Monday, August 4, 2008


My husband Ron is well-educated, articulate and a voracious reader. He has a wicked sense of humour and is as good as I am at finding typos in the local paper. But he is a man of few words, preferring to use gestures whenever he can.

If the TV remote is out of his reach, he'll use hand signals to prompt me to change the channel. If I put his mug down with the handle turned the wrong way, he'll indicate with his finger which way it should be turned. When I back out of the driveway, he watches from the window and waves his arms wildly, but I respond with a cheery wave to that! When he mows the grass and I have missed one of the doggie gifts on the lawn, he stops and raises one arm in the air. That's my cue to come and remove the obstacle, if I happen to be outside too. I usually manage to be somewhere else, though. A slap on my bottom means that bedtime will be earlier than usual.

That had been the signal on this particular occasion. Ron carefully examined the new aqua lace panties that I modeled for him, noticing that they scarcely covered my bottom. Once the panties were removed, along with other bits of clothing, we hopped into bed. Ron immediately reached for the Littledeer maple paddle. I was feeling a bit naughty so I opened my eyes wide in mock horror, with a little smile. I was trying to let him know I wanted more cuddling and a little warmup first.

Ron frowned, but I could see a smile lurking. He gave me a light tap on the shoulder with the paddle. I giggled. I knew that it meant "head down, bottom up!" so I quickly got into position over a pillow, still giggling.

The first whack of the paddle stopped my laughter, but I kept on smiling for a while longer. This was fun! I wiggled to try to evade the swats, but the paddle kept right on target. The fun continued for both of us until Ron put the paddle aside and used his hands first to tell me how much he loved me, and then to show me how I could please him.
After, I curled up in Ron's arms and thought of the needlepoint picture that hangs on a wall downstairs:
Give me a friend with whom I can be silent.


Paul said...

great post, thank you.
Great saying that, unfortunately most people don't seem to understand it.
Warm hugs,

Michael said...

Wonderful, Hermione!

"Mock horror" so funny. Love your needlepoint picture. So true. Talking is not always needed. A relationship has blossomed when you are both comfortable in your silence, though not during a spanking. Then there should be a lot of noise. ;)


Anonymous said...

Excellent post illustrating a sweet contentment.

grace said...

Sometimes actions speak louder than words!

Great post!

D said...

Ha! Very good! Yes, my G also tends to have signals as well as "the look."

One of my favorites is when he sits in the middle of the couch and pats his legs with his hands. If I play like I don't know what he wants, I get "the look."

Great post!

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Of course, spanking is the greatest non-verbal communication of them all, so it's maybe no surprise that the lead up to a spanking also tens towards its own particular sort of semiotics.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Hermione. Spankosexuals seem especially adept at all manner of hand signals :)

Keep up the great blogging,

dwcmike said...

Grace: Great post to read.
Glad to know that at least the first spank got your attention, and hopefully next time their will be more of that strength.
Great that Ron was taking the initiative.
Your desire for more cuddling has to be curtailed by his decision to spank your tail :=) This is part of the journey of him deciding when and where you should be spanked.
Enjoy the wonderful ride(s) :-).

Greenwoman said...

I like that saying too...I love companionable silences. *smiles*

My husband also does just fine with mime....There's just no missing what he means. He could be speaking into a loudspeaker inside my head its so clear.

I can do exactly the same thing he does and every one just stands there and looks bewildered. I get irritated it works for him and not for me. *grins*

pregogirl said...

Just wanted to let you know you have a great blog. I just found it and I am hooked. Keep blogging.

Hermione said...

Did anyone notice that the semaphore signals spelled out S-P-A-N-K? Or am I the only former Guide or Scout in the group?

Paul - Idle chatter is rarely necessary.

Michael - More noise? OK, I'll try when the windows are closed.

Span - Very contented!

Grace - Those actions spoke pretty loudly!

D - Now that's a signal I'd like to see Ron give me.

Karl - Right. It's a sort of pantomime or dance.

Dave - Thanks Dave. I agree, hands are very eloquent at that particular time.

Mike - Ron's made more of those decisions lately. Stay tuned!

Pregogirl - Welcome!


Terpsichore said...

Nice the saying... :-)