Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's finally happened! A chain of "pay for paddling" parlours coming to a mall near you. There will be long lines of naughty people waiting for their services, no doubt. Thursday is two for one day, so come early.

At least, that's one possibility.

From Hermione's Heart


Dave said...

I might need to apply for a job here!

I wonder if they'll have a frequent visitor's card? 12 spankings and get one free.

ronnie said...

You find some great signs Hermione. Thanks for sharing.

Have a lovely weekend.

Hermione said...

Dave - I like that idea. I'll bet they would attract a log of business that way.

Ronnie - I was quite lucky with this one. Glad you enjoyed it.


dwcmike said...

Hermione: you do find great items on the internet. On the spot spankings usually are standing being corrected. cheers

Dave Wolfe said...

OHhh, so THAT'S what was going on in that Armand Van Heldon video, with the Spalding Rockwell girls-- they were documenting how this successful home business sprouted into a nationwide chain! I'm delighted everthing turned over, er, turned out so well! Thanks, Hermione!!


Hermione said...

Mike - That I do! It's a fun hobby to search for inspiration.

Wolfie - Welcome! I haven't seen that video but it definitely sounds interesting.


Dave said...

oh my lol this made me smile. yes, Every mall needs one of these 'paddling parlors' :)

Great find/thx for sharing it.

BrushStrokes said...

I would at least have a place to bring the girlfriend when she spends too much money!