Friday, April 10, 2009

Overheard Here and There

Overheard at the office:
"What about maintenance?" Huh? Was the gal in the next office talking to her husband about an upcoming spanking?

No, the telephone conversation I overheard was about software for computers. Besides the initial purchase price, there is usually a yearly maintenance fee that includes upgrades, bug fixes and vendor support.

Overheard everywhere:

Guy #1: "So my kid walked in on us last night..."
Guy #2: "Well, you gave them the talk, why not say you were wrestling or something?"
Guy #1: "Well, I have no way to explain the handcuffs."
Worker explaining new fax machine: "Stand there and just stick it in. Bottom up."

Overheard at home:

After one energetic application of
the dogging bat -- a very noisy implement -- to my bottom.
Hermione: "One of those swats made my ears ring."
Ron: "What? Did you say I made your rear sing?"

Just when I think that spanking is the farthest thing from my husband's mind, he surprises me. We were watching a British house-hunting program on TV, and heard a few terms not commonly used in Canada.

As the clients and agents closed the deal, I said that to celebrate they should all "retire to the reception room and raise a glass."

Without missing a beat, Ron replied, "Then retire to the bedroom and spank an ass."

Quite possibly.

From Hermione's Heart


M:e said...

That started my day with a smile. I love the one about the fax machine!

love and hugs xxx

ronnie said...

LOL thanks Hermione, nice start to my day. I loved the fax one as well.

Having worked in an open office before, it's so amusing what you over hear.

Have a lovely Easter.


PS - Hermione thank you for suggestion about clearing the cache, will ask P to take a look x

Hermione said...

M:e - I'm glad you liked it.

Ronnie - Happy Easter to you too! And I hope clearing the cache solves your problem.


dwcmike said...

funny, thanks... Glad to hear Ron's mind is wandering the way you enjoy.

Hermione said...

Mike - So am I, and it's always when I don't expect it, which makes it even more fun!

Sara said...

Isn't it funny how we start to hear and see things? Last week I was walking along the city street when 'Paddles' caught my eye, in bold letters across a store window. The closer look revealed "Racquet Balls, Paddles, Sports Equipment". For some strange reason my eye went to the paddles...imagine that!

Hermione said...

Sara - Gee, I wonder why? LOL I have a great sign coming up soon. Watch for it.


Michael said...

Made me smile as usual, Hermione, thanks. Love that Ron can give you a wicked surprise like that. Happy Easter! Don't know if the Easter Bunny has a naughty list like Santa but I hope he gets Ron to give you a spanking on Easter morning. :)

Hermione said...

Michael - Happy Easter to you too. I'm sure Ron has a little something in mind for me today.