Friday, August 1, 2008

Too Hot to Handle

There's an interesting radio program on the CBC called Between You and Me that addresses various aspects of sexuality. The episode on Kink was deemed to be inappropriate to air on the radio, but luckily it is available as a podcast. You'll find the download under the heading "Too Hot for our Timeslot".

The half-hour exploration of various aspects of non-vanilla lifestyles ends with the decision that weirdness is in the eye of the beholder, and asks the question: what exactly is kink? Innocent play? Fun dress up? A slippery slope? Childhood trauma? A cause for concern? Nobody's business?


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Thanks for this, Hermione. I haven't listened yet but I will. Russell Smith (who is interviewed in this podcast) is an interesting guy. I read his column on language and I used to enjoy what he wrote about men's fashion. I remember him saying one thing he liked about the city was that women there wear high heels, even though they know it's not good for them.

That the CBC is addressing this theme reminds me that there is that NFB film called, I think, "Tops and Bottoms". But I've never seen it. Have you?

PK said...

How about 'many of the above'? I guess I mostly go with 'nobody's business'. If everyone involved is there because they want to be, as long as it is consenting adults I say go for it and enjoy. And if you are willing to write about it for our education and enjoyment - so much the better!


Greenwoman said...

Interesting podcast. Thanks for sharing it.

Paul said...

Hermione, an interesting podcast, thank you.
I just wish this sort of broadcast could happen over here.
Warm hugs,

Hermione said...

Karl - I enjoy reading Russel Smith too. I'm not familiar with "tops and Bottoms" but will investigate.

PK - I agree, it is many or all of the above.

Greenwoman - I'm glad I accidentally found it.

Paul - Surely BBC 4 might have something along those lines.


dwcmike said...

kink is whatever turns you on! Everyone is different,but what is truly kinky is believing the Leafs will win the Stanley Cup in your lifetime!
Go Canadiens and Go Canucks.


Thanks for the link, it was an interesting program. I noticed that the psychiatrist totally got it wrong, the more I hear from psychiatrists the more I feel that psychologists have a better grip on what makes humans tick, still it is important to hear the debate from both sides.