Saturday, May 13, 2017

You Completed the Caption

This week's photo inspired some wonderful captions and encouraged some new participants to join in.

Hands63: What's that noise coming from the rear?

kdpierre: After being dumped by Herbie "the Love Bug", Melissa began to 'revenge fuck' random Volkswagens hoping to make him jealous.

Mary: VW and the 60's and this is not the proper dress?

Sir Wendel: Volkswagon’s forgotten ad campaign for the Beetle’s sleek new “spankable” rear end.

Baxter: Her significant other was always praising the rear end of his VW, where we all know the engine was. Her plan was to have him praise HER rear end by standing naked and see what happened. Well, what happened was she got a spanking for standing naked in public and she was ok with that as he was, in effect, praising her rear end. She hoped for much more such praise, since it was such a turn on.

ricky: Oh yes, we are forgetting something!
Now don't tell me, I've got it . . .
Just give me a few minutes . . .
Err, can I get back to you?

Jackie: My body left me many years ago, but in our day my best friend and I drove across country in a VW. We did just this, out in the country, no one around, we took several pictures of each other, naked. Thankful to have a very good friend to develop the pictures. We were just girls living life freely.

Ronnie: Oh come on Roy, you promised me a spanking if I let you take pictures of me nude.

Kingspan: Blushing, Bob beheld Barbara's beautiful booty by Bug's back bumper.

Hermione: Yes, Captain, the trunk is packed and I'm ready for action.

Thank you, everyone. Please join us for brunch, coming up next.
From Hermione's Heart

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Dr. Ken said...

"Yes, Sir! I have stripped nude as ordered, Sir! I will now bend over against the car so you can spank me, Sir! Any further orders before we begin, Sir?"