Monday, September 20, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 19

Has anyone inadvertently seen your spanking marks? 

Jeanie: My bathing suit bottom has a full seat. (I like tan lines, and like my derriere untanned by the sun so it can be tanned by the man-of-the-hour.) Therefore, I'm proud to say that no relative or friend (who didn't know already) discovered that I'm a spanko from evidence on my butt.

Sarah Silverman, the comic, said that she once was conversing with her mother in the bathroom as she disrobed for a shower. When naked, her mom noticed a big handprint on Sarah's bottom cheek, and commented on it. Sarah said in reply, "What can I say? I like to be spanked!"
I hope that if I ever were found out, I'd handle it with as much ease and nonchalance.

Jack: I face the wall, no way of hiding the very red spanked bottom. A couple of her best friends, my mother-in-law and the worse a middle age neighbor lady have seen it. 

Roz: I'm afraid my answer is a boring one. No, at least if anyone ever has they never let on. We have had the odd occasion where we were just about to start, or had just started and was interrupted by a knock on the door. Again, if they thought they heard anything they never let on.

Wendel: Long ago before I met the Misses I worked with a woman who often talked about getting spankings from her boy friend. One morning she came in walking a little slow. Apparently her boy friend whipped her before she left for work. She was not ashamed to hike up the skirt to show off the marks.
I have always felt that the Misses’ sister knows we spank each other. Not sure if the Misses ever showed her the marks. 

Rosco: I don’t think my bottom has ever really been on display after a spanking. But sometimes Irene gets a little enthusiastic and scratches me up pretty good. That’s been noticed several times with the obvious correct assumptions. I just admit it, sometimes ask them if they’re jealous. But I’d be embarrassed if they saw my red bottom - that’s different,

There have been occasions when I’ve worn women’s panties and needed to change in a locker room. Always been careful.

Simon: Once on a very hot day a Mistress gave me a severe strapping including my thighs. Unfortunately in the heat of the moment we had both forgotten that I was wearing shorts. I had to catch a tube and a train with very obvious stripes on both the front and back of my thighs. Nobody actually commented but I'm sure a lot of people noticed and some must have known what had happened. 

On another occasion I received a fierce caning about a week before I went into hospital for a colonoscopy, I had hoped the marks would have faded by then but they hadn't and the (lady) doctor asked what they were and I told her that they were the marks from over indulgence in kinky CP play and she just giggled nervously. 

Anon: One time a couple of days after I had given myself a hard, thuddy self paddling, I was getting out of the shower and my vanilla wife asked me how I got the bruise on my butt. I had no idea it was there, I quickly told her I had slipped a couple of days ago and landed on my bottom and I was too embarrassed to tell her. She asked me if it hurt, I said it did at the time. 

Ronnie: Thankfully no. If I have a doctors/hospital appointment, P's very careful when he spanks.

Bonnie: Not that I know definitively, but there have been times at a swimming pool or a locker room where I felt more exposed than I might want. I recall one vacation in particular when I took just one bathing suit. It was a high leg one-piece design that didn't cover the entire bottom of a woman shaped like me. I recall a lot of futile tugging. 

Graham: Not that I know of. Heard, but not seen! 

Barrel: No. We have been careful to control the marks when I have a doctor appointment. As I have prostate cancer and see my urologist every 6 months plus my annual physical and showers after working out, I am pretty careful to not flash anybody. These do restrict our sessions, not spankings as those marks fade pretty quickly. I shared some vivid weals from a stern caning with a girl I met and shared TTWD but that was voluntary. 

Hermione: These days I am never in a position to bare my bottom in front of anyone, but years ago I was careful to keep a towel around my lower half when I showered at the gym. I don't think anyone ever noticed as we were all in a hurry to get back to the office after a noontime workout.

Keep those botties covered up!
From Hermione's Heart


Glenmore said...

No...just my wife who thoroughly enjoys admiring her handiwork after a spanking.

Anonymous said...

All wives enjoy admiring their handiwork, but some like mine share, also lets it be known who wears the pants in the family. Jack