Sunday, September 14, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #38

Is it the weekend already? This week just flew by! But here we are again for another lively discussion. Many of my readers practice Domestic Discipline, and punishment spankings play a part in that kind of relationship. That leads me to today's question.

Are punishment spankings effective? Do they change undesirable behaviour or break bad habits? Are they repeatedly administered, over time, for the same offence?

Let me know what you think, even if you aren't in a DD relationship, and I will publish a summary of our discussion in an upcoming post.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

You Completed the Caption

This fair maid's beauty has been captured in sand, and your captions pay tribute to both the artist and the subject:

DelFonte: Warning: spanking butt will cause marks!

Smuccatelli: I don't know if the artist(s) had spanking in mind, but this is a work of art, for real. Unfortunately, sand castles (or sculptures) aren't very permanent.

Six of the best: The sculptor of this beauty would caption it as "A lass with a spanked ass".

Leigh: What a work of art. Some of the sand sculptures I've seen are amazing.

"Follow me into my world," she beckons.

Ronnie: This is what the women of his dreams would look like.

Gorgeous sculpture.

Katie: The artist decided to create his sculpture with sand, in an attempt to curb his spanking activities.

BEAUTIFUL sculpture. Some people are sooo talented.

Simon: It is pretty wonderful isn't it, I wish I had that or indeed any artistic ability. Any way here's a caption.
"Kevin's parents had been expecting the usual poorly executed castle when they had arrived at the beach but now they were both proud and slightly concerned".

Ricky: No, Slinky, I'm still mad at you.

Blondie: The sand castle is too beautiful to think of anything. But she could be waiting for her master, the man she loved, who was coming to spank her lovely butt.

Minelle: 'I am waiting.' This said as she taps her foot impatiently. I think her bottom may be in for it!

Michael: Callipygia - goddess of spanking.

The bottom that launched a thousand ships, and also a thousand butt slaps.

Sir Wendel: Nice Ass!

Vfrat25000: Isn’t that a gorgeous sand sculpture?
Yes it’s beautiful but keep your brother Buford away from here.
After a couple of beers I shudder to think what he might do to that naked sand lady!
Good point!

Mike built a wonderful sand sculpture didn’t he?
Yes he did. I wish he hadn’t used Ms. Johnson the school principal as his model! He should get out of detention by age 21.

Mr. Wilson is missing two tons of sand he had delivered for his garden. Has anybody seen it?
Nope...Not me..!
Me neither!

Great sculpture but we have a problem!
It seems the Sheriff’s Office Beach Patrol vehicle didn’t see the rather sizable hole he dug to get all that sand.

This is the first time a pile of sand has made me horny!

Bonnie: "You can call me Sandy"

Hermione: Her spankable bottom was safe if the tide came in before he returned with the paddle.

Be sure to stay for brunch, coming up next.
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday FAIL

Doing the weekly grocery shopping is sometimes a challenge.

Rice Krispies are usually on the list, but I think I'll avoid these clever shapes.

This is worse than spiders in the bananas

This was definitely NOT on my shopping list

Personalized Coke? I'll stick to Pepsi

Cream cheese for your butt? What flavours does it come in?

There's nothing like a good dry rub, or so Ron tells me.

Before you go through the checkout, be sure to check out this week's Complete the Caption.
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Complete the Caption

Where we live, it's still warm enough to go to the beach. I hope many of you are also enjoying an extended summer. Sand castles are a thing of the past, though. Did someone have spanking on their minds when this sculpture was created?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will brush the sand off your entries in an upcoming post.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

From the Top Shelf - The Naughty Nurse, Part 2

Here is part two of a story by James Bartlett. If you missed part 1, or want to refresh your memory, you'll find it here.

The inevitable, yet dreaded, summons arrived three days later, and throughout the intervening period Pam had remained in a permanent agony of suspense. She had been ordered to report to the Administrator's office at 9:30 am sharp, that very morning. Her attention was drawn to the relevant provisions of the staff instructions which, since the advice from Sister Roddam, she had read and re-read several times:

Nurses ordered to report to the hospital Administrator for punishment will wear best uniform dress with the appropriate regulation belt, full badges and uniform accessories. A brassiere may be worn if desired. Black suspender belt and stockings as per the uniform code are mandatory. It is not necessary to wear a cap. No panties, or any underclothing which covers the buttocks, will be worn. The very highest standards of dress, personal grooming and smartness will be expected and enforced. The delinquent will be inspected before punishment, and any shortcomings in turn-out will result in appropriate additional punishments for each separate offence.

Now as she waited a few minutes early outside the Administrator's office with heart pounding, Pam swiftly checked herself over and smoothed down her repeatedly-ironed best uniform dress. The St. Mary's uniform was a smart modern one-piece short-sleeved nurse's dress, in a single main colour with contrasting piping on the sleeves and pockets. The dress had a high mandarin collar and the hem of its skirt lay just on the knee. The elasticated nurse's belt was in an appropriately contrasting colour, as dictated by the hospital dress regulations according to the colour of the dress itself. Staff nurses were allowed a free choice of the dress colours available from the approved supplier, but had to conform to the regulation style.

Pam had chosen a bright mid-yellow dress with its white piping and belt, which she felt matched the colour of her hair. Satisfied at last that she was impeccably turned out to the high standards always expected of a St. Mary's nurse, she tapped lightly on the door of the Administrator's secretary's office, and went in.

The secretary looked up with a brief, sympathetic smile. Then, briskly efficient and objectively detached again, she called her boss on the intercom and reported, "Nurse Grey is here, sir."

"Two minutes!" came the curt reply.

"He won't be too long, dear," said the motherly woman, trying hard to sound matter-of-fact and reassuring, but failing miserably. Pam stood, quaking in her boots as she waited, while the secretary avoided her eye and desperately tried to carry on normally as though this were no more than a routine staff interview. The atmosphere felt stilted yet buzzing with tension. Eventually the buzzer sounded. "You can go in now, my dear," the secretary said.

Nervously but smartly, Pam knocked on the closed communicating door; then opened it and entered. Once inside, she closed the door behind her before curtseying smartly to the three people who now faced her; the Administrator himself, Matron, who was always present on these occasions, and Sister Roddam, in attendance as the reporting officer. Then she stood silently and obediently to attention, awaiting further instructions.

Quickly but efficiently, without a word being spoken, the Administrator stood back and allowed the two women to perform a joint inspection, Pam's face reddening as Matron lifted her dress to ensure that the instructions had been completely obeyed.

"Satisfactory, Matron?" the Administrator asked.

"Yes, sir," said Matron. "A very good turn-out - as I would expect from Nurse Grey."

"Very well," said the Administrator, anxious to proceed to the main business, "We all know why we are here. Have you anything to say, Nurse Grey?"

"I would like to apologise for my quite unforgivable behaviour in a public place, risking the good name of the hospital, sir," Pam said in muted tones. Some such remorse was clearly expected of her. "I have nothing else to add, sir. I am ready to take my punishment."

Matron nodded approvingly; this girl had character!

"Very well," said the Administrator, rolling up his sleeves, "If you please, Sister!"

Sister Roddam crossed over to a tall cupboard in the corner of the room, opened it and took out a light-weight but strong folding whipping bench, constructed somewhat on the principle of an ironing board, which she quickly set up in the centre of the room. It had a padded and inclined flat bench section over which the culprit was required to lay face down with her legs out behind her, toes on the floor, whilst on the further side she reached down to grasp the two hand-grips, not unlike straight bicycle handlebars, which were suitably positioned in front of her. She was then fully supported by the bench with her bottom lifted high in perfect position for the infliction of punishment.

Having checked the bench for stability, Sister then commanded without further ceremony, "Bend over, Nurse!"

Obediently and smartly, looking quite ravishing in her uniform, Pam came forward and stood before the whipping bench. Without having to be told, she lifted the front of her dress skirt so that it would not be caught between her body and the bench across which she was about to lie, for such impediment would prevent the Administrator's raising of her skirt at the back to bare her bottom. Any such obstacle would very likely have attracted further strokes.

Then Pam bent forward and submitted herself to the whipping bench in the approved posture, her legs stretched out and down behind her, and her hands gripping the handles. The Administrator watched her appreciatively; then, as she settled down in position, he stepped forward and ceremonially raised her skirt fully clear of her shapely bottom. Thus he revealed her uplifted bare buttocks in all their provocative glory; perfectly framed by her stocking tops, suspenders and suspender belt - a soft, succulent target just ready to be caned.

Savouring the moment, for he loved this part of his job, the Administrator turned towards the cupboard, but Sister had anticipated him and was there, ready and waiting at his side, with exactly what he needed.

"The slim cane, sir!" she said, smartly and sweetly, as, with a smile, she handed him his favourite, three-foot long, crook-handled, pencil-thin whippy rattan.

"Thank you, Sister, I believe this should teach our Nurse Grey a salutary lesson in appropriate behaviour, don't you think?"

"Oh, I'm sure it will, sir," responded Sister. "She certainly needs it, if I may say so, sir. She has become quite the little madam recently."

"Has she indeed!" he said, as he ran his warm hand fully and softly over Pam's expectant buttocks. "Well, we''ll soon put a stop to that. My goodness what a truly wonderful bottom - and still showing the traces of your strap, Sister! Jolly well done!"

Prostrate over the bench awaiting her fate, Pam shivered as he swished the whippy cane through the air several times, getting the feel of the follow through and heightening her nervous tension. It had been a while since he'd had the pleasure of caning a young nurse's bare backside. He was really going to enjoy Nurse Grey!

"Six of the best, Nurse Grey, and let this be a lesson to you!"

He stood back and with the minimum of further preliminaries, raised his arm and brought the cane whistling down to crack squarely across the centre of Pam's unprotected bottom. She cried out in a yelp of pain as the lissome rattan wand struck home. Swish! He warmed to his task, lashing the pliant cane down with a will across this naughty nurse's arrogant bottom which simply cried out for chastisement. Swish!

There was no pretence of a stiff upper lip now, he noted with satisfaction, as she writhed and wriggled over the whipping bench, her feet drumming on the carpet, in response to the swishing cane. The watching women looked on approvingly, their faces flushed and breasts heaving in excitement. This was real St. Mary's discipline! It was hard on the girl, perhaps, but she would be a better nurse for it, and the time would come when she would look back on the experience with gratitude, and perhaps even a strange kind of pleasure. There was absolutely nothing like a damn good caning for instilling discipline and a sense of responsibility into a young girl. A well-trained nurse was a well-thrashed nurse.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! The concluding four strokes of Pam's set punishment were fairly hard stingers and she gasped at every one. At the fifth, she moaned loudly and pressed her legs together in a vain attempt to contain the smart. The sixth and final stroke, the hardest of the lot, cracked home with a vengeance, and Pam could no longer refrain from loud sobbing. In a businesslike manner, the Administrator handed the cane back to Sister, who lovingly replaced it in the cupboard.

Pam lay, still writhing and gasping on the whipping bench, her pretty bottom embellished with telltale tramlines; a delinquent nurse who had been rightly and soundly punished. She was allowed to lie where she was for a few minutes more to get her breath back; then, more gently, but still firmly, Matron told her to get up.

Red-faced, dishevelled and tear-stained, her poor bottom on fire and sore beyond belief, Pam obeyed. She smoothed her dress down again and struggled to regain her composure, as Matron said, "You are excused duty for the rest of the morning, Nurse Grey. Report to your ward sister at two o' clock this afternoon for the remainder of your shift. You may go now...with your permission, sir?"

"Yes, carry on," said the Administrator, "and I hope I won't have to deal with you again, my girl. Learn from this and let this experience be a lesson for you!"

"Oh it will be, Sir," Pam answered humbly, and with feeling. "Thank you, Sir."

Politely and demurely she curtseyed again as she took her leave, and left to look for John, hoping he was off-duty for a while. She really needed him now, to comfort her and to rub smooth healing ointment into her poor ravaged bottom. Then she knew he would only have to lift the front of her dress to find her ready for action, already turned on despite her experience.

Matron turned to the Administrator. "Thank you, Sir. A most stimulating and effective punishment. You'll update Nurse Grey's records, of course. I'll leave you to put the whipping bench away please, Sister," she added, before she too left the room.

"Certainly, Matron," said Sister Roddam with a coy and admiring glance at the Administrator. "We'll attend to everything necessary."

The Administrator and Sister Roddam, now alone in the room, embraced. He took her in his arms, fondling her hard breasts and noting that her erect nipples betrayed her arousal.

"Darling, you were in wonderful form today, " she murmured adoringly. "That cane just comes alive in your hand. Grey will remember that for a long time to come!"

He smiled. "You didn't do so badly with your strap either! These girls need such strict discipline in their own best interests, and it's our duty to provide it to them!"

Reaching under Sister Roddam's uniform skirt he found the moist crotch of her panties and smiled, then picked up his phone.

"I don't want to be disturbed until I call you," he said to his secretary. "I have important and very confidential matters to explore with Sister Roddam!"

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fifty years ago today...

I saw the Beatles in concert. Yes, really! I had seen them the previous winter on the Ed Sullivan Show, and like millions of teenagers all over the world, I was enthralled! When I heard that they were coming to North America on tour, I hardly dared hope I could see them. But one of their concerts was scheduled for Montreal, Quebec, and we lived a mere three hours away by train.

My older cousin, also a Beatles fan, obligingly ordered the tickets for the matinee performance. Can you believe the price?

Here's a photo of the Beatles after they landed at Dorval Airport. I was probably still on the train when they arrived.

My cousin and I spent the day shopping, then we found a bus that would take us to The Forum. It was packed with people just like us, eager to see our beloved moptops.

The other acts on the bill were The Bill Black Combo, The Exciters, Clarence 'Frogman' Henry, and Jackie DeShannon (but who cares?) The Beatles took to the stage at 5:20 pm. George was my favourite, and my eyes never left him.

They sang exactly 10 songs, and neither the first nor the last were audible.

The Beatles performed for about 20 minutes in total, and I was entranced. Our seats were pretty far from the stage, and there were no giant monitors in those days. I had a pair of binoculars glued to my face the whole time. Unfortunately, I was wearing glasses. The constant pressure from the binoculars cracked the nose piece of the plastic frames, and when I lowered the binoculars, my glasses fell apart in two pieces.  It was a small price to pay for one of the most thrilling days of my life.

From Hermione's Heart

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 7

What do my readers dislike about spanking?  Read on:

Dan: Hi Hermione. At the time it is happening, there is very little I DO like about it. I'm usually just hoping it stops soon.

Sir Wendel: Hmmm. Can't think of anything I dislike.

Autumn: I dislike the expectations it gives me. For example, if my husband gives me a particularly amazing spanking one day, and the next time it's not as good, I am a little disappointed. I wish I could just enjoy each one for what it is, rather than set my expectations every time.

Amber: Hmm. Had to think on this one! Only thing that came to me is - I dislike that they have to end. haha.

River: I dislike the fact that they have to hurt! Many years ago when we began our spanking/dd journey, the spankings really turned me on, even while they were happening. Now we rarely do erotic spanking, but sometimes the occasional warm-up is semi enjoyable :-) I love EVERYTHING else besides the physical pain.

Minelle: I always anticipate a spanking with excitement....but when its happening, I think I am crazy.
It hurts! LOL It is such a love hate thing!

Pecan Nutjob: What I dislike about spanking is how it is seen by most of the "vanillas" out there. Either they find it crazy, they assume it's full blast BDSM,  or they believe it is necessary in some D/s relation as in Fifty Shades (I've not read it but it seems from what I heard that the relation between the protagonists is "wrong" in many respects). No, I'm no latex fetishist, and I'm not into leather either, and we don't say "master" or "mistress" to each other. I just want to spank and get spanked "family style", a bit like a disobedient child would have been spanked 60 years ago.

Another thing (but that's largely a consequence of the first) is that we have to hide ourselves. Granted, people don't have vanilla sex in public either, but they can purchase condoms and lube openly at a drugstore or supermarket, and it's no big deal if the neighbors hear a little sex noise from time to time or if visitors see contraceptive pills in the bathroom cupboard. With spanking, one has to be more careful.

Arched one: Spanking is a love hate relationship. We have several implements that deliver a nice sting. What I hate is when she uses the hair brush. I don't know why but that darn thing really gets me hollering and kicking.

Anon: Spanking her spacious bottom makes my average size hand quite sore after a few dozen spanks!

Roz: It is such a love/hate relationship. It hurts, but I love the connection and how it makes me feel afterwards. Also, if it's a punishment, I hate the feeling that I have disappointed him.

DelFonte: Waiting for one. The longer the wait, the more it hurts until I toughened up again.

Baxter: I think the pain. Kind of a love/hate thing. My wife's technique is getting better, if you will, and the pain a bit more intense. But I don't want the spanking to end either. I want the spanking to continue even tho it can hurt a lot. I don't know how to explain it or maybe I just did. Hmmm.

Bonnie: Not one thing.

Sub hub: I truly don't like it when it is happening, especially now because Mistress has determined that the spankings need to be much longer and much more severe in order to curb bad behavior. That being said, I wouldn't trade being a spanked husband for anything!

One thing that I don't like about spanking being used as a punishment is that it can't often be given at a moment's notice because of the discretion that is required.

Love your blog as always my dear!

Ronnie: Can't think of anything I dislike about spanking.

Rollin: I also dislike the stigma attached to the enjoyment of spanking by adults. It's viewed either as a joke or "sick" by many who should know better, and this is by people who would never be so politically incorrect as to disrespect gay lifestyles.

Dr. Ken: The only thing I dislike is the fact that I don't have a regular partner and therefore don't get to spank often enough!

Hermione: There are some implements that I just hate, like the junior cane which made an appearance yesterday. They feel terrible at first, and I wonder why I ever wanted to be in the position to feel them. Then after a warmup I adjust, and they aren't so bad after all.

Thank you one and all, for sharing your thoughts.

From Hermione's Heart