Sunday, December 11, 2016

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #154

You are all invited to join in another spanking discussion right now! Spanking implements come in many shapes, sizes, colours and textures, but the original weapons of ass destruction were usually one of two natural materials.

Which do you prefer: wood or leather? Does your spanking partner agree with your preference? Have these preferences changed over time? Does the preference change depending on the reason for the spanking?

Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion after everyone has had a chance to contribute.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

My preference is definitely leather. Wood hurts! lol. Having said that however there are times when I want to feel the sting of wood. Ultimately nothing beats the hand...flesh on flesh.

For both of us different implements and leather or wood have their place. I think it depends more on the mood than the reason for the spanking.

an English Rose said...

Hi Hermione, Leather, preferably a belt...
love Jan, xx

Domhnall TheSecond said...

My wife starts me off with her hand, then a Leatherthorn beavertail paddle, and she finishes the experience with a heavy wooden paddle. The wooden implement is by far the most painful. Thankfully, I have been warmed up beforehand.

abby said...

I am positively a leather girl....Master is a "paddle man"....we have been this way since we first met...over 15 years ago. One exception is Master's whip...He loves it, me not so much.
hugs abby

Cat said...

Wood is no good,
Leather is better,
Feathers are best!
And whatever you do...
Stay away from acrylic!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

amber said...


Blogger amber said...


It is nice to meet you.

I came across this blog and it looks like fun.

I hope to have the time to go back thru it and have a good read.

I love both.

It provides a very nice variety.

My boyfriend makes some very lovely wood paddles for special occasions, christmas, valentines day, my birthday, as well as whenever he feels like he wants something new. I think half the excitement for me is that he has taken the time and effort to make something that he knows will give me such pleasure.

That being said, I absolutely love leather. The times I can have orgasms from spanking alone (meaning no vibes, fingers, etc) has come from being over his lap with a leather paddle.

I love the feel, the smell, the sound of leather. Not just spanking but clothing as well. If I could afford it, 90% of my closet would be leather skirts, corsets, boots, etc.

I guess my least favorite is lexan and rubber. But, Mike likes it for some more variety and some of the different marks he says that they leave. It brings him pleasure so I don't mind occasionally getting whacked with them.

I guess I can say that leather edges out wood a little, but I am glad to have lots of both :)

amber xxx

Anonymous said...

I prefer the brush. It is compact and stings like hell. However I seldom have a choice.
We always start with 50 with the brush. If it is more serious infraction it may be belt,
paddle and /or cane. Or any combination of these stated.

The cane leaves nasty marks that are hard to hide in the locker room But as she says
then dont misbehave.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione,

I love my wooden implements. I have a short, 18" rattan cane, a short handled bath brush, a long handled bath brush, and a small 1/4" thick paddle. They are all devine. They all hurt, which is the point of a spanking is it not?
Having said that, I also have a short OTK leather strap that I could take all day. Oh, and a Cane-iac smack stick senior which is polyurethane and absolutely brutal.
I guess, after all that rambling my favourites are the wooden ones. Sigh...

Happy Spankings


Michael M said...

I am happy to receive either at the hands of my wife and mistress. I steel myself to take the hard strokes of the long paddle with holes and I relish being over a pile of pillows for the caress of London Tanners strap.

Simon said...

I don't really have a preference for one material over the other as it depends on the implement. I love the cane with it's sharp sting but hate wooden paddles or spoons. With leather straps and paddles I enjoy some but dislike others. Actually I'm quite happy to have almost anything applied to my bottom as it is the person applying it who is the most important component.

Dr. Ken said...

A good leather implement gets my vote. I really like the stuff from the London Tanners....

Dr. Ken said...

A good leather implement gets my vote. I really like the stuff from the London Tanners....

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Both wood and leather are highly variable in sting. Both can hurt, so I feel it unfair to make a call based on limited experience with one. That said I have a fetish for wood. Bacall was once a leather fan, but now prefers wood.

Leigh Smith said...

Definitely leather - IMHO wood hurts more.

ronnie said...

Leather gets my vote and especially the Leather Thorn paddle. Not too keen on our leather strap though.


Baxter said...

I like a wooden paddle and wooden spoon. But I also got on Amazon a short riding plastic crop that my wife - AKA my dominatrix - loves to use. But she will use the paddle also.

Anonymous said...

I have been a bare hand fan forever; giving or receiving. The couple times wood was used (by her on me) were never intended to be hard as we only play, but I learned then that wood can hurt - A LOT!!! Only one other time did I get wood, unexpected and FOR REAL, and that lesson came home again. Whoever wields it better know what they are doing.

But if I had to choose (as the recipient) leather or wood - I vote leather. It gives. Travels better, too.


PS: I was Xmas shopping in Nordstrom's this week. In house goods, etc. They had a paddle shaped "cheese board" for sale, with a groove cut into one side. There were two sizes, both about 1/2" thick.
The smaller and more than capable for use other than holding cheese, was 4 1/2" x 17 1/2".
The larger was a fearsome and WHOPPING 5 1/2" x 25" (more than 2-feet!) that could cover an entire tush with a single swat! Was $14.99 and $24.99. Now: $8.98–$14.98!! Such a deal! Buy them both! Buy two of each!

The smaller made me think. The larger, however...!!!!

In the back of my mind I wondered if Nordstrom's is aware of the alternative uses their customers can put into 'service' of home products like that! (There were three women looking at them when I was there.)

Here's the link:

Bonnie said...

I don't generally get to choose spanking implements, but I would say it depends upon several factors - the purpose of the spanking, how much time we have, our moods, what's close at hand, and so forth. Randy likes to mix things up so we don't "get stuck in a rut." If there is a pattern to his selections, I haven't discovered it.

On Friday evening, I received a bit of everything and that's just fine.