Friday, July 24, 2009

Weather Wolf

Does the weather affect spanking for you? It makes a difference to us.

When the temperature and humidity are soaring, the last thing Ron wants is to have me across his lap when we are both hot and sweaty. So we reserve that kind of close bodily contact for more moderate temperatures. The best position in hot weather is bent over the end of the bed. This allows us plenty of accessibility to intimate areas without actually getting too close for comfort, and Ron can use one of the longer implements.

On the other hand, when there's a chill in the air, I'm reluctant to dress in something skimpy (or nothing at all) and stay exposed for very long. In that case, it's so much nicer to start off by cuddling under the sheets, then gradually progress to a spanking over pillows when I'm feeling warmer all over.

Then again, if rain is predicted for one day on the weekend, and sunshine's in the forecast for the day we usually enjoy spanking, we'll switch our schedule so that we can spend the fine day outdoors, and save our indoor fun for the rainy day.

Have you ever looked at the sun and seen a small multi-coloured patch, like a little piece of rainbow, on one or both sides? That's called a weather wolf, and it signifies that rain is on the way. Ron is my weather wolf. He's quite the weather-watcher, and likes to be able to predict it. He's ever on the lookout for precipitation.

One afternoon, rain was in the forecast. We had a date for spanking, but I wondered if he was going to be able to tear himself away from the Weather Network, the barometer on the wall, and his five favourite weather websites.

He eventually switched off the TV and said, "it's time" and I hurried up to the bedroom to
get ready. I waited, and finally heard his footsteps on the stairs and in the hall, going past the door. Where did he go?

A few minutes later he appeared in the doorway. "There are storm clouds coming in pretty fast from the west." He had been gazing out of the window instead of into my eyes. I got his attention, and he did his best to administer a decent spanking, although he tended to stop after every three or four swats to ask "did that sound like thunder to you?" And he didn't mean the noise of the paddle on my skin.

We eventually accomplished our mission and were lying curled together. I gently stroked Ron's hair but he pulled away, sat up and said "it's raining."

"So what? Who cares? Come here." I wanted a little aftercare.

"Don't you have laundry outside on the line?"

Yikes! I leapt out of bed, pulled on my shorts and t-shirt, and raced downstairs and out into the back yard to rescue the washing from the rain. As I quickly filled the laundry basket I realized that I hadn't even had time to examine my reddened bottom in the mirror. By the time I dealt with the damp clothes, the redness would have faded. Maybe next time I should check the weather before a spanking.

From Hermione's Heart


Paul said...

Hermione, good thoughts, tie our playing to the weather.
But if you like playing outdoors the opposite applies.
Love and warm hugs, :D

Fabsterrant said...

Does that sound like thunder,lol. A great adventure to be sure. Even a terrific Yikes! included. You two make a great team.


Angie said...

I hadn't thought of it till you said so, but yes, it very much makes a difference in how we play.

As you said, hot and sticky over a hot and sticky lap, can get old very quick. Whereas, blush say, kneeling on the end of the bed, with fanny high and head down,allows a nice breeze. And a lightweight paddle can serve as a nice fan. No holes though, that defeats the purpose.

And, for cold weather and spanking, nothing beats drop seat jammies or undies.


Sara said...

Hmm, the laundry is on the line...I'd say, "let it rain!",,,and I seriously doubt G would let me out of bed anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

cute post

Hermione said...

Paul - It's true about outdoor play. We never think of that - too many insects!

Fab - Thanks. We do mesh pretty well.

Angie - I like the idea of a paddle used as a fan. It would have to be a big one.

Sara - I like the way you two think!

Maryann - Thanks.


Katia said...

I also loved, "Is that thunder?" Weather has never predicted our schedules for a spanking. It is always hot and humid, or during hurricane season-hot, rainy and humid. LOL


dwcmike said...

Hermione: Really, :-( I was expecting to read of a fine summer day, with sunshine (a rarity this year), and a spanking delivered to your bare bottom somewhere in the great outdoors. Has it ever happened outdoors? Do tell!

Daisychain said...

A good spanking outside in the thunderstorm is great! a) no-one else mad enough to go walking in a storm, so you are unlikely to be happened upon; b) The sound of the thunder drowns out/disguises the sound of the spanks; c) Its more stingy on a wet bottom!!!
We get a lot of thunderstorms here in the UK! ;) so, when Davey gets here.....

Hermione said...

Katia - Welcome! Thunder isn't exactly rare, but doesn't happen every time it rains.

Mike - Not yet. I refuse to bare my bottom only to have it bitten by mosquitoes!

Daisy - Go for it, if neither of you minds getting wet. But don't stand under a tree.


Lash said...

Hermione, Over the end of the bed sounds good for us, with Meow's hot-flashes. I've been fanning her furiously with my tail (grin) but a different position sounds better. Lash

Hermione said...

Lash - That tail does have a lot of uses!