Sunday, November 3, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #303

Welcome, dear friends, to my humble blog. I hope you are all well. Ron and I are in good health at present, but accidents do happen, and illness can strike when we least expect it. That brings us to today's topic.

Have you or your partner ever suffered an illness or accident that interfered in some way with your spanking activity? How did you cope? Were you able to continue spanking by modifying your method or position in some way? Or were you forced to abstain for a period of time?

I'd love to hear how you adapted to the situation, so please leave your response as a comment. I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has spoken.
From Hermione's Heart


Xen said...

Does childbirth count? That plus PPD took me out for quite a while.

Currently dealing with some more chronic stuff now which can be really frustrating. Having my head dangling is usually a problem, which counts out a lot of positions, having my neck at a weird angle is a problem which counts out some more, I can’t stand or be still for long periods, and straining/tensing too much is an issue. So needless to say it can be tricky!

Anonymous said...

Leading up to my total knee replacement and in the weeks after, I was in pain and did not need more, as enjoyable as spanking is. We did slowly get back into it. One of the supplies we bought in preparation was a shoe horn about 2.5 feet long. My wife spanks me with that now.


Roz said...

During times of illness and surgical procedures and spanking action has mostly been non-existent for a period followed by a slower, less intense re-introduction.


WendelJones said...

Head colds and the flu stop spanking activities. When one of us gets sick the other soon follows so we will stop until both of us are better. Typically a week to ten days.

Windy said...

Illness sucks and I've had my fair share of chronic things. This puts an extra responsibility on Storm because he has to be aware of my health before he makes any kid of spanking plans. Communication and patience on both of our parts is key.

We've also gone many months and sometimes years without spanking. When that happens, we do miss it, but sometimes other icky things in life absolutely take precedence. We're grateful when everyone is healthy enough to be...... well, naughty! Hugs, Windy

Anonymous said...

When i broke my wrist last winter, I recruited his sister, who was well aware of his need for
discipline to stand in for me.It was an interesting few weeks to observe what he reacted to
and how.
He was never so relieved to have me back.


ronnie said...

When P's back went we had to stop our spanking activities for a while. Also if either of us a bad bout of flu we postpone.


Spankedhortic II said...

Recently a bout of stress related psoriasis spread to my rear end (first time I have had it there) and I had to make do with back flogging instead. The effected skin just kept splitting and bleeding, I was frightened that it would cause bad scaring. It's my second choice but back play is also enjoyable, when the bottom is a no go area.


Anonymous said...

Of course - Irene and I are in our sixties.

My back and shoulder means some spanking positions are tricky, and she has to be careful when she ties me up. It’s no fun to have to discuss it at the time of course.

And I finally found a two tailed tawse with a round handle - much easier for her to grip.

And I put a hook in the ceiling so she could hold a rope and take weight off her knees during reverse cowgirl

A few adjustments have been n Cesar’s, but no complaints - passion is undiminished.