Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dagwood Paddled

This is one panel from a recent Blondie comic in the weekend paper. The reason it caught my eye is because way back when, there was a strip in which Dagwood got paddled by Blondie. I'm pretty sure she used this very paddle.

This is probably a sly way for the writer, Dean Young, to refer to the older strip by his father Chic Young. I like to think so, anyway.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

You are probably right. And, knowing the antics of Dagwood, he most certainly deserved the paddling.

Red said...

It would be fun to see that older cartoon. Wonder how we could find it?
happy spankings

ronnie said...

Can't say I've heard of Dagwood and Blondie Hermione, had to look them up.


Hermione said...

Joeyred - Yes, I think he usually did.

Red - I don't know. I have tried, but I think the ones out there are fakes.

Ronnie - I think they're American, so maybe didn't make it across the pond.


JW said...

I loved Dagwood and Blondie!!! It would be so nice to find the old one. Maybe a search into some old newspaper microfishe. Also just wanted to say that I think your blog is so much fun!

Katia said...

That would be cool to find the original strip.

spankedbywife said...

Gee, the male in a relationship getting paddled by the female.

Isn't that the way its supposed to be?

Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione --lurker here; long time reader. ;) I'm a comic strip aficionado and collector have a link to the strip in question, and it's not the same paddle:



Little Butterfly said...

It seems as if I'm seeing ping pong paddle references everywhere since my last blog! This is not a good sign... lol

Hermione said...

Katia - It would.

SBW - Sometimes.

Marina - I remember that one too, but she's using a plank. Thanks for sharing!

Little Butterfly - It must be paddle season.


Hermione said...

JW - Welcome! I'm glad you stopped by. Sorry I didn't reply earlier but your comment went into the spam bucket.