Tuesday, March 3, 2015

From the Top Shelf - She Can't Get Enought, part 1

Today's story is from a 1950s British magazine called Cheeky, and confirms the belief that a woman's love of corporal punishment develops early in life. A retired teacher reminisces about his experiences as a House Master at a finishing school for young ladies.

I took the position of House Master at a fashionable girls' finishing school in the West Country. My quarters were in a wing containing two dormitories leading off the same corridor and I was responsible for some sixty girls, being aided by the pretty Assistant House Mistress, Miss Elizabeth Dorothy Bates, with whom I became very friendly.

My room was not overly large, but very comfortable, containing a bed, two chairs, one upright, the other an armchair, a chest of drawers, wardrobe, bookcase and writing desk.

To my surprise, I found no less than four canes on one of the shelves of the bookcase. Of course, curiosity made me test them out by swishing them through the air and practising on one of the pillows.

One was very thin and short - about two feet in length. It was really too light to be of much use as an instrument of punishment, though I found it stung when I swished it into my palm. There were two, about 2ft 6inches in length, one brown and the other yellow. The yellow one was lighter and very flexible, being about 1/4 inch in thickness. The brown Malacca was about the same but a shade stiffer. This seemed a really vicious little instrument when I swished the pillow with it and I easily imagined the plump, tender cheeks of a girl's bottom with the fleshy thumps it produced.

The fourth cane was about 2 feet 9 inches to 3 feet long, also a brown malacca cane of the same thickness. This, too, was vicious but I thought it a trifle too long.

I wondered if they had ever been used on any of the girls, and if I should ever get the chance to try them out on real live flesh. I was soon to find out.

I was very surprised when a rather pretty girl came to my room well after nine o'clock one night. She was about eighteen and quite well-built, as I could see by the curves beneath the quilted dressing gown she wore. She handed me a note.

"Pamela Prentice," the note read "For persistent talking after lights out - four strokes please. B.D."

"B.D" I recognised as one of the prefects' initials. I raised my eyebrows at Pamela, who, apart from a delicate flush to her cheeks, showed no undue emotion.

"Four strokes?" I said, a little stupidly, but taken completely by surprise.

"Four strokes of the cane, sir," she explained. "I've come for my punishment." She started to loosen the cord of her dressing-gown.

I was staggered and must have shown it, for she smiled coyly as she slipped out of her dressing-gown and stood before me in just a pale blue baby doll nightie that barely reached her hips; from there down to her slippers she was naked.

I was not used to seeing girls in that state and I felt myself blushing furiously as she stood waiting. She sensed that I was at a loss what to do next and came to my rescue.

"The...the canes are kept in the bookcase," she whispered, glancing at it. "We used to have to bend over the back of Mr. Collins' chair, or across the desk for our punishment, Sir."

"Um - er - quite.Well - er - perhaps you better bend over the back of the chair, then."

As Pamela drew the chair out from under the desk, I had my first full view of her bottom; it was round, full and lovely, and it seemed a shame to have to mark it - I nearly said so!

I went to the bookcase and chose the pale yellow cane. I flexed it a few times, feeling a tingle of excitement run through me at the lively springiness of it.

When I turned, Pamela had already bent over the back of the chair, with her hands on the seat, her plump, pretty bottom offered to me quite bare, the beautiful tapering thighs taut and pressed closely together. She just glanced once at the cane and then bent her head, bottom tensing.

I stood beside her, measuring the cane across both cheeks, then gave her four quick swishes in as many seconds, fascinated by the gentle quiver of her flesh and her sharply indrawn breath as she received each stroke.

When it was over, Pamela rose, her fingers gently stroking the four red stripes I had raised on her poor bottom. She smiled at me, lips quivering a little, though there were no tears and no resentment in her eyes.

"Thank you, Sir," she whispered. "Thank you."

She turned to push the chair under the desk again and I saw the jiggle of the lovely buttocks with their four weals across the crown. She picked her dressing gown up but didn't put it on. She hesitated, then pointed at the note on the desk.

"Sir - may I have the note? I have to take it back to Betty with your signature to show I have had the punishment."

"Of course," I signed the note and handed it back to her with a smile. "Don't they trust your teachers then?"

"It's us they don't trust. It has even been known for some girls to forge a teacher's signature. Just to make certain, Betty will probably examine my bottom to make sure I've had the four strokes."

"I hope I didn't hurt you too much." I gave her a sympathetic smile as I opened the door for her.

"That's all right, Sir - I suppose I deserved it. Besides, you weren't nearly as severe as Mr. Collins used to be with us."

"Did he beat you harshly?"

"Well, Sir, I would have been jumping under each cut and, even with only four strokes, I would be limping back to the dorm!"

I watched her as she walked back down the corridor, dressing gown over her arm, the stripes dancing on the white flesh of her bare behind as she walked. She paused outside the dormitory and ran a hand lightly across her buttocks, then she looked back and gave me another smile as she put on her dressing gown and went in.

The mental vision of that delightful bare bottom was still with me when I went to sleep that night.

In the next few weeks, I found I had a bottom or two to cane almost every night. Sometimes there were three or four girls baring their bottoms and bending over to receive punishment, the number of strokes varying according to the offence.
Next week I will share the details of another memorable caning by the House Master.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, March 2, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 1

This week we discussed whether spankers wear something special when they are wielding the paddle.

Dan: No, no leather corsets or knee-high boots for us. Whatever she was wearing that day is what she wears for our session.

Leigh: No, whatever he is or isn't wearing at the moment.

Roz: No specific dress here either, although he may be minus a belt :)

liz: I do have a fondness for jeans and briefs crumpled around his ankles...

Ronnie: No, whatever P is wearing at the time.

abby: Most of the time whatever....my eyes always look to see what belt He is wearing. When He answers the door in just jeans, no top, my smile widens...going to be a lot of fun.

Dragon's Rose: Just whatever he was wearing for the day. He likes to dress up his china doll but doesn't care to dress up himself.

Ken: Well, I have just discovered the pleasures of wearing women's panties. And it turns out that my wife, Cora likes me in them, too. In fact she has discovered that she likes to lay her hairbrush or paddle on me much harder when I'm wearing panties.

And for me, there is nothing like Cora dressed up in a tight panty girdle, stockings and heels. The powerful sight of her dressed that was just makes me melt.

Nina: Hubby does not dress in certain clothes for spanking me, but I am usually naked for spankings. That's sort of the only dresscode we have concerning spankings.

DtBHC: Generally no, but when she has her workout gear on I know I'm in for some fun times.

Jan: Not really, sometimes he is beltless but I am usually wearing a lot less than him.

Arched one: I'm with the rest no special clothes. But she does love to be in panties and bra or naked. Usually after spanking I'm put in display position after she is eager for pleasure. Or pleasure first then another spanking then display.

S: No, but I do remember once D and I went out to a smart party; I was wearing a long red dress, and he was looking really handsome in his black dinner suit and bow tie. I did not behave at all well at the party, and driving home I thought nervously I was soon going to have to atone for it. Soon after we got back, I found myself bent over D's lap, skirt on high, panties down, wriggling and squealing as my bare bottom took a sound whacking from his wooden hairbrush.

There was a big mirror nearby, and I could see in it a rather disheveled lady, getting her come uppance from a smart, perfectly dressed man. It was thrilling!

Baxter: R is wearing whatever she is wearing, typically jeans and a sweater. I look at her as my dominatrix but that does not require one of those leather get ups. Her standing there holding a riding crop or paddle is all that is needed for me to disrobe to let her deal with my naughty bottom.

Rod: Short shorts!

Dr. Ken: Well, I'm not in a relationship (wish I was, but that's another story), but even if I was--no, I don't have a spanking dress code, and I don't have one for the spankee, either. For me, whatever I'm wearing is just fine and for her. Well, she's going to wind up with her bottom bare, anyway, so does it really make a difference?

Bonnie: This time, I don't have much to contribute. I dress up sometimes, but not so much Randy.

Hermione: This topic came to mind after a recent conversation with Ron. We were watching the evening news, and there was a feature about an up and coming hat designer. She was wearing one of her creations; I thought it was quite attractive and suitable for both men and women. I told Ron it would look good on him and would be a nice change from his ball caps. He replied, "I could wear it in the bedroom. It could be my spanking hat." We had a good laugh over that, but he appeared at our next spanking bare-headed.

Have a safe, sane and consensual week, everyone!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #62

What a turbulent week this has been in the blogosphere. Luckily it all turned out well. It's time for some comfort food and good conversation with like-minded friends. In the past we have discussed what the spankee wears - or doesn't wear - during a spanking, but what about the person on the other end of the hairbrush?

In your relationship, does the spanker dress in a certain way for a spanking, or wear anything special to indicate that a paddling is imminent?

Leave your response as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to speak I will publish a summary of our discussion. 

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, February 28, 2015

You Completed the Caption

These clever captions end the week off nicely.

Roz: Mmm, there's nothing like milk and cookies after a maintenance spanking.

Nina: Oh James, I feel so much better informed, now that google tells us what sexually explicit smut is. But don't you think I can at least take my skirt off for the spanking?

ara: She giggles: 'Isn't it a shame we can not show the rest of the series, where I was milking you and you were eating .. coughs… cookies."

K in New England: Dear, please have some cookies before you put me over your knee and punish me for burning dinner.

Leigh: "Now my head is resting on his knee, I hope that soon some other part of me will be taking it's place resting on his knee."

Liza: Ron could hardly contain himself as he looked longingly at Hermione's bare arm.

Welcome Liza!


If it wasn’t socially immoral I’d love to put her over my knee and spank the dickens out of her.

A. Lurker: We kept 3 feet on the floor
And didn't close the door
But we did show some skin
So Google weighed in
And now this blog is no more!

Ronnie: Jenny wasn't sure if it was the cookies and milk or the spanking she just had that was making her smile.

Dr. Ken: "(sigh) An evening in with my guy, sharing some milk and listening to the latest records. Could it get any better than this? Well, maybe if he pulled me over his knee, raised my skirt, and spanked my bare bottom...."

Baxter: Oh dear I so love your knee, especially when you drag me across it, lift my skirt and pull down my panties and spank my bottom. Please do it after milk and cookies.

Vfrat25000: I want to have six babies!
I want to get the h*ll out here! I hope she left the front door unlocked!

Mabel, I want to design and build a computer.
Jimmy, what’s a computer?
A much faster way to look at PORN!
Oh, OK!

Hillary, I want to be President when I get older!
Oh Bill I think that’s wonderful. Can I be a President too?

I think her “Meatloaf Surprise” is starting to back up. It’s never bothered me before!
I hope that “Meatloaf Surprise” with Ex Lax Sauce kicks in pretty soon. That will teach him to stand in the school hallway talking to that hussy Betty Lou!

Him: I am going nail her tonight like a new sheet of wallboard!
Her: I can’t wait. I think I get my first kiss tonight!

Him: I wonder if she will let me kiss her goodnight.
Her: I wonder how many zaps with my taser he will take while tied naked to the bed posts and covered with olive oil.

Hermione: Hey Sally, did you know I'm a Queen's* Scout? Let's go to my room, and I'll show you the knots I learned for my Boy Scout merit badge.
*For Americans, that's the equivalent of an Eagle Scout.

For more good, clean fun, stay tuned for brunch, being served soon.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, February 27, 2015

Google has reversed decision on porn

Google has changed its mind regarding porn and sexually explicit images on blogs.

Read it here: https://productforums.google.com/forum/?hl=en&pli=1#!category-topic/blogger/jAep2mLabQY

I think this was due to the large number of queries on the Blogger Help Forum regarding specifics, like artistic drawings, erotic stories, and of course, bare bottom spanking. The Google rule-setters realized that they had been far too vague in their statement. It is entirely possible that they may come out with something more specific at a later date, but for now, we're safe!

Spread the word!
From Hermione's Heart

Friday FAIL

Today we have a random ASSortment of FAILs. Enjoy!

A man after my own heart!

Then what?

Those would provide decent protection during a spanking

In what way, exactly?

A butt mannequin. What will they think of next?

Quick! Complete the Caption before it's too late!

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Complete the Caption

This couple is fully clothed, observing the "three feet on the floor" rule, and enjoying a quiet evening in. But wait! Is that an exposed ankle I see? Google censors will surely shut my blog down for displaying such an offensive photo.

Until they do, I invite you to complete the caption by leaving a comment. I will publish your captions in an upcoming post if I am still around.
From Hermione's Heart