other home, I built an A shaped restraining frame from 2x3’s, complete with foam and leather covered padding for the legs, lower and upper body. The frame configuration is held together with a simple hinge at the top of the A. Simple plywood, covered with foam pads are held by my weight. Again, 2” Velcro straps are employed at my ankles, knees, upper thighs, waist, torso and wrists. It folds almost flat and is stored under our bed. When put to use, it can sit on top of a blanket on the low coffee table in our living room. Assembly takes 15 minutes.

I admit my engineering training and several hours of thought provided these solutions, both of which were easy. The assembly before use creates a terrific mind rush knowing what is to follow.

Thanks for offering my question. I am quite impressed with the answers so far.

KDPierre: We have several things, the most spanking-related being a bed top 'rack' with adjustable butt elevation and places to secure ankles, wrists, and waist. Once secured, moving out of place or even wriggling is pretty much impossible. I feel very vulnerable in it and even Nikki has used it to punish me, but... the thing is very cumbersome due to being made to accommodate my 6'3" body, and so, because of how difficult it is to set up and even the time it takes to secure all the restraints, we rarely use it, saving it more for 'special occasions'. (Which is a shame.) My goal is to put it out semi-permanently in the basement once we have the house to ourselves.

We have a bench as well, but it doesn't work that well, being a very early design attempt that only saw action in prior relationships but is now gathering dust in the attic. And then, for both sex play and punishment, there is our "chair". How it's used is a bit outside of the scope of the blog though. >wink-wink< 

A.J.: "Do you use any special or unique equipment like spanking benches or horses?"

No. Unless my (or her) lap falls under the definition of "furniture."

Way too much effort that would destroy the spontaneity of the moment. There is - of course! - the nondescript straight-backed and armless spanking chair we all know and love.

(Side note: I was in this wonderful woman's apt. years ago. Sitting there talking I saw a perfect, straight-backed and armless chair along one of her walls. Anyone would think nothing of it if one was a guest. A guest might think, 'why did she only have one chair like that? Where is the other one?'

Because it was perfect for only one thing; and if you knew "her," a little chill ran up your back. Cuz', oh, yeah; you knew why that chair was there.)

I'm with Bonnie; the only other furniture is a great and COMFORTABLE sofa, with plush arms (or back) over which the bare-bottom is perched. The last time I had to buy one, that was a primary consideration.

Prefectdt: Not really. As I cannot play at home, what is available at the site of the spanking tends to be what gets used. It can range from normal furniture, in an encounter with a fellow amateur enthusiast, through to a full on restraining bench, at a professional's place of discipline.

Loki_Darksong: There is no spanking bench at our current household.

However I have one on the shopping list at a website that specifically sells spanking benches as a purchase for our new household. It will be a welcome piece of furniture for our new home.

Sage: Thanks, Barrel, for instructions on how to make a spanking bench or something like one from stuff around the house. I'm not handy about building stuff. But I looked around online at spanking benches and the simplest ones are two cushioned tables--a lower one to kneel on and a higher one to rest one's torso and stomach and head on. So we just tried out using a low straight backed chair for me to kneel on, with the back on one side and my partner on the other. And for my torso to rest on, a higher table. Both with cushions placed on them for comfort. It worked pretty well for comfort for me, and I sure felt the spanking stinging a lot in that position. My partner liked it. He said "It makes the butt nice and visible."

Hermione: We don't have any spanking furniture, but for  those of you who suggested a spanking bench that can be hidden when not in use, here's a transformable bench.

 At one time I fancied being tied to the four bedposts of our bed, but after reading Stephen King's "Gerald's Game", it is no longer an appealing thought.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #538

We've all had an exciting week enjoying the pictures of implements that our readers use. There's been quite a lot of conversation about them, and that's great. This week, we will discuss not implements but something closely related. Our good friend Barrel suggested the topic; thank you, Barrel!

Do you use any special or unique equipment like spanking benches or horses? If so, please describe it. If not, is there some item you would like to have?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Mark's Favourite Implement

 Mark writes: "My favourite implement is a rattan cane that we have had for many years. It scares me still but is an experience that is like no other. Mostly reserved these days for the offence of smoking. The picture shows it next to a homemade paddle based on the Muskoka paddle that Strict Julie has."

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Sage Blum's Favourite Implement


Sage writes: "My favorite implement, besides the spanking buddy which is a hand protector but has a really good sting, is another thing from Cane-iac, called an OTK Russet Brown leather strap".

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart