Friday, August 15, 2008

50,000 Hits

Today my stats counter topped 50,000 hits. This blog has been around for less than six months, and I think it's wonderful that I have had so many visitors in such a short time.
Thank you, dear readers, for being out there. You've come from one of 99 countries to see what I'm up to. Whether you are a daily visitor or this is your first time here, you're very important to me.
I'm also grateful to the more well-established bloggers who send readers here from time to time, and to everyone who has a link to me on their blog.
Blogging is the best!


sara said...

Cool and Congrats Hermione!

sparkle said...

Congratulations Hermione!

Greenwoman said...

Wow! You are doing great! *smiles* I'm afraid I don't get nearly the traffic you do. Mine did that sometime in the past week or two when I wasn't looking too, I was happy to note. You deserve the traffic. You write a terrifically fun blog!!

And hey, I noted that blogger updated the dashboard today when I signed in...*smiles*

Paul said...

Hermione, congratulations girl, mainly your doing you know, if you didn't write so well, we wouldn't be here.
Warm hugs,

K said...

Congrats. Your blog is fun to read.


50,000 is a nice number well done. This blog is always worth visiting.


G said...

At first I thought the title of this post referred to an AWFULLY long spanking! :-)


dwcmike said...

Hermione: It's only just begun...Glad you can't hear me sing this old song.. Your blog is fun to read, and getting to know you through the blog is an extra pleasure....
May you receive one spank for every thousand visitors, whenever the counter changes to another thousand... (no fair if you keep using other computers to add to your total yourself.)
bottoms up

Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--congratulations! That's no small accomplishment, and you've earned the traffic with a terrific blog....
I'm slightly ahead of you, but I fully expect you to zoom past me at some point. For one thing, you update more frequently than I do.... :-)
Well done!

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Your place is one of my most favorite stops in the blogosphere.

Hermione said...

Sara, Sparkle and K - Thank you!

Greenwoman - I have a lot of fun doing it. And yes, Blogger looks quite different now.

Paul - Thank you. I do my best.

Prefectdt - I'm glad you think so.

G - Wouldn't that be something!

Mike - That sounds like a plan!

Dr. Ken - We can have a race to see who's ahead by Christmas!

Span - It;s kind of you to say that!


Dave said...

Congratz Hermione! Keep up the blogtastic blogging.

Blog on,

Michael said...

BIG HUGE CONGRATULATIONS, Hermione! Your blog is fun and unique, and I can always count on you to put your special twist on a topic. Here's to your next 50,000 and way more than that. :)