Monday, May 8, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 7

How do you feel about residual pain after a spanking?

abby: If the paddling is a long, hard one or if Master uses a cane, there is usually some residual pain. It never lasts long enough...and makes me smile.

Roz: There have been occasions, depending on the implement(s) used I have had residential pain or discomfort lasting usually 1 - 3 days. As Abby said, makes me smile too.

Yorkie: I usually have residual pain. When it is after the final spanking on a weekend away it lasts a day or two and it is glorious.

We haven't been on a weekend away for a while now so my spankings are with my little ever ready cane and my smack stick and while both implements are formidabke and have me clutching the bed sheets with white knuckles at times the after effects do not last any where near long enough for me. :(

Domhnall: I am very disappointed if there isn't a lasting soreness. It makes me happy when I get that reminder that I have been spanked recently.

Ronnie: Depending on the implement used and the length of the spanking there is some residual pain. It makes me smile if I feel the sting next morning in the shower.

Hermione: I enjoy the afterburn; it's a warm reminder of how loved I am. Like abby, I think it never lasts long enough.

kdpierre: Residual pain? Coincidentally, I'm experiencing that now!

Like most here I would concur with the timeline. Depending on the various factors, the tenderness can last from one day to several. The one thing that I seem to be unusual in though is the long time it takes for the discoloration to fade.

No matter how unpleasant the spanking may be in the moment (and we do punitive 'un-fun' spankings here for punishment as well as more playful ones), I do 'like' experiencing the reminder soreness afterwards. There's something comforting about a hug that doesn't end.
Thank you all for this week's discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...


I guess you didn't like mine?

Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed any residual pain. Gave me a warm happy glow and I felt like I carried a delicious secret with me.

Hermione said...

kdpierre - I am so sorry your response was omitted. I did like it very much, but unfortunately it arrived after I published the post. I have now included it.

Mina - Thanks you for joining us for brunch.


Anonymous said...

Master is paddling again, but never long or hard enough to leave me feeling the lasting heat and Sting. Still hoping for the day he gets past his limit to punish me past my limit a bit and leave me with the lasting afterburn.