Saturday, September 11, 2021

You Completed the Caption

KDPierre: Dateline 9/9/2021: Linda started her first day back at school realizing too late that a year of Covid isolation completely threw off her sense of current fashion. 

Anon: His friends were just coming in the door to drive him to school. How could he face them now that his mother decided that he would spend his senior year as a girl? Why did he ever try on his sister's bra and panties?

Rosco: Something didn’t seem right as she walked to school, but she though it was just nervousness. Distracted by impure thoughts and excited about the new school year, Linda can’t believe she walked all the way to school without any panties.

What kind of girl does such a thing, she asked herself? More importantly, can I get through the day without anyone noticing something is amiss? Oh dear, I really feel that breeze now.

Jeanie: The girl was caught passing a note between "cool girl" Julie and her friend Donna in class. She was sent to the head mistress, who turned her across the desk and paddled her bared bottom. When the girl didn't take ownership of her culpability in the note-passing, she was given more swats. When the girl asked if the teacher wasn't partly to blame, for seating the girl between two clique-driven friends, the girl's teacher was summoned to the office, and the teacher was allowed to take a turn paddling the girl. That's how it was in schools in the 1950's. Then the girl's parents were called by the head mistress. When her mother picked the girl up from school, she was stony-silent, at least until they got home, when she paddled the girl with a hairbrush and lectured her thoroughly, grounding the girl for a month. Daddy was expected home from work any minute now. He'd probably use his belt to express his displeasure with the errant girl. She wouldn't be able to sit through a class tomorrow, her bottom was so punished! She wondered if Julie and Donna had any consequences at all. Life was SO unfair!

Midwest Reader: Susan had been the good girl in class her whole life, from kindergarten right through to the first month of her senior year of high school. Why was it that the one time she misbehaved - one time in 12 years! - she not only got caught but was written up for an offense that merited a spanking? Now she is due at the principal's office in 10 minutes and...

Paddle Daddy: Why did I think it was okay to cuss in class? Paddled at school and headed home with a note for Dad. I AM 18 after all, senior or not I should be able to say Damnit if I want to! Ohhh my poor ass!

Wendel: I cannot believe I forgot my phone at home. Someone please spank me now. 

Franzcoughka: "I should never have let Johnny sit next to me. Now that the bus driver has told my folks we were making out on the school bus, I am in for such a tanning."

Hermione: I'm going to the principal's office for a paddling. Why oh why did I wear a thong today?

Thanks for the laughs! You are all so creative. Please stay for a very special milestone brunch, coming up next.

From Hermione's Heart

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