Saturday, May 2, 2020

You Completed the Caption

Anon: Bath Brush would have done a better job.

Midwest Reader: "I ordered a tattoo of a tiger, not a pussycat!"

KDPierre: If there was ever any doubt that lawyers speak out of their ass.....

j.stern: I see you.

Baxter: With an ass like mine, I ask the jury, why won't my husband spank me? I think his lack of interest in doing his duty in disciplining me is objectionable and why I want a divorce. His attitude is cruel and unusual.

Bruno y Mia: I humbly offer you my blog with 100% real stories with my submissive.

Gustofur: “See, the stripes are uneven".

Rosco: "As you can see I have already been substantially punished. But I will retain this position if you insist than what has already been administered in insufficient. You may yourself do the honors, if it pleases his honor."

QBuzz: 'I hereby disagree with the medical officer and concur with the prosecution that the defendant's buttocks are clearly capable of enduring a full judicial caning. Bailiff, bring the rod!'

Stenographer: Stenographer: If only i had an ass like that i would just . . oh crap! did i just type that in the court notes.

Simon: I think you used this picture about 4 years ago but I can't think of anything better than the one I used then.

Judge "I'm sorry but that's not what I meant when I said I would like to see the briefs before we start".

Simon, your memory is much better than mine. I found it on the internet recently and did not recall having seen it before. Mea culpa!

Weasel: "I asked for the WHOLE truth..not the HOLE truth!"

Kingspan: After much deliberation, the judge granted the defendant's motion to reduce her sentence to a spanking plus time served.

Ronnie: Judge - Miss Cartwirght, sit down now, or I'll have you taken down and locked up if you disrupt my court like that again.

Hermione: Cassandra couldn't believe it. She had come to court without her briefs.

From Hermione's Heart


Pecan nutjob said...

Any idea what this photo was about for real?

Hermione said...

Sorry, I have no idea. Anyone?