Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tiger Revealed

You made some wonderful guesses about what the mystery implement in my previous post might be used for.

Spanking implement (my first guess too)
Cat toy (that was my second guess)
Swab to dry a wind instrument (it looks a bit like one)
Leash for an imaginary dog (very creative!)
Might be expandable (No, but it does do something)
Fly swatter (possibly, if your aim is good)
Pointer to use when giving presentations (that's a great idea)
Backscratcher - BINGO!

Now you can see how the other side looks. On the right, you can probably make out the on/off switch. The batteries go in at the end. The little paw on the left is plastic and has claws, and the tiger pattern is fake fur.

It doesn't do a very good job as a backscratcher. Maybe it will be more successful as a spanking implement. If not, then Crookshanks can swat flies with it.

Thanks, everyone, for playing!

From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

Hi Hermione, never would have guessed it. Is it battery operated as well? From the picture it looks like it has a switch.


ronnie said...

Me again Hermione, sorry just re-read your post, yes I see it's battery operated.


Anonymous said...

Wow I was right. Thats so cool. Loved this Hermione,thanks for posting it.

Lil Sam said...

Hi Hermione, I have missed reading your post, but now that I am back I have lots to catch up on. Knew it was a back scratcher as I have one very simaler to it.
Lil Sam

Spanking Photo Blog said...

Hello, I have too a spanking and BDSM blog. I put a link to your blog in mine. If you wish, you can link my blog as well.

Good evening

Hermione said...

Ronnie - The batteries made me think it was a cat toy.

Anonymous - Congratulations!

Lil Sam - Welcome back! And do you use your backscratcher for any other purpose?

SPB - I will visit your blog. Thanks for the link.