Saturday, May 20, 2017

You Completed the Caption

Simon: Ella thought it was very cruel of Henri to make her do cornertime whilst he was off enjoying himself at the Moulin Rouge.

kdpierre: "What an odd little man," Giselle thought. "Usually when a guy pays me to take off my clothes I end up doing more than just gazing at my reflection! Ah, but the absinthe is tasty, so c'est la vie!"

Hands63: Recently discovered! Leonardo da Vinci's kinky period work. "Moaning Lisa".

This is a most unusual police station. I'm guessing there are detectives on the other side of this two way mirror watching and getting excited. 

Enzo: Proof that Corner time is not a new idea, but a traditional post-spanking punishment.

arched one: As she looked in the mirror she wondered when her spanking would start.

Red: Husband said he didn't want my feet to be cold so I should keep my socks on, and he would make certain that my bottom was very hot shortly, and redder than my hair.

Sir Wendel: She stood waiting for someone to paint a spanking on her bottom.

Ronnie: He said to take my dress and undergarments off - does that mean socks as well?

Liza: Kim Kardashian contemplating whether she should dye her hair black.

Dr. Ken: "Hmmm--I think my bottom needs a touch of color, too..."

Hermione: Sammy Monet loved to paint nudes but he never quite got the hang of how to paint faces.
From Hermione's Heart

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