Sunday, May 3, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #329

I hope you are all staying safe and avoiding doing anything that might expose yourself or others to the coronavirus. Our neighbours put up a slackline in their back yard for their children to burn off some energy, and it looks like fun! (I had to Google "line stretched between two trees" to find out what it was:) There are always household chores to attend to indoors, as our good friend Barrel suggested in today's topic.

What do you do to maintain any of your spanking items, such as oiling the leather of a strap or cleaning a cane? Is this the job of the spankee,  does the spanker assume the responsibility, or are the jobs equally divided?

Please leave your response as a comment. I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to contribute.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

"What do you do to maintain any of your spanking items"?

Well, in my case, wash my hands...? Don't really use implements. Very rare. If any are used, it's only a hairbrush or something around the house. Whoever used it had to clean it. Clorox wipes. Easy. Took only seconds.

But I do remember a post-session talk some years ago with a wonderful woman who got a kick out of putting boys and girls through their paces. Told me that as soon as she was done with one of her charges, she would immediately clean and disinfect her "tools". To prevent any transmission of germs, viruses, etc. to the next lucky person - esp. if the implement she had used drew blood (Shudder....)

"Where do you learn this???", I asked.

Her: "Oh, a lot of the people I play with are either doctors or medical students. They taught me."

There ya' go!


Anonymous said...

Irene has several leather items that she uses almost exclusively - two (pricey leather) ping pong paddles, a riding crop and three tawses. None have ever been maintained.

We did have a couple of beautiful vintage riding crops, but they did fall apart.

We did get a birch thing online from Caneiac a few years ago. I would soak it before use. It was really delicious but eventually dried out. We should get another.

Different implements all have their own flavor. The sting, the swat, etc. More variety than the uninitiated might think.


Roz said...

Oh that cake looks yum! Interesting question. I'm afraid my answer is rather boring, nothing really, apart from washing wooden spoons if used (rarely).


Simon said...

Cleaning and maintenance is very important with implements especially if they are used on more than one person, something that is even more relevant in these trying times. With leather implements I use a disinfectant soaked cloth followed by a leather polish/restorer to keep the leather from drying out. A new cane can be treated with linseed oil before use and then wiped down after each use. I find applying the oil or cleaning the canes especially fun as I can sit there contemplating the moment when they swish down onto my unprotected buttocks.

Michael M said...

I do most of the cleaning in our house since I tend to work from home quite a lot.
I wipe all the toys down after each outing and oil the cane and the paddle regularly. I keep lavender in my wife's lingerie drawer box so everything is fresh.

Anonymous said...

I've always done instrument maintenance, including wiping down the wood ones with an alcohol wipe (usually) and some mild soap on the pliable items...followed by a light re-oiling if required.

Anonymous said...

Very easy in our home, the bath brush I do not touch, there is nothing that is needed to maintain the effectiveness of it. Jack

Barrel said...

I do the maintenance, willingly. It continues to remind me that those implements are special in our marriage and key to my submissiveness. I usually treat the two riding crops and leather strap with the oil used to soften and maintain baseball gloves. The maker of our new tawse instructed us to use dubbins wax, but I haven’t tracked that down yet. As our two canes are delrin, and they occasionally bite into my skin, I wipe them with alcohol swabs. Nothing special for the hairbrush and plastic paddle, but I should start maintaining those too.



Bonnie said...

There really isn't much to do because most of the implements that Randy favors are maintenance free. They are never used on anyone but me so transmission of diseases is not an issue. If there is clean up required, it's much more often from activities that occur after the the toys are discarded. In these instances, I clean up.

WendelJones said...

We were always washing our hands prior to the pandemic so it was a good bet clean hands were used for spanking. The paddles are always cleaned with scented baby wipes after use so they are ready to go for the next punishment. The spankee is responsible for that task. I will say it is not much fun having to clean the paddle that just beat your bottom. The belt is the one I am actually wearing. Again a quick wipe might given afterwards. I always wipe that one since i usually have to put it back on.
Since the Covid-19 thing started we change clothes when we come back home from stores. I did purchase a few new belts. One to use for shopping only and 2 more that hang on the back on the bedroom door. It adds to to excitement making the decision of which one to use.
I miss our spankings in the woods. Now that some of the stay at home restrictions are lifting we hope to get out hiking (spanking) again.


Just a regular clean, about once a month or directly after playing with antiseptic wipes. I used to saddle soap all the leather toys but I was informed that this was bad for leather in the long term and it was just better keeping them in a cool, dry, dark, dust free environment. This advice turned out to be right, from my experience.