Thursday, September 3, 2015

Complete the Caption

This photo appeared in my inbox yesterday and it screamed "Complete this caption, if you dare" at me. So here it is, in all its glory. What do you make of it? I can think of several possibilities, but I know you'll come up with ideas I never dreamed of.

Leave a comment with your caption, and I'll publish your submissions in two days' time.
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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Speaking of Corrie

This summer Ron and I have become hooked on British detective shows. Most are several years old now, but new to us. We started out with DVDs borrowed from the public library, which has the first season of a large variety of BBC programs. Then I discovered subsequent seasons on YouTube, so we watch one episode a night on our Blu-Ray player attached to the television.

Right now we are enjoying Scott and Bailey, a program  about two female detectives whose private lives are intertwined with their professional ones. The funny thing about British shows is that actors we have seen on other programs invariably appear. (There must be a relatively small pool of talented actors.) Whenever that happens, Ron will say, "We've seen him (or her) before." That's my cue to pick up the iPad, look up who the actors are and find out where else we have seen them.

Okay, I have to say it gets a bit irritating at times. I want to just get on with the show, but Ron needs to know where else we have seen the actor. (Sometimes I think he needs a spanking for being so annoying.) But I keep a tab open with the latest episode, and once we have the character's name, I pause the program and search with the iPad, scanning the list of other shows the actor has appeared in until I find one we recognize. Nine times our of ten, for Scott and Bailey, that actor appeared on Coronation Street. In fact, two of the main characters are Corrie alumni.  I think the count is up to ten now for ex-Corrie residents, and we are only on season three.

And speaking of Corrie, here's a little startle that I caught when two seamstresses from the knicker factory were discussing a recent event they were witness to. Tracy, the owner of a second-hand shop, has gone into the office of Carla, the factory owner, and things did not go well for her.

Izzy: "Tracy came out of Carla's office with a face like a slapped backside."

Sinaed: "When Carla slaps a backside, it stays slapped."

Now, if you are a fan of Coronation Street you will agree with me that Tracy Barlow is at the top of the list of characters who would benefit from a good spanking or twelve. So the brief conversation struck me as very appropriate. If only the writers could make it happen. It would surely draw even more viewers than another tram crash.
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

From the Top Shelf - Lucy's Research

As you may recall, last week Lucy borrowed a bicycle and rode into the village, where she ran into a police officer. She was tried, convicted, and sentenced to12 strokes of the cane. We had to stop before the actual caning took place, but let's continue now. We mustn't keep Lucy waiting any longer.

Constable Sims had one hand on the score pointer, which was set at zero. She was looking over Lucy's shoulder and nodded almost imperceptibly.

With a swish, the cane sliced through the air. The crack of hard wood on firm flesh was like a pistol shot. Lucy felt the impact make her bottom cheeks shudder, but for a split second felt no pain. Then she screamed as her bottom was bisected by a white-hot band. Constable Biggs stood firmly braced as his young burden bucked and writhed on his back, her legs pumping as she tried to ease the pain. The score pointer moved from zero to one.

The sergeant waited until Lucy had ceased to struggle. The pause must have been fully fifteen or twenty seconds. Lucy felt the tears running down her cheeks as the searing pain seemed to sink slowly from the surface of her skin, right down into the fleshy part of her bottom. She had screwed her eyes tightly shut in a vain attempt to find relief and when she opened them again, she saw, over Constable Bigg's shoulder, that the policewoman was looking straight at her. The constable's hand was on the pointer, waiting to keep the score, and she met Lucy's tearful gaze quite dispassionately.

Some minute change in the officer's expression, a widening of the eyes or perhaps a twitch of facial muscle, gave Lucy a split-second's warning. She gritted her teeth, determined not to scream again. Time seemed to slow down. Lucy distinctly heard, felt, and had time to appreciate, each individual component of the drama in which she was the central figure. The swish of the descending cane. The sharp crack of the impact. The breath driven through her clenched teeth in a strangled hiss. The searing heat across her bottom, focused in a narrow band just a fraction below the first. The dry scrape of the pointer as Constable Sims moved it from 'one' to 'two'.

The painful sequence was repeated four more times, with that deliberate measured pause after each stroke so that Lucy could fully appreciate what was being done to her bottom in the name of justice. She managed to maintain silence, apart from a muffled grunt for the third and fourth but the fifth defeated her and the sixth made her howl uncontrollably.

As the sobs racked her body, Lucy waited for the seventh stroke. She knew she was at the limit of her endurance and could not imagine how she was going to survive another six. The sergeant had been meticulous in his aim, and she could feel each individual weal, each a fraction lower than the preceding one. Her whole body had jerked with the shock of each stroke and her arms felt ready to leave their sockets with the strain of supporting her full weight. Her breasts were squashed into the broad back of Constable Biggs's tunic and felt hard and tender. Worst of all, her bare pubes had chafed on the rough material of the officer's uniform with each spasmodic wriggle and, despite the throbbing bruises, or perhaps because of the heat of them, she could feel herself lubricating uncontrollably.

The wait for the next stroke of the cane seemed interminable then, to her amazement, Lucy felt Constable Biggs straighten up; felt her feet touch the stool again. She sighed with relief as the tension in her arms relaxed, and felt a surge of hope as the sergeant replaced the cane in its place on the rack. Her rising spirits were immediately dashed.

"The first part of your punishment is complete." The sergeant was facing her now, sounding very formal. "You have ten minutes to compose yourself after which the remainder of the sentence will be carried out. Constable Sims will escort you in the meantime." He took Lucy's hands and released the manacles which held her wrists.

Lucy felt her knees go weak. This was too cruel! Seeing Lucy stagger, the policewoman stepped forward to support her.

"Come along, Lucy, get a grip on yourself." The voice was not unkind and the use of her first name penetrated Lucy's bemused senses. She looked at the officer questioningly. What did they expect of her now?

As if in answer to the unspoken question, Constable Sims took Lucy's arm. "Pick up your panties, bring them with you and come with me. We'll see if we can't tidy you up a bit; you look quite a sight." As she spoke, she reached behind Lucy with her free hand and pulled off the tape which held Lucy's skirt up.

Long past any embarrassment which she might have felt, Lucy automatically brushed her skirt into place and stiffly bent to collect her panties, which lay on the floor. The woman constable led her, panties clutched in one hand, from the punishment room down another featureless corridor to the ladies' toilet. Once inside, she briskly arranged the unresisting Lucy with her hands on the edge of a wash basin, raised her skirt again and began to dab at the weals on Lucy's bottom with a sponge soaked in cold water.

"This will bring out the bruising and soothe you a bit. It's all I can do for you at present, I'm afraid."

Lucy dabbed at her eyes and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her face was red and what little make-up she had worn was now streaked. She made a half-hearted attempt to clean her face. "Thank you." She managed the phrase without another sob. "What happens next?"

"We have just a few more minutes," Constable Sims explained," then I'm afraid I have to take you back."

Lucy's face and any reserves of spirit she might have left began to crumble. She felt the tears welling up. Despite the cold sponge, her bottom was throbbing terribly and as she put a tentative hand to the afflicted area she could feel the ridges left by the cane in distinct parallel lines.

"Come on, now, don't cry anymore. You'll survive. Yours isn't the first bottom to be caned here by any means, I can assure you,and it won't be the last."

"It's all right for you to say," Lucy snivelled. "You don't know what it feels like."

"Listen, you silly girl, that's all you know - and in any case you have brought this upon yourself." Lucy looked closely at the woman constable and for the first time realised that she was probably only a year or so older than Lucy herself. "You mean?" she began uncertainly.

"I'm not saying any more, let's just say I know just what it feels like. If I were you, I'd just try and relax. It's worse if you are all tensed up, believe me. Just keep your legs together and relax. Now, time's nearly up. Come on, otherwise I might well feel the sergeant's belt across my arse. You have one minute to make yourself comfortable. I'll be waiting outside."
Next week: round two.

To re-read the entire story, go to this post - From the Top Shelf - scroll down to A Degree of Discipline, and you will see all the posts from the story, in order.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 fro August 30

This week we discussed deliberately provoking the spanker in your relationship. Here's what you said:

Bonnie: I doubt that approach would work with Randy. When I want him to spank me, I dress in a manner that he finds attractive, cuddle up next to him, and caress him with my hands. Most times, one thing leads to another, and a good spanking is part of the bargain.

Another favorite non-verbal request involves dropping an object on the floor in front of where he is sitting and then bending from the waist to retrieve it. Hiking up my skirt heightens the effect.

I also place a spanking implement in plain sight or simply hand it to him.

On such occasions, we cautions me, "Be careful what you wish for." An hour later, when I'm sitting gingerly on a very sore bottom, but feeling relaxed and satisfied, I know my wish came true.

Downunder Don: Because our spankings are not "punishment" but are usually a reward, herself never has to act up or misbehave to receive a spanking. All she has to do is ask.

Nina: Hi Hermione, I think I have not done that, because punishments are so not awesome. If I want the good girl spankings I have to be good, so I rather try to be good.

abby: I have not, in a long time, tried to 'poke the bear' so to speak. Maintenance happens every week, has for about 10 years. It is a hard spanking, and I have no desire for a harder one. We also have a Friday Play date, so that is pretty much 2 guaranteed spanking a week...not counting the spontaneous ones...and the passing smacks on my bottom.

Wilma: When we first started ttwd, I had a conversation with a blogger ( who no longer blogs) about her 'testing' her husband, by 'bratting' I suppose you'd call it. Barney told me right then, "If you ever purposely do that, we are done with ttwd". I don't think that would be the case anymore, but I have never purposely done it. I think for me the 'attention' would not feel authentic if I manipulated the situation in order to get spanked. That would be the main reason, but also because punishment spankings are NOT something I enjoy, physically or mentally.

Roz: I admit I have done this in the past with mixed responses. As Willie said, when it has resulted in a spanking it didn't always feel 'right' and I didn't always feel I got what I needed/wanted.

Blondie: There were times in the beginning where I would "test" Ty by misbehaving and seeing if he would follow through on a punishment. But when I finally realized that I was an adult and he was not my caretaker, I stopped misbehaving. Nobody likes punishment spankings at my house. Luckily there are plenty of spankings around here that I don't need to act out to get punished. Fun spankings are always the best and are available whenever time allows.

Simon: Like Downunder Don I don't really receive punishment spankings as such. There have been what I call stress relief punishments, Sometimes she just needs to take her stress out on something and that can be my poor bottom.

Dr. Ken: I've known quite a few women who have deliberately misbehaved, knowing what my response would be to that. Not all women want to just ask for a spanking--some of them like to "earn" it. Deliberately misbehaving is one way to earn it. it's done in the spirit of spanking fun, of course--the result is more "mock punishemnt", or "funishment" than anything else. The result is still a very red and stinging bottom, of course. I don't think disappointing me would work--we'd both wind up feeling bad about it, and I don't know that a spanking would clear the air....

arched one: Between punishment, maintenance and just because spankings my bottom is well attended to and I do like maintenance and just because but hate punishment so no I don't act up.

sub hub: Hermione, thank for the shout-out and for posing this question. I thing for most of us that are the submissive one in our respective relationships, we've all done this from time to time whether we want to admit it or not. I would suggest that when it happens, it isn't necessarily a conscious thought because we all instinctively know that misbehaving on purpose, just to receive the disciplinary attention from our Dominant is wrong. That being said, sometimes we just crave the intimate attention that comes with being spanked and when that happens, we might not know that we are doing it.

Thank you again for posting the question on your awesome blog! It's quite and honor.

It was my pleasure!

Susan: Once, never again. We had friends for a party; I had a blue satin dress - very short flared skirt, and just covering me on top; sexy but tarty! D warned me that if I wore it I would get spanked. I put on a more demure dress, and he went down to our guests. I felt like a spanking that evening, and quickly changed back into the blue dress before going down to be met by whistles, but an angry glare from D. A while later, D said to everyone, ' I told Susan if she wore that dress, she would get a spanking, so now's the time' .

Oh no, not what I had intended; not in front everyone; I had thought of a nice OTK later on, but it was to be worse. He steered me over to the sofa, bent me over the arm, sitting down to hold me in place, My tiny skirt had flipped up, to show my bare bottom, with only a minute thong.He took a leather paddle from his pocket, handed it to Jeff, 'You start, three from each of you". Everyone was going to spank me - twelve by three made thirty six whacks on my bare bum. Much later I scrambled back to my feet, my bottom blazing. I stood rubbing the poor thing, as everyone clapped and cheered. Our guests left at last, and I found myself where I had planned, over D's lap for a sound but thrilling hand spanking on my still very tender cheeks.

Ronnie: Oh yes I have and do misbehave and cheek P to get spanked. It adds to the fun. I don't purposely disappoint P but I know I have in the past and got spanked for it.

Hermione: Provocation would definitely not get the the spanking I crave. Spankings are rewards, not punishments around our house. It's much better to ask for one, or simply wait until the appointed day and time.

I'm always delighted to receive a suggestion for a brunch topic, so if you have a burning question in mind, please email me or leave a comment. See you all next week!
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 # 88

It's been a busy week here. I've been harvesting vegetables and tidying the garden every day, so I'm glad of the chance to sit down and chat with all of you at our regular spanko brunch. This week's topic was suggested by sub hub in phx.

Did you ever purposely misbehave or disappoint your dominant to get either attention or a spanking, or both? How did it work out?

Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion after everyone has had the opportunity to reply. If it's your first time here, don't be shy. Just jump in!
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

You Completed the Caption

Simon: I think she misunderstood the notice in the car park that said "Pay and Display".

Baxter: Hmmm, this is my favorite spanking position and now my dress has been blown up by the wind showing my bottom. Oh where is my loving husband and his paddle when I want it?

Six of the best: The wind blew up her skirt with the greatest of ease, then down came her panties, down to her knees. Then her husband spanked her voluptuous behind. With his hand, he joyfully assigned.

Nina: Maybe she is preparing for a spanking because of excessive shopping.

Anon 1: She's nearly bare bot in the first photo anyway, but after the gust of wind - wow what a temptation ! I would creep up, and lower that boot lid gently down on to her back to hold her in place, and then set about turning that super white bottom in to a super red one. I'm sure those pics will get back to her better half, who will I am sure give her sitting problems for some time to come to teach her to dress less provocatively.

Jim M: In Spankoland, there are lots of ways to get a spanking if you suddenly need one. I won’t have to stand here very long, pretending to put my groceries away, before someone shows up to get the job done. And would you look at that, I just happen to have a hair brush right here in the trunk, how fortunate.

Sir Wendel: Thank you Mother Nature for the gust of wind that displayed such a spankable bottom.

Sweetspot: "I'm glad I'm not one of those weird people of Wal-Mart you'll never catch my photo at that ridiculous site."

"Eggs, check; Butter, check; why do I get the feeling I've forgotten something?"

"I couldn't do this if my skirt was any shorter, it would probably...Oh crap!"

Although useful for arousing her boyfriend Cindy Lou suddenly realized the downside of wearing a skirt the size of a headband.

Due to her shop lifting intervention agreement Francine was no longer allowed to wear outer clothing while visiting the store...or much of anything else for that matter.

"I better double check; if I forget his bananas one more time I'll be the one getting peeled and I won't be needing these onions to make me cry."

"He keeps saying I don't know anything about cars and I'd better not mess around with anything or he'll spank me. I'll show where is that darn engine?"

"Big Box department stores are amazing. Everything a girl could want all in one place. Hairbrush, Ping-Pong paddle, wooden spoon, belt...and that nice assistant manager looked inside my cart and volunteered to demonstrate all of my purchases for me."

"He told me one more fender bender and I get the paddle. If I hide that side mirror in here he'll never know the difference."

"I must be getting more and more obsessed with my fetish because I swear bending over this trunk is starting to feel a lot like being over Bryan's knee."

Welcome, Sweetspot!

Ronnie: Shame Peter isn't here as I'd get spanked for not wearing any knickers.

Anon 2: Jane had been wanting to get her husband to spank her, but didn’t want to ask. Her friend Amy, who Jane knew was spanked on a regular basis by her husband, suggested Jane do something inappropriate that her husband had forbade her to do and that would anger him. Amy said she would take picture of Jane and text it to her own husband, who would then send it to Jane's husband with a recommendation about how to handle her wayward behavior. Jane knew she was forbidden to go out in public in her short skirt and thong, so since she needed groceries and knew there were some good bargains to be had, she chose to wear her shortest, flimsiest skirt and thong on a windy day, hoping to put on a good show for her husband. She parked in the back of the lot where no one would see her and let the wind do its work. Amy captured these images and sent them to her husband, who forwarded them on to Jane's husband along with a note and a couple of pictures of Amy bare-bottomed up over his knee getting a sound spanking. Jane was surprised to find her husband waiting for her when she arrived home, and she soon found herself over his knee while he applied a hairbrush to her uncovered bottom until she was kicking, squalling and promising to be a very obedient wife in the future. After he was finished blistering his errant wife’s bottom, he ordered her to go out to the car and retrieve the groceries, knowing that each time she bent over to get something out of the trunk, the breeze would lift her skirt so that her red bottom would be on full display for all the neighbors to see. He also snapped a few pictures of his own that he sent to both Amy and her husband with a note of thanks. A very red-faced and red-bottomed Jane later texted Amy that the spanking she received was a lot more then she had bargained for.

Vfrat25000: Look at that trunk space!
I know those cars are known for large trunks!
What car?

Were you looking at her bottom?
No Dear…Absolutely not! I was just wondering why she bought so much peanut butter!

Isn’t that Caitlin Jenner?

Mom…There’s my teacher. I would recognize her anywhere!

This thong is crawling up my crack. I’ll change into these granny panties before I head for home.

A person could land a twin engine Cessna on that ass. I’m a pilot I know what I’m talking about!

Hermione: When Sally agreed to be spanked whenever and wherever her husband felt the need, she didn't think he would do it in the Walmart parking lot.

For more spanking fun, please join us for brunch. It will be served on the patio in the next post.
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday FUN

Today let's have some fun with restaurant signs. These really get your attention!

I'm not sure what the sign has to do with tacos, but it sure got my attention!

For more attention-getters, drive right through and Complete the Caption.
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