Sunday, September 23, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #246

Welcome back, fellow spankos. I hope you are ready to relax and enjoy good food, good company, and good conversation. This week's topic is one suggested by Barrel, and one that we have not specifically discussed before.

Do you ever use a blindfold for the bottom receiving the spanking?  If so, how does it change the dynamic? If not, is it something you might consider trying?

Leave your response as a comment and I will publish a summary of our conversation at the end of the weekend.
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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Signs of the Times

Sometimes you see a sign that rubs you the wrong way, and you just have to respond.

Happy Thursday!
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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

From the Top Shelf - The New Callipygians

Today's story is rather a long one, written many years ago by the late Alex Birch. If you are like me, the term 'callipygian' is an unfamiliar one. It is used later in the story, and it means "having beautifully-shaped buttocks". Have I piqued your interest?

Jane Forrester lowered the sun visor of her silver grey Volvo estate to display the photo electric entry card as she reached the imposing gates of Chalford Manor. The ornate metal gates swung open and Jane eased the car into gear before driving down the long winding drive to the splendid Tudor mansion.

Although this was a routine Jane followed daily as Head of the Household, she always treasured the beauty of the Chalford grounds, the lawns and gardens maintained immaculately thanks to her employer's love of horticulture and her dedication to maintaining standards.

Jane had worked for the Duke and Duchess of Falmouth for nearly eight years, since she'd obtained her University degree at the age of 22. The job she held was no menial servant's role but a supervisory post which required accountancy and management skills, and was extremely well paid As with so many stately homes, part of Chalford had been opened to the public and Jane had to supervise the staff required to service the needs of the domestic household and the budget for services to the general public, restaurant and bar staff and the like.

Jane hardly saw the Duke at all, for he was content to leave the household matters to his wife, preferring instead to concentrate on his political life in the House of Lords and his love of cricket, but Jane had a regular weekly appointment with the Duchess to discuss the budgets and the immediate needs of the House. They got on well, although the Duchess chose to preserve the formality of their relationship but was no less of a kind employer for that.

As Jane neared the stately home and the staff car park, she tried to shake off a mood of foreboding and unease, for there were distressing clouds in her life at present which refused to go away. She swallowed hard as she got out of the car and switched on the alarm lock. She was anxious to discover why the Duchess had insisted on a meeting this morning, at very short notice, not on their regular Thursday. A shiver of fear ran through Jane's shapely frame as she walked up the steps of Chalford House and inserted her swipe card into the entry scanner.

Once in her private office, she picked up the internal phone and hit '0'. The dulcet tones at the other end replied immediately and Jane said "Just to let you know I'm here, Ma'am." A pause then, "Very well, Ma'am. I'll be up immediately."

Five minutes later she was sitting facing her employer in the Duchess of Falmouth's private study and her nerves were increasing. It was nothing tangible, just that her employer's face was inscrutable, not welcoming or warm.

"Thank you for complying with my request at such short notice, Jane" the Duchess said politely but coldly and Jane, mystified, replied "My pleasure, Ma'am."

"I'm sure you are wondering why I called you here today but first, forgive me, but I need to ask you a few personal questions."

Jane said, hesitantly, "Of course, Ma'am. As you wish."

The Duchess nodded. "Jane, I understand your husband lost his directorship with Ridgeway and Templeton brokers recently. Am I right?"

Jane stiffened with apprehension. Where was this going?

"He-he resigned over policy differences," she said anxiously, "it-it's just a temporary problem, Ma'am. He is considering his options."

"I think not, Jane," the Duchess' voice was hard and insistent. "I am told on good authority that due to 'irregularities' he was given the option of resigning or being fired, with the consequent publicity."

Jane's face had begun to burn with shame and rage. What right had this woman? What was going on?

"It-it was a huge misunderstanding," she faltered, "I-I'm sure it will be-"

"- and your little boy has just started at the Templeton School. My, my now THAT must be expensive."

Jane sat red faced and wide-eyed, lost for words. A growing sense of dread was beginning to consume her.

The Duchess calmly laid some invoices on the table.

"-which presumably explains why the invoices I have for food and drink for the last three months do not tie up with what is actually in the kitchens and wine stores, Jane. And, do you know, I bet if I insisted on you showing me the freezers and storage cupboards in your home, that's where we would find the difference!"

Jane stared at her employer, her face a picture of red faced shame and horror. She thought about lying then realised in an instant just how pointless that would be. She simply broke down in tears, her pretty face racked with sobs.

The Duchess looked on impassively as Jane bravely tried to pull herself together.

"I'm so sorry, Ma'am, I am so ashamed. The expenses began to overwhelm us. When James resigned, his 'golden handshake' just about paid off our debts. We had been living above our means and –oh I have been such a fool! I will of course resign immediately, Ma'am"

The Duchess stared at her coldly.

"No you won't," she said harshly, "I don't intend to give you that option. I may well fire you and then both you and your husband will be branded as thieves and neither of you will ever hold your heads up in society again. You will both be finished!" She paused and said dryly, "I may visit you at the refuge for the homeless if I have time!"

Jane stared at her, speechless with horror, but the Duchess was not finished yet.

"Now I may not fire you, because, despite this, I am very fond of you, Jane. Fond but disappointed. And so I may seek recompense in another way. You see we all have secrets and I have, shall we say, interests which I would not appreciate any but my closest friends sharing –"

She stared at Jane who, still in shock, gazed in bewilderment.

"- but I need to know I can trust you. And of course what better way is there to ensure trust than blackmail? Now the revelation of your scam might be sufficient but your husband might well be aware of your little game. So I decided I needed something a little more compelling–"

Jane sat rigid with shame and terror as the Duchess reached into a drawer then tossed some photographs over to her. The young woman's face turned white and she barely controlled the urge to retch.

"Do try not to vomit on the carpet, Jane," the Duchess said dryly, "It's just been cleaned. I can understand your distress though. You have no mystery left from the look of these! Such pronounced nipples! And I see you shave down there too. How trendy! I must say you have a lovely body –"

Jane's body racked with helpless sobs but the Duchess continued mercilessly.

" –and the boy, it's young Richard Pemberton, of course, Lady Fairford's lad! Jane, have you no shame? He is only 19! My, you're quite the cradle snatcher! Still I can I quite see the attraction, he IS a big boy for his age.! Not lacking in sexual awareness either! Just look at the third picture with your arse in the air! Jane how COULD you let him do THAT! Does your husband screw you there or-"

"MA'AM PLEEEEASE –" Jane's voice was an agonised shriek, "please I'm so sorry. I must have been mad. I'll do ANYTHING you ask, ANYTHING! Please don't shame me any more!"

"Very well, I think we understand each other, "the Duchess said grimly taking the photographs back from Jane's shaking hands," and yes I did have you followed. I suspected you were a randy little cow and I'm pleased to know I was right. You may come to appreciate that 'talent' sooner than you think."

She paused. "Now what I need is a servant – a domestic menial." She saw Jane's face fill with distress and she smiled sadistically. "Which is what you should be reduced to here and be completely humiliated but I'll spare you that. You will keep your job here – unless you try to cheat me again – but this is extra curricular. You will be available to me on at least two evenings a month, do you understand? You will not know which evenings until the last minute at which I will expect you to cancel any prior engagement and to be at the address you are given. You may make any excuse you wish but you must not tell ANYONE – including your husband, who you are with, where you are going, or what happens there. You must also do everything you are told, without question! If any of those conditions are broken, I will ruin you both. Is that clear?"

Jane bowed her head helplessly. "Yes, Ma'am' she muttered softly.

The Duchess nodded. "Very well, now get on with your work – and do it honestly from now on!"

Jane got up, nodded politely and left the room. Once outside she burst into tears and fled back to her office.

* * *

Nine days later she got the text message on her cell phone. She was given travel directions to a country house some 5 miles away and told to be there that same night by 8pm. She was to be met by the housekeeper and she was to do exactly as she was told.

In a panic she phoned her younger sister who had an apartment a couple of miles from Jane's own home.

"Lucy, it's me." She gabbled down the line desperately," look don't ask questions but I need you to cover for me tonight. I have to go out but I can't explain why to James. Look, trust me Sis! When you next talk to my husband I was at your place all evening, OK?"

She rang off and fretted for the rest of the day. She had no idea what to wear but assumed if it mattered they would have said. Anyway she could hardly wear her best ball gown to visit her sister. Later, at home, she sold the story to her husband easily enough and went upstairs to change and shower, her heart beating rapidly and her stomach churning. Strangely, for all the fear, there was a certain buzz in her lower belly, based on something the Duchess had said about her being ' a randy little cow'. Was she going to be used as a whore? What was their purpose? She took a deep breath as she changed into blouse and jeans. There was only one way to find out.

With beating heart Jane arrived at the secluded mansion with 3 minutes to spare and navigated her way up the long drive. She noticed that there were eight cars parked there and guessed with some relief that this soiree, whatever it was, did not involve a large number of people.

After a few seconds hesitation, she rang the door bell which was answered almost immediately by a woman in her fifties, dressed in a black, lace trimmed uniform dress. Her face was hard, unsmiling and she looked Jane up and down with a measured stare.

"Ah the new maid," she said sternly, "you're just about on time. Wouldn't do to be late on your first night! I'm Mrs. Bridges, Now follow me!"

Jane felt herself flush with anger. This was the kind of employee she would be summoning to HER office under normal circumstances and now she was being treated as the woman's skivvy. She remembered the warnings about absolute obedience and dutifully followed the woman into the large hallway and up a flight of stairs to a large bathroom with an ante chamber for coats and clothing.

"Right," said Mrs. Bridges, folding her arms and staring grimly at Jane, "take your clothes off!"

Jane's mouth dropped open. "P-Pardon?" she gasped.

"Not deaf are you? I said take your clothes off. You need to change into your uniform."

Jane considered a protest about the woman's presence but thought better of it. With a deep breath, her cheeks pinkening, she slipped off her fashion boots, unzipped her jeans and pulled them off, then unfastened her blouse and removed it. She stood, feeling embarrassed and vulnerable in pink bra and panties, looking round for a uniform.

"Come on, bra and panties too – everything!" the Mrs. Bridges said icily and Jane flushed angrily.

"Now just a min –" she began and the woman cut her short.

"Do you want a bad report on your first night? I don't recommend it! Come on, get naked and be quick about it – you're to take a shower and use the body oils. They want you smelling like a rose garden. Your uniform will be here when you've finished – and make sure you wash EVERYWHERE!"

Jane, angry and ashamed, gritted her teeth and took off her underwear under the woman's stern gaze. The temptation to cover her breasts and pussy were almost overwhelming but she refrained allowing the woman's gaze to take in the whole of her naked body.

"OK get in the shower and make sure you use the herbal oils. I want you downstairs in ten minutes. Your uniform will be here waiting when you've finished.

Jane luxuriated under the shower, feeling the pleasure of the herbal aromas as they cleansed every pore, then suddenly conscious of her deadline she got out and dried herself on the ample luxury bath towels provided. Feeling cleansed and refreshed she walked back into the ante room and discovered that all her clothes had gone. In their place was a pair of flat shoes and, hanging on a hook, a black pinafore – and nothing else. Her mouth open in shock, she took the sheer nylon garment off the hook and slipped it over her head. It was certainly her size, for, at the front, the garment covered her breasts and her pussy, although the pinafore skirt was so short it would reveal everything once she stood on a chair or leaned backwards.

Such niceties were academic, however, for the simple tie around the waist left her back and bottom completely bare. Jane stood, paralysed with indecision for a few seconds, horrified by how exposed she was. Then she bravely took stock and decided that her stupidity had got her into this mess and, no matter how humiliating, she had to make the best of it.

She crept self-consciously out of the cloakroom and made her way down the stairs, her head turning this way and that as she worried who might see her. As she reached the bottom of the stairs so Mrs. Bridges rounded the corner and stood arms folded in front of her.

"Ah! About time! Follow me!" she ordered, with no suggestion in her face that Jane's appearance was anything out of the ordinary and so she followed the woman into the kitchens where a large buffet had been prepared. Mrs Bridges pointed to the meals trolley by the stove.

"Load this with plates of food and take it into the meeting," she ordered. "Left out of the kitchens, down to the end of the corridor and it’s the double doors on your right."

Jane hesitated, her face a deepening red and for the first time Mrs. Bridges showed a spark of kindness and grinned.

"Afraid of who's going to see your cute bare arse, are you? Well there's only ladies here so you don't have to worry about any men letching after you. Mind you the ladies are partial to – er - I've already said too much. Now run along!"

Feeling slightly relieved, Jane pushed the trolley down the corridor ever conscious of her nudity as the chill draught blew across her bare bottom and made the hairs around her pussy tingle. Taking a deep breath she paused at the double doors and then pushed them open simultaneously. The sight that met her took her breath away and she stood, gasping like a beached whale in astonishment.

Ten elegant women sat around a large banqueting table and, as Jane's eyes scanned the table she recognised nearly all of them. The women wore nothing but diaphanous white shifts and Jane stared at their breasts, virtually nude, thrusting through the thin material. In the middle of the group was the Duchess of Falmouth. Jane had never seen her employer in other than formal business clothes and to see her almost naked was both shocking and strangely arousing. She forgot about her own state of undress, lost in admiration at the sight of a middle aged woman who looked that good without her clothes. Jane swallowed hard as she took in the other guests. She recognised a minor Duchess, a Government Minister's wife and the head of a media corporation.

Jane's eyes followed the direction of their stares and she nearly cried out in astonishment. They were looking to the head of the table where another of their number, similarly clothed, was standing by a large wooden triangular structure and holding a multi stranded leather whip. Jane recognised her as Lady Amelia Fairford, the mother of the boy in whose bed she had been so shamefully photographed. Strapped to the wooden supports was a young woman, completely naked, her back, bottom and thighs already glowing pink from the application of the whip. At that moment, the girl turned her head to the side and, even in profile, Jane recognised her as Penelope Wilton, the 22 year old supermarket heiress whose betrothal to the Prince of one of the Arab emirates had made society page news.

At that point she coughed discreetly and the women all looked towards the sound. The Duchess stared at her and beckoned her in to the room.

"Ladies, this is the new maid I was telling you about. It's been a problem replacing Maureen but Jane is good, reliable and very discreet. Aren't you, Jane!"

From the ripples of laughter it was apparent that the other guests knew precisely why Jane was there and her face deepened yet another shade. She pushed the trolley towards the table and began to lay out the plates of food, conscious, as she leaned forward, of the proximity of her bare bottom to the nearest guest. It wasn't long before a warm hand with long, gentle fingers began to caress her naked buttocks. She resisted the temptation to stiffen or turn round for she understood she was expected to tolerate this kind of attention. After a minute or so, the gentle exploration was not merely acceptable but decidedly arousing and Jane began to feel moist between her legs.

"She has a gorgeous arse, darling," the languid voice of her sensual tormentor droned as Jane turned scarlet.

"Let us complete Penny's whipping, "replied the Duchess, "and then you can all have a feel for yourselves. She is ours for the evening."

Jane swallowed hard and stood still as the fingers behind her began another exploration.

At a nod from the Duchess, the scene at the head of the table re-animated. Lady Fairford, flexing the whip in her hands, swivelled slightly before bringing it down on Penelope's naked bottom. The girl's bottom writhed and she gave a soft, gentle moan but already her elegant punisher was about to deliver the next stroke. Jane began to tremble with excitement as she watched the noblewoman, clad only in the transparent shift, swivel her body to deliver the blow. The quivering of her large breasts, the pubic hair clearly visible through the thin material , then, as her body turned to strike the blow, the sight of her magnificent plump bottom all made Jane's body tremble with excitement.

When the blow struck and the pretty nude girl writhed and cried in her bonds, Jane thought she would climax on the spot . She had never seen such a sexually exciting yet cruel tableau in all her life and she was finding it hard to breathe.

The whipping across the nude back and bottom continued for another ten minutes by which time the girl was moaning and crying and Lady Fairford's shift was damp with perspiration, her erect nipples seemingly glued to the material.

At last she put down the whip and every woman around the table applauded the performance.

The Duchess looked at Jane and smiled. "Now you see, my dear, why we need to be sure you can be relied upon. There are a few people here who are, shall we say, slightly well known – " laughter followed this " – and if the press were to discover our little predilection – "she shook her head sorrowfully. "We are the New Callipygians, Jane, dedicated to the restoration of sensual pleasure through flagellation so enjoyed by our ancestors. Everyone here is in love with the erotic pleasures of whipping, and Penelope here is just getting a little pre-nuptial experience. Arab men and their women, you understand. Of course, Jane, you are untutored in the art of receiving punishment as yet but I suspect you will take to it like a duck to water. I'm sure Lady Fairford, for one, has –er -..personal motives for wanting to take the whip to you!"

More laughter followed and Jane's eyes pricked with mortified, humiliated tears.

"Anyway," the Duchess continued, "now that we have got Penelope's little pre nuptial training out of the way, we can introduce you to our guests. Come, Jane, walk slowly round the table and let everyone get to know you!"

Biting her lip, Jane walked slowly around the banqueting table, stopping obediently at the side of each guest, eager fingers exploring the contours of her bottom and genitals as she stood to attention, trying desperately not to reveal how much she was becoming turned on by the attention. By the time she had reached half way round her pussy was soaking and aching for attention.

She reached the chair of the Duchess, now her mistress – no longer just her employer – and waited, eyes lowered for the gentle fondling to begin. Instead the Duchess pushed her chair back from the table and stared hard into Jane's eyes.

"Tonight," she announced loudly, "we will have a little break from procedure. Jane has displeased me in ways I need not discuss with you all and I intend to punish her for it. Thus before the next formal whipping of one of our members takes place, I intend to punish our new maid personally, here in front of you all! I will now take her across my lap as one would an errant child!"

Jane's eyes widened and her colour deepened. She had suspected, having seen Penelope strapped to the frame, that she might be whipped in similar fashion and had dreaded it. But even that was preferable to be turned over her employer's knee in front of all these eminent ladies and punished like a little girl.

"Oh please, Ma'am – " she cried but to no avail for willing hands assisted in helping her across her employers lap, the Duchess putting one firm hand across Jane's back as she found herself bare bottom up in the air and her face staring at the carpet.

"Gather round, ladies. Make sure you all have a good view, " the Duchess exhorted and Jane felt the tears pricking her eyes as she heard the scrape of chairs , every woman in the room rising to stand around and stare at her humiliation.

She gasped as the firm fingers of the Duchess pulled apart the skin of her bottom, exposing her anus to everyone in the room, at which there were chuckles and comments as Jane began to cry shameful tears, soon turning to gasps as a firm hand struck her bottom. For a delicately boned woman, the Duchess clearly had a technique to ensure that a spanking was something to remember for Jane was soon gasping for breath as the hard smacks whipped across the cheeks of her bottom.

She had never been physically punished and soon the burning pain was almost unbearable as she writhed and squirmed on her employer's lap. The spanking went on and on, the skilled hand skimming the crowns of both buttocks then changing angle to strike the under curve where bottom met thigh, until Jane was crying and squealing in pain then suddenly it stopped. Jane gave thanks for the sudden cessation of pain, the hot stinging blows leaving her bottom tingling and glowing, the urge to rub her burning buttocks irresistible but her hands could not reach behind.

"Celia, hand me the hairbrush!"

Jane's eyes widened in horror and she began to cry out "Oh Ma'am please I've had enough! Please not the hairbrush!" but her pleas were cut short by a solid thumping blow across her right buttock which made her scream. The hairbrush came down again and again, solid hammer blows across both her buttocks until her bottom was one churning mass of burning pain and she was writhing desperately across her employer's lap, the grip on her back tightening to ensure she did not fall off.

Despite the agony of the beating, Jane was shamefully aware that she had rarely been so sexually excited in her life particularly as she was being spanked by a woman she respected and worked for, a woman who was herself nearly naked. Lying across the almost bare thighs of the Duchess and feeling the warmth of her body was having an effect on Jane as the brush came down again and again. She sensed the feeling welling up in the pit of her stomach, the walls of her cunt swelling, her clitoris standing proud and then the climax hit her as she gasped and cried.

The beating stopped and there was much excited chatter around the table. Almost in a trance now, she felt the soft fingers of the Duchess stroking her swollen pussy.

"I knew you were a natural, you horny little bitch," the Duchess whispered, her tone amused rather than angry, "it's over. Now get up and begin serving the wine."

She got to her feet and her eyes filled with tears, her face was red and swollen and she hardly knew where to look. Yet suddenly the room swelled with applause and as she looked up there were a sea of smiling faces all appreciative of her 'performance'. She managed a smile and suddenly realised that for all their money and power, these women were here to subject themselves to similar treatment and to obtain sexual satisfaction from it. Suddenly the shame and embarrassment seemed to melt away

By the time she was dismissed for the evening and allowed to return to the bathroom, she found all her clothes back in place. She had been given permission to take another shower and as she did so, her naked body stinging with the contact of the warm water, Jane began to caress her bottom gently, rubbing the soap softly across the bright crimson buttocks. To her amazement she began to become very aroused once more but refrained from satisfying herself for she had other aims in mind.

She took gentle care in replacing her jeans the mere touch of the rough denim re-igniting the soreness in her bottom but she managed it and went back downstairs to find Mrs. Bridges waiting to let her out. The woman's grim features cracked into a smile.

"Reckon you'll do!" she said and for the first time Jane returned a friendly grin.

She got into her car, gingerly easing herself into the driving seat and suddenly burst into happy laughter. She still had her well paid job and now she had another little diversion from her domestic problems which had proved unexpectedly rewarding. Being spanked for the first time, and by the nearly naked woman she worked for, had excited her beyond reason, for she was so aroused that when she got home she was intent on having James fuck her brains out. Now she had experienced the excitement she knew she would never look back. Maybe life wasn't so bad after all!

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 16

Many of my faithful readers do not have their own blogs. Let's find out why.

Fred Bloggs: I used to have a blog, unimaginatively called 'The Blog of Fred'. I ran it for a few years, it was never particularly popular, it would have been easier to just email the 20 or so regular visitors.

I have just done a couple of guest blogs on 'Kink of The Week' and on 'Girl On The Net', and they have been well received so I may be tempted to have another go at blogging.
It's quite a commitment, finding something to write about every week.

Amy: Hi All! My advice is blog for yourself rather than for a following or reaction. The comments will then be a nice surprise rather than a reflection on your work. The relationships will also be more genuine. Write for you.

QBuzz: I agree with Amy, just do it for the enjoyment of writing and don't expect lots of comments

Minelle: I try and remember the advice PK gave me, which was: it’s your blog do what you want with it. I find it hard to keep up but I’m trying not to freak out when I can’t blog, so that’s my piece of advice. Try to relax and enjoy it all!

Roz: I agree with Amy and Minelle, write for you.

I don't post anymore but I found the blog a great place to process thoughts and feelings and obtain some fantastic support and advice. We also found the blog a great tool in our relationship as it started conversations between us in addition to giving Rick insight into my thoughts and feelings. These are just some of the benefits I have found through blogging.

Rosco: I have thought about it for a long time, and would like to do it. Discussion of spanking and other kinky activities has been really helpful to me, and of course titillating as well.

But I have not done it for many reasons, including:

I would be mortified if I was found out - especially by my grown children.
I enjoy writing, but I am slow and do plenty of writing at work.
I don't think there are many folks wanting to read the thoughts of one more submissive male.

Occasionally I have written about situations which have aroused powerful feelings in me (and posted in various places), but enthusiastic responses have been limited. I could try harder, and perhaps I will, but I am not sure.

One thing I have done is written fantasy letters to my wife, Irene. Generally they are from the point of view of a woman or girl who is reporting my misbehavior to her (and she herself plays a number of different roles as the recipient of the letter). For example, a sorority freshman sends a note to an older member that I have been peeking through the windows when I am supposed to be working in the yard - and of course recalcitrant yard boys get spanked at this sorority, especially when it is not their first time being caught.

Yorkie: I tried once. Forgot to tell the missus about it and when I did she was mortified. I wasn't that interested anyway so I deleted it.

Ronnie: I agree with Amy, It's your blog, write for yourself and only write what you are totally happy to share. Don't think you have to blog everyday, you don't. Enjoy it and when you are no longer enjoying your blog, stop, you can always come back at a later time.

Thank you all for enlightening us!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #245

Welcome one and all to another spanko brunch. Last week's question was mainly for those of you who have blogs, so this week I'll give the non-bloggers in our group a topic to express their opinion on.

If you do not have a blog, have you ever considered starting one? What stopped you? Might you consider having one in the future? Bloggers, what advice or encouragement can you give our non-blogging friends?

Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.
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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Guest Post - Implements VIII

It's not the end after all! Bacall vary kindly sent me a photo of her arsenal.

"The small holey paddle is my all time favorite which Bogey made for me, followed by the leather paddle. One side is sensual and the other side is very stingy. It was given to us by a dear friend that is no longer with us. I think he only wanted the sensual side used on me. Bogey thinks it’s the stingy side that he wanted to be used. The leather paddle was the first one I bought. I like the long thin Teacher's paddle when I am in the right frame of mind. The red paddle is the one I like when I think I am bulletproof. "

Wow, Bacall! They all look very inviting, in an ouchy sort of way. I can't decide which one I love/fear the most! Thank you for sharing your impressions of them.

If you would like to send me a photo of your favourite implement(s) I would love to post it here. Send it to me at martingale2 @ yahoo . ca (without the spaces). 
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

From the Top Shelf - Tales from The Glenmore

A blog that I visit frequently for its cartoons and stories is The Glenmore, where FM spanking is a specialty. Sadly, the owner of this excellent blog is planning on closing the blog soon. I think that would be a shame. To show you why, here is the intro to the latest story, Just what the Doctor Ordered:
Lord Reginald Chumley looked warily across the room at the delectable Doctor Florence Davenport. She looked even more stunning than usual in her long fuscia[sic] evening gown which hugged her curves and had a teasing split at the back to give a glimpse of her shapely legs when she moved in her usual elegant manner.

The young Lord Chumley was hosting his first Charity Gala at Chumley hall with all the important people in the County attending. He knew the desirable Doctor Davenport had received an invitation, but given the way she had spurned his previous romantic attempts, he was not expecting to see her.

He was still reeling from his previous meeting with her which had ended in the most embarrassing fashion.
If you're anything like me, you will want to know all about that previous embarrassing incident, so before we go on, here is that previous encounter: More Doctor's Orders

Now, to continue with the latest story, hop over to The Glenmore and read Just what the Doctor Ordered. While you're there. please leave a comment to show your appreciation to the folks that work hard on that blog.
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