Thursday, April 23, 2009

Swat This

Recently I attended a work-related seminar. The subject wasn't particularly interesting, but the presenter did manage to catch and hold my attention for a while. He was talking about a business course he had taught, and a key concept that was contained within the acronym S.W.A.T. He told us what the letters stood for, but I was so startled I forgot to write it down. For the next few minutes I was totally entranced as he came out with phrases like:
Solve all problems with a SWAT
Everyone learns how to SWAT
At graduation everyone knows how to do a SWAT
Use a SWAT for everything
SWAT is the perfect tool
The world according to SWAT

He had me convinced. I already knew that a good SWAT was a great way to solve a problem.

I gave this guy lots of praise on the evaluation form I filled out at the conclusion of the day. 

From Hermione's Heart


Penfold said...

Hi hermione.

sounds like he was a very intersting speaker. If only he new what was pottering through your mind every time he said SWAT.

hope you are ok, hugs.

Bear and Penfold

Hermione said...

Bear and Penfold - I'm glad I was near the back of the room so he couldn't see me blushing.

M:e said...

..and just think....after you'd completed your SWAT, you'd be able to put your spanking brand new plans into action!!

love and hugs xxx

Dave said...

lol so what does S.W.A.T stand for?

anyhoo, I love when the cops need to call in the SWAT team! Sometimes one is not enough--you need a whole, errm well, to do the Swatting or what not...or something.

I've had a bunch of Sangria tonite. ;)

Thank you and cheers,

ronnie said...

LOL, I think I would have been blushing as well Hermione or trying not to laugh.

Have a lovely weekend.

Hermione said...

M;e - How very efficient!

Dave - Strengths, weaknesses, something something.

Yes, I love the SWAT team too. How could you possibly work with those guys and keep a straightface?

Ronnie - You just never know when a spanko reference will pop up.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


Dr. Ken said...

It seems like, every spanking party at Halloween, somebody dresses up as a member of a S.W.A.T. team....
And a SWAT to you for not paying closer attention to what SWAT stands for...."something something", indeed!

Dr. Ken

Hermione said...

Dr. Ken - I'll bet no one ever gets tired of the joke!


Julie said...

Nice. That is hilarious. I would have simply erupted into laughter right in the seminar. :p

dwcmike said...

The occasional swat from one lover to their partner is always a good thing. It always gets a re-action, and attention! Smiles