Thursday, August 21, 2008

Spanking Around the World

A nearby community recently had a weekend of multicultural events to showcase the traditions of various peoples who had moved from their homelands to Canada.
The events were advertised on a local radio station, and although I wasn't listening carefully, the demonstrations included:

Chinese Lion dancing
Irish dancing
Belly dancing
Highland dancing

Flogging? What ethnic group would be doing flogging? It would be worth going to find out. What a fun day trip!

On second thought, do you think it's clogging?


Cowgirl said...

LOL, it sure is funny when you hear what you want to hear, itsn't it? I'm pretty sure they would have said clogging, but you never know! Too funny :)

dwcmike said...

Hermione: wishful thinking methinks. :-) Mike


Probably too far back in antiquity but the city state of Sparta used to have flogging, whipping and beating competitions. The first flogged person to safe word or pass out lost. apparently it was popular and the families of the two competitors would very often turn up to cheer their lad or lass on.


Anonymous said...

I have read elsewhere that flogging is a holiday activity in some cultures. I wish I knew the link so I could pass it along.

sixofthebest said...

In the middle eastern countries where flogging is a practised judicial art, I'm a sure there is a school for learning how to give a good one. I'm wondering how many of us 'spanko's would apply for such a job opening, if it was offered to us.