Sunday, April 10, 2011

You Completed the Caption

This picture was on the front of the card Ron gave me for my last birthday. You have provided a good selection of very clever captions, and at the bottom of the post, I've included the one on the card. 

Kaki: Birthdays are a pane in the glass.

Sixofthebest: A 'window' of opportunity, seeing Hermione's voluptuous bare bottom.

Season: A little window dressing?

Ronnie: 'Now this should give the couple across the road something to look at.'

Badhad: They really should not have clear glass in the bathroom window.

Mick: Smile and the world smiles with you.

There appears to be a crack in that window! (couldn't resist another one).

Bogey: Bacall does a take off on Samatha of Sex In The City and says "I have spanked that fanny before."

A Lurker:  
1. As I walk by I remark to myself that the moon seems to be out a tad early tonight.

2. My IPod happens to be playing "I see a bad moon rising" as I stroll by.

3. I am in south Florida and I stop to ponder - "Is this what they mean by "Moon Over Miami"?

Raven Red: New movie trailer: Through the bottomed glass

Rogue: Hmmm, those pale cheeks could use a little blush.

Emanuele Lombardi: Blue Moon, You saw me standing alone

♫ How much is that bottom in the window? ♫
♫ The one with the blushing tail. ♫
♫ How much is that bottom in the window? ♫
♫ I'll spank it 'til she does wail. ♫

Prefectdt: George Formby was having terrible flashbacks.

Hermione: The inside of the card said, "Birthdays are an ass in the pain."

Thanks to everyone who contributed. See you next week for something completely different.

From Hermione's Heart

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