Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

I first saw this hanging on the wall in Ron's study some months ago. He got it from a relative, tossed it into the closet, and had only recently rediscovered it.
My first thought was of the Blake poem. My second was that it was a strange sort of spanking implement. But when I asked Ron if that's what he was going to use it for, he said no. I then guessed another use--vanilla this time--but I was wrong again. When he told me what it really was, I was sceptical, but was willing to give it a try.

Can you guess what it might be for? In case you can't tell from the picture, it's furry.

From Hermione's Heart


Tiggs said...

Is it a cat toy? Looks like a toy I could play with, for sure, so I couldn't help guessing that one! Plus, I just see spanking toys everywhere these days!


A.S.S. said...

No idea. Thought it was a spanking implement. Looking at it again... having trouble even coming up with a guess.

Looks like it might expand... but that doesn't help with a guess, lol. Look forward to the answer.

Todd & Suzy

Fabsterrant said...

Geez its difficult to concentrate on non spanking implements after your great narratives. Is it a walking leash for an imaginary dog? Perhaps they are coming back after seeing many at a Mardi Gras awhile back,lol.

Anonymous said...

A backscratcher?

Jflame said...

Hmmm does Ron play and instrument?
I have a stick like that for my Clarinet and I used to have one when I played the flute. Is it something like that?
Maybe a computer keyboard duster?
Hmmm well thats my guess.
Hugs, Jay

Dave said... tricked-out fly swatter ?

ronnie said...

Hope you had a good weekend.

Gosh I've got no idea Hermione, all I can see is a fun spanking implement.

Look forward to hearing what is.


BigBear said...

we think it's a funky pointer for slide shows etc, probably miles off but hey. lol

hugs to all

Bear n Penfold

Anonymous said...

Hi, Hermione -

I enjoy your site. "Tyger, Tyger, burning bright" is actually a William Blake poem, in his "Songs of Experience" book. Its counterpart in "Songs of Innocence" is the familiar "Little Lamb who made Thee" poem.


Hermione said...

Scout - Oops! thanks for setting me straight on that one. I stand corrected!