Monday, November 8, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 7

Does the spankee have a way of signalling a longer or harder spanking is desired? Let's see.

Bonnie: There are several good alternatives depending upon the degree of response I seek to trigger. An exaggerated stage yawn always brings a swift intensification. So does the classic phrase, "Why, you wouldn't dare!" A slightly more subtle hint is the rare but useful pseudo-safeword, "Green." I like Erica's line, "Feel free to start any time you're ready," but there are consequences to consider. Randy seems to be sensitive to being asked to use a specific implement. He'll use it all right, with zero mercy!

Rosco: At our house "Stop spanking me, it hurts" is code for give me more.

Excessive thrashing about means I am close to my limit and Irene should slow down. I have never in 40 years used our safe word - "enough".

Roz: No phrase as such, however my physical reactions usually give the clue lol. There have been occasions in the past where I just wasn't in the right headspace afterwards which resulted in extra swats.

Wendel: There have been a few times when the Misses has just asked me to spank her again. 

Jeanie: I remember watching a VHS tape (which says how long ago it was) where a brat said to the Top spanking her, "Was that an insect bite on my bottom?" part way through her spanking, and "Is that all there is?" at its conclusion. I would NEVER DARE say anything like that!

I guess I've been lucky enough to have had Tops who read my body language well. I will cop to arching my bottom up off the knee as a subtle way of asking for more. I also recall getting a spanking from a new boyfriend that was solely lacking in severity. It did get us aroused, and we shared love-making, but during pillow talk, I said something about how I wasn't fragile, wouldn't break, and would like stricter spankings in the future. He asked how much harder and longer, and I replied something like "lots!" so he pulled me over his knee for a reboot on my booty, and we were in-synch thereafter.

Anon: Not in this household. Spankings are punishment only, and I want it over long before she starts to swing the strap. 

Prefectdt: The quaint old English phrase "Give it some welly" springs to mind but I very seldom actually say that. If I am playing with someone who does not know me so well, I usually just ask straight out for a little more gusto. When playing with someone who knows me better, I usually thank them for being so kind an considerate/lenient with me, This is my normal code for I could handle a higher pain level.

KDPierre: This reminds me of an old cartoon of mine where a spankee who is obviously struggling to make it through the end of her punishment reacts when it concludes by angrily confronting her Top with "Is that it?!?!?!?"

I think a sarcastic "is that it?" might work pretty well in real life too. LOL But here we are just very open and if I feel a bit 'unfinished/unresolved', I'll just tell her so and she always obliges with a bit more. 

Red: No, we do not have one, but I will suggest it. Thanks Bonnie and Hermione.

A.J.: I only spank/get spanked for the sexy fun of it, but...

If she is the one getting spanked, when she arches her back, grinds into me, and moans
"Mmmmmmmm, yes...!", and I'll pick up the pace/intensity just a little bit. (Too much kills the mood.)

If I'm the one getting it - well son-of-a-bitch! The same damn thing!

Hermione: I don't, because it's up to Ron to decide that. It's part of the thrill, not knowing what to expect.

LoL 16 is coming up, and there's a difference this year. Watch this space!
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