Sunday, May 17, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #331

Guess what! Yesterday the day we have both been gearing up for finally arrived.  I cut Ron's hair. I had watched several videos and Ron showed me how to use his clippers, but I don't know who was more nervous. After I had buzzed away for a while I asked Ron to look in the mirror and see what he thought. The verdict? "Take more off".  So I did. The final product was pretty good, even if I do say so myself. Ron was pleased, and thanked me several times throughout the day for the great haircut. But I wonder what his barber will say when the social isolation is over.

Now, on to our discussion. Our good friend A.J. pointed out that at last week's brunch, several people (including me) said that they would like to be spanked in front of an audience. Why?

What is the lure about being spanked in front of others, even if in fantasy?  Why "excitement"?  Why "a thrill"?  Why "appealing"? What is it?

Please leave your response as a comment, even if you personally wouldn't want to be seen by anyone else. I'll publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to respond.
From Hermione's Heart


Fred Bloggs said...

I was one of the contributors last week who expressed an interest in a public spanking. Now I have to explain why. I have been spanked in front of a few friends. I was nervous knowing what was going to happen. But nervous in a good way. The same nervous excitement of a private spanking, but amplified by the audience. I can’t explain in a coherent way why I like, or need, spanking let alone getting a public spanking. That’s a very unsatisfactory reply but it’s the best I can muster.

QBuzz said...

I'm not sure... maybe it just adds to the submissive fantasy experience, with everyone seeing that I'm a naughty boy getting spanked, with the embarrassment of my wriggling and crying and possibly also scolding by my partner? Also some exhibitionism in there too I reckon :D
Also, I love the fantasy, but have to say I don't know if I'd ever go through with it in real life... maybe at a spanking party or fetish club, but definitely not in front of vanilla friends etc!

Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

That was brave of you cutting Ron's hair. Glad it turned out well :)

As for the question, I wouldn't want to be spanked in public in reality. However, in fantasy I think it would add to the thrill and overall experience. Just the fact of other people knowing alone.


Barrel said...

I do not want to be spanked in a public setting, but being spanked by another female excites me. My wife’s exercise instructor has an aura about her that exudes power and control. She has had several husbands, so I suspect she is experienced in discipline. I fantasize about them crafting a session where I am severely thrashed by both. I doubt it will happen but my wife’s disciplinary confidence is growing and she talks more openly about whipping and caning me. Who knows.



Anonymous said...

The closet I came to a public spanking was when I was living in a apartment. It was by the pool and for some reason I got carried away. A woman who I was seeing had enough and took my arm, gave me a couple of hard spanks to my bottom and then said the discussion will continue in my apartment. A couple of days later, the looks I got especially from the women. Jack

Michael M said...

I should like to be caned by a young male in front of my wife.

Bonnie said...

Here we stand at the corner of Fantasy and Reality. A public spanking, especially with a ritualized corporal punishment theme, is a huge lifelong dream and aspiration for me. It's a thrill just to envision how that event might transpire. I imagine the dialog and all of the steps necessary to prepare for and execute a dramatic punishment.

Back on Reality Boulevard, where I spend my days, that's just not likely to happen for a great many reasons. I count myself as fortunate to be able to live out lots of other favorite spanking scenarios.

Maybe that detailed fantasy I've carried around all these years could be a fictional story...

Anonymous said...

The appeal of being spanked, for most of us I assume, goes beyond the physical aspects of stinging pain followed by a warming of our nether regions - delicious as that might be.

There's something about being disciplined or about ceding control, or both.

My obsession started at five years old, if not earlier. I was obsessed with girls in ways I did not understand and felt guilty about it. Then adolescence hit at the same I went to a larger school when skirts were at their shortest. I spent so much class time for two years fantasizing about certain girls, being embarrassed about my obsession and talking to no one about it. Not surprisingly I could scarcely talk to any of them.

My confidence soared and my guilt faded (some) when I was 16. A gorgeous older girl took me on as a boyfriend for about a month, then broke up with me but suddenly all kinds of girls liked me.

But to this day I it is so easy for me to conjure up and greatly embellish moments from the past when I am caught by several girls in an embarrassing situation and punished for it.

I don't know if this answers the question.

My wife Irene understands this aspect of my sexuality and herself thrives on playing the part of several girls or women during our "tete a tetes". Once she playfully spanked me in front of some of her friends and I was deeply embarrassed. I doubt it will ever happen for real - unless we happened to meet the right person. But we have a wonderful and fulfilling relationship - physical and otherwise.


Red said...

I would very much like to be spanked on front of other people, and it has happened a couple of times. We have visited our friend Danielle and John, and she has spanked me once on both visits. Her husband and Cindy watched, but, from outside the room, and the spanking was effective, in that I did not think about being seen. We attended a play weekend once, but it was great, then it was REALLY NOT great.
Cindy will not spank anyone, except me, so play elsewhere is very limited, if it ever is to occur again.
However, I do dream about you being spanked by Ron, while I am in the same room being spanked by Cindy!
Bottoms up


Barbers open again tomorrow in Belgium. Perhaps Canada will have hair services again soon.

I have have fantasized about public punishments, mostly in an historic setting, such as an army flogging but I never really want these fantasies to come true. I am happy for then to stay as fantasies.

However, I would like to be used as a practical demonstration subject in an adult corporal punishment training class. Not so much for a personal thrill but more because I would like to be more involved in a face to face community and this seems like a useful way to be a contributor rather than just a taker in such a scenario.


Anonymous said...

OK, I'm the guy who asked the question. It suddenly struck me reading the previous brunch responses that there were a surprisingly number who responded with the fantasy of being spanked in front of others. And not just one or two others, in some cases a theater full of them!

And, with the exception of a theater full of witness - I'm one of them!

Why? Damned if I know. But I do.

Barrel's comment: "...being spanked by another female excites me."?
Yup! Me too!
But I'm still struggling with answering this one myself.

And I think QBuzz's point about "some exhibitionism", at least with me, is true. It wouldn't bother me one bit if a girlfriend spanked me - bare bottom! - in front of one or two of her girlfriends. See all my bits and pieces? Who cares? But a big room full of people? Ummmm..., no. (Note: all my spankings are fun-type, and not punishment or really hard. And almost always I get to return the favor!! Whoo-Hoo! So Anonymous' comment, "being disciplined or about ceding control, or both" would not apply as I do not do discipline or cede control. I do it for the sexy fun and laughs of it.)

In reality I have been spanked twice by a girlfriend during which one of her best friends was a witness, who later became - a participant! Yeah! She got a shot at me! And then the tables turned to our mutual merriment - I got to spank them! All three of us were left with big smiles on our faces while rubbing our bare pink bottoms.

For a couple years I had a long-distance email-pal with a woman who was into spanking and the sexiness of it all. This topic came up and she related a summer weekend party she had been to with a mixed group of friends, about 20 people; and about even, half female, half male. One night it came out that it was one of the guy's at the party birthday, someone said "Birthday Spanking!", and he found himself OTK. And then one of the WOMEN started chanting "Bare bottom! Bare bottom!", that was picked up by the rest of the room, and soon enough, after some struggling, the target was bared and the appropriate number of smacks were laid on.

And then my email-pal related she was totally absorbed watching this! Very erotic. Turned to the woman next to her and asked:
"Are you turned on by this as much as I am?

And the friend replied:
"Oh, God, yes." (Fun part: She was the birthday boy's girlfriend!)

My email-pal said she looked around the rest of the room and all the women were the same, fascinated by what they were seeing. The guys? Pretty much them, too.

I asked email-pal whether the spankee was embarrassed by it? And she said he was. At first, really was. Maybe even a bit angry. And then - everyone treated him so well, esp. the women. Hugged him, patted his bottom, kissed him, laughed with him, and didn't embarrass him. They were just so nice to him. And so were the other men at the party. And so the anger left him, but not the memory.

Go figure.

I still don't know the answer to this question, and neither did my email-pal.

Side notes:

Jack, about that spanking by the pool at your apartment and, "the looks I got especially from the women" later? You can't leave us hanging like that!! None of the women made a comment to you? None asked...? Hinted? Or asked your girlfriend?

And Roscoe, my obsession also started when I was age 5. In 1st grade. My classmate, "Virginia", I'm dead sure was a spanko who organized things that always seemed to have some sort of spanking theme. I think I play-spanked every girl in my class. Some (looking at you, Virginia) liked it, some were "Meh...!", others "No!"

The mini skirt (Heck - the micro-mini skirt!) era just about killed me.


WendelJones said...

We have spanked each other in the woods and along trails we have hiked. Usually in spots where no one will stumble across us. The closest public spanking was at night on a hilltop in Ireland. There was a larger rock close to the edge that made a perfect seat for me. The Misses bared her bottom and went across my lap. I spanked her for several minutes. Not sure if anyone caught a glimps.