Monday, December 19, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 18

Our topic was changes in sensitivity, and you had this to say:

Dan: For me, the number one determining factor on how much it hurts is how long it has been since the last spanking. It's the Catch-22: I would prefer to avoid disciplinary spankings as long as possible, but then when one happens it hurts so much worse if it has been a long time since the last one.

Hobbes: Agree with Dan: it is a case of familiarity and repetition. The more frequent the more tolerance I develop and then when nothing happens for a long time I lose that tolerance/insensitivity. Right now she is off for three weeks traveling and when she returns it will take a few spankings to get back to "full length and strength."

Hands63: Agreed, time between spankings/paddlings has a big effect on the level of discomfort. I also find that I'm much more sensitive to a spanking that is given unexpectedly rather than one I was anticipating. I'm also getting older and can't handle them like I used to.

Downunder Don: The biggest factor for Mumski is her preparedness for the spanking. Because she initiates most spankings she is mentally prepared so seems to be willing and able to accept a harder and longer session than an unplanned one.

sam: The hardest spankings are when she insists i masturbate first, then immediately after she will spank me. It hurts more because there is no erotic attachment with it. No fantasy to escape to!

Roz: I agree with the others, length of time between spankings. Also my mood and mindset at the time effects my tolerance level.

arched one: I don't have much experience in this field as she likes to keep me well spanked. But I would tend to agree with the others judging what my spankings felt like when we started this. It could also be is the spanker getting a longer or harder swing?

missy: I agree with what has already been said. Frequency, mood and mindset. I find that if there is a buildup it also helps. Most of our spankings are erotic so Sir builds up slowly and can push me further and further as we go. But if we do it more often then I can take more much more quickly. Sometimes I just need it too and that also feels different. I don't feel that I have a tolerance for it really as it becomes part of me. A punishment spanking would be totally different, however.

Yorkie: This is a curious one. A few years ago, when I was spanked more often I used to have times when I'd have what I call "sensitive" moments. But these days, my spankings are few and far between but despite this I don't think my tolerance has decreased at all. Every spanking is the same as far as what I can take. My most recent spanking was only 2 weeks ago and it was a doozy. I was marked and bruised (lightly, not horrifically!) For a few days but I feel I could have taken a lot more but I stopped so my bottom was saved and to save my wife from boredom. I took 60 swats/strokes each from my OTK strap, 18 inch everready rattan cane, short handled bath brush, long handled bath brush and the smack stick senior. It was a very intense experience, possibly the most intense I've ever had.
I can't explain it, it's just the way it is. I guess the short story is I don't think I have "sensitive" days any more.

Pearl: I am absolutely more sensitive the longer time we have in between spankings. I do notice though that if he continues through and takes a bit more time warming me up, the sensitivity becomes a none issue.

Shawn: Susan my wife determines how much the spanking will last, meaning after the spanking is done. I was looking for a woman to be in charge and Susan is who I found and love so much. Spankings are suppose to hurt, but it is not always when you are finally over her lap and your bare bottom is feeling the hand and hairbrush, it is prior to, the wait. I depending on how "naughty" I've been, her words, will wait in the bedroom naked to think about what I did, or to stand before her, getting scolded like a child and having her pull down my pants and underpants. You feel so little at these times. I face the wall after the spanking, does not matter if someone drops in, part of my punishment. My mother-in-law was the one who first gave me a spanking, took me from bed, over her lap and bare my bottom. She seeing me for the first time after Susan had addressed the problem, said the bottom was not red enough and solved that and the next time she visited gave Susan a nice large hairbrush and that gets my attention quickly. Susan does the spanking and this naughty little boy knows better than to say he had enough, she will determine what is enough for this naughty little boy.

Anon: The person who mentioned about masturbating prior to a spanking, been there, only thing is my wife has her own way of dealing with my erection. I must kneel on a towel in the bathroom, hold my penis, she scolds me and reminds me little boys do not enjoy the spanking, it was not meant to be enjoyable. I then must preform for her and she insures I make it last. Once done, I stand and with soap and water she cleans me off, takes the towel to the washer and the me to the front room. I'm naked already and she does spank my bottom on the way. Trust me a spanking after masturbating is the worse, legs kick, pleading, finally crying and dancing around the room until told to face the wall. Our sex life is great, but it has no place when it comes to a spanking.

Ronnie: I agree with what other have said. Depends on my mood, mindset and how long between spankings. I'm more sensative if it's been a while since I've been spanked.

Leigh: As with others, it depends on the mood and length of time between spankings. I'm not sure the implement hurts any more one time than another. Of course, it's been so long, I really can't say

Bogey: Bacall has no idea why the sting varies. She is spanked often and never knows when she will have a sensitive day or be bullet proof. She is always disappointed when she can not take a "good" spanking.

I am more even. I find that as I have aged, I no longer want a lot of licks.

Hermione: For me, my tolerance has built up over the years. But if I have gone more than a week without being spanked, I find my tolerance has dropped considerably.

Thank you to all who joined in this week!
From Hermione's Heart

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