Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spanking On the Air

During the drive home from work, I usually listen to an afternoon radio program featuring a pair of lively personalities - Jayne and Steeve - who chat about anything and everything between musical selections.

Last week, Jayne told Steeve that it was her birthday, and she was looking forward to a party that evening.  "Jayne's going to get lots of birthday spankings," she exclaimed. Why she referred to herself in the third person remains a mystery. Maybe she picked it up from George Costanza on a Seinfeld rerun. But she put considerable emphasis on the last word in the sentence.

No more was said that day, but the next afternoon, Steeve asked her about the celebration of the night before. He wasn't familiar with the tradition of birthday spankings, and had some questions.  I'll reproduce the conversation as best I can.

S: So, did you enjoy the party? Did you really get a birthday spanking?

J: Yes, I got lots of them from my friends!

S: So people really do this? You stand there and they come up to you and spank you?

J: Right. I mean, they don't come running up to you from across the room or anything and POW. They just get behind you and do it.

S: So you got twenty-seven spanks?

J: Yes, from each friend. Can't you see the pillow taped to my bum?

S: Well, if you're into that sort of thing.

Maybe she is!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I am sure that Steeve secretly wishes he was at the party.

Em said...

Lucky girl :) And yes, it does found as if Steeve was disappointed not to be invited. He should have made up for it by giving her her spanking on the radio.

P.S. My verification word is "sting." ;)

Hermione said...

joey - It's possible he's discovered a whole new way of celebrating.

Em - I would have enjoyed listening to that!


ronnie said...

I think he'll be wanting an invite to Jayne's next birthday party.

Thanks for sharing Hermione.



Sorry to do this in your comment box but as you and others know, I am ridiculously bad with emails.

My blog has been deleted (not by me). I have set up anew Wordpress blog. It is going to take me a little time to figure out how Wordpress works but the new blog is...


and can be found at...

I hope that I get a birthday spanking next year.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - I agree. I can't wait till next year, to see whether they discuss it again.

Prefectdt - That's terrible! I have added your new link. Did you approach Blogger about getting it back? Check here for some help getting started:


Anonymous said...

I love it when that sort of thing happens- just light hearted, sweet and happy references to TTWD. Well spotted*, Hermione!

*heard but you knew what I meant.

Dave Wolfe said...

Oh, I'd say she was, Hermione!

I heard a radio interplay once-- the caller making a mushy dedication to her husband didn't want to give his name, to save him ribbing from the other guys in the shop.

"I see!" said the DJ. "Then he'd come home and spank, you, huh?"

"Ooh!" replied the gal. "Wouldn't THAT be nice?!!"


Thanks Hermione I will check that out this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. That would have been fabulous to hear.

Hermione said...

Poppy - It's so cool to hear these things. And yes, I DO know what you mean!

Dave - That sounds familiar. I think I read it somewhere. There are a lot of us spankos out there!

Prefectdt - I will keep my fingers crossed for you, and hope you can resurrect your blog.

Red - It was.


Raven Red said...

If considering that my birthday and New Year sorts of run into each other - I will need the all the pillows in my house! (GRIN)