Monday, April 4, 2011

Romantic Fiction for Spring

The last time I went to get a haircut, I took along a romantic novel by Johanna Lindsey. To pass the time, I leafed through it at moderate speed, searching for spanking references. I didn't actually care what the book was about; I simply needed enough material for a post. Every time I found an interesting word or description, I stuck a post-it flag beside the passage, and carried on.

My hair stylist has never commented on my choice of reading material in the past, but wouldn't you know it? That day she asked why I was sticking post-its in the book.

Tell the truth? Never. I had to think fast.

"I'm making notes for a book club. Those are the passages I'm going to discuss." Not too far from the truth.

But she didn't let it go at that. Perhaps she figured she had a subject that I wanted to discuss. So off she went into question mode.

"Where does your book club meet?" "What kind of books do you read?" "Who chooses the books?" On and on it went, until my hair was finished. I won't bring the post-its again. Turning down the page will have to do.

The bright side is, I really did find a decent spanking story, and I'll share it with you soon. I also found another that, while there wasn't any OTK action, is worth talking about now. It's called A Rogue of My Own. I mentioned above that I go through these novels quite quickly. My eyes scan each page for some reference to TTWD and I can rely on them to pick up any nuance. So while the book was spankless, I found several gems that are pretty appropriate when taken out of context:

"She doesn't really have a verbal whip."

Or did he forget she was wearing breeches?

"I knew you were smart as a whip, m'dear."

"She doesn't strike me as competent."

But his remark smacked of insincerity...

Too bad it didn't hit him and only landed at his feet.

"If you wanted to hit me, luv, a slap would have been more in line, don't you think?"

...if she didn't have him to browbeat and try to whip into shape, he was sure she would flounder.

Her petticoat was lifted out of the way, her drawers tossed aside, and suddenly she had more heat than she bargained for...

"Did I tie a gag over your mouth?"

He was twirling her drawers about on his finger.

He felt a twinge of discomfort...

"And keep your eyes off my arse!"

It wasn't anger that brought tears to her eyes.

"This isn't a good time to test my patience."

He did it curtly, as if he were completing a task assigned to him, which gave her the odd feeling that he was punishing her.

He didn't want to stand that bloody high on his toes!

"It gives her purpose, to think she still needs to whip me into shape."

"Uppity wench."

She only grew thorns when he picked her petals.

"Never live your fantasies. Keep them up here" - Alberton tapped his head - "always out of reach."

"You were sitting here earlier tonight thinking of me with my breeches off."

Lilly winced at the pain...

"Will you please forgive me?"

From Hermione's Heart


Emanuele Lombardi said...

Ah searching for material, I was doing the same thing the other day but I don't know if I dare to post it at all.


ronnie said...

Love them Hermione.

I'd never get a chance to read a book at my hairdressers, she never stops talking:)

Thanks Hermione.


Hermione said...

Emanuele - Now I'm curious about what you found.

Ronnie - Mine often talks to the stylist working on the client beside me. I seem to be wearing Harry's cloak of invisibility!


allie said...

I had a similar experience just the other day! I was sitting at my favorite deli enjoying my lunch and my oh so steamy book by Bertrice Small when the server popped over my shoulder and asked what I was reading. I do belive I blushed as I told him the name of the book. "A Dangerous Love" has a few references with some other scenes thrown in. :)

Daisychain said...

IS there a hairdresser anywhere who does let you relax while having your hair done?? I have never found one. I am sure it is part of the training, to learn how to witter on about rubbish the whole time!!! xxxxxxxxx

Hermione said...

Allie - I had someone sitting beside me on the train who kept staring at my book.Irritating, isn't it?

Daisy - The other stylists witter on about nothing to their clients. I guess they don't know what to say to me.