Sunday, July 27, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 # 30

The weekend has rolled around once more, and that means it's time for another brunch discussion.

What implement do you absolutely hate or refuse to try? Is it one you have already experienced, or something you simply would not consider? Would you change your mind if your partner insisted?

Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to join in.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

You Completed the Caption

You explained this mysterious scene so well!

Six of the best: "I would love to pull down her bloomers and spank her," said one of the men to the other.

Katie: She had them fooled. She knew that they were talking about her, and cleverly ignored them. Of course, her mind was really on her burning bottom. Oh she had been a naughty one last night! As always, love of her life did something about it.

Roxanne: "You need to spank her," said the older, more experienced captain. "It is the only way to keep your wife's mind on you while we are whaling."

Welcome, Roxanne!

Minelle: "You say she is giving you the silent treatment? Spank her, that will end the snotty attitude!"

Ronnie: Oh, if only I was 30 years younger, said the older man to the other.

Leigh: "Of course, you should spank her. Look how she's ignoring you."

Simon: "She's not going to be happy when she uses those trick binoculars and has two black eyes."

Ricky: Mmmm?
She: My boyfriend's back and you're going to be in trouble!

js666: There goes my daughter, spying on the neighbors again. I have no idea how to stop her. I'm at my wits' end. Do you have any suggestions?

Welcome, js666!

Sir Wendel: Give it up, Captain Ahab. Ya got a better chance of catching that whale. Even the winds of a hurricane ain’t gonna blow that skirt up.

Mandy: She peered through the crowded street, looking for her naughty husband. Unbeknownst to her, the old man was really her husband!

Welcome, Mandy!

 A. Lurker: Soon they would all set sail with Captain Morgan . . . but they would never leave dry land!

Vfrat25000: Should I go with the “I saved the entire crew during a hurricane” story or the “I repelled a band of pirates armed with nothing but a club and a knife?”
You and I both know we get seasick standing on a floating dock. I think the hurricane story will win her over!

The Lady: This is ridiculous. Its 90 degrees, 95% humidity and no breeze and I’m strolling around this fricken dock dressed like Mary Poppins. I call BS. I’m inventing the bikini!

It’s July 2014 and we are in the Hamptons. Why are the three of us dressed like its 1900?
Danged if I know!

That’s Captain Bligh’s daughter. Do you think he’s forgotten about that whole “Mutiny on the Bounty” thing?
I hear he is still really pissed off!
Figures. Oh well, let’s go to One Arm Mike’s Bar and see if any morally casual ladies have gathered.

We have been at sea so danged long. Please tell me that is a real woman. If it’s not I’m in big trouble.
Captain, that is a REAL 100% Woman
Sailor, let me introduce you to my next Ex-wife!

WOW! What a lady!
She is the Captain of that gosh awful pink racing yacht with the all girl crew, The Easter Bonnet. I hear that lady runs a tight ship. Any of her crew gets out of line and they eat standing up for a couple of days.
Really? No kidding. I think I’ll join that crew. I need to shave my legs. Where did I put that long red hair wig? I think I will go with those Capri pants. I have so many things to do before we sail.
Jim, I’ll leave you and your feminine side alone now and I am going to go watch some pay per view porn, get commode-hugging drunk and wake up in an alley someplace. Hopefully I will no longer have a mental image of you on that pink boat wearing a pair of Capri’s.

Hermione: Ralph, I swear that lady is a bum looker, same as us.

And there you have it. But wait! There's more fun to be had at brunch, coming up next. Please stay for some good food and stimulating conversation.
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday FAIL

Let's have some fun in the supermarket today.

Before you leave, please scroll down or click on this link to Complete the Caption.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Complete the Caption

A woman watches intently, taking no notice of he men behind her. What is she looking at that makes her oblivious to those around her? What are the men discussing?

It's up to you. Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your suspicions in an upcoming post.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

From the Top Shelf - Chairs

This informative article, written by D.H. for Februs magazine 18 years ago, is intended for tops or spankers. But those of you on the receiving end of a spanking may also find it interesting. I, for one, always enjoy getting some insight into the way a top's mind works.

Chairs are for sitting on, I know, but there is no doubt that if you are sitting on an armless chair, then there should be, spread across your knees, some bare-bottomed supplicant who has well deserved the spanking you are about to deliver. She may not think she has deserved it, but, nevertheless that is why she will be there and why you are sitting on a wooden chair in the middle of the room so that there is ample room for kicking legs and flailing arms.
Even in so simple a matter as a childish spanking over the knees, though, there are finer points to consider. Should she be stripped completely before you pull her over your lap? Should she simply have to pull her knickers down and, if so, should she do this herself or would you prefer to attend to this task? Should she be made to lie across your knee of her own accord? Should she have to stand between your legs before being laid over one thigh - which enables you to hold her legs down with the other one - or should she be laid across both thighs so that her legs splay nicely apart as the spanking proceeds? In this case, you can hook the side of your foot over her outer ankle so as to give firmer support as matters proceed. Should you cross your knees before bending her over them? If so, then her legs should be parted... her buttocks opened wide into the bargain...

I have, myself, a preference for punishment given in this particular way, naked bottom under my hand, my other hand worked round and under her waist to keep her tightly to me. It is sometimes fun, though, to have her sitting on your lap, with her back to you, her legs astride yours so she is open to every movement of your hands however deeply the fingers thrust - and then to force her forward so that her bottom lies widely open to a hand that reddens each cheek with short, hard strokes while the other works gently under her once more, holding her firmly in position...

There are other sorts of chair that can be used, to place a girl in more elegantly shaming postures, even if she is not so closely confined, and some of those possibilities are worth more consideration.

The armchair is often to hand, and the temptation is simply to force her over its back, sweeping the skirt up over her back, taking the knickers down and off to leave her bottom curved tightly to receive hand, hairbrush or even a swift cane. She will be able to hide her face in the depths of the chair as you bring tears to her eyes, and receive you gratefully as you work into her from behind when the punishment has finished and her tears are turning to gasps of excitement.

There is, however, a more entertaining posture she can be led into, less comfortable in itself... Her jeans or skirt have to be taken off to start with, and then her knickers similarly removed. Some preliminary caresses are allowable at this stage, but with the warning that tears will follow however much you love her, that her bottom will be etched with the marks of your cane, marks that you will kiss when they have reddened into weals, marks that she will be able to relish for evenings to come as she prepares for bed.

The chair should have padded arms and come well forward, for it is on these that she is to kneel, with her knees halfway along them so that she can bend forward and down, tucking the back of her head against the back of the chair, down and down until the top of her head is against the seat, and her arms free to clasp around its back.

Six or twelve strokes of the cane will be enough to have her begging for an alternative tactile contact, and, her bottom being so tightly offered, you will have no doubt as to how it would be exciting to take her.

If the armchair has a sloping back, then a cushion may be placed into its angle, and your partner slid forward, to its front so that her skirt (if you have not made her take it off) is high around her waist. Lifting her legs you can remove her knickers (if, of course, she is still wearing any) and bring her knees back against her stomach, so that she can hold her legs down. Here is the softest part of her drawn tight for your hand or strap or, if the punishment needs to be severe, your cane.

While talking of armchairs, we may detour the room a little to put the sofa into use. The most obvious method is to have her kneeling at one end, bottom over the arm, hands on the floor, raising her cheeks nicely to the strap, head lower than the knees.

Kitchen chairs make another style of chevalet. One I saw the other day in one of those shops that are never undersold, had a seat high off the ground, with an open steel back and an open foot rest at the front. Here it will be necessary to strip the penitent completely before having her stand facing the chair, then making her bend down so as to slip head and shoulders through the open back; tummy resting on the seat; her feet tucked inside the foot rest. Uneasily balanced, her buttocks will be tidily offered to cane or strap, and the lower lips readily available for consoling caresses when the pain becomes excessive.

The bar stool serves more easily, for wrists and ankles go to each corner, and the bottom is presented to perfection, tightly stretched for the cane and wide open to kisses and caresses while the punishment is in progress...

So punishing your lady in a variety of positions does not need an outlay of expense. Most of the equipment is already there, in your own home. Use it wisely!
From now on I will look upon our kitchen chairs with new respect.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bonnie is Back!

Six years ago, our dear friend Bonnie introduced my brand new blog to the world, and now it's time for me to return the favour.

Bonnie has a brand spanking new blog called A Spanko Garden. I know you'll want to drop by, have a look at her new home, and welcome her back.

Just couldn't stay away, huh?
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 20

Our topic was spanking fantasies, and the response was enthusiastic.

Nick: Very simple. When my lovely Asian girlfriend figured out I loved spanking, she used it to control our lovemaking. The harder she wanted me the harder she spanked, while we coupled, missionary style.

Amber: Sir has helped me make many fantasies come true over the years. Some by surprise, some by me voicing them. One favorite was to finally be dominated and spanked by Him and another female at one time.

Welcome, Amber and Nick!

River: I am usually very vocal about my fantasies, but not always too specific. So Ash has gotten used to fulfilling them in surprising ways, which is perfect for a sub who doesn't want to be in charge of the details, or much else for that matter ;-)

Sir Wendel: My fantasy was always about a sexy maid in skimpy outfit. For one of our anniversary trips my misses bought a French maid costume. Every time we were in the hotel room she wore it and started cleaning the room. If she dropped or spilled something I would take her over my lap, pull her panties down and spank her. Since we didn't leave the room much her bottom remained red for the five days we were there.

Dr. Ken: For the longest time my fantasy was just spanking, hoping to find a lady to spank. I had no luck with girlfriends or finding anyone local. I finally answered a personal ad from a lady in Rhode Island, we hit it off, I flew out, and the fantasy finally became reality. And I've been going to spanking parties and meeting people for spanking ever since. So, fantasy fulfilled!

Still working on that cheerleader fantasy, though... :-)

Six of the best: Yes, my lady friend took on the role as a naughty school teacher, and I played the part of a school-boy. Since lateness to class was her error, I got to spank her. A beautiful fantasy came to life.

Underling: Great topic, Hermione, and already some lovely responses. I think this will end up a real feel-good thread - it's nice to hear about people's dreams being fulfilled :).

Like Dr. Ken, I had fantasies about spanking for a long time before I finally got to indulge them - first as a spankee, with a pro Domme, and later as a spanker.

I'm in the lucky position of having a spankee for a girlfriend - at one time I'd have thought that laughably unlikely, so that in itself is an overarching fantasy fulfilled. And because we already have that shared kinkiness as a foundation, we both find it really easy to open up about all the more specific little fantasies we have within it. I think I enjoy making hers come true at least as much as she does mine! :) 

Ronnie: Had all but one of my fantasies come true. Coincidence, that fantasy is my post for tomorrow.

Great minds think alike!

Respecting Mistress: My fantasy was to live with a Lady who believed in using old fashioned disciplinary methods to keep me in line. I can't believe I'm now living that fantasy...

Enzo: Yes, one in particular comes to mind. My partner took the hint and entire lead. She showed up and surprised me with a little gem; hidden up to that point in her purse. It was an old fashioned thermometer. For me to use on her.

Hermione: My fantasy while I was growing up was being spanked by a tall, dark, handsome man, and I was fortunate to find that man thirty years ago. Although my mind wanders to other fantasies from time to time, that's still my favourite.

Thank you to all who contributed. Coming up next - some exciting news. You'll never guess who's back!

From Hermione's Heart