Sunday, July 26, 2009

Romantic Fiction

Recently I had some time to relax away from work, and thought I'd read something light. The excellent reference book The Compleat Spanker provides a list of mainstream authors whose works often include spanking, so I chose a romantic novel by Johanna Lindsey. The title Man of my Dreams sounded promising. The story is set in the year 1878 and involves a spoiled rich girl, a duke, horses, and deception.

I gave it a whirl and wasn't disappointed. As early as page 35 I found this:

"...I'm also a horse trainer...I treat them all like women--with a gentle hand for the most part, a firm one when needed, and a good slap to the hindquarters when they get too feisty."

The next reference followed soon after, on page 53. The man who spoke the previous word starts the dialogue with the 18-year-old young lady:

"Shall I demonstrate?"
"Too bad. You do look so nice in pink."

He was referring to her blushes...

And again on page 80:

"Do you remember what I told you I do to horses and women who get too feisty?" He asked in a softly menacing tone. Megan could only nod, words failing her. "You're due."

It's getting closer on page 109:

"I'll wager your father has never laid a disciplinary hand on you, has he?"
She didn't mistake his meaning. "You wouldn't dare."
"I believe you know I would dare. Care to put it to the test?"

If there's any doubt in your mind at this point that this is a mainstream spanking book, this should convince you - the name of the male character doing all the talking is Devlin.

At last here's the spanking, on page 203, after she has been caught riding her horse bareback in the middle of the night:

"Someone has to teach you some sense, and come to think of it, there's no time like the present."

He caught her hand and started dragging her to the mounting block. Megan's mouth dropped open, her eyes widened incredulously, and she was a little bit in shock, knowing exactly what the amn intended doing.

"Wait a minute, Devlin, you can't really...I'll have you arrested. I'll have you--"

She landed hard across his knees the moment he sat down on the mounting block. She was about to scream her head off when he said, "Making a lot of noise won't stop me, brat. It'll just draw you an audience to watch."

The first smack was a revelation. It made a lot of noise when his hand connected with her bottom, though it didn't actually hurt. She'd forgotten that she had worn one of her thickest riding skirts. Well, the joke was on Devlin, but she'd never tell. Of course, that was only the first whack. By the time he finished, and that was quite a while later, repetition had made silk out of thick wool, and Megan didn't feel like laughing.
After another 200 pages of nonsense, they lived happily ever after.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I want that reference book!

Great post :)

Angie said...

lol, thank you for sharing that. As a girl, I used to skim the numerous romance novels that were around; almost everyone had at least a spanking threat, if not an actual spanking in it.

And if you like romantic spanking, but with actual spanking in it, you may wish to check out

check out her sidebar, especially, with the historical button. Tons of stories with Lots of spankings and romance in them.

Measha said...

What a way to start my morning! Thanks! I love historical romance (a lot of drivel but really some dominating men in them) and I got my first introduction to spanking with a romance novel.

Meow said...

I used to read a lot of Johanna Lindsey just because of scenes like this - ahh, the pre-internet days! Meow

dwcmike said...

Hermione: You must have had fun with your highlighter, keeping track of the spanking threads so well. Hope their was more to the book than those few words.

Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

I will be looking for that book lol...

Karen x

Serenity Everton said...

I love romantic fiction. I loved it long before I understood my love for *kink* in its many facets, because romantic fiction has so many of those wonderful things I loved tucked away in historicals, time travels, and other genres. Bondage, spanking, and strong dominant men...

Yes, I'm a sucker for it. :)


Hermione said...

Faye - I found it on

Angie - Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

Measha - Yes, it is drivel, but not bad once in a while for a change.

Meow - I read a lot less now, too, other than online.

Mike - Actually I used post-it notes. There were more spanking references later in the book but I ran out of them.

Lady KR - The used book stores are full of them, or try amazon.

Serenity - I'm relatively new to them, but have a few more lined up for the summer.


Dante d'Amore said...

I'm afraid to say this out loud ("type this out loud?") as I might have to give up my membership in the "Man Society," but I like that writing style 100 times better than the graphic stuff I see so often (no, I'm not a prude ... okay, yes I am ...)

Romantic novels? Hmmm. Whoulda thunk it?

I guess I should have figured that out since I dig "chick flicks," lol.

But there is no way I am ever going to read one of these books. Not that I wouldn't enjoy it. I'm just afraid I might have my testicles revoked ...

I love your ending:

After another 200 pages of nonsense, they lived happily ever after.

Cracked me up!


"After another 200 pages of nonsense, they lived happily ever after."

Yep that's the problem with this type of novel, there is always too much nonsense. You might have guessed I'm not overly keen on 'chick lit'. Bernard Cornwell, he knows how to write romantic, historical, fiction. Plenty of blood and battles between the smoochy bits and the whippings :)


Hermione said...

Dante - I must confess I'm a bit (no, make that a lot) surprised. The main problem with this book is the inconsistencies in language between the 1700's and today. The characters used expressions that hadn't been thought of yet.

Prefectdt - The book really went downhill after the spanking, although the woman who started all the trouble in the beginning got spanked off screen near the end, by her brother.

I'm not familiar with Cornwell, but will look or him.

ronnie said...

Thanks for sharing Hermione, I was going to say I'll keep a look out for the book until I read your comment to Prefecdt.

Yes, your ending was very good.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - thank you.

The Headmaster said...

I do so love a happy ending!

Mr.C. said...

Why are they always called Devlin, what's wrong with Cyril?

Hermione said...

Headmaster - that's something you can always count on in this type of book.

Mr. C - Where do I start?

Oh, uh.... I see your name starts with C. I'm sure Cyril is a very nice name.

Mr.C. said...

Ahh Hermione, if only mummy and daddy had had the sense to call me Cyril, life would have been so different. Envied by men and desired by women, but it was not to be.

Deep sadness.

Anonymous said...

so very Mills & Boon

Saffron said...

You know..these kinds of books relax me. They are drivel, but I don't have to think when reading them (or skipping pages). I used to read Johanna Lindsey a lot...she had quite a few spanking references lol. And I actually remember this particular book...........

Thanks for the welcome back into blogging world Hermoine.

Hermione said...

Recidavist - Sorry, I'm not familiar with that duo.

Saffron - That's why I read it - for relaxation. Okay, and to find the spanking bits.

I've added your link to my blog.