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From the Top Shelf - Two Flappers in Paris

Today's tale is an excerpt from the anonymously authored Edwardian story Two Flappers in Paris.  Jack, the narrator, first meets a girl on a boat en route to Paris, a young woman fresh out of school and looking for excitement. He immediately takes the young girl, Evelyn, under his wing and on arrival in Paris promptly decides to debauch both her and her schoolfriend Nora by acquainting them with the more earthy side of life.

This extract begins after Jack has already shown the girls flagellation films and decides it is time they both experienced the real thing. So he takes them to a flagellatory brothel, after setting the situation up with a young prostitute named Rose, where the girls soon learn what is expected of them.

As soon as we had entered the whipping room, the Madame left us to the tender care of Rose, who alone had accompanied us. My little friend invited us to be seated and then said 'I must tell you, young ladies and monsieur, that it is a condition of the house that no visitor may enter the whipping room without receiving a whipping. It is a tribute which must be paid. Now with which of you shall I begin?'

Evelyn and Nora, crimson with embarrassment, declared that they would be much too ashamed to be whipped in front of a man.

At this Rose laughed heartily.

'Really?' said she. 'Perhaps you are afraid that Uncle Jack would be shocked at the sight of your charms! If that is so, you may banish all fear. Monsieur is no novice, I assure you! He has seen many a whipped bottom. And I don't mind admitting that he has seen mine dancing under the rod not so very long ago!'

'But,' cried Evelyn, 'it must hurt terribly!' Rose's laughter increased.

'Not at all, not at all!' said she. 'Please remember that we are here for our pleasure and not for our pain! Don't be alarmed, young ladies, and make up your minds to go through with it. One thing is certain, and that is you will not leave this room without having had a whipping, and nor will your 'uncle' either!'

'Oh, for my part,' I said, 'I will gladly submit to the rules of the house'

'Then,' said Evelyn, 'you have it first!'

'No,' said Rose firmly, 'that would be breaking the rules. We always begin with a visitor making a first visit to the establishment.'

'Evelyn,' said I, 'I give you my word of honour that I will go through with it after you and Nora. And besides, didn't you tell me you were "prepared for anything"? If you want to understand everything you must learn by personal experience and I assure you that you won't suffer pain, but quite the contrary!'

'But you will see me!'

'And have I not some little claim to such a delicious reward?'

She hesitated, 'And Nora will get it after me?'

'Yes, after you, and I after Nora'

'Oh, good heavens, very well then! Do with me as you like!'

Assisted by Rose I led Evelyn to the armchair. The seat consists of two arms placed close together, hollowed out like a gutter, and thickly padded. We directed Evelyn to kneel down on it and this she did without much hesitation.

Promptly Rose fastened her legs to the arms of the chair by means of two broad webbing straps, then directed her to place her arms around the back of the chair. These she fastened securely at the wrists by means of another strap. Evelyn realised that her stomach was resting on a velvet cushion fixed at the back of the chair.

'What is that placed there for?' she enquired, sounding a little frightened without knowing quite why.

'To support you, darling!' I said 'Now don't be afraid!'

Touching a lever, Rose set the back of the chair in motion. It fell slowly, steadily backwards, drawing with it the upper part of the astonished Evelyn's body. A cry of distress issued from her pretty lips, and Nora, frightened too, rose from her chair and began to cry out.

'Don't be frightened,' I said quickly 'Be a good girl, Nora. I've told you that no harm shall happen to Evelyn. You can have complete confidence in me.'

Evelyn, meanwhile, continued to utter little cries of terror which became more plaintive when, the back of the chair continuing to fall, the dear girl found herself falling forwards, quite gently it is true, and without her fastened limbs or body suffering any pain whatsoever. The downward movement only ceased when the back was almost parallel with the floor, and as the arms had risen as the back fell, Evelyn found herself exactly as if she had been placed on all fours, that is to say her bottom was raised in a way most admirably suited for a whipping. The position in itself was already extremely exciting for Nora and me - especially for me - but was nothing compared to what I was about to see! The mere idea of this made me tremble with desire. Evelyn, on finding herself thus exposed, felt a natural agony of shame. She cried out more loudly, and her lovely face expressed a real terror, when she found herself thus placed with her head lower than her heels.

Rose gently reassured her.

'Oh, Miss Evelyn,' she said 'you are not going to cry out like a little baby, surely! You know that it's only fun! If you really deserved to be punished, we should not take so much care to make you comfortable, should we? You will see how curious it is and what strange and powerful emotions this new experience provokes. Now, be a good girl, and we will begin the operation.

I see your blushes and yes, Monsieur will see your pretty little bottom! He will see it birched! And what if he does? I don't suppose that you imagine it will be the first pretty girl's bottom he has seen under such circumstances!'

But the shame which is inseparable from the preparation for a whipping had now taken complete possession of Evelyn. Her face was crimson and sweet little tears appeared on her long eyelashes. This attitude of humiliation, I must confess, gave me infinitely more pleasure than if she had taken the situation as a matter of course, to be merely laughed at.

Rose delicately seized between thumb and finger of each hand, the edge of the light skirt and turned it up slowly over Evelyn's shoulders. The poor girl uttered such a cry of distress that, had I not restrained myself, I should have flung myself on my knees before her and kissed her pretty lips in order to comfort her.

'Oh, what are you going to do to me?' she sighed.

'I am about to uncover the necessary part of you, miss,' said Rose smiling. 'You don't suppose that we are going to whip you over your petticoats, do you?'

'Oh this is so dreadful! So shocking!' Evelyn wailed as Rose, highly amused, proceeded to raise the soft petticoat, then her light and skilful hands sought out, under the upturned clothes, the buttons of Evelyn's drawers.

This search was the beginning of the excitement for Evelyn. I could see it in the nervous trembling which shook her charming posteriors, still protected by their thin covering. I could not take my eyes from those splendid rotundities, the bold roundness and fullness of which were suddenly revealed to me. The drawers, made of the finest lawn, were open and, at the bottom of the slit in the drawers, near the thighs, a little end of the chemise peeped out and trembled like a little tail. How I should have loved to raise this little tail and insert beneath it an investigating finger or an inquisitive glance. The drawers, at this moment tightly stretched by the jutting-out position of their sumptuous contents, were slit up the side to a certain point and fastened at the top by a bow of rose coloured satin.

Rose, having found the buttons, now slipped the drawers down to the knees and then slowly raised the fine crepe chemise and turned it up over the shoulders with the petticoats.

To be sure, I have seen the bottoms of many girls and women in my time but this time I felt more deeply aroused than ever before for Evelyn's bottom was an absolute marvel! What painter at the top of his profession could produce a picture of that delightful pink and white flesh, a virgin's bottom, a bottom pure and fresh, absolutely chaste and never before uncovered to the eyes of man and never yet soiled by the slightest touch!

Rose took from the cupboard two instruments of flagellation. She placed one near a seat near the armchair and held the other in her hand. The first was a classic birch rod formed of thin twigs about two feet long and bound together for half their length and covered with broad red ribbon.

The other, which she held in her hand, was a martinet, its wooden handle bound with soft leather, the six leather thongs, about a foot long, covered in crimson velvet.

I thought that Rose was now ready to put an end to Evelyn's agony of shame by proceeding to whip her at once but such was not the case! Turning a small handle at the side of the chair, the arms began to open with the result that Evelyn's strapped legs were forced wide apart prompting her to cry out in distress.

Nora was sitting by my side, just behind Evelyn, in a position from which we could admire the now revealed intimate charms of our little companion.... How moved I was at the sight of such charms so beautifully and indecently displayed. My nerves tingled and my blood coursed in hot waves through my veins. Beside me sat Nora, her face scarlet! She had taken my hand, the little darling, and was pressing it convulsively.

'Nora,' I murmured, 'I am in a condition of excitement. The devil is aroused!'

She lowered her eyes in confusion. I gently guided her hand to the place where the devil was making his presence felt. I held the soft trembling little hand there and whispered 'Do you feel it, dear? Tell me if you can feel it!'

'Yes, oh yes!' she sighed 'I can feel it!'

Rose now began to whip Evelyn, whose bottom at once began to dance while she uttered plaintive little cries, whether of fear or pleasure it would not have been easy to decide....
A birch and a martinet - oh my! It's such a pity the excerpt ends here. You will have to use your imagination as to what happens next. Or buy the ebook here.
From Hermione's Heart


Lurvspanking said...


Saxon-Web has the entire book posted along with loads of other Victorian novels.

Roz said...

I know who deserves the whipping in this story, and it isn't the poor girls! lol. Thanks Hermione for sharing another great story.


Cat said...

I do believe 'uncle' is getting a tad bit turned on and 2 young ladies are gonna have very sore tushies. Thank for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

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Naughty Jack. Enjoyed the story. Thanks for sharing Hermione.


Hermione said...

Lurvspanking - Thank you fro the link. I had no idea it was there. I will be reading more:)

Roz - I'm with you on that one.

Cat - He seems to be enjoying himself.

Ronnie - Very naughty, isn't he.