Saturday, December 31, 2016

You Completed the Caption

This is the caption I found on the internet for the picture, but yours all win, hands down(no pun intended!)

kdpierre: Business is made of highs and lows.
Learn to appreciate the valleys as well as the hills.

Leigh: I'm waiting.

King Marshall: "The longer I wait like I going to just have to spank myself? Do you really want to miss out on the all that fun?

Ronnie: Tell the Truth.
You noticed her long hair first.

Is this NAUGHTY enough to be spanked?

Sir Wendel: FOCUS
Good luck with that one.

Baxter: Career Success
Learn how to kiss ass and do it well for other positions

Simon: Phone Calls
 Make them brief, cover all the important points and remember smile.

A.J. "PLUMP"?????
Don't think so.

Hands63: Wednesday is Hump Day!

Anon: A smile for posterior.
Or is that posterity?

Jack: Tooth Decay
You won't find that problem here! I clean twice everyday - so I feel clean and fresh.

Bonnie: Marketing
Some products sell themselves

Happy New Year!
From Hermione's Heart

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