Wednesday, April 24, 2024

What's Your Favourite Implement?

At last week's brunch, Sage Blum suggested that readers tell us about their favourite implements. Our good friend Barrel then reminded me that he had made that same suggestion some time ago, with an added enhancement. Barrel, I apologize for the delay, and Sage, thank you for the idea.

Do you have a favourite implement that you would like to tell everyone about? If so, please send me a picture of the implement, along with a description of why you love it, how and when it is used, or whatever details you wish to share. My email address is on the right sidebar of this post (without the spaces). Do use an anonymous email, if you can, or specify what pseudonym you would like me to use.

Here's my favourite implement, the dogging bat. It's leather, which I love, and makes a lovely loud smack. It isn't severe at all, but is great for a warmup before the main event.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, and I'll post your replies as they come in.

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Anonymous said...

It is not mine, but my wife/mommy, a bath brush her mother gave her for insuring I improve my behavior and attitude. She likes the long handle and the quick results, and enjoys seeing me dancing around rubbing prior to facing the wall. She has written on it 'Mommy knows Best'. Jack

Sage Blum said...

My favorite implement, besides the spanking buddy which is a hand protector but has a really good sting, is another thing from Cane-iac, called an OTK Russet Brown leather strap. They're sold out of them at the moment, but they tell me they are expecting a new leather shipment soon, and more should be included in that.
If I can figure out how to photograph it and then upload the photo to my computer, I will do that and email it to Hermione so you can see it.

Mark said...

My favourite implement is a rattan cane that we have had for many years. It scares me still but is an experience that is like no other. Mostly reserved these days for the offence of smoking. The picture shows it next to a homemade paddle based on the Mustoka paddle that Strict Julie has...

Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

I think I recall a few years ago a series of posts on bloggers favourite and most hated implements. It msy have been you who hosted it? I can't remember now.

My favourite, apart from the hand because of the intimacy would be our 2 tongue leather paddle. Makes a good sound too with both halves coming together hitting each well as my butt lol


FL said...

Is the hand considered an implement? If not, then a solid wooden hairbrush, preferably oval.

Anonymous said...

First is the cane, which is a love/hate relationship of course. Second is the light wooden paddle with beveled holes. Graham

Sage Blum said...

I didn't figure out how to send a photo in email. But cane-iac got The
OTK RUSSET/BROWN LEATHER STRAP back in stock today, so here is the photo from their site. I know people who are not in the U.S. can't get to their site now, so I will still keep trying to figure our how to photograph the one I have & send the photo.

Barrel said...

Our favorite is a home made strap I fashioned out of a leather shoulder strap from a suiter I used to carry on airplanes. Doubled back over itself resembled a spanking strap and my imagination was off to the races. The handle and stem is reinforced with a coaxial cable and the business end includes several pieces of metal to add weight. I hand sewed the edges together and added a leather wrist strap to ensure it could be wielded with force. My wife loves this as she can, and does, swing it as hard as she can and land it with precision, maybe due to a lot of practice ;<). It makes a resounding smack and delivers quite the sting without the bruising thud of a wood paddle. Like Hermione, my wife uses it for warm up before moving on to increased intensity.