Friday, April 3, 2009

Spankings 'R' Us

This spanking is brought to you by the letter R

Ready: an end to the waiting
Round: the pillow beneath; the bottom above
Reach: for the dogleg brush
Rough: the first strokes are the worst
Rhythm: whack, whack, WHACK
React: gasp, moan, shriek
Repeat: two right, two left, three right, three left
Respite: massage, rub, squeeze
Resume: harder and faster
Rebel: legs kick and thrash
Restrain: hold on tight
Ruminate: sharp sting mixed with heavy thud
Radical: swats on thighs
Rosy: cheeks dark crimson, hot and tender
Relax: it's over
Reward: cuddle, caress, kiss
Roam: fingers probe, tease, penetrate
Release: share the happy ending
Rejoice: in our love and closeness
Rejoin: the outside world
Ready: to do it again
Thank you Ron!

From Hermione's Heart



Reap - the whirlwind of pain.


Dr. Ken said...

Read - over and over. :-)

Dr. Ken

Hermione said...

Prefectdt - Wish I'd thought of that one!

Dr. Ken - LOL I like that!


Jflame said...

Re-act - Wow! well done.
Hugs, Jay

Miss Jules said...

Rush: The adrenaline and arousal during it. ;) Love the post.

ronnie said...

Good post Hermione,

Race - which my heart would be doing.

Have a good weekend.

Hermione said...

Jay - yup, that's a good one.

Miss Jules - I almost rushed out of the room too!

Ronnie - Thank you. My heart was definitely racing.


abby williams said...

Remember: to read Hermione's blog whenever I need to smile.

This is adorable! *hugs*

Hermione said...

Abby - You're too kind!

Hugs to you too.

dwcmike said...

Ruddy Red Roasted Rascal: Hermione and her bottom :-)

Hermione said...

Mike - You said a mouthful!

dwcmike said...

Hermione: that wasn't really a part of your initial description.LOL