Saturday, April 25, 2009

Red Reward

For my birthday spanking I had made up my mind that I was going to ask for something a little bit special. We still have implements that didn't get used during New Implement Month and I had plans. I even asked Ron if I could choose what he used and what position I would assume when he used it.

"Sure you can."

But that weekend Ron was under the weather and no spanking happened. He promised to reschedule it for the following day.

"Come home early and we'll make the four o'clock deadline," he joked. But the next day there was no mention of it, and I could tell he still wasn't feeling on top of his form.

The day after that, I debated whether I should just wait and see, or be proactive. I decided to act, and sent Ron an email that said:

Am I going to get a spanking tonight?

His reply was ambiguous:

I'm not sure. If not tonight, tomorrow for certain.

So that had to satisfy me. When I got home, Ron explained that although he was feeling much better, he'd take care of my bottom the next day. To prove it, he rubbed it, squeezed it, patted it and even swatted it from time to time throughout the evening. I enjoyed it immensely and my anticipation soared.

The next morning I wasn't so excited. Apprehension had taken over. I don't know why, but that usually happens when a spanking is close to happening. It was hard to concentrate at work that day; I kept imagining what we would be doing in just a few short hours. I was excited, aroused and fearful in turn. Did I really want a spanking? I wasn't sure.

Finally the day was over and I drove home. After I had come in and hung up my coat, Ron said, "We'll have a drink and you can read your mail. Then I'll give you your spanking." My tummy lurched pleasantly. While I sifted through the junk mail, we watched a comedy show on TV. When it ended, we exchanged looks, got up and headed for the bedroom.

After the day of mood swings, I was no longer concerned with making it a special spanking, so after we had both undressed I was surprised that Ron remembered my request from a few days before.

"Did you choose the implement you want?"

"Oh, right" I scurried out of the bedroom and across the hall to what Ron calls "the implement room" where I chose the red leather slapper. It was one of the Terrible Trio but now my secret is out. We had never used it.

Ron laughed when he saw it, and said it was kind of small. I handed it to him, stretched out over some pillows on the bed, and waited. It was small, because it was designed to be used OTK, but I had used up all my courage and would postpone asking him to put me across his lap for another time.

SMACK! SMACK! What an enormous sound from such a small paddle! It was louder than the dogging bat, which is designed to make noise too. I waited for the sting, but it didn't come. That red slapper simply didn't hurt much. I did my best but couldn't suppress my laughter; It just made so darned much racket!

Ron turned it into a beautifully erotic spanking by giving my bottom a lot of gentle rubbing and caressing in between sets of spanks, so I was very happy with the way things turned out after all. It was an extra-long and very pleasurable spanking, and I enjoyed the lovemaking that followed even more.

The following day I was in a pleasant haze, and was surprised to find that sitting down actually hurt. That evening I told Ron how much I had enjoyed having a tingling bottom in the middle of the week.

"I'm surprised I'm sore, because that slapper didn't hurt very much."

"I thought so. It was too small."

"So why didn't you spank me harder?"

"Too much effort for too little gain."

"Even so, I felt relaxed all day. When I need a spanking, I get so tense. And I really needed that. Thank you."

We'll try the slapper again, and next time I will be OTK. You're my witnesses.

From Hermione's Heart


Measha said...

First of all Happy Birthday!

I've found a longer spanking that isn't that hard at the time will stay with me a bit longer. TJ doesn't get that (luckily?) so most spankings are harder and shorter...or longer and harder but they just don't seem to give the tingle the next day.

And I love the tingle the next after a good spanking..Like being hugged every time you sit down.

A.S.S. said...

That's a cute paddle. Love the color. Perfect for fun and erotic play. And if it doesn't quite give enough zing... hey, that's why spankers have hands!

Happy Birthday,
Todd and Suzy

Julie said...

Happy Birthday from me as well. :-)
That sounds like a lovely evening - I hope my birthday spankings will be similar in the future.

Abby Williams said...

Happy Birthday! *hugs* Guess what??? After long last, we are implement twins!!! We bought a very similar paddle on our honeymoon (a spanking sex toy purchased in every town we visited). It only hurts if applied very hard, but it's the perfect warm-up toy. Stingy but fun. Enjoy!


Paul said...

Hermione, I'm happy that you are enjoying your birthdays, and the spankings thereof, may they go from strength to strength. :)

Hermione said...

Measha - "Like being hugged every time you sit down" is a wonderful way to describe it.

Todd and Suzy - I like the colour too. And you're quite right about hands. They're often the most effective choice.

Miss Jules - It was a lot of fun.

Abby - Great minds think alike!

Paul - Thank you. They do seem to be getting stronger.


dwcmike said...

Belated happy birthday... sort of just like the belated spanking..
"Did I really want a spanking? I wasn't sure." I had to look to make certain I was on the right blog, and laugh. Hermione NOT wanting a spanking. Is the Earth Flat. LOL

Hermione said...

Mike - C'est vrai! Sometimes I do feel like saying "never mind." But I'm always glad I didn't once we get underway.