Sunday, September 12, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #400

Welcome to a very special milestone; this is our 400th brunch together. Doesn't time fly? Thank you all so much for coming back, week after week, to join the discussion. Today I'll throw the floor open to you for suggestions on what we should talk about in the coming year.

What topics related to spanking would you like to discuss? Is there an aspect of spanking that we have overlooked? Is there a topic we have addressed before that you would like to revisit? Can you think of a theme that we can carry over several weeks?

Please leave your suggestions as a comment, or send me an email. I hope I get lots of new ideas! I'll publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to think of a new topic or two.

From Hermione's Heart


Midwest Reader said...

Future topic suggestion:
My spouse and I like to travel and after this summer's (post-vaccination) trip I have now browsed antique stores in almost every region of North America (excepting only the Canadian provinces west of Ontario) and a few places in the UK. Many of these have been in small rural towns and smaller but old cities. A lot of the pieces to be seen in the remoter areas and declining cities are from the 1850-1960 era. Yet I have only once in 35 years observed something that might have been a vintage spanking paddle, even in the stores that had specific school displays. Has anyone observed such an object at an antique or resale shop? If not, were they all destroyed? Taken home by the last teacher to as mementos? I have seen a few in museums (small local history museums generally) so along with stories from my relatives who grew up in the 40s-60s I think they did exist.

Roz Harrison said...

Wow, 400 brunches! That is a wonderful milestone. Thank you for bringing this to us each week Hermione. Always lots of fun and interesting topics.

As for future topics. I really don't know. Maybe fantasy place to be spanked? Favourite/least favourite implements/positions is fun too. Though I think these may have been covered.


WendelJones said...

Happy 400th Brunch!
I think it was covered already but the Misses and myself are always up for outdoor spankings. They have to be secluded somewhere but it is always exciting to the bare bottom beat outside. Only other thing I can think of is the “what and why”. What interested everyone in spanking? Why do we love it so much.


Bonnie said...

Hi Hermione,

400 is a major milestone. Congratulations! Around the end of the year, you are on track to reach a different mark. I hosted 415 brunches and you are getting close to becoming the all time leader. In fact, since you hosted a few in my absence over the years, you might already be the champ! In any case, that's an amazing feat.

I think I ran out of new brunch topics years ago, but here are a few thoughts (that for all I know might be old thoughts):

Spankees: Would you accept a spanking from a spanking machine? How about a spanking robot?

Spankers: Do you prefer an obedient spankee or one who resists before ultimately complying?

Does the spankee in your relationship have a phrase or non-verbal signal that tells the spanker that a longer or harder spanking would be appreciated?

When a spankee requests a spanking, does it tend to be more severe than when it is the spanker's idea?

Do you and your partner ever try spanking techniques, scenarios, or implements that you read about on blogs?

Spankees: Do you have a favorite chair pillow upon you sit during those certain times? If so, please describe it.

Spankers: Do you sometimes spank to send a message? If so, how do you accomplish that?

Spankees: Do you sometimes feel a desire to be humbled?

Spankees: Do you like the feeling of danger that someone could learn your deepest secret?

Spankees: Have you ever regretted using a safeword?

If a cable network introduced a new dramatic series that features consensual adult spankings, would you watch? How about if it were a comedy?

Do you think that adult spanking is inherently sexual?

If Uber offered a spanking service app, would you try it?

Do you ever use spanking as a reward?

Some spanko couples are now offering live video streams of their spanking sessions on a subscription basis. Is this service of interest to you? Would you ever consider doing this to supplement your income?

When you read a spanking story, view a spanking photograph, or watch a spanking video, what hints let you know whether it's authentic or fake?

Do you think that Millennial spankos have a different perspective because they encountered far less spanking content as children than their elders did?

If you could add a room to your home solely for spanking sessions, how would you equip and decorate it?

Write us a spanking poem.

Spankees: What is it about cowboys?

It's not easy to spank in a car. Have you found an arrangement that works for you?

Anonymous said...

Dear Hermione,

Congrats, wow 400, a milestone!!

When my partner feels I have been a very naught boy I get, what she calls, a spank and wank.
Naked I go over her knee where she spanks me to tears with her bear hands.
Then I have to stand in front of her and masturbate till I come (very humiliating).
Back over her knees I go where she blisters my butt with her hairbrush untill I nearly can’t take anymore, trust me, after masturbating a spanking hurts a lot, and I mean a lot, more then you can imagine.
In the corner for 30 minutes, then I have to clean up the mess of sperm I left with my tongue and swallow it all, yeck, cold and a nasty taste.

I am the only one having to do this or is a forced masturbation something more couples do?

Rich Person said...

After 400 brunches, there surely isn't any new topic to cover. I'm awed by your dedication and follow through.

After the comment by Anonymous, I wonder how many spankees have experienced being made to masturbate to completion before getting some kind of CP, and how did it affect the experience.

In fact, one topic could be about punishment. If you have a desire to be spanked, what constitutes punishment? Is it the type of implement? The intensity? Something emotional or mental about the situation? The other activity that goes with the spanking, such as a lecture?

And then, what misbehavior resulted in punishment? Was there ever a time when you didn't feel punished sufficiently? Did you ask for more?

Another topic might be experiences where you and your partner were not physically with each other. What was the situation? How did you handle the session?

I hope those are new topics, or at least ones that people want to revisit.

Right, now. Give us 400 more!

Anonymous said...

As a male who wanted to be spanked, we have not heard from the females as to why they spank. I would like to hear from them, especially when a male is wanting to be spanked, or when the female knows that a spanking is needed. My wife while dating her I finally said I wanted to be spanked and she said she would, but on her terms. After that first spanking she admitted that she wanted to spank me, for my attitude, and childish behavior and that when I brought up spankings that opened the door. She has since told me there are women who are not only a wife, but a Mommy to their husbands, or as she saids naughty little boys. Women are very complex, and so like males have their needs, and some find being the head of the house is what they want and need. So why not let the women speak out on spankings males, why, how. Jack

Barrel said...

400 and counting. Hurray and Congrats!!! And yep, thanks for doing these brunches. We love it.

I would be interested to learn what others do in the prelude to spanking.
- Do you use any build up?
- Is the build up verbal like hinting or explaining what is to happen or physical like going out for an intimate lunch, putting on a special outfit or corner time?
- How long does build up go on? Minutes, hours or days? Please share experiences if hours or days.
- Does the spanker ever describe in detail how the spanking will be delivered in order to enhance the mental build up?
- What role does the spankee play in getting ready for the spanking, like readying the implements, placing cushions or towels or laying out restraints or gags?
- How often is a special outfit required of the spankee? Of the spanker? Or both?

A few brunches ago, some of us shared pictures of the implements that we use. Is it possible to share pictures of any special or unique equipment that is used like spanking benches or horses (without people, of course)? Do you have a special room where the more severe spankings are delivered and what makes that room unique?

After a particularly severe spanking, how do the endorphins effect the spankee?

Bravo to all who answer this weeks question as it provides for many more interesting brunches.

Thanks, all.


Anonymous said...


You’ve asked a million good questions, thank you.

I’m always interested in hearing the often awkward stories of how someone tried to interest a partner in spanking, but it didn’t go well. Also stories where an opportunity was missed with thoughts of what might have been.

And while it’s all consensual, some of like to pretend it’s not. How do people work this out? What percent of people include any sort of lecture? Or do some people just spank and say nothing?



ronnie said...

400 brunches congratulations. Here's to the next 400.

There are a lot of good suggestions.

I think this one has probably been covered. A spanking fantasy that they would like to live out.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever inadvertently seen the marks? I was leaving the grocery store at 7:30 in the morning and I got a buzz on my watch indicating I had a 7:50 skin check. I gulped big time because - well I had the most delicious paddle marks on my derriere.

Anonymous said...

OK here's a topic. What are covid house rules and consequences. We are in early 40's and wife spanks me, and has for 20 yrs to keep me in line. Last week visited her parents for first time in 18 months and we both got a "healthy dose" of dad's belt for repeatedly disobeying their mask rules which are far stricter than local regulations. While we didn't get it bare, we were both bawling when it was over and had spend an extra 2 days with them because we couldn't sit to drive.

Anonymous said...

I am a man who is a life long spanko and I am married to a very vanilla woman. I love her very much but she is not interested in sharing my obsession. I think about spanking several times a day. It is sometimes very lonely to not have someone to share with. I have visited professionals in the past and have enjoyed giving them otk hand spankings. There is nothing that happens other than I get to spank them on their bare bottoms. I am conflicted because this seems like cheating but it also lets me scratch the itch without things getting complicated. What do you and your readers think?
Also topics for future brunches - PDAs pats, pinches and spanks in public? birthday spankings, fun spankings, scoldings and cornertime.

Enzo said...

I'm just here to say Congratulations!
That is a notable accomplishment of keeping the community engaged.
Well done.