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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 14

What sparked your interest in spanking and why do you love it?

Jeanie: When I was in my 20's modeling in Los Angeles, I entered therapy for a variety of reasons. The psychologist thought that, because I'd lost a parent when I was very young, it scarred me & that's why I was fixated on spanking. I don't know about that, and frankly, I no longer care.

I do know that I fantasized about being spanked from an early age (around 4, just about when that parent died), that I wasn't spanked as a child, that my best friend would receive a belt whipping from her father whenever she misbehaved (which was often) and that this fueled my fantasies. I was SO relieved to get my first adult spanking in college to realize that my fantasies were equaled by the reality. From then on, I would question prospective lovers on their thoughts about spanking, tease, misbehave, cajole, anything to ascertain his interest in it. I've had many long-term relationships, and many of a shorter duration, but in every one, it had to focus on spanking as an integral feature. In my most recent relationship, the longest of my life, he ended it so as to be able to date younger women. This coincided with the corona virus lockdown. I've been exploring my bisexual-curiosity during this time, but again, spanking must figure prominently. But with women, I've played around with the idea of switching to play both the Top and bottom roles.
Spanking is inexorably linked to my sexuality. I prefer spanking to any other form of foreplay. During the past year and a half, I've been exploring my sexuality with a lot of self-spanking and masturbation. I'd rather be by myself than have to make too many compromises with a lover. But a non-negotiable is having spanking as a tenet in the relationship. That therapist a decade ago seemed silently judgmental of my spanking orientation, but now I'm still a very sexual person, when many of my (non-spanko) peers have turned-off to sex in general. I think my warmed, reddened bottom is my secret to staying hot and fully alive!

Rhbischof: I was born in 1943 but lost my mother in 46. Since all kids in those days were spanked I received my share of spanking but only from my dad. Since he never remarried (!) there was never a woman around to spank me. I can't count of it but right now my wife spanks me every two weeks and I finally get to feel the heat applied by a woman.

Hooray! It finally happened!

Bonnie: The first question is difficult for me to answer. I cannot remember a time when I wasn't interested in spanking or pinpoint a moment when I acquired this interest.

I've been answering the second question for sixteen years in my blog and in various forums before that. Here's something I wrote in 2011:

A good spanking with all the trimmings leaves both us of feeling very connected. It strengthens and renews the bond between us as nothing else can.

Rosco: Don't know but remember the roots from age 5 if not before.

One very powerful experience at age 13 - summer thing at the beach never saw her again.

A few failures, some embarrassing, over the next 11 years. Looking back, many could've, would've & should'ves, but I was clueless in so many ways.

Met soulmate Irene at age 24. Spanking was new to her, but it was a relatively easy conversation. As long as I was eager to lick her pussy on demand, she was prepared to take charge in a million ways ... and counting. 

Roz: I have always had a fascination with spanking from a young age. I'm not sure why. For me it's about the connection it brings and I also find it highly erotic.

Doug: My interest in spanking is directly linked to my desire to receive spankings from my wife. That desire traces back to my early childhood when I discovered that I craved spankings from my mother - previously not liking them. I have no idea why this switch occurred. It just did. My wife spanks me twice a week now.

Wendel: Spanking has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Mom and Dad spanked often and always bare bottom. I often peeked on my sister getting spankings until the day Mom caught me. Mom paddled me right after and said it was only fair that my sister gets to watch. The summer after I turned twelve I got in trouble and Mom took me to my room for a whipping. I bent over the end of the bed with my pants down and Mom whipped me with the belt. When it was it was done she stormed out of the room slamming the door behind her. I got up and was going to check the damage in the mirror when I noticed the girl next door changing into a bikini through the side of the window shade. Watching her get naked while my bottom was throbbing was very arousing and I have been hooked ever since. It might sound strange but I always feel relaxed and at ease after the Misses spanks me. The bottom is my favorite part of a woman and I love watching the Misses’ bottom turning red as I spank her. 

Rich Person: Like others, I don't remember when the first moment hit, but I remember in grade school thinking about spanking girls in my neighborhood. I had no idea of sex or how it worked, but I liked the feeling of intimacy that I got from fantasizing about the nakedness of the girl and having her submit to me.

I still love the closeness of the physical contact. What I really enjoy is remembering the extreme turn-on it caused my partners over the years. Knowing I'm the proximate cause of those experiences is very rewarding.

Simon: I don't really remember exactly when it started but I do recall seeing two girls being bent over the gym horse by the P.E. teacher (female) and given 6 strokes with a plimsoll each. They were wearing those tight shorts/knickers girls wore for games in the late 60s and early 70s and I realised that I had become aroused watching the punishment. For a while I was ashamed of this reaction and it wasn't until a few years later that I accepted it as part of my sexual make-up.

Morningstar: I honestly have no idea what sparked my interest - I wasn't spanked as a child.. I do know that I used to daydream (from a young age) of being in a boarding school and disciplined by spankings.

Over the years I have come to recognize and own up to the fact I am a masochist - though I need a strong bond with whomever is spanking. I find a spanking session increases the trust/bond between us.

Prefectdt: I have been a Spanko since from before I can remember. There was never a moment of realization. One thing that I like about getting spanked, that I don't say very often, is that it does help to keep me mentally and emotionally balanced. 

Barrel: My first recollection of spanking was in college. I had a little too much beer one night and the girl I was with told me I should be spanked. Being clueless, I failed to accept her offer. One of those moments that I’d like to have back. Thereafter, with fraternity paddles available, I used their presence as an enticement to be paddled.

I feel a real calmness and serenity after a long session. We use whipping as a stress relief for me. Now my wife seems to enjoy it more so the frequency is picking up, which is fine with me. 

Dan: I seem to be one of the few who is very interested in spanking now but wasn't at an early age. The first time I recall having any interest at all was in my later 30s. I was watching an HBO series called Real Sex, which had a segment on adult spanking. I found it it surprisingly stimulating. It didn't rise above a relatively mild interest in that kink, but it was enough to get me looking on-line a bit for spanking content. In doing that, I stumbled on a website called The Disciplinary Wives Club, which was devoted to "domestic discipline" style spankings. Something about it hit me really hard, but I honestly don't know exactly what I found so compelling. Other than those incidents in my last 30s, I don't think I ever had any preexisting spanking interest.

Baxter: I wasn't spanked as a child, but that doesn't mean I didn't deserve to be spanked; my parents just didn't. I remember a girl in my class, maybe third or fourth grade, rub her bottom and mention the spanking she had gotten a couple of days prior and the heat coming off her bottom. I felt a bit left out of that experience. As most kids, I would look in the dictionary at spanking-type words and find some stuff in the encyclopedia as well. Around early teens, I discovered porn at the newsstand and enjoyed pictures of bare bottoms and the stories of spanking. When first married, I asked my wife to spank me and she said no, that it was perverted. It took about 20 or so years into our marriage and she asked to read one of my spanking fiction books, one by Fiona Locke. She read a few and then told me to pull my pants down and bend over the bed and she gave me a paddling. From that point on, she told me that if I wanted a spanking, all I have to do is ask and I have many, many times. She jokes now about something I do and tells me I should be spanked and I tell her, yes I agree. 

Anon: I have always been into spanking, even at an early age spankings always gave me a thrill. I was not really spanked growing up, not that I did not deserve one. I just never got caught. I remember being young and smacking girls on their bottoms all the time. I spanked every girl I every dated. I still think about spanking every day, it is the one constant I have in my life. My wife is very vanilla and for the most part ignores this aspect of me which makes me sad. I now like to make spanking paddles which I give to other spankos. 

A.J.: "What sparked your interest in spanking? Why do you love it so much?"

I haven't the slightest idea!

Which puts me in the same category as many of today's brunchers.

I got spanked ONE TIME as a kid, age 6 1/2. And I didn't like it at all. Sometime later if I heard or read about a spanking, I'd get dry in the mouth with my heart pounding and maybe begin to sweat. By the time puberty came on like a battle cruiser - those damn erections! Were they linked? Yes! Sure they were! But why?

Of course I noticed. And came to the conclusion - 'You like to spank women (back then girls) - you are a pervert worthy of PRISON!' So I buried it deep inside and never even attempted to spank a girl I was dating, even jokingly.

Until I was in my mid-20's and dating a beautiful woman who - VERY nervously - admitted to me she like to be spanked. Because it turned her on. We had fun! A few months later she announced, "Your turn!" And otk I went for my first adult spanking. And it was still fun! And here I am a few decades later...

In a side note I have a spanking pen-pal. In looking up something for her I found a white paper on spanking. The author lays the interest/desire in spanking to a "Transformative Event," some event in your past that triggered your interest in spanking, no matter on which side of the lap you ended. I can't think of mine; it certainly wasn't that damn spanking I got at 6 1/2 years old.

Second side note:

I came across an article about the spanking of children by Evangelicals and the extreme Religious Right. Ministers and pastors who have written books on how to "properly" beat the child (and by 'child' I mean as young as 1-year olds) into abject submission; for Jesus. Because He loves you. The author was stunned by the horror stories the now-adult boys and girls told her.

Hermione: My interest in spanking began at around age four, when my aunt, uncle and cousins came to visit. I watched my aunt put her son, also age four, ever her lap for a spanking. During the same visit, I saw my male cousin pee standing up, and saw for the first time how boys were different from girls. I was caught watching (the bathroom door was open) and the adults went into overdrive. Those two events started me off as a spanko.

Why do I love it? It relaxes me and allows me to give up control and submit.

This issuch a great way to lead into the Love our Lifestyle celebration later this week.

From Hermione's Heart

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At work a young co-worker loved to tease her fellow co-workers. I would give a playful slap on her bottom when she teased me. We soon started seeing one another and one evening she got carried away. I got her over my lap, pulled up her skirt and applied playful spanks. She said is that all, I pulled her panties down, and soon she was kicking, squirming. I stood her up, she smiled, notice I was hard. She smiled I knew you would enjoy spanking me and soon she was naked and helping me undress. The evening was great. Never into spanking, we got married and I still spank her. She will act like a little girl, public or private. Been spanked in hotels, side of the road, the pleasure afterwards is amazing. We still work the same place, there are times that a spanking will have her squirm at her desk. I find reasons to give her a spanking, and she does the same.