Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tally Ho!

Since I recently got reacquainted with our dressage whip after an extended period of silence, I thought I would share my favourite site with you. It's Horse Tack Co.

There are plenty of other sites out there, of course, but I've had excellent service from this one and they ship to Canada.

Dressage whips - not for the novice spankee! There's a lovely selection to choose from. Some are brightly coloured, some feature non-slip handles, and I especially like the gold capped one. Check out the whip and crop rack; it holds 8 implements.

(Did you know that dressage whips aren't intended to hurt the horse? They are long and slender so the rider can give her mount subtle signals without taking her hands off the reins.)

Crops - choose from candy-striped, glittery or reflective, and most come in a variety of colours.

Bats - here you'll find my favourite, the dogging bat. It's very loud, but not too severe. Ron calls this the weed whacker. I often refer to it as the leather paddle when I write about it because I think the word "bat" sounds too brutal.

The other item we have from this page is a purple bat with a little hand on the end. I call this our riding crop, for the same reason as above Most bats also come in a variety of colours. There's also an interesting-looking fly whisk.

(I'm not sure what the difference is between a bat and a crop. Possibly bats are thicker and make more noise, and most don't have wrist loops, while crops do.)

Other possibilities that are a bit more expensive, but might be worth a look:

Reins - The cool thing about using reins is that they come in pairs. So right off you have twice the pleasure! And since you have to double them to use them - one end has a buckle and the other has hardware to fasten them to the bit, neither of which you what coming in contact with a tender bottom - that means four layers of pleasure on impact! Besides plain leather, they also come braided and rubber-covered. Imagine the possibilities!

Stirrup leathers - Very similar to leather belts, although they are narrow. They are of necessity quite thick and sturdy. You could also consider the bondage possibilities. Check out the description of the Arc de Triomphe model. "No one can resist their feel!"

Brushes - There's a lot to check out here; these are the prettiest by far. But be careful! You wouldn't want your bottom to come in contact with one of these.


Anonymous said...

great post!

fanny said...

Excellent ideas. Love the horsie website. On the "kink" websites, that dogging bat would be called a leather paddle, and would cost $50+. Hubs is insisting that I order one! Just curious though, does the leather have any give to it, or is it more rigid like wood? I ask because we ordered the hairbrush paddle from Adam and Gillians, and it's so hard you'd swear it was made from wood. It's NOT fun either!

Indiana said...

Great site, Hermione! My only disappointment is that they don't sell old-fashioned, wooden sweat scrapers. I was on the receiving end of one of those recently (I had no idea what it was) and liked it. Nice contour shape and all...

Hermione said...

Maryann - Thank you!

Fanny - The dogging bat is 2 pieces of leather sewn together, and inside is a vinyl-covered metal rod to keep it stiff. So yes, it is fairly rigid. The rod tends to work its way out the top and needs to be pushed down.

Indiana -I've never seen a wooden sweat scraper, only metal ones.


Ms. Betty said...


Bookmarked for sure. I assume the prices listed are in Canadian dollars?

One other question, do they carry replacement lashes for the dressage whips. A certain little kitten has done quite a number on mine. We're still having trouble understanding the "whips are not cat toys" concept.

Ms. Betty

Ms. Betty said...

On sweat scrapers...

They used to be made of wood and you can sometimes still find wooden ones in Amish communities.

Or try rosy bottoms, their "brat tamers" are modeled on wooden horse scrapers.

Hermione said...

Ms. Betty - The prices are in US dollars.

I'm not familiar with replacement lashes. Mine is all one piece, (and over 30 years old) and doesn't have much of a lash, just a pointed end. Someone out there must have them.

Thanks for the sweat scraper info.


dwcmike said...

Hermione: seems like you must be a frequent customer, being that you are so knowledgable. Thanks for a link to a ggod source of spanking implements.

jo said...

Well, now that I've seen the infamous dogging bat, it doesn't look so bad. I just know when he checks your blog, he will remember his previous unsuccessful search. All your fault, Hermione! And many of the others are just so pretty! Hmmm, we have an anniversary coming up....

Hermione said...

Mike - I'm happy to be of help!

Jo - No, it isn't bad at all; it looks much worse than it is.
Happy anniversary!

Radha said...

The Lord Krishna loves his crops and bats, but we usually pick them up at farm supply stores for cheap ($5 and under). I had no idea that reins could be put into the mix. I'm going to have to check this out! Thanks for the tips!

Terpsichore said...

thank-you for the resource...anniversary is coming up...hmmm :-) Take care, Terpsichore